Kirana! Congratulations on becoming another member of the frozen expanse known as High Reaches Weyr. Not only do you get to stick around and revel in the craziness of the 'Reaches with your very own Byndareth, but you also get to learn all the interesting ways of staying warm in this chilly clime. *grin* You asked for a mix of some of your favorite movies, and we happily obliged, making sure to merge a healthy blend of Little Mermaid (Or more specifically, Flounder); The Princess Bride (Westley, Dread Pirate Roberts); Shrek (Robin Hood); and finally, a dash of Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail (The Knights Who Say 'Ni!') into your brown and dashing, but often bumbling, Byndareth. We hope our efforts were fruitful, but remember, if at anytime you wish to change anything about Byndareth, feel completely free to do so. After all, he is your lifemate from here on, so enjoy the many quirks you'll be sure to find. Once again, congratulations!

- HRW SearchCo 2002: The Fellowship of the Llamas

Kirana’s Dread Pirate Guppy Brown Byndareth


Chayath is nearing the end of her strength. Already dancer's lithe form is near to normal as the bulge of belly is considerably reduced, yet there is more. Another contraction seizes her and within moments, she's deposited another pair on the sands with considerable ease. She heaves a sigh before gently cover them over and moving on, leaving Druseth to work his magic.

Angel Wings Egg

Ethereal stardust spatters the gold-flecked expanse of minute shell, soft copper-gold embracing the shimmering goodness of this tiny yet heavenly egg. The white of angel wings flutters feather-soft against the golden brilliance of sunlight's cleansing rays, no touch or hint of evil to caress the purified and glorified glimmers of this special ovoid.

Angel Wing Egg is, alas, no match for that which resides within. A last, valiant shake, and the accumulated cracks at last overwhelm it, pieces falling off in a shower. A dark figure emerges from the wreckage, shards clinging damply to its body. With a violent shake, the masked dragon sends them flying in all directions, as he steps forward and takes up an awkward fighter's stance.

Dread Pirate Guppy Brown Dragonet

A swath of near-ebony wraps just above an elongated muzzle, flowing back to secure itself behind jaunty headknobs. Luminous eyes glitter enigmatically from behind this mask, cultivating an air of mystery. Nebulous flows of thick molasses engulf his topline, spreading slowly down neck and back to reach powerful limbs and touch the tip of his tail. A conundrum of caramel seeps across scalloped wings, and matching stripes kiss his flanks, their shimmer dispelling the illusion of night. His strapping form is further softened by the warmer shades that paint his underline, and the hints of devotion, merriment, and excitement that linger in those masked eyes.

Dread Pirate Guppy Brown Dragonet stumbles before Kirana. There she is, his fair maiden. His greatest treasure. His little mermaid.

A strange mix of sounds intrudes upon your mind—the pounding of hooves is overlaid upon the lap of waves on a ship's hull, and the cry of sea birds. Gradually, the waves and bird cries grow strong, louder, until they ring enough in your mind to block out all sensation of the Sands around you. A tang of salt tickles at your mind, abruptly submerges you, then once more tickles. And then, « Avast ye! » An abrupt pause, almost embarrassed, before the voice returns, less rough and far more chivalrous. « What I mean, fair maiden, is that thine beauty has struck me, bewitched mine sense. Kirana, thou hast captured mine heart—I am your Byndareth, wilt thou have me? »


Name Inspiration

Bellerophon (Hero) + Mara (Pirate) + Flyndre (Flounder) = Byndareth. You asked for something meaningful and ancient, so the mix of old languages such as Greek, Spanish and Norwegian and these specific words should please you.

Egg Inspiration

Well, I thought of light, and interpreted it as 'good'… then I thought of angels, and gold shiny halos and soft, fluttery, 'light' angel wings, and the melding of white into gold… and I came up with the idea for the Angel Wings Egg. It's an egg that radiates goodness, sweetness, and it's ethereal to behold - the way it shimmers suggests it may not even be real, and one'll never know until you touch the glittering surface. It's gold shell may suggest that it's hiding a gold dragonet, but looks can be deceiving as this one'll reveal it's true contents. Not all that glitters is gold…

Note: Meanwhile, Angels are almost fairytale-like, so out of the three you asked for, this one seemed to work the best. And underneath his pirate exterior, Byndareth truly is a sweet dragon… Plus, what better shell to break forth from than a golden one! Born from treasure itself!


