Who goes there? Not Jaymes anymore, but J’ay, of course; we couldn’t very well leave your self-proclaimed Little John on the Sands with no Robin Hood to follow. It’d make for a sad story instead of the start of a grand adventure, and there’s simply no room for such things here! Welcome to the woods of Weyr life, J’ay. Your Iandreth will be with you every step of the way! - SerenityCo

Clutching Pose

Zymuraith starts a fresh ring within the just-completed circle, carefully picking her starting point and letting Ravaith take it from there. In the meantime, she detours to the middle and digs another pit right smack in the center. Only once that's accomplished does she come to rest at a mid-point between it and the other pits. There is apparently going to be a bit more rigorous arranging done shortly! - from A Clutch of Contrasts

Ghost Light Egg

There's really no other way to describe it - this egg is glowing, or at least seems to be. White within white and touched with faintest aurum, the shell seems nigh perfect and nondescript, as unblemished an example of an egg one could ask for. But just at the corner of the eye, spectral shadow hovers, clinging to every curve…only to vanish when focused upon.

Touching Pose

The world dims, the air cools, the Sands become dark wood beneath your feet…and silence falls. Does the quiet solitude comfort, or does it make you nervous? Are you truly alone here, Jaymes, in this place where so many eyes might see? Are the shadows friend or foreboding? And you… Do you stand as an intruder, a pretending player on the stage? Or are you precisely where you’re meant to be, a steadily glowing beacon of safety and strength? The shadows whisper such questions before leaving you back upon the warm Sands to contemplate. - from A Sunset on the Sands

Hatching Message

An almighty blow from within sends the Ghost Light Egg listing sideways, it’s surreal glow seeming to suddenly fade as a considerable crack fans out in all directions from the point of impact. Again and again the pounding comes until, at last, it shatters around the damply glistening dragonet within. A few wing-flicks clear it all away, and the sunlit gleam of ruddy bronze shines through, fully on display as he bounds free and then pauses in noble pose to survey those gathered ‘round.

Son of the Shirewode Bronze Dragonet

Stalwart nobility defines every oak-strong inch of this proud bronze, the ruddy gleam of sunlight through autumn leaves glowing warmly throughout his subtly wood-whorled hide. There’s a roguish charm and cunning to be found in the subtly darkened tarnish of his keen-eyed countenance, a rough-and-tumble readiness exuded in his well-muscled chest, shoulders, and haunches. The rakish arch of short headknobs carries on through the longbow curve of wings wrought in thinly pounded copper and the blunt, backswept ridges running the length of his spine. The triangle bluntness of talons and spar-tips are wrought in the muted gleam of steel, sharp and readied at the will of this rakish and regal defender of the skies.

Public Impression Pose

Son of the Shirewode bronze dragonet has been steady and determined in his hunt so far, but there’s a sense of urgency to his steps now, the fact that he hasn’t yet met his ideal partner in crime quickening the chaotic scarlet whirling of his eyes. Then, suddenly, he sees him: the one he’s been searching for all this time, so far away along this arc of hopefuls in white robes. Like an arrow loosed from a long-held bowstring, he takes off at full speed, skidding to a stop before a tall, blue-eyed Herder Journeyman in a rather dramatic spray of sand. This, he shakes himself free of before spreading his coppery wings as though offering a welcoming embrace, crooning warmly up at the dark-haired man destined to join him in his adventures forevermore.

Private Impression Message

A soft rustling is the first thing to fill your mind - a fitful breeze through countless leaves with gentle rain pattering a double-time rhythm beneath. A cool mist prickles upon your skin, and the forest fills your mind. Green within green, ancient and noble, there is no clear path marked…yet here you are in its midst, the end of a spring storm drawing forth the heady fragrance of earth and growing things, rich and good and new, to fill your nostrils. « Jaymes? » The rain tapers away, lingering moisture softly dripping from the leaves all around you, glittering like falling crystal as the sun breaks through the foliage to warm your face. « Haha, no! » a rich, low Fortian tenor declares, merriment and welcome woven through his tone. « It is J’ay, at last! Well met, brother of my heart. I am Iandreth, and you and I shall make a merry band indeed! » Cheerful birdsong lifts from the branches overhead, the breeze warming and billowing around you to tousle your hair, affection and devotion borne upon that brisk mind touch. « To the hunt, J’ay! A full belly is what I need after so much work. Lead the way, won’t you? »

