Cerise’s Mistress of Her Own Destiny Green Jiamoth

Cerise, you’ve taken Southern by storm with your sass, your fire, and those pretty pretty costumes that so scandalize and dazzle. Of course we must bind you to Southern Weyr as a rider! We can’t wait to see what you’ll get up to with your intrepid Venetian, Jiamoth! You gave us such great foundations to work with in creating your green, from the soft Luna Moth to the intellectual courtesan, and we hope you’ll have as much fun with her as we have had.

Clutching Pose

Ethereal, the light; ethereal, the subject. Dhiammarath doesn't show any signs of slowing… if anything, the queen is pushing out her brood faster, her hollows less absolutely spherical. The eggs, however, remain the picture of perfection — if one is fine with the color red, that is. Here there be three more, all hued carmine and crimson: feathered, glittering, and rough.

Whistle in the Wind Egg

This middling sized egg could easily be mistaken for red sandstone if it wasn't so obviously a dragon egg. The rough visual texture trick the mind as to see grooves and ridges as if worn away by centuries of water. Small flecks of white peek through to cause the egg to almost glitter in direct light, and the egg appears gritty to the touch, as the pebbled shell holds on to the sands upon which it lies.

Hatching Message

Whistle in the Wind Egg remains subdued, just steadily rocking. It sways from side to side, the dance of tiny earthquakes creating hairline fissures through the ruddy surface. And then, with a single hop for a finale, one side of the shell breaks off to fall cleanly away, revealing a large pale green still curled into a ball. Her dark, damp lids open with a flutter and Mistress of Her Own Destiny Green Dragonet slowly begins straightening herself from her coil to step out onto her half-shell and face the world.

Mistress of Her Own Destiny Green Dragonet

The rounded simplicity of delicate celadon hide bestows a certain elegance upon this large and elongated green. Little definition is to be found in the plush slope of shoulder and haunch, lending feminine softness where so many profess strength. There is greater severity in her sharply refined features; small eyes lidded with deeper jade are set in high prominence above the narrowing beak of her snout. Heated cinnamon dusts wingspars, their spindled length supporting the curvaceous velvet of honeydew sails. Her only real adornment is the gleam of glassy jewel tones along her neckridges, cascading down her spine like a string of exquisite beads.

Public Impression Pose

It is the work of several minutes for Mistress of Her Own Destiny Green Dragonet to clear her soft hide of dampness. And all the while, measured paces put her face to face with each unclaimed candidate in turn, staying a full arm’s length away as she measures them, delicate flips of her wings declaring each unfit for her. She moves slowly, pausing to linger on the face of a stout boy before moving on. Then dark curly hair draws her attention, and this time, she does not simply consider. Restrained footsteps have the green circling the once-performer, till she glides before her again, close enough to touch. Eye contact is made between the pair, impression clearly made along with it.

Private Impression Message

The sands around you begin to blur, lights shimmering and streaking as though cast across water. Bland colors recede and more luxuriant tones bleed forward: green, blue, red, all tinged in the palest of gold. One by one the scene of human and dragon is mutated, figures shifting to a wavering vision of masked dancers spinning before you. The unbridled joy of laughter springs up from the chaos, distinguishing itself from the sounds of the galleries and the faint music of strings you could swear were not there a moment ago. That joy wraps around your mind and spreads through you as a single voice sings out from the throng. « Cerise! Sister of my heart, never will you be alone again! Together we will always be. » The wash of vivacious colors fades, still present in your mind but now allowing you to see the sharper reality of the sands and the pale green dragonet staring up into your eyes. « I am Jiamoth. Now, let us attend to the feast. »

Egg Inspiration

Kokopelli is a Native American legend. In some stories he is the bringer of spring, in others, fertility. One story says that he once played all through the night and the people danced. In the morning, every maiden found herself with child. He is found across several tribes in the American Southwest, often carved on to sandstone walls.

Theme Inspiration

The overall theme of this clutch is legendary places. While some groups went mythological, when we read that you were interested in a cortigiana onesta, the first thing that came to mind was somewhere a little closer to home: Venice. And so your Jiamoth was born of many pieces, one of which was the Venice Carnival.


The Carnival in Venice has had a rocky history, much like Cerise. Sources disagree on the particular start and the reason the Carnival began but most agree it was centered in religion and tithe-giving. From this it quickly took on a much more lighthearted tone. Throughout the ages several laws were written to try to attempt to quell this sometimes over the top display of gaiety and self indulgence. For example, rules to limit the throwing of perfumed filled eggs were instituted, as well as laws to make sure that masks stayed out of religious places. In 1797 the carnival was stopped altogether when the wearing of masks became illegal after Venice came under the control of Austria.


