Lucan! L'uc! Dude, you didn't think we'd let you /go/ this time, did you? You are the coolest of cool, the neatest of neato- so much so that we made you up your very own brand spankin' new, spiffy Jydhaeth! See, he might not look so heroic, but at heart? He's the noblest of the noble. Here he is - and we can only /hope/ you have half as much fun with him as we had in making him!

Spirit of Courage Egg

Incandescent in the heat of the sands, this blazing white orb is almost perfectly spherical in shape. Its surface bears no markings except those cast by shadow and light, a shifting interplay of glittering rays refracting off the sands and darker shadows that never quite succeed at subduing the courage within evident in its stance, if an egg could be said to have such.

Hatching Message

Spirit of Courage Egg stills from it's rhythmic shaking, as if mustering courage for one last hurrah. One last hurrah it is, it must be, for it is slowly disintigrating about the edges. Finally swooshing towards the blaring heat of the sands, the egg gives way to show that hope -can- rise from courage… even if it's hope in the form of Migratory Visitor Bronze Dragonet

Migratory Visitor Bronze Dragonet

Seemingly disproportionate, this one's immediately noticable as lanky, perhaps even falling under the category of spindly: legs are stick-like, absurdly so; in fact, the very idea of them supporting a dragon would be ludicrous were his body not built in the same manner. For, indeed, his rakish wings are almost too long for his slight frame, adorned with paper-thing wingsails and lightly boned— even his neck is nearly too lengthy, saved only by the wiry short balance which is his tail. His streamlined, sharply narrow muzzle, distinctly avian, blends back into his small head with that same avian cant, reinforcing the general feel of lanky narrowness. His hide, the palest of bronze, shows no spark or molten color. Instead, the ever-so-light golden green of sunshine through reeds is faintly streaked with feathers of light brown, muddled yellow and dappled with the finest of kingfisher blue— ridiculous, perhaps, a veritable misfit in color and shape, but he minds not.

Impression Message

Migratory Visitor Heron Bronze Dragonet thinks it's time to choose. Everyone else has, and even if he's, er, a little bit lost… Hey, wait! Choice isn't even part of it. He knows that /he/ is out there somewhere- and, in fact, is trying to run away from him! The indignacy! That just ain't cricket, boy. So, what does he do? He runs. Breakneck, awful strides, horribly discombobulated. But he's gotta flag down Lucan some time, and if he doesn't barrel into him like a huge over-intent canine playing fetch, well… the boy might get away, and that's just not going to happen. Is he slowing down? No.

Personal Impression Message

For a moment- a long moment- all there is to life is simple. There's the sands, the heat, the sweat. Emotions are tangible; a certain calm serenity among the elation of some and hopes and fears of others. In in the next moment, a mere heartbeat away, it all fades away, melting back to finish a lackluster second for the sensation of something invading your mind. For all that it is not subtle, it is not menacing: for quite suddenly, you're back home, all salty seas and sandy beaches, the cries of foriegn avians a soprano counterpart for the very baritone words spoken fluidly to your mind, graceful and easy- words spoken in a voice one could drown in. « Salutations, L'uc. I can only hope it hasn't been too lonely without me. » The hints of amusement, seaweed greens and salty winds: « Loneliness shall never return, for I will never leave, and there is only room for one of us. Oh, where are my manners? » More heady amusement, and flashes of hunger. « I am Jydhaeth. »

Theme Inspiration

Jydhaeth's based off of two key elements. Everything relating to his physicality is based off of a particular bird called the Little Blue Heron; everything relating to his personality is based off of the theme British Colonial— some of him is just from that general theme, and some is very loosely based off of "Benjamin Martin" - who, ironically enough, /isn't/ British, but a Colonial Colonel - in the movie "The Patriot".

The Little Blue Heron is dark blue. The head and neck are more maroon tinted. The legs are green or bluish. The bill is blue-gray and darker at the tip. Immature Little Blue Herons are white, but have the same bill and leg color. Older immatures are streaked with blue grey (in the late summer and fall). You know you want to see the specs for these pretty awesome birds: <>

As for Benjamin Martin, it's quite hard to peg down online resources for him— I highly recommend the movie if you've not seen it; not for historical accuracy *coughcough*, but simply for the stellar acting. Mel Gibson portraits Benjamin Martin in the Patriot, "a reluctant hero who is swept into the American Revolution when the war reaches his home and threatens his family", Heath Ledger does an awesome job as his son, Gabriel (who actually *is* the Patriot, not Benjamin, amusingly enough), and me myself found Colonel Tavington particularly evil. Perhaps only a 2D character, but very well played. :D

Name Inspiration

Jydhaeth! Oh, it took a little while for this name to come about. You wanted something with 'j's, something that sounded good and you had a preference for a name with meaning. Add that to the statement that you're a huge Irish fan, and we thought we were set! … Unfortunately, the letter 'j' doesn't star in Gaelic, so we had to go with something else. :)