Like his mother, the faint strains of bells can be heard when he bespeaks you. However, unlike his maternal unit, the cacophony is more resilient than any chime, and it resonates like a ship's bell. More apparent than this basic musical element is the creak of a boat's floorboards echoed within his voice, often cracking to a feverish pitch when he's excited, or anxious. The rest of the time, it's smooth and somewhat rolling, like a buccaneer who's gotten his sea legs - Graceful, but in a darkened sort of way. And when he's upset? Well, then watch out, for the tone might be quieted somewhat, but the words themselves will surely give you a headache; pounding like the retreating hooves of a knight's horse disappearing into the sunset. The words themselves will be eloquent at times, depending on if he's feeling chivalrous… (I.e., 'Thee', 'Thou' and 'Fair maiden') And scruffy pirate-talk the next, when he's in a more mischievous mood. (I.e., 'Scurvy dawg!' or 'Matee')

His mind has a faint musty scent, like clothing left too long without proper aeration, and would be mixed in with the more apparent smell of comforting cedar. Exotic spices, like those brought back from Asia and prized by Pirates, would temper out this bouquet.


Though he might take after chubby, fumbling Flounder in attitude at times, Byndareth is all Westley, Dread Pirate Roberts and the Knights Who Say 'Ni!' in appearance. Taking after John Cleese in height, your brown may not be the largest of them all, but he certainly is the tallest. Lanky, but with definite muscles defined clearly under that thin form. No bulk in sight - except, perhaps, when he's flying off with a bit 'o treasure clasped firmly

within his talons!

His wings are like fins (one thing he does get from Flounder, as far as physical characteristics go) - more adept for sustaining him in flight, and directing him in thermals than they are for intense propulsion or speed purposes. Mainly because the scalloped sails, similar to those of a ship, are thin and nearly transparent. However, don't doubt him when it comes time to put his flying skills to test - Like a well captained vessel, he'll lead you to sanctuary each time, even if it means a bit of panicky moments mid-flight. More than likely, he'll learn to master the art of skipping in and out of ::between:: during Thread fall, in order to compensate for these halfway instances.

On the ground, however, he switches from rolling gait to stumbling steps depending on how debonair or excited he's feeling. A weird mix of brashness and clumsiness, he'll certainly keep you in stitches with his antics. (And yes - I do mean physical sutures too! Nothing extremely dangerous, but having an awkward tail smack you in the back once too often is bound to leave a few bruises and scrapes) Still, no matter what his motion, he'll forever be looking out to protect you. That in itself is something to be wary of!


Little Mermaid/Princess Bride/Monty Python - the weirdest mix of heroes. Byndareth is a Flounder/Westley/Man in Black/Knights Who Say Ni kind of dragon, who rushes forward to save you from danger - conceding to your wishes one moment, and landing you both in trouble the next.

You wanted someone who'd make you feel like the responsible one, and Byndareth certainly qualifies for that! Not only will he drag you out on endless treasure hunts, (which will more than likely end unrewarding - at least to you) but he'll also be forever needing you to drag his bumbling brown bottom out of trouble. He doesn't always see it this way, though. In fact, because it's you riding him, don't be surprised if it feels like the other way around!

From The Princess Bride:

- Westley, naturally enough, was considerably ahead of Buttercup with the realization that they were heading into the Fire Swamp. Whether it was a touch of sulphur riding a breeze or a flick of yellow flame far ahead in the daylight, he could not say for sure. But once he realized what was about to happen, he began as casually as possible to find a way to avoid it. … Westley made a show of checking their surroundings. Then he gave her his best smile. "With any luck at all," he said, "we should soon be safely in the Fire Swamp."

Not really a daredevil is he, but more like someone who truly thinks he can walk into a mess and walk out unscathed. Cocky? Sometimes… That is, until things get too much for him, and he chickens out.

From The Little Mermaid

Flounder : Ariel, wait for me.

Ariel : Flounder, hurry up.

Flounder : You know I can't swim that fast.

Ariel : There it is. Isn't it fantastic?

Flounder : Yeah, it's great, now let's get out of here.

Ariel : Are you getting cold fins?

Flounder : who, me? No way. It's just that… It looks damp in there. I think I may be coming down with something. I got this cough. *cough cough*

Ariel : All right, I'm going inside. You can stay here and watch for sharks.

Flounder : Okay. I'll stay and… sharks! Ariel! Ariel, I can't… I mean… Ariel, help!

Ariel : Oh, Flounder.

Flounder : Ariel, do you think there might be sharks around here?

Ariel : Don't be such a guppy.

Flounder : I'm not a guppy. *pout* This is great. I really love this. Excitement, adventure, danger lurking around every corner… Ahhh! Ariel!