In 1979 the government of Italy decided to bring the Carnival back to revitalize the culture and history of Venice. Traditional masks, such as the Bautta (as shown above), are one of the primary costume pieces. By wearing these masks individuals are able to step aside the physicalities that divide and instead revel in that which makes one unique. Every year one of the most important parts of the carnival is the wearing of these masks, and they are paraded for judgement on which is la maschera piu bella, the most beautiful mask. In addition to the costumes worn, the carnival is known for its arts, music, and theater productions.


Art, music and theater? Amazing costumes? It seemed perfect for Cerise. And the overall colorful and extravagant nature of the carnival has been worked in throughout Jiamoth’s creation, from the party of her mindvoice to her love of festive gatherings and her appreciation of Cerise’s rather colorful past.


Touches of Venice itself, its ubiquitous canals, became her affinity for water, less so the rollicking sea and more the quiet pools and waterways like those found beneath the city’s ancient bridges and rainbowed edifices. And so as the canals wind through Venice, so does water wind through Jiamoth.

And then there are the courtesans. Our guide was the film, “Dangerous Beauty” and the real life courtesan who inspired it, the Venetian cortigiana onesta, Veronica Franco: a self-empowered poetess in a time when so many women had no power at all. She was an individual who valued education and used it to her advantage, beguiling men not just with her body, but with her mind. As the character Paola Franco said in the film: “Any chambermaid can flop down, take off her shirt and men will come. Your true power comes from something much deeper than beauty.” And while your Jiamoth is sensuous and feminine, she is so much more than that.

Description Inspiration


“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”

— Coco Chanel

Cerise, you mentioned the Luna Moth as a possible physical inspiration and we just fell in love with its soft greens and fuzzy appearance! We also kept in mind your request for a contrast to Cerise’s role of Face in the ensemble of her family. Thus, while we couldn’t give you a club foot to work with, we did strive for plenty of little foibles for Jiamoth to overcome. Her build, being large and low, is inspired by the size and shape of the Luna Moth — those suckers are huge, but still so delicate. Her more rounded physique resonates with her femininity while both setting her apart from Cerise’s more athletic figure and giving her greater cause to focus on the cerebral over the physical.

In addition to the Luna Moth, we also drew a lot of inspiration from Venetian Carnival masks and costumes. We found that this made such a natural pairing, between the moth’s eye spots and large veil-like antenne, that it was all the more difficult not to dress Jiamoth up for the canal-side party! Instead, we attempted to keep the simple beauty of the moth while finding nods to carnival finery in her velvet, that long pointed beak of carnival masks that just happens to create a little family resemblence with D’tri’s Chorzeczoyth, and in the allusion to the art glass for which Venice is known. We like to think of her ridges, her “one great beauty”, as tying together all of these parts: a strand of gems draped from a courtesan’s mask, Venice’s glass, and dew drops beaded upon a moth’s back.

Name Inspiration


Cerise. The others will say that they had a hard time choosing a name. Ain’t no one got anything on yours. Over 50 names. DAYS of complete indecision. We wanted something soft, but not too soft. Something easy to say, but not mundane. We tried so many things, but they were too perky or too boyish or too much like spicy mustard.

Eventually, we came to circle back to the little <3 in your Candidate Q next to 'Moth', especially since we'd already fallen in love with the Luna Moth for her description.

We decided on one name… but as we worked, it simply wasn’t The One. Some discussion over whether or not the J sounded more like the French 'je' then led us down the road of j'aime, French for 'I love'. Considering she's a courtesan, that inspiration looked promising. But she's not a French courtesan, she's Venetian! Then we found the Italian translation of 'I love you' is 'Ti amo' - the 'moth' was built right in! Keeping the J we saw so frequently in your prefered names, Jiamoth suddenly seemed like the golden ticket. It also resonates with the Farsi word ‘Jaan’ meaning — my life, or darling — which is really what we hope your Jiamoth will become.



Carnivals are busy and exciting places, and their ever-changing shapes will be present in Jiamoth’s mental touch, the reflections of a lively party captured on the surface of dark waters. The vibrancy of red, blue and green dances in unending patterns, swirling across the quiet ripples, shimmering with the pale glow of yellow light. Clearer moments will sharpen their amorphous shapes into the swirl of a sapphire skirt or the flash of a decadent brocade. The vague notion of figures will be in constant movement in the background, shifting as she speaks. The voices of the unseen crowd are there as well, undercurrents of laughter and muted conversations where the words are never more than a mutter. And all the while, somewhere in the distance, the faint playing of strings adds music to the air. Weaving through these sounds will be an echo of your own voice, Cerise, whether you recognize it or not.

Her emotions will change the nature of the party; the pace of the figures will match the whirling of her eyes and their hues and sounds will shift to reflect what she’s feeling. Usually the festivities carry on with a causal air, light conversations and ripples of laughter, a rainbow of shades moving lazily about one another. Meanwhile, excitement will have the carnival in full bloom, with the attendants moving swiftly and their luxurious adornments catching the dapples of lit glowstrings, sequins all ashine and jewels sparkling.