So, we tossed around a lot of variations of 'jentyly'- meaning 'courtesy' in Cornish, until Ike had the idea of blending in the word 'taadhima' into the mix— 'taadhima' means glory in Swahili. We swapped out an 'i' for an e for the pretty 'dhae' sound- and that's how Jydhaeth was brainstormed. :D

How did we eventually pronounce it? Jide-HAY-eth for a longer sound, and JID-aye-eth for a more compact one— but that's only how we're pronouncing it, of course. :)

Egg Inspiration

Both started off a vaguely phoenix(fire) and dragon(water) theme, in an attempt to have them complement each other. Starting on the water egg first, it soon took on a life of its own that began to resemble Haku's dragon-form in the movie 'Spirited Away', and in a way, the fire egg also manages to touch aspects of the protagonist of the movie, Sen. So I suppose you could say they're based partly off that, too. In the end, I based the egg-names off there, since calling them 'Dragon Egg' and 'Phoenix Egg' would be rather inappropriate. Another thing central - well not really central, but something I was trying to achieve - to both eggs is the idea of light meshing with the dark, and vice versa - a kind of balance, if you will. ~~Yuri

Desc Inspiration

When mulling over things to base Jydaeth's description off of, we eventually came to the idea of a heron, since they fit the lanky look you wanted so well. Ciera then did some serious perusal of her bird identification books, looking for information on herons which frequented the tropics, trying to find one light enough to get the pale look you requested. Eventually, she stumbled on the Little Blue Heron. While the adult is a dark, slatey blue, the juvenile starts as white and only gradually molts in the darker adult feathers, creating a mottled look. And voila! Jydaeth's look was born.

Mind Voice

Robust. Smooth. Charming. This only scratches the surface of how Jydhaeth's mindvoice could be described; almost too pleasant, it's a middling-toned voice which several could drown in at once. A light baritone, melodious, smooth, deep. It's neither jarring nor growling; in fact, it's something like the Late, Great Bob Hope's voice, delightful to listen to.

Indeed, his mindvoice is probably one of the most pleasant out there- if not the most- in the weyr. That honey baritone of charming wit was created to read poetry, to sing; let's just not tell him that, or he might get it into his mind to start singing at all hours. Hinted with a foreign accent that is familiar despite the tinges of far coasts, that unbeknownstly beguiling tone will be able to unwittingly seduce half the weyr.

His mindscent is glorious, to match with his voice: salty seas and sandy shores, rocky coasts and the muted cries of foreign avians, it's a delightedly splendid backdrop; accompanied by the mists of his mind, the sea-salt will bring up pale colors to accentuate key points when he makes them: pale colors, not precisely pastels— more deeper-toned than that: sky blue and fresh-pasture greens for relaxation, pale coral for when courting or simply assisting a 'lady', cream and sunflower yellow for cheer— and the rarest of blood-ruby reds when the unthinkable scenario of anger arises.


Jydhaeth is a strange-looking one, no doubt of that. Just as Cadgwith draws looks for her, er, unconventional brand of beauty, Jydhaeth will draw looks for his spindly build. He'll be recognizeable from a distance, either from the ground of from the air, simply because he so obviously doesn't fit in with the stockier, more muscled dragons.

Of course, this isn't to say that he's a weakling just because he's built like a stick. His frame is light, but the flesh around it is lean muscle, and he has far less of himself to move around than most dragons do. He wouldn't win a weightlifting contest, if dragons had such things, but his wiry muscle serves him well in movement. He is far quicker in flight than the average bronze, able to compete with many of the chromatics for speed. While his agility isn't as impressive as his speed, because those long wings aren't as maneuverable as smaller ones would be, his lankiness means he can bend in unlikely ways, often catching othersand yourself, when riding him!by surprise.

On the ground, his frame leads to a bit more awkwardness. His stick-like legs give him an almost jerking, skulking gait, making him very uncomfortable to stay mounted on after he's landed. It's a walk that competes for strangeness with that of Taiith's swaying sashay, though in completely different ways.

How you get so big, eating food of this kind?

- Yoda

Other oddities of note in your Jydhaeth include his neck and his hide. The former, being so long, is a constant nuisance to him, and as a result he keeps it tucked in close to his body most of the time. While it still appears long, it doesn't look nearly as lengthy as it truly is when he holds it thus, and it gives him the added bonus of being able to dart his head out rapidly for purposes of snagging unwary prey or startling unwary brats.

His hide is unusual as well, for being as overwhelmingly pale as it is. The bluish spots over his back and wings, however, will be what you notice the most, for they plague him constantly. Other dragons have itchy spots on noses or headknobs, but for him it's these patches on his back, unfortunately, and require careful attention with oil.

Maybe it's some difference in the skin pigments that make that part of him so confoundedly irritable, but either way, L'uc, you'll be spending a decent amount of time perched on his back slathering oil on twitchy hide.


Don't Take The Girl - Tim McGraw

Johnny's daddy was takin him fishing

When he was eight years old.

