Sesa's Dreams No Mortal Ever Dared Dreamed Blue Edleveth

Sesa! With your paintbrushes you showed us "A Dream Within a Dream" and "Eldorado". We did not find ourselves between "The Pit and The Pendulum" when deciding that you couldn't leave the sands "Alone"! The very idea had Edleveth quoting "Nevermore!" He's here to take you to the "City by the Sea" and many other places. We hope you enjoy playing him as we enjoyed writing him for you!
Divale and PartyCo!

Dragon Song

Extravagant Indulgences Egg

Plush scarlet coats the surface of the egg, giving it a striking appearance to a Lady Holder’s prized jewelry box. Especially considering nestled in the vermilion cushions appear to be countless baubles of gold, sapphire and ruby. Strands of perfectly uniform pearls twist and turn throughout the display. Light reflects off the shell as if it truly is metallic, inviting one ever closer to the treasures it holds. Because really, don’t you deserve to treat yourself?

Egg Inspiration

In Parks and Recreation, Donna and Tom make a yearly event out of ‘Treat Yo Self’ Day. In season 4, they invite Ben as he’s depressed and what better way to get someone out of a depression? While they might prefer luxuries like perfumes and fancy clothes, Ben finds his happiness with a full replica Bat-Suit. Treating yourself might have different meanings for different folks, but shouldn’t this be a national holiday?

Hatching Message

Once upon a Hatching dreary, amongst the chaos and confusion, suddenly there came a tapping, like a visitor gently rapping, rapping at the chamber door. The egg shakes once, twice and then once more. A crack appears, and to the fore, an ink stained blue takes his first tentative steps into the world. How will the critics receive him? But more importantly… now begins his search, to find which one of these candidates will be his one true audience.

Dreams No Mortal Ever Dared Dreamed Blue Dragonet

Abyssal and fathomless is he, of angular features and slim, limber form and build. Hauntingly elegant, he is no creature of ocean waters though his hide holds the very mimicry of storm tossed seas. Stygian at his core, darkness there and nothing more, where ink has imbued aged parchment. So deep is that near-black midnight hue, until it traces outwards in a medley of tenebrous, painted chaos. Shades of woad and murkier, steel toned blues, curl along curve of limb, neck and ridges and darken again over his narrow head and ridges and wicked sharp talons. Brackish waters collide and clash, chasing away inky darkness’ hold, to faded adamantine over his shoulders and back, sweeping ever outwards over wings to pale further yet to shades of cadmium. On and on, until the very broad expanse of his sails are bleached to dusky hues. Nearest to the edges, midnight tracings are incised upon the fragile surface, jagged and blurred in their faded, forgotten lore.

Public Impression Pose

Dreams No Mortal Ever Dared Dreamed Blue Dragonet pauses to look forlornly towards the sea of Candidates. Will he find the one he seeks or be left to wander evermore and onwards to oblivion? Ahh, now there’s a dreary thought… but today all are spared as he at last spies a glimpse of the one who is his. Without question and nary a pause, he lopes towards his intended and comes to a halt, head dipping to touch his muzzle to the young woman’s chest. You. You are his!

Private Impression Message

It comes only as a peculiar sense of unease, not unlike one being observed from afar and yet so intimately. Feather-light is this sensation and then it blossoms in your mind like ink finding water-touched paper. The presence spreads, seeping to your very core in the second it takes you to inhale — on the exhale, you are both connected. Ink whirls, forming ethereal shapes that flicker to life and pass on by in dissipating smoke. « Ahh, there you are! » Soft spoken but rich in Fortian tones, a proper ‘gentleman’ through and through. « My Edlsesa… No, no. That won’t do. We need something much more appropriate for such a lady as you! » Inky shadows breath in tandem with a mental sigh, as you are so thoroughly entwined and bound. « Sesa. Yes. Yes, that’s much better. Leave the rest to me, as I am your Edleveth and we are one and the same, forever bound, are we not? » Indeed, for the source of all of this, a blue dragonet, has now gently touched his muzzle to your chest, right where your heart lays.

Clutch Theme Inspiration/Dragonet Tie-In

The eggs in this clutch were all based on various world-wide festivities and celebrations of ALL sorts! Our dragonets had the theme of Lords and Ladies and while Poe himself was no Lord, he often wrote of them!

Description Inspiration

Now this proved to be a little tricky, as I didn’t want to follow some of the commonly used themes for blues. No, Edleveth had to be unique in his own way…

… and what else does a poet (or Harper!) use but ink?

blue ink swirls more blue ink

Some digging through Google Images and I found two pictures that instantly stood out as perfect for him and thus his inspiration was born! Yet even with blue ink as a base, it wasn’t quite enough.