//Dancers whirl in concentric circles, faster, and faster, fragmented across a silky surface that ripples in time with toe-tapping music. It urges them along as color bleeds together to form a rainbow of delight. Laughter bubbles from the pure gaiety of the moment. « We have done it! » //

Darker feelings will turn the revelry to a more intimidating occasion. When she’s worried, so becomes the party, the flow of friendly chatter breaking into awkward pauses, the reflections coming as halted steps and the glimpse of fidgeting glove as Jiamoth frets about some regret of the past or uncertainty in the future. And darker still, her judgemental moments might come with a discordant ring, and deeper anger will silence the conversations, leaving the heavier notes of bass strings to stand out. The colors will deepen in hue with crimson and gold moving ominously across a liquid surface.

Quiet. Even the waters go still, allowing uninterrupted reflections of eerie, empty-eyed masks turning their attention all on one spot, staring down their noses at the one who has caused their Theire. « You almost managed to get us //killed. » //

But Jiamoth is not without her flirtatious side, and the gentle swirl of silk and water only helps her to slide in close. Pink-tinged pastels may find their way into the party as she seeks to get to know someone better. The dreamy addition of wafting confetti may mix with the reflection of stars and candlelights as the celebrations become a more intimate affair. It hardly needs to be romantic in nature, comfort and beauty are an aid whenever her attention narrows to just one someone.


And amidst the activity, the watery wash of colors and the murmur of the crowds, Jiamoth’s own voice stands out. No matter how quiet her words, the revelry is just a backdrop to what she means to say. While she may, in time, be able to willfully adjust the energy of the carnival setting, she will quickly be able to master the tone of her feminine voice and the words that she chooses. She may eschew the use of contractions, except where it makes her seem overly formal, and while her diction is precise in its usage, is not the purpose of words to convey meaning? It is more important that her intention come across rather than be lost in a sea of propriety and sophistication. She is, after all, not above a bawdy quip here or touch of slang there when it suits her audience. At her best, it will all be done seamlessly, a guise molded in perfect harmony between whomever she is speaking with and whatever aim she might have.

“I listen to people talking sometimes, that great river that is language, with all its undercurrents of grammar and nuance, and I wonder how we all learn so quickly to speak it, given that we begin when we are barely old enough to stand upright. I have no memory of finding it hard. Indeed, I have no memory of it at all.”

― Sarah Dunant, In the Company of the Courtesan

With her love for the power of words and her insatiable desire to expand her vocabulary and use what she has learned, her language will be eloquent and persuasive. Gentle arguments are laid out in a carefully constructed manner. Even in startlement, when the smooth surface of her waters is broken by waves and the reflections refract in a flurry, Jiamoth will take a moment to gather her thoughts before releasing them mind-to-mind. Whether she’s soothing a bruised ego, encouraging a weak one, or partaking in a lively bit of chatter that has her party fluttering with excitement, you will likely be able to feel the deliberate workings of her mind, even when her companion believes it all to be natural. And it’s not as though she’s prone to utter fakeness — rarely would she outright lie to gain someone’s trust. Rather, it’s truth she presents, but perhaps not the whole truth. Whatever her angle, she will use her honest thoughts and feelings to the best of their merit.

Like everything else about her, Jiamoth’s actual voice is softened at the edges. From the roundness of a french horn instead of a trumpet to the plush purr of her growl, there is always something expressly feminine about her vocalization, perhaps even audible to human ears.


Jiamoth has a certain modesty of appearance that may go so far as to seem plain, particularly upon first glance. However, as the damp of her egg wears off and you become more familiar with every velvety curve, you may become aware of further subtle detail that contributes to your dragon’s simple beauty. That plush green hide shows hints of pale yellow in certain lights, an overlay of lemon chiffon across her shoulders where the sun dances bright. It’s to be found again in the faintly gilded filigree upon the pert angle of large headknobs which serve so well to emphasize the vibrant curiosity of her early days. Her neckridges shine, yes, and you’ll find a repeated pattern in their glassy colors: emerald and citrine with hints of silver like dozens of starry eyes glistening in moonlight.


There are details, too, that are perhaps less entrancing: the low length of her build, wide-set legs offering little height, and the broad stretch of her sides accentuating the lack of muscle that is visible across her abdomen. It’s there, of course, but her silhouette does not show the lean agility on which so many greens pride themselves. Rather, there is something reduced in her lines; even the edges of her wings show little of the usual scalloping between their spars. And then, of course, there’s that pointy beak of a face…

Jiamoth knows early on that she doesn’t quite have the standard appearance. It might be a new experience for you, Cerise, to feel her doubts, having been the Face of your family’s business with your eye-catching curls and fit physique. Jiamoth might strive to carry herself with confidence, to accept and overcome what’s unchangeable, but there will still be those times when you catch her feeling a bit disappointed while watching her slimmer, more decorative sisters. In time she’ll come to appreciate that her wan coloring can make her stand out in a sea of richly hued ladies. Her face may be long and pointed, but it allows her to transform herself from regal indifference to bashful attention with just the dip of her chin. When she’s young, she may need your help in remembering that what makes her different is also what makes her beautiful.

