A Dragon Always Pays His Debts Brown Castyrith

With unimaginable richness, exposed veins of rich copper cascades from headknobs to tail tip - a fortune bequeathed by birthright and undimmed by time. Over craggy cliff like shoulders it spills, a beacon of power and a mane of protection until the bright glinting hide is swallowed by the dark whiskey waves of a sunset sea. Above all this his wings settle, shadow and sunset once more claiming spar and sail. His is not the fluid build of a waterdancer, but the immortal bones of a sea battered tor - a natural monument of unassailable proportions seated upon bowed limbs. One of these things is not like the other, for on of his squat, solid forepaws the ornate whorls of copper continue, a defiant, decadent glove marking him forever apart. As if sculpted by eons wind and wave, his leonine face provides refinement to the primordial mass of his form. The wise lines of his eyes balance the majestic tilt of copper crowned headknobs and the ragged droop of his predator’s maw.

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Slowly it all falls away, the shrill noise of the sands, the heat EVERYTHING. In its stead comes the soft hiss of rain over water, gently soothing until it isn’t! What you thought was rain, was actually a golden cascade of coin, spilling forth riches untold. And it’s yours! ALL YOURS! Even if it isn’t quite the gold predicted! « The problem with expectations is that they are so very often wrong. » A voice of culture, a voice of learning echoes in the spaces where dust dances. « I have always been for you Kyriel. » He announces in that wise little way of his, one that is not yet familiar but promises to be so soon. « Just as you have always been destined to be Kyriel, rider of brown Castyrith. Me! And you are mine. » He claims his color and his chosen with pride, and a little belligerence. But that could just be because other baser needs are making themselves known. « I could eat a runner, and the man who rides him! Feed me and let us begin! » The dust and the gold fades into insignificance as he allows you access to the greatest treasure of all: his hallowed inner library.

Theme Inspiration


The lions of Lannister. That is what theme inspired your boy! Primarily he is Tyrion, small but brilliant. But on occasion the golden competence of Jaime shines through like an additional weapon sheathed for emergencies.

Description Inspiration


When I was told this was a TYRION dragon! I was excited! I almost immediately starting thinking of all things Lannister. And to my surprise what spoke to me most as I started to string all the elements together was Casterly Rock, that stronghold of the Lannisters which I believe strongly contributed to the familial trait of ‘arrogance’ or assurance. Stories and histories all reinforce the notion that if you come from somewhere you can’t be hurt you end up developing a belief that nothing can hurt you. This picture encapsulates the romance and the power that Casterly Rock gave to the Lannisters, and I have tried to draw it into his description as much as possible.

Another thing that struck me about the Lannister Lands, was the fact that their wealth came mainly from the very lucrative gold mine they had. It became a little problematic in a Pernese setting because, there are already golds - I wasn’t entirely comfortable giving a brown golden highlights. But that winding glimmer of copper represents the mineral wealth that the Lannisters counted upon to finance their ambitions.


Of course the next logical point is the Lannister sigil, the golden lion rampant upon a crimson field. While Tyrion is said to have an ugly face with protruding heterochromia eyes and half a nose (Book Tyrion is much uglier than TV Tyrion… but it has been a while since I have read the books), I figured another subtle way I could bring in a little Jaime would be to give him a rather noble and refined face. And the lion was the perfect way to bring in those descriptive elements, hinting at his exceptional brain while also acknowledging he is an apex predator and is subject to appropriate appetites.

The way his copper highlights cover his shoulders is also a little nod to the most important leonine trait of all: The mane. It conveys a sense of power and sovereignty that I thought was important if you wanted to take Castyrith in the direction of seeking power later on.


For the most part, is is a delightfully warm almost amber coloured brown. Like the glow of well aged whiskey he manages to distinguish himself without stepping on the champagne and cognac colors of the metallic golds and bronzes. There are layers to this color. His hide does get darker the closer it gets to his extremities. And the sole reason for his is because you can’t have a Tyrion dragon without working in an excess of alcohol.


