THERST! We love you (and your guy) so much, we just had to give him a dragon and keep you forever and ever! You asked us to surprise you, and after much deliberation about how we could do that, we lovingly built your Jedameth, who we hope is the sort of surprise you wanted! We’ve loved playing with you so much, and we want to keep playing with you - and Jedameth! Of course, once he is yours he is yours to play as you see fit, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME after all!
Vani, R’zel, N’iel.

The Night King's Emergence Egg

Glossy glass shelters painful darkness: the night encapsulated in glittering brilliance. Piercing blue resonates within, malevolently. From every angle, shadows writhe beneath the glassy surface. This egg is the embodiment of Winter and Death: but therein lies hope within. A single, brilliant soul to stand against those lost. Who remembers a truth others had buried.

Egg Inspiration

I couldn't not submit a Game of Throne's Egg. I know the theme is truth and lies, but I think the biggest deceit in the show are the origins of the Night King/Whitewalkers. The Children of the forest and the First men raised the wall against a common enemy, the white walkers, but what is left unsaid is how the White Walkers were created. By the children themselves.

Egg Touching Poses

First Touch:
Weren’t you just on the Hatching Sands, Therst? Not anymore, for this is clearly the mountains of Southern Barrier, complete with all the snow storm’s fury biting at your clothes. There’s a danger lurking and from more than just the elements. Which way will it come from? Will you be ready? Will everyone else be?

Second Touch:
Are you the watcher on the wall? Be careful! It's a looooong way down from here. There is a feeling of recognition. It’s not the friendly recognition of a friend, but the wary recognition of a possible foe. But that’s just legend right? Tales told by the fire on the long dark nights while the winds of winter wail outside.? But now your watch begins, and those stories…Are just stories…right?

Hatching Message

The Night King's Emergence Egg seems to pulsate. It's sides heaving in a mockery of breath. In. Out. IN! OUT! The shadows writhe and squirm against that gleaming blue sliver of hope. SOMETHING is coming… All at once the night-frosted shell shivers, and crunches like footsteps in the snow… SOMETHING is here! From out of the darkness shines something so blue, something so special it could only be Some Assembly Required Blue Dragonet. And just as soon as he figures out how these feet things work he's coming for you! …or someone. Everyone is just so awesome it's really going to be hard to choose!

Some Assembly Required Blue Dragonet

Click-clack-click! Pixelated variants of generic blue interlock to create a homogenised canvas for this undistinguished dragon. He appears to have come straight from a child’s imagination with his blocky angles and bright colours, Creativity abounds with his slightly protuberant eyes and wide nostrils, harnessed into normality again with the regimented progression of precise neck ridges. From a distance he appears uniform, every inch of him a marvel of manufactured perfection. Average is his frame, and average is his hue, however closer inspection reveals where innovation paints subtle patterns with regular irregularity, the memories of happy days rendered in the mingled shades of bluebell, cornflower and gentian. His hide shines with the plastic glimmer of a well loved toy, from talon-tip to wing-sail there is something special about this ordinary looking blue.

Public Impression Pose

Some Assembly Required Blue dragonet comes to a complete and sudden stop, his little baby butt dropping to the sands with a tiny puff of sand. Despite the challenges of moving his bits and pieces body across the sands in that age old imperative to find the right kind of bond, he has always moved with exuberance. But now? Now he is stopped completely, his buggy little eyes staring. The Special is THERE! RIGHT THERE! Suddenly the pieces fall into place with a feeling of rightness….CLICK! And everything is awesome. Time starts once more, as does Some Assembly Required Blue dragonet. Outta the way people! He’s on a mission… or is it a collision course as he barrels down towards someone probably more at home underground than on the sands. With a clatter of excitement he stops just short, gazing up into sea blue eyes under cropped sunset hair. HAI! Who says red and blue don’t go together?

