Syrianna, you’ve been incredibly patient in your pursuit of play, considering how hard it is to align with so many of us on the game. But you’ve carved out a place for yourself, and we just couldn’t resist the call of a dragon that would embody your love of cold lands and canines to call your own. You are now Syri, and this is your unwaveringly impish Gamanturath! - SerenityCo

Clutching Pose

Time to finish this thing! With one last croon of thanks to her mate, Zymuraith sets in place the last of the circle - two concentric rings and a guiding light in the midst. "She is," Amani affirms, smiling up at M'noq before returning her attention to her lifemate…and her final push of the clutch. - from A Clutch of Contrasts

Fukuruyuu Dragon Puppy Egg

A goldendoodle wrought in eye-pleasing peaches and creams, this egg stands tall and proud and, if ever Zymuraith sees fit to lay it upon one side, long. There is a cartoonish sense of carefree script to the heathered shell, a childish glee paired with canid loyalty. Even from afar, this egg is a convivial mishmash of the dawn sky and all that is good in the world, even for those not looking for such. Do not submerge this fuzzy legend in water, for only ill-luck lies within the aquatic; no, keep to the skies, and never give up, and luck will find you.

Touching Response

Your hand brushes the shell of this egg and though egg and shell are all you see the brush of fur and the hot pant of a loyal friend is what you feel against your skin. Leaping and bounding, this egg takes off with you and the sensation of flying through the air, wind tousling fur and hair is apparent. Luck emits from this egg, as if bestowing you with a charm before gently placing you back on the sands, a suggested woof of approval in the mind’s eye. - from Lucky Charms for the Queen

Hatching Message

Even an egg that excels at false alarms has to give in to the real deal at some point! Fukuruyuu Dragon Puppy Egg finally gets jostled from within enough to actually roll off the little mound of sand that’s been built up around it, a wide crack suddenly yawning at the base and widening as rolling continues. Then there are two blue hindquarters kicking free to bring it to a stop, a copious amount of wiggling, and then pop! The peaches and cream shell breaks fully in two, and out tumbles a rather frigid-hued blue, giving a vigorous shake of his head and wings before hopping to his feet and peering around in wide-eyed wonder.

Cold Paws, Warm Heart Blue Dragonet

Solid yet streamlined from head to toe, a sleek frame is carved from cold cobalt, darker hues dominating his underside and and the glacial cragginess of his neckridges. The faintest hints of blowing snow swirl about sapphire-taloned paws and slender limbs before becoming lost in the frigid sky blue that brightens upward over the sturdy curves of his ribs, shoulders, and haunches. Deep-frozen aquamarine sweeps back along his entire length from narrow nose to blunt tail-tip with an almost fur-like patterning when viewed up close, becoming nearly translucent upon the long, narrow spread of his wingsails. There’s a brightness to his countenance created by more than just the blue-white of sun-touched ice upon his sharp, jovial face, warm exuberance embodied despite the frigid coloring of his hide.

Public Impression Pose

Tails, tails, tails! So many tails to chase, but no one wants to play! Oh, wait… For the dozenth time, Cold Paws, Warm Heart Blue Dragonet remembers he’s supposed to be doing something. Something like finding his true playmate for life. Yes, it’s about time to get that done. Finally decisive, he sets his sights on the hazel-eyed Herder girl just over there. Yep, she’s the one! With a happy warble, he bounds right up to butt his sharp snout firmly against her knees. This one is his!

Private Impression Message

Sands? What Sands? There is only cold, the brisk wind stinging your cheeks and nose and enfolding you in a cyclone of snowflakes. Even so, you find the rest of you to be quite warm. Faint shadows of something flanking you on either side are visible, tall and tapering but indistinct. Trees, perhaps? It seems likely, but they certainly aren’t the focus. « Syyyyyri! » A high, youthful tenor, eminently joyful and burgeoning with spirit, seems to call out from within and around you all at once. « Syria- no. Definitely Syri. Hey! Watch this! » The snow abruptly abates, clearing just enough for you to see a little further ahead. The snow then swirls and melds, wrapping tighter and tighter around itself until, all of a sudden, you find yourself looking at a spectacular image wrought in intricately carved ice. It’s you, and it’s him, an imagining of what’s to come with you astride his fully-grown neck in flight. Is this truly what he’ll end up looking like? You’ll come to know in time! « That’s us! Me and you - Gamanturath and Syri. We’re gonna have an amazing time! But you know what’s also amazing? Food. » Just like that, he changes tack, the snow swirling to obscure the vision in ice. « Do you have any? I could really use some. »

Egg Inspiration


"Falkor the luckdragon from The Neverending Story. I recently found out one of my coworkers had never seen The Neverending Story and it made me think about how much bad luck it is to have never, ever been introduced to Falkor.