Finally we come to this bit of inspiration! In order to bring in a little less subtle touch of Jaime. We literally gave Castyrith Jaime’s hand. I haven’t indicated which forepaw is so afflicted, but he does have a ‘sock’ of that same curious copper that noticeably wends its way around that one paw like a glove.

Name Inspiration

And the winner is! CASTYRITH

Once again, Casterly Rock spoke to us! Obviously the first syllable comes straight from there. The second is another nod to that cunning little dwarf we all know and love: Tyrion. We fell in love with it, because there are pretty sounds and letter combinations, but in the end it is also a beautifully simple name: cas-TIER-ith. We hope you love it to!



Do you smell that? The comforting musty scent of age old tomes fill the air as sunlight illuminating the dancing dust motes that fill the air. Knowledge is power and that’s something Castyrith knows down all the way to his core. Draconic memory might be a fleeting thing which causes specific facts to fade away, but there are universal truths that Castyrith files away in those stacks of books. The massive nature of this mental library might seem intimidating at first, but Castyrith built each row himself and he’ll zoom through at blinding speed to pull out just the right volume exactly when he requires it.


How does he know just what tidbit of information might be required? Well, your Castyrith has always been a shrewd creature. In any given conversation, listen closely. No, not to the words that are actually being said. Hear that slight clicking in the back of your head? The clacking of the beads on the abacus? The tinkling of gold bullion being poured onto a scale? That’s Castyrith’s version of an internal monologue as he constantly appraises everything. Information is all taken in. You never know when it might come in handy. Evaluated and then stored for later or acted upon as appropriate.


Castyrith can be a talkative dragon. Quick witted barbs can come out of nowhere. He has little patience for idiots and even less for ignorance. At least the fools can’t help they were born without any sense. The ignorant chose that path. He normally at least has the tact of the born politician that he is to reserve the most pointed of his remarks for his peers instead of the Wingleader or Weyrleader’s dragons, but there comes some time when Tsiroth just needs to be brought down a peg or two and Castyrith won’t be able to help himself, despite his and your better judgement.




With the ichor of the old and the new running through his veins, Castyrith could have been a very small fellow indeed. However the old-time blood runs strong in this dragon, he is a marvelously solid brown, edging handily towards the larger side of the spectrum for all of his mixed heritage. Stamina for days! He is built to withstand all that a Fall or any of the other duties he undertakes have to throw at him, and still go out looking for more action after. He has the delightful musculature of a knight, conditioned through training and activity to provide just the right curves to display his unique coloration admirably.

He is not all glorious curves and glimmers of rich color. Sometimes perfection is achieved through noticeable imperfection. Yeah. We’re talking about his legs. Their stout shortness really doesn’t impede or exclude him from any draconic activity, but they are a just a bit stubby. Perhaps it is the magnificent bulk of the rest of his frame, or the fact that they are significantly darker than his gilded upper side, for whatever reasons this lack in his leg bones is something that is apparent readily.

Understandably, Castryith struggled with weyrlinghood. His topheavy build and stubby legs made the months before flight a considerable challenge. This was not at all helped by the comments by peers, by weyrlingmasters, or even the gossip of the aunties. Those legs come up again and again, certainly enough for the developing psyche of Castyrith to develop a complex about things (especially when they start pointing out that not all of his paws are the same color!). Then as his confidence with his oddly proportioned body grows, he develops a protective callous against such slings, much like an oyster coats a grain of sand to protect itself, the following pearl of wisdom is eventually developed and perfected:

« Never forget your flaws, Kyriel, for the world surely won’t. But if you wear them like armor, nobody can use them against you. »

And so, in those last few sevens before you he takes his first steps… flaps? airborne, expect your Castyrith to finally settle into his skin, he’ll even develop a little extra cocky swagger to draw attention to the fact that he is even less suited to ambulation than the average dragon.