Egg Inspiration


There's a bevy of superstitions carried around in the theatre, one being that the ghost of the first known actor in ancient Greece, Thespis, likes to make mischief upon unguarded stages in the darkest watches of the night. The ghost light is left on after the show in order to prevent mischievous theatre spirits from wreaking havoc…though less romantically, it makes it a whole lot easier for stage managers, crew, and actors to find the light switch without breaking their necks crossing a dark stage. Even the practical can have roots in superstition! - Amani

Theme Inspiration


You knew exactly what you wanted in a dragon, J’ay, and we were more than happy to give it to you. Your very own Robin Hood is now in your life for good, ready to stand with you and help you add a healthy dash of charming renegade to Southern Weyr! There have been many versions of Robin Hood throughout time, from the original legend to books to movies and beyond, so we knew source material would be abundant. You gave us Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves specifically to work with - a wonderful choice, considering that version is a favorite for a few of us as well!

Iandreth’s Zodiac Sign


With a dragon based on Robin Hood, it wasn’t too difficult to take a look at the character himself to figure out a myriad of things about your dragon, including the sign to base him on to fit the clutch theme. While many people seem to associate Taurus with being bull-headed (because, well…it’s a bull), that isn’t the only trait that ought to define them! Robin of Locksley is certainly a determined man, but anyone who knows his tale understands that there’s much more to him than that. With a generous, dependable, passionate and down-to-earth spirit tempered with some stubbornness and possessiveness, it seemed only natural to go with Taurus as the ruling stars for Iandreth.

Description Inspiration

There are a few things we knew had to be conveyed in Iandreth’s appearance, such as a noble bearing and a note of roguishness. His coloring started out being a bit elusive, but then the image of sunlight through autumn leaves came to mind, and that was that. What could be more warm and striking than such a glow suffusing a forest like Sherwood after the turning of the leaves?


In the real Sherwood forest in England, there are apparently statues of Robin Hood to be found throughout, such as the one seen here:


The “wood-whorled” patterning to his hide is inspired by the tree in the background (though it is very faint, enough that you’ll have to look really closely to see it), while the tarnish that shadows the ridges over his eyes and nostrils borrows from the coloring of that statue.

Name Inspiration

Iandreth’s name (which fell into place rather quickly) came out of some fussing around with various words one might attach to the character of Robin Hood - rogue, renegade, arrow, woodsman - just to name a few. These got translated into Welsh, since it seemed to be a fitting nod to the part of the world from which his legend comes from. However, the word for “justice” - cyfiawnder - ended up yielding the reduction that became Iandreth. A name born of justice - what could be more fitting?

All of us pronounce it “ee-AN-dreth”, though you might prefer “YAN-dreth” or another variation. “Ian” seems to be a natural nickname, but that, too can obviously be whatever you’d like!

And just in case there’s any confusion about his title, “Shirewode” was one of the old English names for Sherwood Forest - fairly easy to see, if you squint just a little.


Iandreth’s speaking voice is a smooth, cultured Fortian tenor, always near at hand as though he’s walking beside you…unless he’s trying to lead you somewhere specific through the forest of his mind. It’s an expressive, rather melodic voice, one in which you can easily hear his moods and bearing. As for the rest…

Have you ever been lost in the woods, J’ay? Well, you’d better get used to it, because that’s just how it’s going to be for a bit, trying to navigate Iandreth’s mindscape. From the start, you’ll likely find the beauty of his mental woodlands to be breathtaking…but just a little disorienting, perhaps.


Which way should you go first? What step to take? For a young dragon, the forest of his mind manages to have the wild feel of some rather old, untouched woods, somewhere no human foot has ever trod…and that is quite true, of course. He’ll remind you that it’s all been waiting for you and no other, not that it makes the traversal any easier. There’s always the sense that you’re trying to get somewhere as you grow for the first month or so, and you may find yourself doing a lot of mental wandering, trying to sort out just what the destination is. You’ll hear a sound, spot a fleeting glimpse of something peering through the leaves and turn to chase…and probably trip on the undergrowth, quite possibly over a log you’ve already passed half a dozen times.