Private Impression Message

One moment it is just you. You and the heat of the hatching sands and the chaos of a well run hatching. The next minute, it all falls away into a kaleidoscope of bright plastic color, and you’re dropping, tumbling, spiralling - and not alone. « Wiiiiiilll IIIII keeeeeep faaaaaalllliiiiinnnngg fooooooreeeever?! » Despite the slow long vowels the voice is young and full of energy. « Wow! You’ve got a lot on your mind! » The slow-motion fall comes to an abrupt end and for a brief moment there is a vision of the infinite beyond before the sensation of rummaging starts… The perfect piece is there somewhere! « Hi, my name is Jedameth! » The exclamation marks keep coming even as the clatter of pushed plastic continues. « I think I’m going to keep you, Th’res! You and me together. It’ll be awesome! » The declaration comes with a great deal of triumph… YOU are the perfect piece! The ‘Special’ « Do you like food? I LOVE FOOD! » The conversation has only just started, and you’ve got a lot to talk about, obviously. « …and I might be a little hungry…»

Clutch Theme Inspiration/Dragonet Tie-In

This particular clutch is themed around: The rag-tag bunch of misfits. This is a trope that usually involves a group of unique individuals coming together for a short job or a long con. Whether they are planning a caper or saving the universe, the complementary nature of their skills ensures that only this particular combination of individuals has a chance of success against all the odds. They are found family, alone together… and we hope that they will bring you many exciting adventures!


Your dragon is the Heart of this particular band of misfits, the one who can hold the others together when those who seem more prominent or talented lose sight of what’s really important. He’s not a gold, or a bronze - but he cares about everyone, and encourages them to get on with each other, and work together to get the job done.


So essentially this concept all started when someone slapped 'Everything is Awesome!' into the discussion we were having. And the more we thought about it, the more we really wanted to give you an Emmet dragon. There's a special symmetry giving you a dragon based on creativity considering your former employment (deployment) as a demolition expert. That joy of discovery and 'making' is what powers your Jedameth, and will hopefully draw Therst into capers that he may not have found on his own…

Emmet Brickowoski: Step two; we pilot the ship to the service entrance so we can get past to the dangerous, but also kind of cool, Laser Gate.


Description Inspiration


Seeing as we were basing him of Emmet from The Lego Movie, the obvious starting place was googling Lego dragons. And as soon as I saw that face above, I knew that we were headed in that direction. He is that mix of creative features constrained by a set series of shapes. Oh and he is that beautiful very blue blue, that only comes from science rather than nature.


And then I stumbled across this beast! While Jedameth doesn’t have all those cool colors that ‘pop’ he shares that same bulky but undeniably dragon physique. He’s on the blocky side of average, but well within those median limits. Also we tried to incorporate that look of something that was made up with thousands upon thousands of tiny individual pieces, that’s where that oddly almost pixelated variation comes in. There is something incredibly cool about lego sculptures that we tried to pull into his description.

This is where we also pulled in a little of the sheen that lego and plastic has. Because plastic is FANTASTIC when you are a child. It doesn’t matter how cheap it is, there is something magic in that versatile material that provides hours and hours of entertainment.

Robot #1: President Business, we’re trying to locate the fugitive, but his face is so generic it matches every other face in our database.

All of these special features pall in the very ordinariness of Jedameth. He is right smack dab in the middle of the pack in build and length and every measurement that can be taken. And this is directly inspired by Emmet, the super ordinary but not in a special way mini-figure who saves the world in his own special way ;)

Name Inspiration

In the Lego Movie, Emmet is an Everyman character - an ordinary person who represents the human condition, someone that anyone can identify with. The word comes from a 15th century English morality play, The Somonyng (summoning) of Everyman, which itself may be based on an older Dutch play, Elckerlijc.

We tried Elckerlijc as a source word, but decided to go with Jedermann, the name of a 20th century German version of Everyman by the Austrian playwright Hugo von Hoftmannstha, which is performed in Salzburg every year. A little tweaking of the spelling to include a little of Emmet, and we have Jedameth!

Because of its origins, we pronounce it Yay - da - meth (Except Vani, because she is uncultured and she says jeh-DEH-mehth real fast XD like Cheddar, but with a J!).


Jedameth says what he thinks; in normal life he's straightforward and truthful. Most of the time, the tone of his voice is cheerful, even when he's drilling or taking part in daily activities - in fact, it's particularly cheerful when he's busy. It's of medium pitch, and he varies the pitch expressively. His speech is sometimes hesitant, or comes out in short bursts, especially when he's uncertain. Sometimes he’s slow to reply because he’s caught up in his own thoughts. If he’s unsure what to say, there may be a long awkward pause.

Jedameth's mind is a place of bright colours, though primary colours often predominate. His mental world spans the rainbow, though sometimes it matches his eyes - you’ll often see shades of glowing sky-blue when he's happy, or fiery reds and oranges when there’s a threat or he’s angry.