So we threaded through some wording from ‘The Raven’ in there and ended up loosely touching the subject of the seas as it does come up in much of Poe’s works. Much of his physical build was more loosely based on images of Poe himself, as well.

And there you have it!

Name Inspiration

How did we come across your Edleveth’s name? Well… we tossed a few ideas around. Divale looked up ‘poet’ under various languages (Latin, Czech and Finnish, in fact!) but with no luck! What we did notice was a repeat of similar letters! And yet none felt quite right for a Poe inspired dragon!

We kept toying with combinations of E, D and L…

… then it hit us!

‘Edl’ which was the first part of Sesa’s name. ‘Ed’ from Edgar, ‘l’ from the various translations and a neat little background hook that was FAR too tempting and unique (and fitting!) to let go and voila!

Edleveth was created!

Divale pronounces it ‘Ehd-luh-veth’ but you can pronounce it however you want~


His mind is a blank canvas.

… or starts off that way. When at rest, Edleveth’s mind is a still void but far from empty. There is always some part of him there, always on the fringes of your awareness. This is his state of ‘rest’ and may be woefully infrequent.

While some of his siblings and even among the vast numbers of dragons in Igen may be bolder, louder or more vast in their mindscapes, he is, on the very surface, a very simplistic type. At least, to those who cannot see beyond the bigger picture.

To those who can see or are able to scratch the surface of his sacred space, they will spot similar traits passed on from his dam. Quiet serenity, centered tranquility — he is his mother’s son.

There will always be a hint as to when Edleveth is becoming alert or a thought has flickered across his mind. It could be something as simple as a reaction to your own thoughts or some minor curiosity that has stirred him to pursuit.

It will start as a simple, smokey, drop of ink. The barest wisp of an idea or coherent thought that takes on a life of its own. As discussion or thoughts progress, so does that inky smoke, as imagery evolves to paint the bare bones of a story behind those words.

He’s very much an artist at soul. Most of his passing, fleeting ideas, thoughts and observations begin as mere hints of concepts in visual form. There and gone, as fleeting as a heartbeat or a blink of an eye.

sketch of Poe writingSketch of The Raven

Should something take root, however, then his imagery becomes more detailed. Less wispy and fluid to bolder, rougher sketches. They become cohesive and solid, more tangible while making a broader statement to whatever the subject is that he’s trying to describe or emotion he is attempting to evoke in his audience.

The real fun begins when he really gets invested into something! For the most part, he prefers a black and white scheme when it comes to illustrating his thoughts — never mind that his actual thoughts are layered in many shades of grey.

engraving of man walking down alleyengraving of a mountain

When he’s well and truly focused and deeply emotionally involved in something, expect an INSANE amount of detail to suddenly blossom across your mind. He’s in his element now and favoring riddling his imagery with hidden references, subtle hints and many a cloaked symbol in what would otherwise look like nothing more than an innocent real-time “painting”.

As written word is inaccessible to him, Edleveth won’t let that hinder him from creating in some expressive outlet. Each image, no matter how simple, has a larger “story” at play and his Mastery of the skill could put some works by Harper’s to shame.

impressionist painting of a girl in blueVan gogh painting of the docks at night

And when he’s in the best of moods and at the height of his creative prowess, his mind explodes in a riot of color! Barring those days he’s feeling sly or if his mood just won’t suit color (and everyone be damned), he is otherwise equally as expressive in colorful hues as he is with spoken word and ink. The complexity on which he can breathe life into painted strokes is almost one to marvel at, but it’s just another one of the many nuanced quirks that make Edleveth who he is.
inky treeblack and white treecreepy tree

There are a few things, a few precious things, that he will reserve only for between the two of you. One will be the imagery of a dead tree. Why? Well, that he never quite explains and yet somehow makes it feel like it just IS. It can be a rough hint of a tree and other times a full silhouette. It can be hidden in the background or the main piece. Regardless of the timing or the setting, the meaning is what counts!

For that tree is for her and for you both respectively. If not the tree, he will often find any reason to include the form of a raven, be it a lone individual or a mated pair. Always, in some way, he will fit them in, like some secret game between the two of you.

Rarely does anything but his own voice accompany his mindscape and illustrations, save for when he’s under extreme stress, fighting Thread or chasing in flights. Then and only then, will a peculiar (but soon to be familiar) sound of a heartbeat will be present. Just a feeling, to start, but it grows increasingly louder and more intense depending on the scenario. The constant thundering beat may be enough to plague one close to madness by the sound of it.

And creative expression aside, how does one pinpoint Edleveth’s actual “voice”? Simple, really.