"Falkor is based on the fukuryuu — a superstition of Japan, a luck dragon. In the '84 movie, he looks quite like a dog-dragon, complete with enjoying his ears scratched. Lucky indeed." - Treivyshe

Theme Inspiration

There were two recurring themes in the ideas you gave is for your dragon, Syri: cold or canines. And we figured…why not both? Foxes might not exist on Pern, but there’s nothing that says they can’t be evoked in a dragon somehow, and we wanted to give you that since your Shimmer couldn’t be a fox. So you’ll see this, along with some other denizens of the arctic, all wrapped up in his body, his personality, and a mindscape that blends snow, ice, and - if you squint - just a touch of Frozen and the ice garden that sometimes appears in the mind of Gamanturath’s dam, Zymuraith.

Gamanturath’s Zodiac Sign


It was rather easy to decide which Zodiac sign would tie your Gamanturath in to our clutch theme. With his friendly, curious, creative nature and his tendency to be all-or-nothing with his energy and get off-track, his stars could only line up as Aquarius, the Water-Bearer.

Description Inspiration

We decided to meld Gamansurath’s theme with his physical appearance as much as with every other part of him. Th’res found some amazing glacial imagery that we used as the basis for his coloring. There’s also a sleekness to his hide and build as well as a gemstone quality to his talons that’s meant to evoke ice. And if you look very closely at the lighter coloring that dominates the top half of his body, you’ll find that it has a brush-stroked look that’s reminiscent of fur - another nod to arctic foxes, wolves, polar bears, and the like.


Name Inspiration

With a mind toward the countries of the north and the languages associated with them, we started putting a number of words related to your theme and your characteristics for a lifemate through Google translate. Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, and Danish all gave us a lot to juggle around, but in the end it was Icelandic that gave us what we were looking for.

The Icelandic word for “winter” is vetur, which we then tossed together with the world for “playful” - gamansamur. The result was Gamanturath, your “playful winter” in dragon form!

We pronounce his name “ga-MAN-tu-rath,” and we’ve been calling him Gam or Gaman for short. However, you should feel free to say and shorten his name however you choose!


Gamanturath’s mindscape is, in one word, a blizzard. It isn’t a particularly violent blizzard; you’ll find yourself enduring it rather easily, kept warm in his mental embrace despite the chill on your cheeks and the cloud of your breath in the air.


You’ll sometimes notice the shadows of trees and boulders and the indistinguishable silhouettes of passing denizens of the tundra and forest as you make your way through this frozen world. However, everything is going to be very close, your field of vision limited by the constant white-out conditions that define his mental space.


This also means the world is largely devoid of color…but not completely. It’s something he’ll use for emphasis, just like his dam.

With the snow being all you see and the cold being all you feel, Syri, you may be wondering just how you’re supposed to tell what he’s feeling or know what he deems noteworthy, outside of outright telling you. Not to worry! When he has something to show you, the snow will die down a bit, clearing the air slightly as he brings you to a standstill in a great open space. Then the snow will blow and swirl and congeal before you until he’s sculpted his imagery in ice, much like this:


Or this:


Here is where color will come into play, infusing the ice to give it a touch of realism. He can make the most intricate sculptures of anything you and he can imagine or see and bring them to life this way, so to speak. Everything from the smallest object to the grandest Hold can be shaped in ice by his playfully creative mind, both to scale and smaller as needed. When you learn how to envision for going ::between::, however, he will reflect what you or anyone else shows him back upon a broad mirror of perfectly smooth ice, the detail of the actual image shown in full color. So you see, he isn’t incapable of such nuances. He simply prefers to render them all in his medium of choice, leaving out what he will unless it’s absolutely necessary.