Happy Jedameth

His internal palette is wider than eye-colours, though, and there’s shape and movement there as well: structures and landscapes that aren’t so much realistic as constructed, assembled from slabs and blocks in simple hues. Shape after shape illustrates his thoughts, then dissolves in a shower of blocks as he moves on. If he needs to show an image precisely, such as a Between visualisation, he’ll build it carefully, from tiny blocks. When he’s resting at peace, there’s a wide open plain that gives him space to relax under a night sky.


Peaceful Jedameth

If he ever finds things too much too handle, though, it will all dissolve into a rushing tunnel where distorted bands of every colour known circle his fall.

His mind is rarely quiet. It's not that he's a music lover, but he does like to hear songs, especially simple and cheerful ones with positive messages, and he's prone to earworms - his thoughts are often accompanied by a repeated chorus or hummed tune - always in a major key, and nothing profound. It may stop if he's totally at peace, or be silenced if he’s sad - though he may use it to cheer himself up. The ‘Gather Song’ is a favourite:

Gather! Gather! It's a gather day!

No work for us, and Thread's away.

Stalls are building, square's swept clear,

Gather all from far and near.

Bring your marks and bring your wares,

Bring your family for there's

Food and drink and fun and song.

The Hold flag flies; so gather along!



Look at those eyes! LOOOOOOK AT THEM! With those weird buggy eyes of his, he makes an unusually awkward looking dragonet right from the shell. He just seems incomplete somehow. But boy has he got heart! It might take him a little longer to get those assorted parts working together, but he’ll keep on trying. And trying. And trying. Until he perfects that couch dismount, or that graceful slip into the barracks bathing pool. He takes a great deal of pride in simple actions perfected.

Almost immediately you’ll notice that he is incapable of moving silently. He always seems to be accompanied by some kind of clatter or rattle, and it will be an eternal mystery as to whether or not it is his talons clicking along the ground, or perhaps the rustle and creak of his wings and spars… or even if he’s clacking his teeth together in the draconic version of humming under his breath. It is a separate and distinct noise from the clatter of plastic he uses in his mind. But it is one of those subtle things that highlight that he isn’t as ordinary as he first appears.


As he gets older and bigger, all those disjointed bits and pieces that create the uniquely average parts of him start coming together. It no longer takes him days to master a simple task, the more he tries, the better he gets at trying. His growth takes him in fits and starts, like a large breed puppy. One morning you’ll wake up and find his tail is suddenly that little bit bigger, or he’s tripping over his feet a little more than usual. Thankfully he only spends the first turn and a half growing! Because all those changes are going to continually challenge him. And while his natural inclination is to make the most of it, there will be moments where he is confused and slightly betrayed by the way his growth seems a bit piecemeal.


Good News! Eventually he does grow out of all that awkward to become a remarkably average blue dragon. But there is beauty in average, and he is probably the best example of that truth. Once he reaches his full growth of 55ft (Right in the middle of Oldtime blue sizes!), all those blocky angles that used to give him grief bring him a great deal of joy once they all start working together.

Emmet Brickowoski: Step three; exercise. Jumping Jacks hit ’em!
[he starts jumping on the spot]
Emmet Brickowoski: One. Two. Three. I am so pumped up!

Jedameth LOVES to move… (well once he’s got his bits all working properly!) There is just soooooo much to see and do. Once he’s mastered the basics it will be hard to keep him still. He gets excited by the very action of action. Walking is awesome. Flying? AWESOME! Between? OMG AWESOME! Oh and swimming is also awesome. Did you know this Th’res?

« Oh, today was just awesome Th'res… I went and saw the dolph….zzzZZZzzz »

Perhaps rather naturally, this leads to some interesting sleeping habits. When he stops, he stops!. This will be a little…awkward in his weyrling stage. He’ll be all action stations until that his batteries just run out, and he will power down anytime and anywhere! And there will be no rousing him until he is completely recharged. You will have to keep an eye out for those little tell-tale signs that will signal the need to find somewhere for a nap.

Emmet Brickowoski: Step four; shower. Shave your face, brush your teeth. Comb your hair.

One last thing to mention is that you’re going to pay special attention to the bathing and oiling of Jedameth, with that slight sheen his hide carries, it would be every easy to forget if he’s been bathed and oiled without reminders from the Weyrlingmasters. He frequently looks freshly washed and oiled, so it is up to you, Th’res, to use your attention to detail to make sure every inch of that shiny hide of his is washed and oiled so that he doesn’t suffer skin problems later.


Larry The Barrista: You know, he’s just sort of a…little bit of a…blank slate, I guess.

Jedameth seems like a very ordinary dragon. But is there any such thing? You’ll discover that he can do great things when he believes he can - when he believes he's special.