Eventually, however, you’ll start to find some paths and clearer trails to follow, leading you deeper. The foliage will start to tame itself, the trees becoming more of the stately sentinel variety rather than being reminiscent of some unkempt outlaw watchman.


Now the woods are more navigable, and Iandreth will become more helpful in guiding you through. Clear paths wrought in the deep brown of rich earth become visible past the undergrowth, leading you deeper into the obscuring foliage. The breeze sets the leaves to whispering, a soft and constant susurration that often sounds so uncannily like voices that you may find yourself pausing to listen, as though there is some secret Iandreth might be trying to impart to you. Perhaps he is and perhaps he isn’t; this soundscape is not meant to let a truly settled feeling prevail for all that it’s generally peaceful.


Emotions and moods are conveyed in ways meant to engage all your senses, even though it’s all in the confines of your shared headspace. The weather of his woods will shift; mist may roll in to mark his confusion over something, a cloudburst might open up to have you scrambling for cover in his anger. The seasons will change as well, which alters the coloring, scent, and feel of the forest at large. Whether it stems from his sifting through your own memories or connections he makes on his own, scent will play a large part in his expressions, as will color - both things also reminiscent of his dam. You may even swear you taste certain things on the air when he’s trying to drive a point home.

As for sounds, the wind in the leaves will be almost a constant. If it ever goes completely silent and still, you’ll know that something is wrong, either with Iandreth himself or in the immediate vicinity. Otherwise, you’ll also hear birdsong, usually used to draw your attention to something pleasing or peaceful. All the other sounds you might encounter - rustlings, wooden chimes, whispers, growls, and the like - are meant to keep you on your toes.

This is the mindscape that dominates no matter who he’s talking to. But there are times when he’d very much like to just sit with you and go over whatever is on his mind, or your mind. When those moments come, he’ll lead you down a narrow, winding path through the trees that isn’t often used. Where it leads, however, is quite worthwhile.


The light will usually be low and warm here, with dawn or sunset gilding the cascade. He may even bring you here in twilight if there’s something weighing particularly heavily on one of you, the slow, bobbing dance of glowing vtols mingling with the calming hiss of water to aid in finding peace. This niche of his mind is tucked away for you and him alone, always there to be escaped to at need.


Though his proud carriage and strong frame will be a constant throughout Iandreth’s life, he’s going to start out a lot thinner than the strapping body he’ll eventually end up with. With his well-balanced proportions, he’s still quite impressive from the outset, so this might be difficult to envision. Even so, trust us - there will be a change!

For now, however, he’ll have fairly typical youthful quirks - a somewhat gamboling way of moving, the odd issue with his wings getting in the way of his feet when the rest of him forgets to follow along during a growth spurt. Resourceful as he is, he may decide to use this to his advantage when he gets up to mischief.

Turahaimajusuth: « Iandreth, you oaf! You’ve spilled my lavender-scented oil everywhere! Now I’ll have to settle for the plain old boring sort after my baths until Talya can find more! »

Iandreth: (all innocence) « I’m truly sorry, brother. These wings are just causing me no end of grief lately! A bit beyond my control with all the growing; you understand. »

Turahaimajusuth: « Hmph! »

The lanky musculature of his youth will grant him an early agility that’s destined to fade the bigger he gets, much to his chagrin. What he loses there, however, he’ll end up making up for in athleticism and sheer power. His peak size will be right at the upper cusp of what’s possible for his color and blood, just shy of the maximum. Endurance for Threadfall and flights will be no problem at all, and the fact that he’ll tend toward lean strength rather than bulk will make him a bit more maneuverable than other bronzes in his size range.


“I've seen knights in armor panic at the first hint of battle. And I've seen the lowliest unarmed squire pull a spear from his own body to defend a dying horse. Nobility is not a birthright. It's defined by one's actions.”

- Robin to Marian, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

When you named Robin Hood as the basis for your dragon, J’ay, it became clear fairly quickly that his personality would be all but lined out for us. He’s summed up in the notion of a “noble rogue” - one willing to defy the rules for the greater good, protective, kind-hearted, strong-willed, a charming romantic and a fierce fighter.