However once Castyrith takes to the skies, all of his detractors are going to have to take a slice of humble pie. Who needs long graceful legs when you have an impressive wingspan and muscles that hold you aloft effortlessly? He is a creature of the air, although forget graceful birds and hang gliders and such, he’s a bit more like a B52, steady and implacable.

Given his philosophy of wearing his flaws as features, he’s is going to insist that you oil all of his shiny bits religiously. And he means ALL Kyriel. That oddly different paw especially. And if he feels that you have neglected it’s proper care he will not be shy about complaining about how it itches, and how much it pains him. Of course the moment you have that forepaw gleaming, he’ll be off to rampage romp with his clutchsiblings without any indication that it gives him extra grief.


Tyrion Lanister: We all need to mocked from time to time, lest we take ourselves too seriously.

The world is a very big place and from the moment his shell cracks, Castyrith is aware that he’s just one small dragon in it. The fate of the planet rest on his (and the rest of Pern’s dragons) fragile dragon wings. This could be an overwhelming fact to confront when you’re just a few days old, but Castyrith does his best to manage this and let his bouts of existential crisis slip through only to you, Kyriel. He’ll quickly perfect the facade he wants to present to the rest of the world at large and for months or even turns there may be few times he lets his true nature slip through. While serious thoughts are brewing in that young head of his, he’ll do a good job of presenting himself as your typical carefree dragonet.


To help combat this knowledge that he’s just one small piece on a much larger board of global actions and consequences, Castyrith will immediately begin his lifelong quest for knowledge. He might not be able to control EVERYTHING, but if he has enough information, he can at least have contingency plans ready for all the most likely scenarios. Not knowing something will be his Achilles heel. It’s the itchy bug bite that you know you shouldn’t scratch but keep doing it anyways. He just can leave a secret alone. Once he has the secret, it will be carefully filed away in more restricted section of his mental library. Castyrith may be chatty, but he isn’t a gossip. The information is only for potential use later, not entertainment.


Now how exactly does he pick up those tasty bits of information? Castyrith knows how to find himself a good time and find it he will. Dragons can’t really drink, but that won’t stop him from encouraging you to do so. He’ll enjoy sunning himself whenever he can, especially if he can get some pleasant greens to join him. When it comes to food, he only wants to have the best. The plumpest herdbeast or the juiciest wherry. Don’t be surprised if he insists on going hunting outside of the weyr frequently to find feral porcine or wild wherries. When he needs to get a favor from another dragon, he’ll dole out these secret spots of his strategically.

« Everybody has their price, Kyriel. We just have to find it. »


Castyrith has a LOT of sage wisdom to dispense. He’s one smart cookie. But he also knows that some folks (or other dragons) don’t really respond well to a dragon TURNS younger than them giving out advice. He’s figured out a way to work around that though. Many a conversation will start out with…

« You know, Kyriel, a wise man once said… »

but knowing him as well as you do, it should be clear enough when he’s trying to pass off his own words as proverbs.


As he grows older, it will quickly become clear that Castyrith will never be content to just follow orders. Especially when some of those orders are coming from leaders that are just there because their dragon just happened to be able to catch a certain other dragon (Strange women laying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of govenment!) and haven’t the faintest idea what goes into leading. He’ll admit that weyrleading probably isn’t in the cards for the two of you, and that’s alright. There will be PLENTY of places in the Weyr that you can make yourselves useful. Wingseconding, wingleading, weyrlingmaster… governing was something that he was born to do and he’ll do it, even if it’s in a less official position where he’s just advising those with official titles. What matters is that his ideas get implemented and that everybody doesn’t die. Who happens to be wearing the biggest knot at the time, not really consequential.

Tyrion Lanister: I’ve been a cynic for as long as I can remember. Everyone’s always asking me to believe in things. Family, gods, kings, myself. It was often tempting until I saw where belief got people. So I said no, thank you to belief. And yet here I am. I believe in you. I’d swear you my sword, but I don’t actually own a sword.