While she still holds this private, youthful insecurity is when you may find that Jiamoth picks up her penchant for mirroring. It’s a talent she’s apt to keep throughout her life, though it is likely to develop into something used for supplementing her own skill set rather than carte blanche mimicry. One thing she won’t be copying, however, is her clutchmates’ eager gusto when it comes to mealtimes. Jiamoth will take her sweet time eating while other dragons might need to be reminded to chew when they are young. She is hardly a fastidious eater; she enjoys her food and takes great pleasure in the flavor and texture of every mouthful. It might not be so appetizing to you, Cerise, but she’ll happily share with you the tang of blood or the way it feels to sink her teeth into raw muscle, the smoothness of kidney on her tongue.

Maybe it’s because she takes such time with her meals, or maybe it’s because there’s that worry, ever-lurking in the back of her mind, that she has the kind of figure that could easily become portly, but Jiamoth does have a tendency to stop before she is full. She’ll claim that she prefers to avoid that overly heavy feeling of a stuffed belly, but you may suspect it’s not the whole truth. And really, she’s not wrong. She does rather look like the sort to pack on excess weight if she’s not careful.

Also, while so many of her sibling might complain of itching, you may find that Jiamoth requires less attention than most. She prefers not to be a mess, of course, but the velvety softness of her hide needs no special attention to keep it healthy. However, needs are not always the same as wants. Frankly, she wants those neckridges, « My one beauty! » to stay clean and glossy. Plus she just enjoys the feeling of your hands working oil down the length of her spine. She’ll arch in delight, those dark eyelids drooping low as she relaxes into your ministrations.

Delight in feeling will be something you may find quite common with your green. For all her intellectual focus, Jiamoth is very much a sensuous creature. She often flows through her world with a slow deliberation, letting every sense gather in the details for her fascinated perusal. She may walk with her wings unfurled so that Southern’s warm sea-laden breath may better ripple across her sails. She’ll tilt her head into the breeze, stopping to catch the scent of klah and fresh baking wafting from the Living Cavern in the morning. A wingtip will be stretched to brush lightly along a clutchmate’s shoulder, to feel the drag of hide on hide and test for the light twitch of reaction.


The first time she wholly immerses herself in a body of water will be an experience of ellation. The completeness of that liquid embrace and the gentle wash of currents might just cross the line from between sensory and sensual. There’s so much to love: the buoyancy that makes her feel svelte and light, the ripples that fan out from every stretch of her wing, the delightful tickle of a droplet tracing down the line of her neck. She enjoys the rock of the ocean, the buffeting of waves that have such strength and power without edge or hardness, but it’s a soak in a still pool that is best, where she can leisure and relax into the cool comfort of it. And also, it’s those still pools where she can finally catch a glimpse of herself.

“Elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped from adolescence, but of those who have already taken possession of their future.”

— Coco Chanel

It’s not that she’s necessarily a narcissistic creature, but her appearance is important to her and it’s so rare that she has the opportunity to really see herself, to examine and understand how the rest of the world views her. Surely, she can view herself through your eyes, but it’s not quite the same. And when the initial fascination with swimming ebbs, she is happy to turn her attention to watching her own reflection, weighing the traits that can work best in her favor, practicing the poses that make the most of her virtues and minimize what could be considered flaws. Like an actress rehearsing her motions (surely she learned that from someone) she’ll explore her emotions — disdain, amusement, submission — to find the cant of her head or the shift of a shoulder that displays it best. And when all of that is said and done, she can go back to lazing, letting the silky water sweep past her like a lover’s touch.


Cerise, we hope you love your cortigiana onesta. We fell in love with the idea of a woman who is so smooth and controlled that she can change the most stubborn of minds, a woman who holds more power than even the landed ladies who cling to the confines of their nobility and rely so much on their husbands. Your Jiamoth refuses to be defined by anyone but herself. She moves with fluid precision around her obstacles, applying charm where necessary, to blur the lines of status and rank and what it means to be uniquely female in a man’s world.


It’s with natural intuition that she understands the personalities around her and with curiosity that she’s inspired to know more. Even as a baby Jiamoth has an emotional intelligence that may rival some of the most in-tune of dragons. It will drive her to be gently inquisitive about the emotions, positive and negative, that you and her clutchmates express. She's fascinated by the way you think and by the way her own approaches can elicit different responses. When she's young, her questions may not be as delicate as she would like, but your answers will lengthen her empathy and help her learn the most effective way to relate, the most effective way to comfort and reassure you through the trials you face. As time moves on, you'll have to explain your motives less because Jiamoth will already understand. She'll become your perfect confidante and her ability to anticipate your needs will grow with her as she discovers how she can help you the most.