No matter what version of the tale one is familiar with, the common theme is that Robin Hood is a champion of the common people, a crusader against injustice, and a man loyal to the rightful ruler as well as his own true love. Iandreth is certainly a vessel for these things, in his own way. Though a bronze with noble bearing, he is much like his dam in that he takes concern for everyone in the Weyr, dragon and rider alike. The level of that concern may vary, for you remain the most important person in his life, J’ay. But he knows that the morale of the Weyr is made up of all, and he wants to know that everyone is provided for and as happy as they can be.

He will not stand for mistreatment, whether it be toward drudges or Weyrleaders and everyone in between. Discipline is one thing; cruelty is another. If he discovers any such thing going on, he may just come up with a way to remedy the situation himself. Or with your help. Preferably the latter.

Little John: You know somethin', Robin, I was just wonderin'… Are we good guys or bad guys? You know, I mean, uh…our robbin' the rich to feed the poor.

Robin Hood: Rob? Tsk tsk tsk. That's a naughty word; we never rob. We just sort of…borrow a bit from those who can afford it.

Little John: Borrow? Boy, are we in debt.

- From Disney’s Robin Hood (1973)

His queen and her mate are his authority, and his loyalty to them will be unswerving. When it comes to the female he decides to set his sights on, there will be no other in his eyes (even if primal instinct takes over in some cases). And you, J’ay, are above all - his guiding star above the dense woods of his life as a Threadfighting dragon.

He’s a dragon of action and practicality, your Iandreth. Much like his brother Shokravanth, he is all about seeing what must be done and doing it. What makes him different from Shokravanth, however, is that while there is a sense of urgency to his forward motion, there is also caution and calculation. He isn’t impulsive or impatient, more focused on getting a thing done correctly rather than quickly. He’ll be a good counter to his less long-suffering brethren because of this.

However, he is also stubborn. He believes his way of doing things is the only way, and there is little room for deviation. Adaptation is for the moment rather than the journey to the moment, in his mind. This is where some perspective from you or his siblings who are a little more flexible will be helpful…though not without some grumbling. It also make him persistent in his quest for an answer about whatever piques his curiosity. Be prepared for some headbutting with his brothers; it seems to be catching in this clutch!

Robin Hood: What do you know of women?

Azeem: Where I come from, Christian, there are women of such beauty, that they can possess a man's mind so that he would be willing to die for them.

Robin Hood: Wait a minute. Is that why you were to be executed? Because of a woman? [laughs] That's it, isn't it? That's it!

Azeem: It is close to sunset.

Robin Hood: You painted old hound, who was she? The mullah's daughter? Another man's wife? What's her name?

Azeem: Is there no sun in this cursed country? Which way is East?

Robin Hood: Her name.

Azeem: East!

Robin Hood: Her name.

Azeem: Jasmina.

Robin Hood: [points] That way.

- From Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

There are instances when his stubbornness will prove beneficial, such as during Threadfall. If the winds suggest following another course but his instincts tell him to press onward along his current one, he’ll go with his gut. It will seldom, if ever, steer him wrong. Even if his choices end with you getting smoked by the weyrlingstaff, they’ll be hard-pressed to argue with the results.

Despite this, he’s rather down-to-earth; he understands that things aren’t going to be perfect, and there are some situations and personalities that won’t yield or change with any amount of stubbornness or determination. He won’t get stuck on it, even though he may be disappointed. He’ll simply take a step back, look at the issue again, and try another approach.

He’s resourceful, always seeming to know how to use whatever is at his disposal no matter how unlikely it seems. Furthermore, he likes to do his best to teach others the art of resourcefulness. Because of the way draconic memory works, these lessons will often be repeated, but that’s beside the point when there’s a particular result needed in the moment.

Iandreth is also chivalrous and charming, though these things will develop over time rather than being immediately present. As a youngster, he’s more inclined toward mischief and rough-housing with his brothers…and to annoy his green sisters, first through play and pranking and then - when he’s older - by flirting. Once he’s been through his first handful of Threadfalls (and especially if he endures a scoring), this will mellow considerably.

Marian: But all I remember of you is a spoiled bully who used to burn my hair as a child.

Robin Hood: Please allow that years of war and imprisonment may change a man.

- From Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Then, as though spurred by the realization that each Fall might rob him of someone he knows, he will start to treat them far more gently, taking the time to get to know them and bestowing upon them the courtesies they deserve. In time, with the right green or queen, he may even find himself entangled in a dedicated attachment.

