Above The Clouds Egg

The dark starry night cupped below by roiling grey clouds over this shell, the top of the ovoid egg a solid white crescent moon, shining down onto the large towering monolith that stretches up along the long side of the egg which looms grotesquely over tiny dots collecting under the shell’s bottom.

After Star Trek: TNG ended, so many of those distinctive voices moved to Gargoyles. MAN did I love that show, the voices of old protagonists now turned sinister. It was one of the first things I’d watch after getting home from school in the 90s.

— Mayte

Hatching Message

Above The Clouds Egg goes Tap! Tap! Tap! The visible lines of a cracking egg slowly make their scene as the hatchling within struggles to escape the confinements of its prison. A loud crack can be heard as one side of the shell falls away and then another to reveal swirling red eyes from within. It takes another minute for all the pieces of the shell to fall away before a stumbling green hatchling makes her appearance. She's hungry! Eyes are skittish as they gaze at the ignorant little white knotted creatures before them.

Beauty of the Emerald Forest Green Dragonet

Cool and comforting, small and sleek: true natural beauty becomes this little green. Slender and dainty she is, though beautifully proportioned, with the promise of swift feet and swifter wings in the lean lines of her. Emerald and jade intertwine and mingle in the softened fractals of nature's hand across her hide, painting her with the flickering tones of leaves in a forest canopy.

Public Impression Pose

Beauty of the Emerald Forest Green Dragonet took no time at making her selection: that boy was mere foil for who she REALLY WANTED, and it is Selaine she reaches for with a joyous croon.


Egg Desc:Mayte
Dragonet Desc:You!

Clutchmates: C'sei (Alecsei)'s green Faenwyth, Majel's blue Dyxath, Tasna (Tasena)'s brown Tseylath, Yukie's green Inayalinaeth, A’sh (Aveshin)’s blue Tokath, Kho'l's blue Sholeth