“Friendship is the golden thread that ties the hearts of all the world.”

//- John Evelyn, English writer from whose diary comes many of the sources for the social, cultural, religious and political life of the 17th century. //

You may not be the only one to benefit from her talents. Because of her particular sensitivity, Jiamoth will also have a unique relationship to other dragons. Just as a courtesan enjoyed an unusual relationship with different levels of society (conversing as easily with kings as those below her station) Jiamoth will be a bridge between the dragon ranks. She sees no difference between those metallics who carry so much weight and the browns, green and blues who fill out the wings. Her patient ear will be tuned to understanding each of them in turn, relating on a personal level and attempting to reduce strife and tension where she finds it. She'll not push them with her actions to be anything that they are not, though she'll look for their hidden greatness and try to enhance it.


Suffice it to say, Jiamoth is something of a social butterfly. There is so much to learn, from you and from those around her, and she’ll be eager to get to know as many varied personalities as she can. It may be something of a frolic for her, molding to whomever she’s with, emulating their traits. You may catch her joking around with a more adventurous sister, mirroring the posture of a Weyrlingmaster’s dragon as the class receives a lecture. « How else shall I come to understand them? » she may reply when you call her on it, blinking innocently as she has learned to do. Look for her to find ways to wind herself into the thick of whatever action may be going on. A few dragons have found their way up to the heights to sun themselves? Jiamoth will insert herself there. Conversations will be easily struck up, and carried on.

Gossip is a mainstay for Jiamoth, and she’ll never be able to get enough of it. She’ll tease out tidbits of conversation from whomever will share, careful not to let on how one-sided these interactions might be. For all that she likes to keep tabs on the latest news, she’s also judicious about keeping secrets and an innate sense of discretion has her more interested in receiving information than doling it out.

Because you see, Cerise, Jiamoth will have some of your ambition, but it will be tempered by her patience and her unique ability to understand the nuances of a situation. She loves getting to know everyone around her, but she’s also ever-aware of how this information might be used to an advantage, both hers and yours. She’ll understand her place within a wing, and the traditional limitations of her size and color, but she will not be completely satisfied being just a green dragon or just a fighting dragon and she will look for ways to involve herself wherever she can. Never will Jiamoth force herself in. Instead she will drop a suggestion here, perhaps a quiet word of encouragement there; always seeking a way to make a subtle contribution. The more connections she makes, the more opportunities may present themselves.

She’ll have a special love of festivities, whenever people and dragons come from all over to celebrate, whether it be hatchings or gathers or other party atmospheres. She likes nothing better than to be surrounded by gaiety: the colours and sights, the sound of the crowd, maybe a bit of music in the air, and perhaps even some familiar personalities that might just let their guard down. She’ll love to linger at the edges of human activities or press you to get a closer look at the wares of stall-keepers. But more than anything, she wants to see you dance. It’s a particular favorite of hers, the brightly colored bodies all moving together in time, and you among them! « Enough of talk. It is time to ask him to dance. » she’ll remark, even if the man you’re speaking with has serious business to discuss. Better to be out on the floor, enchanting everyone — her included — with your expertise.

All of the things from your past life, the dancing and singing, the stories, the beautifully colored baubles of beads and costumes, will fascinate her. She’ll ask questions about each item, and wonder at the explanations you may or may not share about them. When you do choose to not tell, she’ll allow it to go… for a time. But she won’t give up. Instead, she will wait for a quiet moment, go digging for those relics and ask again, repeating this cycle till she is satisfied with the answer. Her interest is their connection to you and she takes such pride in your past, in the way you have survived. Don’t be surprised if she wants to decorate your weyr with all your handy work, surrounding herself in that sumptuous variety of color and texture and fabric. After all, she does rather like beautiful things. She did pick you, didn’t she?

It’s just as well that your home be a welcoming one, because Jiamoth will have a particular tendency to invite others over. At times this may just be a solitary dragon to gossip with. Other times, if room on her ledge allows, she’ll invite a few friends to come share her space, setting up impromptu dragon gatherings. She’ll move through these gatherings as a small ray of sunshine, spreading cheer as she listens to the chatter of others. As cleverly as a courtesan integrates herself into sticky political situations, Jiamoth works to integrate herself into all circles by having an approachable attitude and affable spirits on display for others. Of course, she’d love for you to do the same, to invite acquaintances by for a spot of tea. But don’t worry, with a well-timed yawn or a subtle hint, she’s rather good at clearing visitors out when you’re ready for time alone.