He’s Fortian.

100% pure, to the very posh and aristocratic inflections and detailed nuances, no matter how lively or monotone his speech may be. And, thanks to his sire Wendryth, he has a penchant for prose and proper speech… which makes him often long winded, when he gets in a mood.


Edleveth is going to be on the larger size for a blue, but where he’s certainly tall, he is very lean. Don’t be fooled! He has muscle and strength behind his willowy appearance but he’s certainly no visible powerhouse. That said, he’ll make an excellent middle-man when it comes to Threadfighting! Agility and stamina will be his strengths, even if his energy will often run out. Regardless, he can hold his own.

painting of the ugly ducklingswan

As a dragonet, he’s going to be woefully all legs, wings and tail. You know that awkward gawky phase some young boys go through? Yeah, that’s going to be him. In spades! But you know how that old story goes about the “ugly” duckling, right? Because he will balance out and all those who may have sniggered under their breath at him will soon eat their words.

… at least until it comes time to fly. Edleveth isn’t going to master this ability right off. Like an avian hatchling kicked from his nest, he’s going to flounder and just be downright awkward at it for the first few attempts. He’ll be particularly maudlin during these times, with the Weyrlingmasters breathing down your necks, but don’t lose hope! Even if Edleveth seems keen on bemoaning his fate (until he forgets about it).

All things end, however, and when he DOES get the hang of it and grows into his own? Oh, he is a sight to see! Hauntingly elegant, he will certainly draw attention for his mysterious aura and aristocratic features.

He’ll draw attention for other reasons too, even when in weyrlinghood. Edleveth?

He paces.

I do not suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute.

At times he’ll be filled with a frantic sort of energy and even when he’s still, there’s always that threat lurking there. Even if he can get him to settle, part of him will still move or twitch with that restlessness until whatever it is that has set him off passes. They will be infrequent, these episodes and taper off to rarer the older he gets.

“Above all was the sense of hearing acute. I heard all things in the heaven and in the earth. I heard many things in hell. How, then, am I mad?”
-The Tell Tale Heart

If there is one thing blue’s are “known” for, in some regard, is their ‘sensitive’ nature (especially for Search!) and Edleveth is a born natural. He’s got an uncanny knack for picking up on things, be it a glimpse of conversation or emotion — his ‘range’, as it were, is incredible and undeniable. Which is both bane and curse, should he choose to indulge on a particular late night of restless inability to sleep.

« Do you hear that Sesa? »

… Eldeveth it’s three in the morning… we have drills…

« This is no dream! Don’t you hear it, that unending muttering and mumbling…? »

… are you eavesdropping again!?


Madmen know nothing. But you should have seen me. You should have seen how wisely I proceeded —with what caution —with what foresight —with what dissimulation I went to work! — Tell Tale Heart

Cunning is Edleveth’s game and he can wield it well, when he’s in his element and not plagued by his own ‘demons’. He’ll often be the instrument in his own undoing, despite the amount of effort he puts in to being so cautious.

For this reason, weyrlinghood will present itself with a series of hurdles and trials. Some will be minor and mere trifles, but others? Not so much. One day, he will get you through lessons with sheer, unwavering genius than bring you nothing but praise from the Weyrlingmasters and some of your fellow comrades.


Then it all changes and flips completely on its head.

Why? Because Edleveth is a fickle spirit and prone to bouts of paranoia and melancholy. Such is the steep price to pay for such a creative, emotional mind. One day he’ll have all the confidence in the world and the next it will be nothing but dreary self-doubt and endless questions. All of it hits as sudden as one of Igen’s sandstorms and, mercifully, gone just as swiftly. During these particular tempests of emotions, he’ll largely turn to you, Sesa, for support and while his siblings or other dragons may sense something is ‘off’, he will rarely admit his troubles.

He is not overly social but does not entirely shun the company of his kind. Observation is much his preference and he is crafty in his ability to pick out traits in others. So much so, in fact, that he obsesses over them. Much like any artist would, but with a certain vehement quality.

« Sesa, my darling love? Do you see, over yonder, that particular individual? What a character is he, with darkened eyes and the weight of stress bowing his shoulders… Draw him, would you? He needs to be immortalized. »

They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those that only dream by night

Ahh, how Edleveth loves (or appreciates) the arts! And while he is limited in his abilities, he’s not without shame in using yours to replicate what he wants. Be sure to always have some medium on you, because his requests will be as sudden as his mood swings and denying him his outlet will… not be wise.

