Halls of Origination Egg
This egg can only be described as one thing: hostile. Those that are around it lack the truth of existence, lie in sticky organic profusion that can only meddle painfully, muddling the forces of celestial rightness, of far-greater ticking order. You see, this egg is grey, granite-grey and seamless, with no sense of lines or nonsense about it. It is perfect, hung in balance with all of the stone and metal of the world, and cares not for that which blooms or breathes.

Stone by Day, Warrior by Night Blue Dragonet

Waves of dark azure, steel blue and midnight wash over his form. Rippled and mottled together, they resemble the ever chaotic churn of the ocean waters. Only his massive form is not of fluidness as the illusion may give — but one of cold stone that has been carved, sculpted and then given life. Large for one of his color, his size does favor him to more stamina in flight, aided by night-touched wings large and broad enough to almost serve as a cape when folded at his sides. Broad features and wide chest give him an intimidating look, while thick muscles do little to ‘soften’ his image. He is a brute in size, a hardened, seasoned warrior through and through.

Egg Inspiration

Eggs were themed on Order and Chaos.

Theme Inspiration

Dragonet theme was the Seelie and Unseelie Courts. Czrygheth was heavily based off of Goliath from Disney's Gargoyles!

Description Inspiration

Blue granite. Get it?

Name Inspiration

Czrygheth (Ch-rye-geth) is a mix of Scottish Gaelic for the words warrior and stone, with a little Polish twist.


Low, deep bass and smoky tones that are almost guttural but not quite. Sometimes he may emphasize with a growled edge. Mindscape is often placed in night hours or under darkness and can vary from wild, alien cityscapes of metal and stone (modern-day Earth, really) to more familiar images of stone fortresses and endless wilds. He has pieced together his own version of ‘home’ or splices parts of their real home to form a sort of ‘safe place’ for just the two of them — and anyone else that he comes to trust and “adopt” into his clan.


Czrygheth is an impressive figure! Measuring 57’ when fully mature, he’s not only tall and BIG, but he’s powerfully-built to boot! All that muscle has done little to hinder him though; he has a bit more stamina than some of his smaller brothers, but remains decently agile.

Has a dragon ever been allergic to sunlight? No?

Well he is!

… okay, not really. Yet Czrygheth hates being out in full sunlight. He’ll do it, but behave as though he’s made of stone: sluggish, heavy movements. Night is his element! And also, much to Veena’s dismay, when he’s most active. He’ll do everything in his power to keep from having to face the dawn — unless duty demands it.

So it’s no surprise that as Watchriders, they are often nightshift.


Goliath: No. Gargoyles protect. It is our nature. Our purpose. To lose that is to be corrupt. Empty. Lifeless.

Bold and fierce, Czrygheth’s wrath is something that can be terrible to behold. Thankfully, he’s often more of a level-headed blue in general, despite his very stubborn-headed flaw (like rider, like dragon?). Mercifully too, draconic memory allows his rare moments of feeling bitterly vengeful to be short lived; unless he’s reminded, of course, by Veena.

He is no mere savage, even if he looks like one. His emotions are often held in check by his strong sense of justice and morality. He takes his role as protector seriously (and fiercely, in literal senses) and will do anything to keep those who cannot protect themselves safe.

Instincts aside, he can be thoughtful and even philosophical in nature. Often he will ponder about how the world works and how it has changed even in so short a time. He eagerly learns all that he can about it from Veena. Branching from this is a craving for written knowledge; while he can’t actually read, he will always encourage Veena to grab a book if he happens to hear about a particular classic.

His wisdom (as it were) and sense of hope have help him endure what hardships have come his way. While being reassigned as ‘Watchriders’, he’s taken the role very seriously. Despite this, he shares the same ambitions as his rider — to one day fight alongside his brethren in the skies. It’s what his purpose is, after all, isn’t it?

Elisa Maza: A good detective trusts no one.
Goliath: That's one thing we have in common.

Czrygheth does not trust others easily … or rather he doesn’t trust other humans easily. He is far likely to form trust, allies and friendships among dragonkind than with another human. By default, he’ll accept the riders of other dragons. But non-riders? Forget it. He will be respectful, but largely aloof, with the exception of children.

Trust can be broken, but his is a very forgiving nature, as long as the remorse is genuine. Even those who have grievously done him (or Veena) wrong can be forgiven… with time. It’s for this reason that he doesn’t outrightly spurn Veena’s strange alliances with some of the shadier sort within Black Rock Hold. Whether it’s his trust in her or his understanding of their plight, he keeps his reservations to himself.

Goliath: No, Lexington. You were right. We can't hide from the world, we must live in it. We must search for allies, kindred spirits, and sometimes, we must take chances, like we did tonight. To do so otherwise is to remain forever alone.


Goliath: Worse than that. An animal hunts because it's hungry. These hunters do it for sport.

Czrygheth was born to fight Thread! He lives and breathes it. It’s as natural to him as all the rest of his instincts. Thread is a danger to them all and it’s his purpose to make sure to protect Weyr, Hold and Hall from the menace.

Becoming a watchdragon has done little to stop this, he’s merely reshuffled his priorities. He can still help and he takes to his duties with a deep sense of pride where others might scoff or consider it ‘lesser’.


Goliath: [Elisa's now a gargoyle] I never realized, when you were human, how beautiful you are.
Elisa Maza: You mean, you thought I was ugly?

Flights and Czrygheth are… well, not wholly disastrous. He gets the instinct part and all, but when it comes to flirting and woo’ing? Not the greatest. Unless it’s for a particular green lady-friend he’s overly fond for, he keeps his comments to himself! But he’s selective in chasing. He’s not about to go off after any shiny hide! The green has to spark some deep interest before he’ll even consider the option. And if the flight is during daylight? Pfft. Forget it!


Name: Veena
Egg Desc: Unknown
Dragonet Desc: Veena
Inspiration: Veena**

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