Aha! You can see how he'll lose his nerve. Of course, you'll be there to help him, just like Ariel saves Flounder from the Shark. The difference is, he'll have been the one to drag you down into the shipwreck to search for sparkly thing-a-ma-bobs and what-chi-ma-call-its in the first place!

From Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail


We are the Knights Who Say "Ni"!


No! Not the Knights Who Say "Ni"!


The same!


Who are they?


We are the keepers of the sacred words. NI … Peng … and Neee … Wom!


Those who hear them seldom live to tell the tale.


The Knights Who Say "Ni"! demand a sacrifice.


Knights Who Say "Ni" … we are but simple travellers. We seek the Enchanter who lives beyond this wood and who…








(he cowers in fear) Oh!


We shall say Ni! again to you if you do not appease us.

Yep. That's right. Upset him, and he'll get all snooty on you. Just think of a ticked off John Cleese. However, like the Great British Cheeseball himself, things usually quiet down in the end, and you'll both feel better after a laugh or two. Just don't be offering him any dead parrots, even if he is the Dread Pirate Guppy!

He might want to challenge those who stand in his way, or subsequently, in the way of his Rana. « Halt! You want to kiss Kirana? Never! Stand and fight! » Or, « First we must joust, brave 'rider! » Or even, « Thou will be killed, evil Thread! » And don't be surprised if he breaks out into song every now and again during one of your adventures. Nothing elaborate, or even on key… Think around the lines of the Robin Hood character in Shrek. *grin*

The "treasures" he sets his eyes upon might just happen to belong to other people. Not that he'd steal them… of course not! He'd simply borrow 'em until something else shiny comes along, especially if they're just sitting there… And it's hilarious when he and Qelketh set their eyes on each others' stashes…

« That's mine, Byndareth! »

«You took it from my weyr! »

« Only because you took it from me first! »

« Did not! I found it by the lake. »

« Which is precisely where I left it! »

Of course, though, that lovely thing they both treasure so much is really Lylia's Weyrlingmaster knot, which Qelketh swapped in the first place…

He cares a lot about his appearance too, forever stopping to glance in reflective surfaces and cut a dashing grin. « Look'it that Rana. What a sight, neh? Faranth, but I am handsome! »


When those greens and golds take to the air, Byndareth will try hard to be debonair, but unfortunately, his Flounder side will make him… well… flounder. Westley is too sweet to step out and take what he wants, even if the Dread Pirate Roberts wouldn't have any such qualms. Especially at first, he'll have a rough time with flights, the poor dear. However, after a few flights under his wings, he'll improve on his wooing charms, and then might even get cocky. But beware… Even mature, he will still prove to be in need of some discretion, as he'll still be likely to jump into trouble without realizing it. That goofy side of him might also be his saving grace though, because as everyone knows, females love a good laugh… And the fairer sex can sometimes be swayed by pity, which will certainly turn out to his advantage.

Storybook Love

Come my love, I'll tell you a tale

of a boy and girl, and their love story,

and how he loved her oh, so much,

and all the charms she did possess.

Now this did happen once upon a time

When things were not so complex,

And how he worshipped the ground she walked.

When he looked in her eyes, he became obsessed.


My love is like a storybook story.

But it's as real as the feelings I feel.

My love is like a storybook story.

But it's as real as the feelings I feel;

it's as real as the feelings I feel.

This love was stronger than the powers so dark,

A prince could have within his keeping;

His spells to weave and steal a heart

Within her breast, but only sleeping.


He said, "Don't you know I love you oh, so much,

And lay my heart at the foot of your dress?"

She said, "Don't you know that storybook loves

Always have a happy ending?"

Then he swooped her up, just like in the books,

And on his stallion they rode away.

From the Princess Bride

Your Byndareth may not always be your knight in shining armor, but he will always be there for you, loving you more than any other. And no matter what kind of trouble you might have to drag him out of, it'll finish just like a storybook tale - always with a happy ending.


Dragon: Byndareth

Color: Brown

Name: Lylia

Egg: Angel Wings Egg

Egg Desc: Slippa

Dragonet: Dread Pirate Guppy Brown Dragonet

Dragonet Desc: Kh'ryn; Ciera tweak

Messages: Ciera

Puppeteer: Kh’ryn

Inspiration: Kh'ryn, Ndi, Zai

Harper's Tale: 32nd PC Clutch

High Reaches Weyr

Huge hugs and thanks to Lylia, Slippa, Kh'ryn, Ciera, Ndi and Zai who all made Byndareth so fabulous!! Thank you!!
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