En'rys’ Always Lands on Her Feet Green Briamiorth

Hey, En'rys! We heard you were the cat’s meow! Or was it’s cat’s pajamas? Both? Those eggs say silly things sometimes… Either way, Briamiorth wasn’t kitten around and thinks you’re pawsitively the best! I’ll stop with the cat puns and hope that you enjoy playing her as much as we enjoyed writing her. And she’s your dragon, so play her how you wish!

Doji and PartyCo

Puppy Power Egg

On your mark. Get set. GOOOOOO! Or not. Those crisp, individual lanes that curve around the surface of this egg seem to have little bearing on the oddly, but endearingly, elongated canines that are sprinting every which way but straight from the checkered flags that seem to be waving at the starting point of this particular ovoid.

Egg Inspiration

Weiner dog races! Look at those faces! Aren't they celebrating?

Hatching Message

Can the butt of an egg twitch? Do eggs even have butts? Regardless of the answer to that particular quandry, the base of Puppy Power Egg gives a good wiggle. And pauses. Then another wiggle, as if the dragonet inside is testing and waiting. A few moments pass and then — boom! The egg tumbles top over bottom over top, cracking right down the middle when it comes to a stop. From the shards tumbles a tiny, mossy green. And yes, she did land on her feet!

Always Lands on Her Feet Green Dragonet

Though she be but little, she is fierce. Every inch a tiny huntress, perfectly in proportion for her ultimate purpose. Mossy greens cling to the steep slopes of her flanks, springing up from the dark and wild heath of her belly. Her head and neck prowl through misty clouds that cling to her olive hide, threatening a rain that never quite comes, but wisps of fog reach out to brush against thorny wingtips and spars, softening their jagged nature in appearance, if not reality.

Public Impression Pose

The constant movement and tail flicking that had accompanied Always Lands on Her Feet Dragonet since she broke free from her shell suddenly stops as the huntress makes eyes on her prey. She hunkers down low, using those shards of shells and the forms of some of her other clutchmates as cover. Her hind quarters quiver once, twice… and with the third she leaps towards the form of a particularly cat-like leatherworker, but there’s no mauling of this one today! The moss colored green twines herself around the man’s legs as she marks this particular candidate as her’s!

Private Impression Message

In all the chaos on the sands, your heartbeat grows louder and louder until it drowns out all else. On the edges of your perception, a predator prowls through heathered grasses, almost unseen except for a slight movement here or there. Before flight or fight responses can fully kick in, the hunter pounces, but it’s not with deadly claws! A furry little body wraps around your ankles and the beating heart quickly gets replaced with a loud feline purring. « Daenerrryss… No… » She shakes her head, the sound all wrong. « En'rys. You’re MINE. And I’m Briamiorth. So you’re going to use those hands to feed me, right? »

Clutch Theme Inspiration/Dragonet Tie-In

We decided on Lords and Ladies as the theme for this clutch and luckily you asked for a cat dragon, which we feel fits in purr-fectly! Anybody that lives with a cat knows that the cat is the true master of the house (and probably the universe as well). Plus, a female cat is called a queen!

Description Inspiration

You asked for a cat and a cat you will receive! But what cat to pick from? Partially inspired by Wendryth’s mists and Zsaviranth’s sages, the heathered Scottish highlands sprung to mind along.

And a little bit of the Cat Sith and British folk tales about a house cat that turns out to be King o’ the Cats to tie back into our theme of Lords and Ladies!

Combine it all with the very real Scottish Wildcat and way more cat gifs than I could mention and that’s how we ended up with Briamiorth!

Name Inspiration

"The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter,
It isn't just one of your holiday games”
-T.S. Elliot’s Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats

But you made it easy for us and gave us Briamiorth’s name. If there’s any more inspiration behind the name, you’re going to have to fill it in yourself!


Wild and untamed is Briamiorth’s very soul and it’s only fitting that her mind reflect that. It might not seem like the mountain valley with not a tree in sight would be prime hunting grounds, but oh how it is! You just have to know how to use the terrain to your advantage and Briamiorth was born knowing that. Around ever rock, every tall clump of grasses, surprises lurk. When the wind brushes through the heather, she’ll be bringing you something, but whether it’s good or bad, you’ll have to find out!