Explaining it all will be the light, jovial tones of his youthful spoken mindvoice, something that will remain on the high side until maturity. It then becomes a warm tenor - still sitting in the upper range, but definitely a step lower than it once was.

Ice isn’t an incredibly flexible medium for conveying emotion, of course, except in the dynamic Gamanturath sculpts. He is less visual about his feelings than many of his siblings, preferring simply to interface his emotions with yours instead of illustrating them much of the time. This means that, most often, you’ll simply feel what he feels rather than seeing it projected in your mind’s eye somehow…though his ice sculptures will often embellish this.


Gamanturath is almost literally a ball of sheer energy right out of the shell. He’s sleek and agile, but there’s some pudge to him when he’s small that’s rather deceptive. It adds a little roundness to his haunches and shoulders and even the base of his tail, making him look a little…rear-heavy for a handful of months. Nevertheless, he can move like nobody’s business. Things might go a bit like this for a while:

You’ll have to really work at getting him to sit still during lessons, Syri, and even then it’ll seem like he’s practically vibrating with the need to bound up and play. It’s as though he keeps his energy reserves tucked away in that baby fat of his. However, because he plays hard, he also crashes hard. He’ll be sitting there with his tail lashing excitedly one second, and then you’ll blink and he’ll suddenly be sprawled on the ground (or whatever else happens to be handy), out cold. The positions and places in which he does so may remind you of another, rather large arctic resident.


You’d better build some muscle quick, Syri, so that you’re able to carry him from those inconvenient spots while he’s still small enough for it. He’ll be dang near narcoleptic for the first six months or so. When he’s awake, however…you’ll probably be wishing he’d pass out more often. He may wear you and everyone else out through mere proximity alone.

Eventually he’ll start growing into that pudge, of course. When it becomes non-existent, he’ll show himself to be lean and agile with strong, slender limbs and lots of athletic muscle in his shoulders and haunches to balance them out. The resemblance will fall somewhere between fox and wolf, in Terran terms. There may still be hints of roundness…but it may have something to do with aerodynamics. Maybe. His build makes him light on his feet at all ages, and combined with his love of play, this will make him an excellent hunter, possibly the best in the group. It means he’ll also be impressively agile in the air, but given his smaller size, he won’t be able to last more than about three-quarters of a Threadfall.



When he is young, Gamanturath is going to be the essence of play and wonder, all wrapped up in the seemingly boundless energy and cunning wisdom of an arctic fox. He’s going to be the opposite of many of his brothers, likely finding the most open reception in his sister Takatath and his brown brother Saetyroith. He’ll find it fairly easy to coax Iandreth into a good chase up until Threadfighting age, and Shokravanth will play with him under the guise of “preparing” (though they might secretly be having fun), but they’re both prone to far more seriousness. Oftentimes there will be moments that should be all about seriousness…but he will, of course, prefer to play instead. He’ll love a good game of catch, but more than likely you will be the one chasing after stuff he either hides or tosses.

» Have you seen my boots? «

« Oh yeah, I left them in the big, smelly piles out near the training grounds. »

» That is the midden, why would you do that? «

« Because then we can walk out to go get them, of course! »

As his body grows, his form and temperament becoming more wolf-like, so too will his mind, though he will never truly lose that happy, playful spirit. He will start to hunger for knowledge, to learn and see new things. To explore to the edge of the horizon and find what new wonders this world holds, all with you.

« Come on, Syri! Get up! We need to go! »

» Why? It is still dark out… «

« I know that; how else are we going to see the dawn? Now get up, lazybones! »


While he is usually a happy fellow, his cunning will shine through at the oddest of times. Gamanturath isn’t dense by any means, waiting for just the right time to strike in a game of wrestling with his siblings. He’ll have an uncanny knack for disappearing right before the ire of the weyrlingstaff comes down upon the class for breaking things or rowdiness. Be prepared for some things to mysteriously end up in your possession without your knowledge. Apologizing to those he’s “borrowed” from is probably going to wind up as reflexive as breathing before weyrlinghood is over!

While he will look to you first for guidance and care, this doesn’t mean that he is always going to listen to you. There will plenty of battles of will between the two of you as your bond strengthens - Gamanturath with his constant need for play and activity and you with your understanding that it can’t be a constant . He may choose to do his own thing, to explore what would happen just to sedate his own curiosity.