Dragon Song

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves - Overture” by Michael Kamen

Whatever people may think of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, there’s no denying that the movie’s main theme has yielded one of the most iconic heroic fanfares of our time. Uplifting, bold, and epic, it works just as well to convey all there is to be found in Iandreth. If our words can’t do him sufficient justice, the music surely will!

Dragon Scent

Iandreth will always have something of a subtly earthy aroma about him, particularly after he’s gotten wet, like the smell of a forest after a spring rain. The stink of firestone may mask it, but not for long. Once he has a bath, it will start to dominate again, making him perhaps a bit more tolerable than others in the wake of battle. Getting him to take the bath to reclaim that more pleasant scent, however, may not be such an easy thing!

Marian: Robin, do something for me.

Robin: What?

Marian: Take a bath.

Robin: Take a bath?

- from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

You see, he sort of likes the smell of firestone. He tends to wear it like a battle scar, and don’t the ladies like scars? It might just take one of said ladies to get him to understand that it doesn’t quite work the same way.


Iandreth’s chivalry and charm will come to serve him well when there are flights to be had. He’s attentive, blending observations about a glowing female’s preferences with all that he gathers from interacting with them. He might get mixed messages that way, depending on the dragon, but he’ll do his best to decipher them for the sake of his chances. Compliments are one of his strong suits, given how well-spoken he is. They make a compelling counterpoint to the roguish nature of his charm.

“Milady, a woman of your beauty has no need for such…decorations.” (He kisses her hand while slipping off her ring.)

- Robin to the woman whose carriage he’s robbing, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

In the heat of the chase, he is much like Shokravanth in that he’ll approach it with honor, viewing the competition as equal and worthy of the chance…though their behavior may change his mind when it comes to worthiness. He’ll do all he can to avoid bloodshed in the air, but if pressed, he will fight back. As far as it depends on him, however, the focus will be completely on getting as close as he can to the glowing beacon leading them onward, bringing all his skill to bear in order to finally woo her into his embrace.

Losses will be deeply disappointing but quickly recovered from, unless the one he’s pursuing is the object of his affection. If someone else catches her, he’s going to be downright insufferable until he forgets, his forest full of cold fog and gloom and strange sounds that will give many pause in approaching him for a while.

Should he catch a queen, his already steadfast loyalty will take on a new depth, and he will go to any length to be sure she has what she needs while their clutch is hardening. His pride and protectiveness will heighten over both her and their progeny, unsurprisingly. While he won’t find being on the Sands to be a true hardship, he will get itchy wings and wish to get out and about as much as he can in between sittings. He’ll offer to hunt for her as much as she’ll allow to accomplish this. Whenever she needs him, however, he will be ever-ready.



It’s the battle all must fight, and Iandreth will stand proudly with his siblings and all the rest to face it. Though he might not say it in so many words, he will be most comfortable at the front of everything, be that in the highest flight or the Weyrleader’s wing. He prefers to be where he can get at the most Thread before others can - not out of greed or glory-seeking, but because he wants to keep the silver menace away from as many others as possible. He rationally knows that this is rather impossible and that everyone else is just as capable of fighting. It’s just that he wants to minimize unnecessary casualties. His reasoning may not be incredibly sound, but he’s sticking to it! Just leave the misplaced nobility and grand sacrificial gestures to him and Shokravanth; they’ve got enough between them for the whole Weyr.

Flaming is a fast, precise affair for him. His flame is long and narrow, brilliantly hot and jet-like. He can sustain it at need, but he prefers short, sharp bursts that can be applied in quick succession, allowing him to hit multiple points on larger clumps rather than one large swath in the midst. In the midst of the fight, however, he is adaptable to whatever the nature of the fall demands.

J’ay, we release Iandreth into your very capable hands with much love! He’s all yours, so do play him however seems best to you. We hope you enjoy him as much as we’ve enjoyed you and the process of tailoring him to you!

Southern Weyr’s 8th PC Clutch
Zymuraith & brown Ravaith
July 6th, 2018


Name: Amani
Egg Desc: Amani
Dragonet Desc: Amani
Messages: Amani
Puppeteer: Amani
Inspiration: Amani, Z’bor


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