Briamiorth will be very fond of leading a cat and mouse game through these remote mountains. Is that ravine a path out or a dead end? Eventually, you’ll get to know the subtle signs of her favorite tricks and be able to navigate them with relative ease, but not all of her clutchmates or wingmates will be so lucky. Deception is her favorite game, and while she doesn’t usually go so far as to flat out lie… omissions and misdirection are nearly constant! She can’t help herself. And once Briamiorth feels her target is sufficiently perplexed or tangled up in the brambles, only then will she spring her actual question on them!

When she is happy (and Briamiorth will see that she normally is happy!), she won’t be shy about letting anybody know it. She has a soft little rumble that seems to go on and on and on and on, almost like a feline purring if she were Pern’s largest feline. Her highland meadows absolutely teem with life. Flowers in bloom. Birds chirping.

Unlike her sister, Briamiorth doesn’t yell out her anger. She loves to hold onto a good grudge though. She lets it smolder. The damp brush of her mountain valleys don’t ignite quickly but when they do… there’s so much smoke and all the birdsong vanishes! Don’t be surprised if she actually slips in a bit of a hiss when she does get riled up as well.

« Did you see him, En'rysss? Was he blind? I was just standing there! And he practically bowled me over! »

And for how often Briamiorth is completely sure of herself, it’s hard to keep that swagger up constantly. When she makes a mistake, she’ll try to play it cool, but it rattles her. The fog clouds will roll in and if she’s upset enough, even full on thunderstorms. She’ll need you to pat her and comfort her and reassure her that yes, she will be okay. It doesn’t matter that she fumbled her first go at the herdbeast. Most folks didn’t even notice! Luckily, she is a dragon and those grey clouds will only hold as long as her memory does, which won’t be for too long even at the worst of times!


Most young dragons love to cuddle on up with their siblings and their new lifemate, but Briamiorth seems to take it to an extreme level. There will be times where you might wonder if your little green actually has bones in her body or if she just a liquid that occasionally takes a dragon’s form? If there’s a place to squeeze into a cuddle pile, she’ll find it. And if there’s not, then she’ll still find it! In that first seven or so after hatching, be prepared for the weyrlingmasters to frequently be stopping to check with you that she is actually alright and hasn’t managed to dislocate a wing or something in her sleep. As uncomfortable as it might look, she insists it’s the only way to sleep!

« En'rys, don’t be such a bother. Of coooourse I’m comfortable, darrrrling. You should try it some time. »

Her belly will be SOOOO tempting to touch. Just look at it, En'rys. It’s all curvy and soft and just begging for a good scritching. And that may be true, but only from certain people (namely you), only when she deigns it belly rub time and only for exactly as long as she declares. Not one minute more or one minute less. This is a habit that she won’t outgrow. It will certainly be annoying when you’re trying to oil her belly and she’s decided she’s had enough though.

Speaking of oiling, Briamiorth has very particular requirements for her hygiene regimen. Especially when she’s growing or when she’s getting proddy, it might feel like she does nothing except preen or request a bath or another oiling. She hates dust existing as it makes her sneeze and it’s even worse when it exists on her. Of course, she has to complicate things a bit and not be one of those water loving dragons. She’ll get in the lake, when she has to, but only as far as absolutely is required. You can clean a full grown dragon in only a foot of water, right? Oh, and Farnath forbid if something like a clump of lake weed should end up drifting against her belly…

Briamiorth when something touched her!!!

"I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through.” - Jules Verne

Anything as large as a dragon shouldn’t be able to move stealthily, right? One would think, but Briamiorth would like to show them all wrong! She’s small for a green and uses that to her advantage as often as she can. She also seems to be way more light footed than even her tiny stature would explain. If you turn your back on a resting Briamiorth, don’t be too startled to turn around and find she’s moved yards without you noticing! You’ll get used to it seeing as how frequently she’ll pull her little ninja act. In the air, it will translate to an nimbleness that’s almost unrivaled. She can practically turn around on a tenth-mark, but there’s a price to pay for all that agility. Briamiorth will be one of the greens to get winded the earliest, but since you know this is a fact, you and your wingleader should always be able to plan appropriately (even if Bria will protest that such planning is not needed!)