Jedameth is a steady character who works hard. He likes his life, and bounces out of his couch in the morning, ready to embrace the day. Don’t expect to get a lie-in any time soon, because he wouldn’t dream of being late for breakfast or classes. He has a great capacity for happiness: he knows that he’s living his dream, doing what dragons are meant to do and with the best possible rider – you.


Jedameth is cheerful most of the time, in fact, he’s quite relentlessly cheerful and positive under normal circumstances, to the point where others might find it rather tiring to be with him. You’ll tend to get a running commentary of his life, when he’s not talking in detail with other dragons about what they’re doing.

He’s an optimist, and if he’s thinking about some future activity, he’s inclined to concentrate on the desired outcomes and what might go right, rather than what might go wrong. He may at times come across as superficial, but that’s not really so. If he sees a need, he’s capable of making sacrifices for the benefit of others, especially those close to him.


He finds small things hysterically funny - and the joke doesn't get old. Someone pooping in their couch will be funny the first time it happens, and the second, and the twenty-third. The same goes for those wet-dreams that get shared around the barracks in those hazy early months. He’s the type of dragon who will always ALWAYS have a giggle when you start asking “Hey! WHERE ARE MY PANTS?” (Hint: Jedameth “borrowed” them… he totally intends to give them back!)


However, he’s subject to moments of despair and self-doubt, which can leave him without direction, passive and unable to act. These may be triggered by failure or challenges to his sense of worth. As he grows, he’ll learn to pull himself out of this state by drawing on his resources – his rules, his own strength of character and natural optimism, and most importantly, you. You’ll need to encourage him in this.

Jedameth tends to have a low opinion of his own abilities, and to see himself as only effective because he’s part of a team. It’s true that as a threadfighter he needs to fit in and keep discipline, but in fact he’s not bad at the ‘work’ side of life; it’s where things are less structured that he’s sometimes at a loss. Being ‘only’ a blue is part of it, too. He feels that others look down on him – and he may be right, in some cases. That wouldn’t matter to him, because he /likes/ being one of the many and doing his own part, and he enjoys what he does. But it will hurt if he ever finds that he’s less well thought of than he believed. .

Emmet Brickowoski: That night in the city when you thought I was the Special…and you said I was talented and important, that was the first time anyone that ever told me that. And it made me wanna do everything I could to be the guy you were talking about.

To be the best that he can be, he will need more confidence in himself – and what will give him that is to feel special. What makes him special? You, of course, Th’res. He's found the BEST RIDER EVER, so he MUST be special! And that’ll keep him going even when others don’t acknowledge him, or if he experiences failures, or feels that he’s less capable than others. If ever that confidence is shaken, it could be a growing point, as he realises that he can still contribute, and determines to do the right thing anyway.

Jedameth isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, or at least, he doesn’t come across as quick on the uptake. He loses track of what he’s thinking, and has the usual dragon memory problems, though he’s better at names than most. He’s also rather naive, and a favourite victim for Regitryth’s schemes. You may want to get him to run other dragons’ bright ideas by you before he falls for them. But he’s not without insight - he may be the person to sense that something’s wrong, and to question what others accept.

Barry: Yeah, he’s kind of your average, normal, kind of guy.
Emmet Brickowoski: Thank you.
Barry: But you know, he’s not…he’s not like normal like us. No, he…he’s not that special.

At first it will seem that he’s not distinguished in any way. He’ll turn out to be good at the ordinary things of a young dragon’s life - drills, flying, feeding and so on - but not exceptionally good, just quietly competent. His rules and procedures help him with his lessons and drills, as repetition enables him to learn them. There’s nothing to make him stand out.

He doesn’t immediately come across as creative in any way, or a source of ideas. When he does have ideas, they may seem rather odd – but they may also turn out to be the very thing that’s needed.

« They shouldn’t argue like that, Th’res. We should have a party on the beach, so that we can all have fun together and get on. And fishing. Fishing is Awesome! »

Emmet Brickowoski: The instructions to fit in, have everybody like you, and always be happy! Step one; breathe.

Jedameth is sociable but not a leader in his circle. He fits in with others, and may often be overlooked. If others don’t specifically include him, he’s inclined to tag along anyway. Whilst you’re always the most important person in his life, it’s good for a dragon to have the support of others, and he may not find it easy to make strong relationships with others of his own kind. You may find him a bit clingy at times as a result. But if others don’t appreciate him, that’s their loss, because your Jedameth is caring, generous and kind. He encourages others and sees their potential.