You’ll also find that certain scents will trigger his muse, perhaps while he’s observing those around him or from a distance. Some fragrances that you encounter and inadvertently share with him through your link could very well trigger him to bring forth color to the blank canvas that makes up his dormant mindscape. You’ll discover which scents inspire him as you encounter them in everyday life (hint: he loves white sage). Once the muse strikes, prepare to act!

Offending Edleveth is no easy task. For all his other quirks and faults, he is surprisingly calm in the face of criticism (at least on the outside). In the off chance that someone has the misfortune of doing so? Well, they best watch out!

He is very fond of earning his ‘revenge’, so to speak. Not with overt malice, but that cunning mind of his will come into play, yet again! Trickery is his forte here; he’ll lead them along and toy with them, while carefully executing his master plan to earn the justice he feels is necessary to balance out the wrong doing.

And again, he will have NO shame in dragging you into the thick of it, if he needs to. He’ll even turn the same tactics on you, should he be particularly ruffled but never to the point of straining your bond — you are HIS love and inspiration, after all and the very anchor of his being.


Hear the loud alarum bells -
Brazen bells !
What tale of terror, now, their turbulency tells !
In the startled ear of night
How they scream out their affright !
Too much horrified to speak,
They can only shriek, shriek,
Out of tune…
- “The Bells” by Edgar Allan Poe

Edleveth, like most dragons, despises Thread. It is his nemesis, the overarching villain in many of his tales. His size and build will make him an asset to any Wing and his quick wits will often turn to your favor during ‘Fall.

When Edleveth is injured (and it’s a fact of life that it’d bound to happen sooner or later), he will be the worst patient. All his worst neurosises that can usually be distracted or forgotten with just a small amount of time will be focused onto his injured state and what could possibly be the outcome. It’s hard to forget that you’re injured when your wing hurts. Make sure the dragonhealers keep plenty of numbweed on hand, for your sanity and theirs.

«Oh, woe and sorrow are to be my fate, Sesa? Such promise lived within these wings, but look now, before it’s too late! Am I still a dragon or a wher? For where is the place of a dragon that cannot fly? »

There are chords in the hearts of the most reckless which can’t be touched without emotion

And once all is said and done and ‘Fall is over, Edleveth’s thoughts (should he be comfortably settled) will turn to the morbid side of it all. Another small obsession of his, to pick over the darker elements and focus, of course, on the end of all Ends: death. For dragons have their keening to mourn their losses and his voice will be among the most sorrowful of all — but he will turn introspective once the silence descends.

It’s not all doom and gloom. Often these periods end on a brighter note and even with his obsessions, dragon’s were bred with a memory that does not last. By the next day, he will scarcely remember what inspired such dark and dreary thoughts and go about his usual routines.


But we loved with a love that was more than love—
I and my Annabel Lee—
With a love that the wingèd seraphs of Heaven
Coveted her and me.
-"Annabelle Lee" by Edgar Allan Poe

Flights will be another source of obsessiveness for Edleveth. He holds an overly romantic idea when it comes to chasing those lovely, lovely greens. It doesn’t take much to inspire him to chase — he tends to find ‘beauty’ in just about everything and a pretty lady green is no exception!

Beauty of whatever kind in its supreme development invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears

He will court her like a proper gentleman should and pull out all the stops in an effort to gain even the smallest moment of attention from the green he’s after. Never will he stoop to uncouth behavior… at least not when anyone is looking. While some males will try to win a green by brute strength, Edleveth prefers a less violent route to snare the female he covets. He will use every trick in the book to evade his competition and still come out on top; all while showering the green in the devotion HE feels she’s worthy of.

Should he win, he will be over the moons and beyond them! And likely grate on the poor green’s nerves with his obsessive behavior and wind up kicked from wherever they’ve landed to recover.

And if he loses? Oh, Edleveth will act as though his hearts have been torn right from his chest. Betrayal and woe! He’ll take what’s left of his pride and bruised feelings and go right for the largest body of water he can find (probably the lakes), curl up and mope. Thankfully, mercy is swift at hand, as draconic memory comes to your rescue and saves you an endless eternity of melancholy mutterings and poetic sayings.


Name: Divale
Egg Desc: Doji
Dragonet Desc: Divale
Messages: Divale
Puppeteer: Divale
Inspiration: Divale


Ainslee and Herald of the Neverending Tale Blue Keryth
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E’gus (Fergus) and Sorceress of Storm-Tossed Seas Green Szokanith
E’rys (Danerys) and Always Lands on Her Feet Green Briamiorth

Harper’s Tale’s 79th PC Clutch
Igen Weyr’s 8th PC Clutch
Diem’s gold Zsaviranth x H’rik’s bronze Wendryth
March 24, 2018