Everything he does, all his clever little plots and scheming machinations, his days spent gossiping with greens in the bowl, all those secrets he has lovingly collected and catalogued ALL OF THAT he does for you Kyriel. His love for you is as boundless as his curiosity, and as deep as his intellect. Perhaps he’s trying to make up for the fact that he wasn’t the gold you (and everyone, let’s be honest) was expecting from that particular egg. Perhaps he is bound and determined to show you that you don’t need to be a queenrider in order to gain the respect and admiration you so obviously deserve… well in his estimation. He respects and adores the fuck out of you, so clearly anyone who doesn’t is clearly limited in some very important way. He may have extra bits, and you may be missing some bits but he is determined to show EVERYONE that it doesn’t matter!



Tyrion Lanister: Drinking and Lust: No man can match me in these things. I am the God of Tits and Wine. I shall build a shrine to myself at the next brothel I visit.

Oh boy! Are you ready for this, Kyriel? Probably not, but that’s too bad. As the weyrlingmasters made sure to tell you all, there comes a time when the lady dragons start glowing and healthy boy dragons won’t be able to resist the chase. And boy, is your Castyrith healthy. Can a dragon manage to catch all the greens in a Weyr? If Castyrith can’t, it won’t be for a lack of trying…

Castyrith’s quick wit and the stockpile of information he gathers about everything and everyone will come in handy when he’s trying to get his woo on. When he sets his eye on a lady, he’ll have a plan. A few clever remarks here, a particular succulent wherry gifted there and he’ll manage to get himself in the good graces pretty quickly, despite the fact he doesn’t remain loyal to any of them. As soon as the flight is over and done with, he’ll move on to the next female that strikes his fancy. In this way, young Castyrith much prefers green flights and the lack of responsibility that come with the possibility of catching a gold. If he loses, well, who actually likes losing? He’ll be more than a bit sore for a day or two, but even a dragon with as good a memory as he has (for a dragon) will still soon forget such things and he’s on to the next green!

His fascination with greens doesn’t mean that Castyrith will avoid gold flights. He’s a brown after all and it’s hard to ignore when a queen starts glowing. Especially if that gold happens to be his sister or dam or some other relation… he’ll be even more interested than is probably recommended. As he grows older, his attitude towards these gold flights shift from something that he does just because of lust of the moment and to something he needs to do. He doesn’t want to particular bind himself to a stint of sandsitting, but nothing can cement an alliance like consummating a union and having shared children, right?


Tyrion Lanister: I much like my head. I don’t want to see It removed just yet

When it comes to Thread, Castyrith has one goal and one goal only. To protect his (and by extension your) hide and live to see another day. As much as he might prefer to stick out of harm’s way with Puma, he’s a healthy, young fighting dragon and the place for the two of you is in the fighting wings. If he’s going to have to fight, he prefers a spot in the formation where he can see all the rest of the wing laid out before him. Even if you aren’t a wingsecond or wingleader, that strategic mind of his will make him invaluable to your wingmates. He’ll think not just one minute ahead or ten, but thirty. Frequently there will be comments about alterations required based on winds, previous injuries, habits you didn’t even realize existed in the other dragons. Listen to him and with luck, you two might just make it out alright.

Tyrion Lanister: Don't fight for a king. Don't fight for his kingdoms. Don't fight for honor, Don't fight for Glory, Don't fight for riches, because you won't get any. This Is your city Stannis means to sack. That's your gate he's ramming. If he gets in it will be your house that burns. Your gold he steals, your women he rapes. Those are brave men knocking at our door. Lets Go Kill Them!


And as reluctant as Castyrith might be to fight, he will eventually admit that there is a purpose to it. He does love himself and you, but he also loves Southern. The Weyr is his home and the land, although it is protected by grubs, provides the food that he eats. He very much does like to eat. Dragons must fly when Thread is in the sky and Castyrith is no exception. He will take to the skies with the rest of the wings and he’ll give it everything he’s got to protect everything he loves.

And afterwards? He’d like a porcine please. Roasted and with an apple in its mouth.



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