« You could do that, Lochanth! You just need to believe you can! »

He’s the one who wants to look out for the little people - he worries about the holders affected by Thread and the hard-working weyrfolk who look after everyone. He may turn out to be the one who encourages his fellows when learning or fighting get tough.

Emmet Brickowoski: Good morning, Sharon.
Sharon: Hi, Emmet.
[suddenly her cats starts walking out of her apartment]
Emmet Brickowoski: Oh, hey, Jasmine. Dexter. Andy! Loki, Brad, Leroy, Fluffy, Fluffy Junior, Fluffy Senior, Jeff.

He greets every dragon that he meets, and sounds genuinely pleased to see them. and though he’ll hardly ever speak directly to humans other than you, they’ll usually get a cheerful warble. So will the dolphins, whose cheerful nature delights him. Especially as a young dragon, you’ll catch him greeting his surroundings, too.

« Good morning, couch! Good morning, floor. Morning, barracks! Good morning, breakfast! Good morning sky! You look awesome today! »

Emmet Brickowoski: Look, this is a misunderstanding. I’m just a regular, normal, ordinary guy. And I’m late to meet my best friends in the whole world, and they’re probably missing me right now. They’re probably out looking around, “Hey, where’s Emmet? Hey, where’s my best friend Emmet?” And you know what? Ask all my friends, they’ll tell you!

He treats everyone like his best friend, whether or not they return his attempts at friendship, and he will make every effort to remember their names, even those of humans – though he doesn’t always succeed. He goes out of his way to give and return compliments. He’s keen to fit in with his peer group, but may not notice if others are being sarcastic with him.

If he sees himself at fault in some way, he’ll be genuinely sorry, and if he’s hurt someone, he’ll apologise. You may even overhear a quiet, « Sorry, field, » if he has to flame a burrow.

As a hatchling, he’ll treat Zymuraith like any other clutchmate, but as they grow, he’ll come to admire her from a distance only. He sees the queens as way above him; beyond his usual (but unusually respectful) greeting, he won’t initiate conversations, though he’ll talk in a matter-of-fact way about work-related matters with them or any of his leaders’ dragons.

Emmet Brickowoski: No. Now, listen. Wait, listen. Guys, you’re all so talented and imaginative, but you can’t work together as a team. I’m just a construction worker, but when I had a plan and we were working together, we could build a skyscraper. Now you’re Master Builders, just imagine what could happen if you did that. You could save the universe.


Jedameth highly values teamwork; he’s happiest when he can see himself as part of a team. That might be his class, his wing, the whole Weyr in Threadfall – or that fundamental team where you need him and he needs you if you are to fulfil your purpose as dragon and rider. He loves the feeling of being part of a larger whole when he’s taking his part in formations and manoeuvres, and he enjoys practising them. He isn’t the sort of dragon that gets bored with drills.

One thing that does distinguish him is his ability to plan. He’s absorbed the idea of breaking things down into steps, like his rules and procedures, and he can see and explain how to achieve a larger task. This isn’t usual for dragons, and may be one way that he could stand out.

When he works out how to do something, it comes to him like a flash of inspiration, and suddenly he’s active and decisive – he can show strong leadership qualities at these times as he explains what’s needed and how it can be done, or simply gets on with doing his part. .

Emmet Brickowoski: I call this, “Emmet’s plan to get inside the tower, put the Piece of Resistance on the Kragle and save the world.”

Your Jedameth loves rules and regulations. He’s always going to be a team player! And there are rules for everything - the more the better, as far as he is concerned. When you tell him to chew his food, he'll want to know how many times - and then he'll chew every chunk of meat that many times, and you’ll go through the same procedure at the next meal, and the next, until he remembers consistently. But the real value of his rules will become clear when they start to involve other dragons. They’re vital guidance to enable his classmates to get on with each other and to get things done.

« We have to poop in the midden, Regitryth. That way the barracks stay nice for everyone, and we can all be buddies. »

However, as he grows he will find that life… it’s a bit more messy than those simple rules of weyrlinghood (Step one: Poop in the appropriate place. Step two: Eat the meat one chunk at a time. Step Three: Bath, THEN oil. Step Four: Sleep! ZZZZZ).


The more he learns about the the world around him, the more he’s going to insist that you help him construct his own instruction manuals. The first time he chews firestone and bites his tongue, he’ll spend the next few days perfecting the proper way to chew firestone without biting his tongue, and he’ll expect you to document it ALL, Th’res! The same goes for learning to fly, betweening, flaming, fighting thread, and mating flights.