» Gamanturath? What are you chewing on? «

« A pair of boots, silly. »

» I can see that. Where did you get them? «

« Found them on the beach when we were playing with Quaverilth and his rider. »

» Okay, then why are you chewing on them? «

« Because I wanted to know if other boots taste different. »

His curious and friendly nature may be something of a challenge for you, Syri, because he wants to be around everyone, as much as possible. This means he wants you to do the same, and he’ll cajole and encourage you out of your shell and into the midst of new people and situations without reservation. It’s so much fun for him, after all; why can’t it be the same for you?

« Syri! There’s going to be a Gather at that Ice Hold we visited that one time. You should get something pretty to wear and we should go! There’ll be so many people and other dragons and all that ice and snow… »

» And let me guess: it will be fun. «

« Yep! So we’re going! »

While he is pretty much constantly happy, there will those very rare moments of despair and sadness for various reasons, such as getting in trouble. When he gets that way he will take to trying to curl up with you, even if he won’t really fit in your lap, because you are the only thing that can chase away the storms in his mind. Thankfully it’s hard to keep him down, and he will soon be back to his joyous, exuberant self.

Dragon Song


“Dirty Paws” by Of Monsters and Men

With you and Shimmer’s adventures in travel and your love of snow, we could not resist this being Gamanturath’s song! It embodies adventure and travel, and SNOW! - all things we have seen from you and your wonderful northern canine! Gamanturath will embody some of this spirit too, which is why Dirty Paws is his perfect theme song.

Dragon Scent

If you’re familiar with the brisk, clean scent of a world covered in freshly-fallen snow, Syri, then you’ve got the scent that lingers upon Gamanturath’s hide. It’s a very subtle thing, of course, perhaps even completely unnoticeable until you’ve given him a bath and realize that it’s there beneath whatever else is clinging to him. There is also the faintest hint of what seems to be klah spice, reminding you of the counter to the cold he embodies and the warm heart within.


Does Gamanturath even notice the greens? Well, of course; they’re playmates. But what if one starts to glow? He’ll be curious, naturally, though there will be a stirring in him when he becomes aware of a female’s proddiness that he can’t quite wrap his head around. Yet he finds it very compelling, for some reason.

He understands what’s going on on an instinctual level, and he’s completely content to follow along until the chase is over. He’s not one for making grand romantic overtures, but he’ll be very sweet to a green who’s got his attention, his warm and friendly nature lending itself easily to wanting to chase and catch and cuddle. He sure wouldn’t mind having a lady friend to curl up with and protect for a little while!

It’s another way to play for him - at first, anyway. The moment another chaser lashes out at him, he’ll learn very quickly that it might be wiser to treat a pursuit as a hunt instead. But on either side of the actual chase? Yeah, it’s just fun. Therefore, he’ll probably end up caught up in a lot of chases throughout the Turn. You may even have to work up the mental strength to rein him in a time or two, Syri, just to save your own sanity! But if you’d rather not deny him…well. You’d probably better have a plan in place for the times he loses, and be prepared for some spontaneity the times he doesn’t.


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Gamansurath is a very good hunter. The hunt for Thread is just as necessary as the hunt for sustenance, albeit a good deal more precarious. He glories in it all the same. A smaller blue than his brothers of the same hue, he’ll be able to last a little over two-thirds of a Fall before he’s spent, so he’ll either be cycling out before the end or cycling in about a candlemark into the fight.

He tends to flame in quick, precise bursts rather than long, sustained gouts, which allows him to adjust his aim with less risk of wasting fire. His agility will make him exceptional at chasing down missed clumps, which may end up putting him at the top of the list as a hopeful for one of the mid-flight wings come graduation…perhaps even the Weyrleader’s wing.

And that, in all his extroverted glory, is your Gamanturath, Syri. He’s all yours, so play him as you see fit! We hope you have as much of a blast playing him as we did writing him, oddball of the group that he is. All the best in your adventures with him. We look forward to reading them all!

Southern Weyr’s 8th PC Clutch
Gold Zymuraith & brown Ravaith
July 6th, 2018


Name: Amani
Egg Desc: Treivyshe
Dragonet Desc: Amani
Messages: Amani
Puppeteer: Alyna
Inspiration: Amani, Th’res, Z’bor


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