Despite how much she loves to socialize, Jiamoth will not be friends with everyone. Sure, she enjoys a bit of harmless frivolity when the mood strikes, but for deeper friendship she will prefer those with reasoned-out thoughts versus those who are flighty or emotional in-the-moment. It’s one thing to take part in a bit of nonsense, but another to fail to recognize it for what it is. With her own more careful tendencies, she will be able to see what may result of their actions. Sometimes it’s just too frustrating to watch it all play out, and her patience does not extend to trying to explain errors to the purposefully belligerent of mind. However, her faint scorn for hasty action will be delivered to one set of ears only: yours. When Raxsonath or Iaxryth chase after the next ‘wonderful’ idea, Jiamoth may just pull herself away and let them fall on their faces, not lifting a talon to assist. She knows when to speak and when to remain silent. But should the inevitable comes to pass, as she had assumed, there might be something rather smug in the aside she has for you: « Well, I did tell you that was going to happen.»

When it comes to her lessons and training, whereas some of her siblings may lark their way through their education, Jiamoth will be patient and persistent. She will rarely allow herself to be anything less than her best, but she will also come with an ability to understand that some things simply require time and practice. As a weyrling she’ll work as long as you’ll let her to learn her lessons, literally picking herself out of the dust to try everything again. Be careful with her though, because she may allow her drive to push her close to or past her exhaustion point. As she grows older this persistence will turn into perfectionism, thinking through everything she does in an attempt to find just the right way to go about it. If it be in drills, in thread, in flights, no matter, your green will strive for excellence.

=”Courtesans, my dear, are the most educated women in the world.”
=— Dangerous Beauty


It may come as little surprise that Jiamoth has a love of language, its usage and power. She may not be able to read, herself, but that won’t stop her from wanting learn more. So those books that you wrestle with? To her they will be precious and she will beg you to bring them to her and share their contents. It doesn’t matter to her if you stumble through the reading of those pages; she’ll be there to encourage you, to help you see how far you’ve come and how very far you could go. These quiet moments with just the pair of you will rank highly in her mind as times to be cherished — and she will love you all the more for filling the holes in her knowledge.

She has faith in you, Cerise, and not just in your pretty face. She knows the vacant spot in your heart that you tiptoe around so carefully, how much you miss having him to rely on. She’ll never tell you to stop, to forget and move on, but perhaps, as she shows you your own strengths, together you’ll be able to soften the edges around his absence and become, if nothing else, the brains of your own operation.


“The emperor Pericles relied more for policy on his mistress than he ever did on his lieutenants.

Courtesans, my dear, are the most educated women in the world. A courtesan is a force of nature in a civilized cloak. Any chambermaid can flop down, take off her shirt and men will come. Your true power comes from something much deeper than beauty. Cleopatra knew that. Theodosia. Aspasia. She could seduce a man at paces without revealing an inch of flesh. How? With her mind.”

— Dangerous Beauty

There are some truths that are unavoidable in life. By the time Jiamoth reaches maturity, her habits of accepting the unavoidable and turning it into advantage will likely be solidifying. Instead of shying away from the traits inherent to her color and sex, the ones that are distinct from her male Threadfighting peers, Jiamoth will inhabit them with the full force of her passion and perfectionism. She embraces her femininity. It is not a handicap to her desires for a life of choice and self-determination, but rather is appreciated and held close as central to her being. And so she walks the delicate line: female, utterly, but fighting alongside the males, sharing their place in the world. Certainly there are throngs of other greens who do likewise, yet there is only one Jiamoth. She knows her own quality, her strengths, and the unique abilities that belong to her. It is no mistake that she exhibits skill in navigating the personalities around her, no blind luck. She has cultivated the art of understanding with practice and persistence and her flights are an exercise in all she has learned.

“In order to choose your lovers wisely, you need to understand men.”

— Dangerous Beauty

As the time nears for her to rise, Jiamoth’s attention will begin to subtly shift from considering the males as her working peers to evaluating them as potentially more intimate partners. Her sense of the inevitable will kindle early. Well before her hide begins to glow and even before the males around her catch wind of any biological shift, she will initiate her lengthy search for the one who will be her mate. Jiamoth revels in the process of deliberating over which she prefers best. It’s not that she necessarily has any particular designs, but you never know when a certain connection, or a certain understanding, may come in handy.

Perfection, after all, takes planning and practice.

There’s value both in renewing and strengthening old relationships as well as creating and exploring new ones, spreading her influence. Jiamoth does like collecting. Somewhere in the back of her thoughts you may feel some underlying sense, as she reviews her options, that eventually she’ll get to those that might not make the cut this time. They are only tabled for some future day when what they have to offer will be just right. It’s not who is the one, it’s: who’s next?