For a dragon that starts off as an adorable roly poly little thing, Briamiorth will grow up into quite the little lady dragon. Those hindlegs of her that are so useful for leaping and pouncing also happen to have just the right amount of curves and her petite build makes them so much more evident. Watch your neck when she takes off, because the force of her liftoffs can be more than one might expect from such a dainty little green. But her speed and agility will be the thing wingleaders dream of, even if that comes with the tradeoff of her endurance.

Those cuddle piles she loved as a weyrling will be something she outgrows to an extent. While she’ll always welcome having you close or certain other clutchmates or wingmates, but others… she’s not so sure about. Adult Briamiorth has a well developed sense of personal space. She’ll intrude on others without a care in the world, but Farnath help whoever treads into her bubble without asking permission first!


Welcome to weyrlinghood, En'rys! Now that Briamiorth has claimed you as your own, of course your life will never be the same. Especially since your girl likes to keep everyone around her on their toes, and you won’t escape that. Just when you think you might have her all figured out, she’ll always have a few more surprises for you. It’s a lady’s right to change her mind, after all.

To loosely generalize, Briamiorth seems to have two modes. Nap and OMG!!!SPAZ!!!. Just when you think you have her schedule of the two figured out, guess who is going to switch it up again? She definitely can’t go about making life too easy for you now, can she? Be prepared for a lot of grumbles from your clutchmates when nightowl Briamiorth starts patting at her previously sleeping brother’s tail in the middle of the night or decides that butchered meat is too boring and so she’s going to hunt herself a tunnelsnake (which may or may not actually just be E’gus’ socks).

Nap mode is much more easy. We probably don’t need to tell you twice to value that precious downtime. When she’s little, Briamiorth will tend to go-go-go-go until she absolutely can’t and then she’ll be OUT. After the first couple times of getting stranded in inappropriate nap places, with or without lectures from the weyrlingmasters, it’ll become clear some of the signs that nap mode is approaching, whether Briamiorth wants to admit it or not. With a bit of practice and a good deal of cajoling, you should be able to lure her to more appropriate sleeping spots before she passes out. A nice, sunny rock near the lake or a wallow unexpected left empty will be two places that almost always catch her interest. And once the sun hits her belly, good luck trying to move her.

As she grows older, like most other dragons, the time she spends lounging in the sun will increase, but Briamiorth is doing more than just taking a feline nap, despite all impressions to the contrary. Sound carries over water which is something she is more than willing to take advantage of. All those hours and hours of sunbathing will spend almost equal parts eavesdropping as she does napping. Briamiorth likes to collect all the useful odds and ends she can find. It helps her be prepared to find the most inconvenient perfect time to pounce on her unsuspecting targets.

« Haha! Got you again! » -Briamiorth after pouncing Edleveth for the eighth time.

Speaking of pouncing, that’s a quirk that Briamiorth has in spades. Both the figurative pounce and the very literal sort. It’ll start out small on things like boots and firestone sacks around the barracks, but this love of hoping on things won’t die down as she grows older. Those very first hunting lessons? Well, sure she could attack her prey from the sky, but as soon as the weyrlingmasters turn their backs, on the ground she goes, hunkering low and taking advantage of whatever cover their might be in the pens. The little wiggle of her tail and rear end will reveal that she’s gearing up and after a few wiggles, pounce onto or maybe into a plump, wooly ovine!

When Briamiorth sees something that she wants, she’s really not the best at waiting. Or understanding the concept of personal property. It was there and nobody was using it and so… it’s her’s now! When things go missing in the barracks, it’s probably a good idea to check under Briamiorth’s couch first. And if you try to interrogate her on just how Sesa’s paintbrush or Ainslee’s skirt managed to work it’s way under there, she’ll do a pretty good job of feigning complete innocence. Farnath help you though if she steals on of E’gus’s belongings. Szokanith will not take that well at all. The two greens may actually be like mixing oil and water at times, both strong personalities that want to get their own way. Briamiorth will hiss and Szokanith will roil, but give them enough time and space and peace will eventually restore. Those times when the two manage to be near each other and getting along peacefully, be wary. Be very wary, En'rys, as devious doings are probably afoot!

It’s not that Briamiorth can’t find trouble for herself, she can find plenty of it! She just usually lacks the follow through to continue getting up to mischief once something more stimulating appears. Getting her to focus on what you want her to focus can be like herding felines, but it can be done! It just takes patience, and a promise of reward, and preferably removing the distractions.