Rules are the framework of young Jedameth’s life, and he’ll keep many of them for as long as you both live. Every success and every failure contributes to his expanding manual of HOW THINGS SHOULD BE DONE. Of course it’ll take you a few turns to complete this library, but once you do… you’ll have something to help ameliorate the draconic memory problems of your peers.

But until then, Th’res, you may have more paperwork as a rider than you ever did as a journeyman.

That's not to say that he is fussy or boring, just that he takes a great deal of comfort and reassurance from those rules. Technically he's just another soldier in the war against Thread, so following orders is to his advantage.

One more thing. The rules will help Jedameth to master the skills he needs and the complexities of life – but life doesn’t always run on rules. He’ll find humans and other dragons unpredictable unless they’re following the same script as himself, and Threadfall in particular doesn’t leave much time for consulting the rule book. Internalising the right things to do in all the usual situations is essential, but to achieve his full potential, whether as a threadfighter, as a leader, or in his relationships with others, Jedameth will need to learn to deal with situations that the rules don’t cover, to be more spontaneous, and to have ideas that are all his own. At some point, you will see a moment of revelation, when he stops trusting only in his rule books and your instructions, and becomes aware of his own abilities. It may be when he first fights Thread, or when you win a promotion, or when he faces some more unusual challenge – but come it will, and when it does, he will astound you.



According to Jedameth, Thread’s got to go because it hurts people. He knows that it’s his job to destroy it in order to protect the planet, so he wants to do that well, but he doesn’t rage at Thread the way that Regitryth can.

Learning the manoeuvres needed for Threadfighting will be a challenge to Jedameth. At first he’ll seem erratic and uncontrolled. Once he’s got the rules and procedures down, though, he’ll fit in well, and once he really develops his expertise, he’ll be able to throw himself around the sky at high speed, twisting and turning to catch the falling strands with precision and finesse. It’ll be a white-knuckle ride at times!



Flights confuse Jedameth as much as this picture confuses us!

Jedameth isn’t a pushy sort of dragon, and he may be slow to start chasing in flights. He’ll be unwilling to chase if he doesn’t think he has much chance of success, and as a young adult dragon he’ll find it hard to get past that reluctance. He doesn’t really understand flirting, and he’s not sure why females seem more interested in other dragons. Besides, his idea of happiness with a girl is to lie in the sun twining tails. The day will come, though, when a green rises whom he really likes, and he dares to believe he can win her. Then he’ll fly, and he’ll put his heart and soul into the chase. And when he finally wins a flight, he’ll be overwhelmed to the point of being almost speechless. « That… was… awesome! »


He’ll never chase as many greens as some dragons do, though, and those he does are likely to be greens that he knows well and likes. You may find that he’s the regular mate of one particular green - he’d like that. Once he becomes old enough to think about mating, the sight of a green that he fancies seems to put his brain into slow motion: he’ll be tongue-tied and clumsy. It’ll take long painful moments to process what they say to him, and then he won’t have a clue what to reply.

Emmet Brickowoski: Wyldstyle, you’re such an amazing person, and you know, if Batman can’t see that then he’s just…well, he’s just as blind as a guy who’s eyes stopped working. And I’m gonna tell you something, Batman is the worst person I’ve ever met.

Once a flight starts, he’ll throw himself into it, showing all the speed and crazy manoeuvres that he’s capable of at his best. His tactics will rely on precision rather than raw power. He can’t compete with the larger dragons for endurance, but he’ll pour all his energy into the chase. He’s not one to resort to tricks or violence, so any injuries he inflicts will be accidental. Although he’s shy and tongue-tied with greens, he can declare his love eloquently when the situation is right, and may reveal his thoughts with touching honesty, though he has little confidence in his ability to woo with words.


Name: Vani, R’zel & N’iel
Egg Desc: Hannah
Dragonet Desc: Vani, R’zel tweaks
Messages: Vani, R’zel & N’iel Tweaks
Puppeteer: R'zel
Inspiration: Vani, R’zel & N’iel

Amania and Bound to Midnight Flames Gold Zymuraith
Frostana and Love Is the Original Miracle Blue Lochanth
Nox and Giant Jaws of the Silver Seas Bronze Tozkoth
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Harper’s Tale’s 78th PC Clutch
Southern Weyr’s 7th PC Clutch
Gold Dhiammarath x Bronze Dhioth
23rd September 2017