One by one, she’ll seek to charm them — never throwing herself at anyone, never putting on a coquettish show, instead acting with an air of receptiveness and the judicious use of honest praise. Her aim shall be to gage their reactions to her and accordingly she shall focus on their perspectives, their mindset, rather than physical attributes. It’s the cerebral that thrills and engages Jiamoth. Always close to her thoughts is the question what can he do for me? whether he has the potential to be a useful ally, someone who can expand her own horizons or is simply someone whose company she enjoys. Of course, if he can benefit you both, all the better. For she will want your opinion, Cerise.

=« He is not very eloquent. But would you have ever imagined — his favorite place is this field of wildflowers. I am not sure if that is adorable or pathetic. What do you think, my love? »

You may find yourself drawn in, her sole confidant, absorbed by a world of careful evaluation and private delights over new found insight. She may also encourage you to try the same evaluation of her suitors’ human counterparts. This heightened awareness of the people around you may spread more generally as her time draws near; you might just find yourself sitting at the edge of the caverns, klah gone cold, lost in observation of the inhabitants of the Weyr.

“If you don't enjoy it they'll smell it, like a dog smells fear. And they'll hate you for it.”

=— Dangerous Beauty

It’s the weighing that thrills her, the feeling of having her pick, of carefully winding them around her talons and pulling strings. But when the choice is made, it is usually without undue glory. They will simply enjoy each other as instinct takes over. Of course she enjoys it - what’s not enjoy? The freedom of that flight, the satisfaction of its conclusion. Naturally, as things go in the air, sometimes the choice is not so much hers. In the end skin is skin, or hide is hide, as the saying may go. Whether it’s the frontrunner of all her deliberation or someone who surprises her in the air to take the win for himself — in that moment, there are no second thoughts, there are no outcomes of preference. There is only the freedom of giving herself over to the present, sharing in pleasure as they freefall without a care.

Especially for her pre-selected choices, Jiamoth does strive to maintain a connection with her partners, but they are unlikely to find her overly affectionate or particularly attached. The flight itself does not produce any deep change in her feelings. If fondness exists already, or develops sometime after, so be it. But you, Cerise, are the one creature that will ever truly have her heart.



Jiamoth knows what she wants to be: capable and in control of her own destiny. If ever something should stand in her way, it is unlikely to be due to any lack of effort or poor planning on her part. She knows she is not the strongest of her clutchmates, nor the quickest or most inventive, but if these are failings to some, they will not be failings to her — only the circumstances she must accept and build upon. When training begins in earnest, she therefore ought to be ready to make the most of her time to learn and improve. There is no angle she is unwilling to try if it may help her reach her goal and she relishes the different perspectives that can aid her along the way. She is as likely to watch the adults going about their drills as to take her cues from her weyrlingmasters. She has a careful eye for observing habits and a mind to ask for tips and pointers, whether it be demure when necessary or impertinent when allowed.

And of course, she practices. The physical hurdles might take a little work. Though she may often be dissatisfied with her first attempt at anything, she’s rarely so far behind in natural ability as to give anyone worry.

and, blade in hand, I learned warrior's skills,
so that, by handling weapons, I learned
that women by nature are no less agile than men….

- Veronica Franco

Except, perhaps, when it comes to flaming. You see, she finds the whole thing rather… gauche. The chewing of stone. The regurgitating afterwards. She may not be squeamish or afraid to get her hands dirty — it’s all part of the job — but that doesn’t mean she has to like it. Not that Jiamoth is likely to admit her aversion to anyone but you, Cerise, but it is all rather messy and imprecise. Here she may be the most likely to lag behind her peers if you are not active in encouraging her through this stage of her training.

The step by step of formations, however, is something Jiamoth takes to almost immediately. Perhaps it is all the time she’s spent watching, or just her own natural ability to understand the space between others. Whatever the cause — the intricate dance of bodies in flight, the balance of strengths and weaknesses, moving and adjusting for one another — this is where she is likely to shine, even if putting it into practice may take her some effort. You may even find her hatching improvements in her mind, ways that the wings could perform better. Whether or not she voices such thoughts to anyone but you, well, that will depend on the circumstances and if she sees it playing out in her favor.

if we are not as strong as men,
like men we have a mind and intellect.
And virtue does not lie in bodily strength
but in the vigor of the soul and mind,
through which all things come to be known;
and I am certain that in this respect
women lack nothing, but, rather, have given
more than one sign of being greater than men.

- Veronica Franco

When it comes time for Jiamoth to join her wing she will do so with dedicated enthusiasm even if, perhaps particularly if, you find yourself surrounded by wingmates who question a woman’s place as a fighting rider. Her inclination will be to immediately integrate herself into the wing. Allies will be found, enemies identified, and both quietly studied for the routes by which she may ingratiate herself and make herself essential. She will not sulk publically at set-backs (though you may need to nurse her privately through more trying moments), rather approaching all with outward vivacious energy.