Those first few months before senior weyrlinghood are going to be absolute torture for Briamiorth (and you by extension). Every few days, she knows the Weyr is preparing to fight Threadfall and it kills her to know that she can’t be a part of it. There’ll be pacing. There will be pleading. And there will be plenty of whining.

« But En'rys…. Firelizards can flame and I’m bigger than a firelizard! So what if I can’t fly? Let’s just get some firestone from that sack over there… and then… »

Hopefully you can grab the sneaky little green before she manages to succeed on her half thought out plan.

But eventually the time will come that you will get to take your rightful spot in the fighting wings. And knowing Briamiorth as well as you do, it will be almost scary how quiet she can get before Threadfall. She’ll hunker down and wait, as still as a statue with her head pointed towards the direction the leading edge should come from. Only the slow rise and fall of her breathing and the occasionally irritated twitch of her tail will betray that stillness.

As for the actual Fall itself, she tends to get hyper-focused on one specific clump of thread. She’ll want to circle it to come at it from the best angle. Give it a few test flames before committing to a full on flame. As the fight goes on, that hesitation and planning goes out the window. Thread is the enemy! It’s there in front of her and she must destroy it.

You’re going to need to reign her kill-mode in frequently or risk getting in the way of wingmate’s flames. Briamiorth is a very independent dragon and teamwork doesn’t come naturally to her. Once you figure out how to successfully tamper that down though and work as a part of a group, you’ll be a valuable addition to any wing. Her ability to turn on a dime and twist around into improbable positions will help save your lives and those of some wingmates countless times in the turns to come.


Maggie Pollitt: You know what I feel like? I feel all the time like a cat on a hot tin roof.
Brick Pollitt: Then jump off the roof, Maggie. Jump off it. Cats jump off roofs and land uninjured. Do it. Jump.
-Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

For all the times that it might be difficult to judge how Briamiorth is truly feeling, there will never be any doubt as to when she is proddy. You’ll know. Trust us. And all your neighbors will know as well, and practically the entire Weyr. Expect a few strongly worded letters delivered anonymously by firelizard about how you should do something about how your dragon sounds like a feline in heat! And of course her favorite time to practice her new-found yodelling skills is at three am.

She’ll also be extremely needy when she is proddy. En'rys, you may have thought her daily grooming regime was a bit intense normally, but you ain’t seen nothing yet! Those needle sharp talons of her’s need to be filed until they’re absolutely perfect. And no ordinary oil will do. She must have the absolutely most beautiful (according to her) smelling floral oil and did you really get enough on her back left knee? It feels a bit dry… Also, ribbons. She’ll want to adorn herself with ribbons or tassels or whatever other pretty pieces she can think to find. AND DON’T YOU DARE SAY ANYTHING MOCKING HER RIBBONS! She might just cut someone, although probably not you.

Luckily for you, once Briamiorth starts showing signs of being proddy, you won’t have too many sleepless nights. Her sometimes lacking impulse control might be a blessing now. It’ll just be a few days of leadup before she gets down to business of the flight. She’ll start with some blooding, but that’s more for the kill than the blood. Barely a sip will pass her lips before she jumps to the skies and leads all the boys that will follow her on a happy cat and mouse game. She’s quick and nimble, but not even all her cunning can keep her flying forever. Eventually she will be caught. And well… she’ll continue being very vocal about the entire mating process. Once done however, she’ll be back to her own ledge, thank you very much. Post-flight cuddling is not your girl’s style, although she was touchy-feely enough in the days leading up to the flights. Any catchers that get confused thinking she might still want to cuddle afterwards might end up getting a good whack as she re-defines her personal bubble.


Name: En'rys
Egg Desc: Doji
Dragonet Desc: Doji
Messages: Doji
Puppeteer: Doji
Inspiration: Doji


Ainslee and Herald of the Neverending Tale Blue Keryth
Ca'elian (Iandicael) and Hero and Scoundrel Bronze Tuanhjaliteth
E’gus (Fergus) and Sorceress of Storm-Tossed Seas Green Szokanith
Sesa (Edlsesa) and Dreams No Mortal Ever Dared Dreamed Blue Edleveth

Harper’s Tale’s 79th PC Clutch
Igen Weyr’s 8th PC Clutch
Diem’s gold Zsaviranth x H’rik’s bronze Wendryth
March 24, 2018