In March of 2013, in addition to voting on the big "RebootTP", the game voted to have the "future" dragons be smaller than existing Dragon sizes.

Dragons from Nowtime (i.e. late 11th Interval/early 12th Pass) are roughly 10% smaller than their Oldtime (i.e. 10th Interval) counterparts. As dragons from mixed Nowtime and Oldtime lineages begin to be born, they will fall in the middle of the range (at roughly 5% smaller than Oldtime dragons).

Please see below the sizes of the various "types" of dragons as well as HT's policies towards "special" sizes.

Dragon Sizes for Nowtimers

Gold: 72-76 feet
Bronze: 64-69 feet
Brown: 55-62 feet
Blue: 46-52 feet
Green: 35-44 feet

Dragon Sizes for Oldtimers

Gold: 80-84 feet
Bronze: 70-76 feet
Brown: 60-70 feet
Blue: 50-60 feet
Green: 40-50 feet

Dragon Sizes for Mixed Heritage

(Oldtimer and Nowtimer heritage): roughly 5% smaller than Oldtimer dragons

Gold: 76-80 feet
Bronze: 66-70 feet
Brown: 58-65 feet
Blue: 48-57 feet
Green: 38-47 feet

What happens when clutches from the three different size ranges mix?

Oldtimer/Oldtimer: Oldtimer sizes
Nowtimer/Nowtimer: Nowtimer sizes
Nowtimer/Oldtimer: Mixed sizes
Mixed/Mixed: Mixed sizes
Mixed/Nowtimer: Mixed sizes (reflecting the gradual 'size creep' of a Pass)
Mixed/Oldtimer: Oldtimer sizes

Exceptional(ly small or large) Dragon Requests

Please note that Harper's Tale does not permit 'special' sizes, excepting for remakes of dragons who were made by past, pre-Reboot SearchCos. All dragons should fall into an appropriate size range based on their color and lineage.

This does not mean that dragons at the top or bottom of their size range are not permitted nor are they discouraged.

  • For Example: a Nowtime brown dragon should never be 63 or 54 feet. A Nowtime brown dragon is perfectly acceptable to ask for a size of 62 or 55, however.