With the hurdles both of you are likely to face in asserting your place in the wing and Weyr, it may be small wonder that Jiamoth seems undaunted by the arrival of Thread itself. While she is not without trepidation, she is likely to gather herself with a deep breath of intent and apply herself to overcoming this hurdle, too. If you, or any of her wingmates, are nervous as Thread approaches, her smooth confidence will try to reassure — you’ve done what you can to prepare. All that’s left is to see how it goes and know that together you can deal with whatever comes.


All of these things, her dedication during weyrlinghood, her experiences with the fighting wings, have the potential to make her a capable weyrlingmaster should the opportunity and inclination develop. Those who have the benefit of natural talent can rarely explain how a thing can come so easily for them. Because Jiamoth has spent her time exploring and testing different philosophies and approaches, doing the legwork where others have breezed through, paired with her knack for understanding the way others think, she has a variety of methods to choose from when guiding a young dragon through the trials of weyrlinghood. And should you choose another path, you may still find her in lively discussion with anyone who wants to debate the intricacies of what it means to be a fighting dragon.



It is only fitting that your Jiamoth should have just a touch of perfume about her, strongest at her throat where the faint fragrance of florals and freshwater is nearly identifiable as rose and geranium, mingled with a dragon spice reminiscent of sandalwood . Clinging to her hide is the scent of fresh pink petals floating in quiet langor on a gentle current, wafting lightly when she fans her wings and soothing when snuggled up close. And of course it would be rose, that classic flower that fine women have turned to since the beginning of time — expected, perhaps, but unerringly elegant.


For Southern’s first cycle, Bailey and Hannah wanted even the dragon’s dbref # to have meaning. Not only is it a ‘special’ number (often referred to as ‘magic’) in how easy it is to type, but this time we strategically chose a number that reflects some aspect of the inspiration. Truly, this number was chosen for you. Cerise, Jiamoth’s number, #8338, came about during the frenzy of inspiration writing when Hannah was watching the teams come up with physicalities and something V’dean put down about your dragon’s final size: keeping it to a factor of three. It’s such a tiny thing, but this detail — having been lost to the process of insping — is yours and yours alone. We do believe that, in the words of Nathanael, ‘3’ is a very ‘soft’ number!


I've never seen a diamond in the flesh
I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies
And I'm not proud of my address,
In a torn-up town, no postcode envy

But every song's like gold teeth, grey goose, trippin' in the bathroom
Blood stains, ball gowns, trashin' the hotel room,
We don't care, we're driving Cadillacs in our dreams.
But everybody's like Cristal, Maybach, diamonds on your timepiece.
Jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash.
We don't care, we aren't caught up in your love affair.

And we'll never be royals (royals).
It don't run in our blood,
That kind of luxe just ain't for us.
We crave a different kind of buzz.
Let me be your ruler (ruler),
You can call me queen Bee
And baby I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule.
Let me live that fantasy.

My friends and I—we've cracked the code.
We count our dollars on the train to the party.
And everyone who knows us knows that we're fine with this,
We didn't come for money.

But every song's like gold teeth, grey goose, trippin' in the bathroom.
Blood stains, ball gowns, trashin' the hotel room,
We don't care, we're driving Cadillacs in our dreams.
But everybody's like Cristal, Maybach, diamonds on your timepiece.
Jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash
We don't care, we aren't caught up in your love affair

And we'll never be royals (royals).
It don't run in our blood
That kind of luxe just ain't for us.
We crave a different kind of buzz.
Let me be your ruler (ruler),
You can call me queen Bee
And baby I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule.
Let me live that fantasy.

Ooh ooh oh
We're bigger than we ever dreamed,
And I'm in love with being queen.
Ooh ooh oh
Life is great without a care
We aren't caught up in your love affair.

And we'll never be royals (royals).
It don't run in our blood
That kind of luxe just ain't for us.
We crave a different kind of buzz
Let me be your ruler (ruler),
You can call me queen Bee
And baby I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule.
Let me live that fantasy.


Name: Nora
Egg Desc: Nathanael
Dragonet Desc: Nora, V’dean
Messages: Nathanael, Nora
Puppeteer: Nora
Inspiration:** Th’seus, Nathanael, Nora, V’dean

D’tri (Dimitri) and bronze Chorzeczoyth
Kaia (Kapia) and green Salanaith*
Yules (Yulena) and brown Desmeth
S’yn (Sytin) and bronze Iaxryth
T’ral (Taralde) and blue Esanth*
Maosa and blue Osweith
D’cen (Daycen) and bronze Raxsonath
E’don (Donner) and bronze Qianvaelth

Harper’s Tale 66th Clutch
(New) Southern Weyr’s 1st PC clutch
Hannah’s Gold Dhiammarath x Th’seus’ Bronze Vossuth
October 17th, 2013