A little girl came through the front gate

Holdin a fishing pole

His dad looked down and smiled

Said we can't leave her behind

Son I know you don't want her to go

But someday you'll change your mind

And Johnny said

Take Jimmy Johnson

Take Tommy Thompson

Take my best friend Jo

Take anybody that you want as

Long as she don't go

Take any boy in the world

Daddy please- don't take the girl

Same old boy

Same sweet girl

Ten years down the road

He held her tight and kissed her lips in

Front of the picture show

Stranger came and pulled a gun

Grabbed her by the arm

Said if you do what I tell you to do

There won't be any harm

And Johnny said

Take my money

Take my wallet

Take my credit cards

Here's the watch that my grandpa gave me

Here's the key to my car

Mister give it a whirl

But please-don't take the girl

Same old boy

Same sweet girl

Five years down the road

There's gonna be a little one

And she says it's time to go

Doctor says the baby's fine

But you'll have to leave

Cause his momma's fading fast

And Johnny hit his knees

And there he prayed

Take the very breath you gave me

Take the heart from my chest

I'll gladly take her place

If you'll let me

Make this my last request

Take me out of this world

God please-don't take the girl

Johnny's daddy was taking him fishing

When he was eight years old…


Strength of character. Conviction of virtue. Surety of optimism. Responsibility of leadership. Jydhaeth will display each and every one of those traits— with a strong, sure conviction of his equally strong, sure moral code, he is forever a Gentleman among savages, a knight cloaked under humorous guise.

Indeed he is a gentleman- his very foundation is a strong one, one based on the fact that there is Right and Wrong, and that the shades of grey vary only slightly between the two. It is right to love, and wrong to hate; the first law of the Jydhaeth code. See, if there's one thing that he has, it's a huge heart. He loves everyone, even if his cool, calm, collected facade prevents him from expressing this fact every five minutes. He loves his clutchmates, his parents, the world, L'uc. Not in that order, of course; you will forever be first and foremost on his list of 'To Love', and loved you will be.

Jydhaeth, the gentleman, has one singular hate: the ancient enemy of Pern, Thread. He hates it simply because it is mindlessly destructive, and evil by it's very nature. Other than that, he'll have no room for hate, simply because it is Wrong.

There is no emotion;

There is peace.

There is no ignorance;

There is knowledge.

There is no passion;

There is serenity.

There is no death;

There is the Force.

- The Jedi Code

Don't get him wrong, he's not a simple dragon by any means; he simply decides to put forth a side of him for the world to see that isn't too complex. Like we mentioned before, he's got that calm, collected side of him- but it's not the aloofness of Sidramuntalath or the casual attitude of Seishuth. No, it's something much more charming, a gallant layer of half-cloaked wit.

He'll work at not being too funny, but he could easily slip into being humorous simply because his mind is sharp and he has a silver tongue. Add that to the layer of charisma he carts around with him unknowingly, his sharp moral values and easy-going temperment and you have the dragon that everyone's going to come to for advice- or just to talk, because it's never been known for Jydhaeth to shy away from a nice long chat with a fellow dragon. He's sociable, a content fellow who enjoys his life and enjoys the lives of others.

His moral code can be varied at times. He has, of course, the ingrained nature of 'rank' that every dragon has- but he's big on equality. Greens and golds will get more attention simply because They Are Female, and if they are female they must be treated with chivaltry. Expect nothing but manners from him when addressing any female, or when any female- draconic or human alike- addresses him.

« Why, Zuleikath, you're looking lovely today. »

« Shut up, ingrate. »

And, y'know, that won't phase him at all. He'll continue to be pleasant— but if the verbal abuse gets too great, he'll bow out gracefully and run like hell. It takes a rather lot to get him riled, also— a few direct attacks agaisnt you will cause great ire, and he'll be a quiet flame of anger. A few well-placed words will probably deflate the attacker, and he'll stalk off to cool off; it might take a bit, because even if his memory is as bad as it is, he's rather like an equine in the fact that it will take a long time to forget something that caused the rare condition of Jydhaeth, mad. There are many, many different aspects of the bronze; some interesting, some not-so-interesting, and some which are just plain funny.

He's a traveller, fascinated by foreign cultures. However, he has an almost total lack of empathy, and he can't help but feel that these foreign cultures would benefit from being more like Reaches. He's not so much racist as… generously patriotic. Visits to Ista will appall him as he rediscovers anew each time that they have /Forest/ Weyrs. « Among the trees! It's just not cricket! »

He's genial enough that people shouldn't take offence too often, but he does have a terrible tendency to try and improve such heathens lives. Many's the time when, flying over a ship or trader caravan, you'll have to dissuade Jydhaeth from going down and offering those aboard a lift. « But L'uc, those poor, deprived people aren't as lucky as you and I to go ::between:: to our destination. » Trying to persuade him that they may derive joy from their own means of travel will be useless.

It doesn't help that he's got a terrible memory to the point where he's not entirely accurate about what Reaches is, much as he loves the place. « L'uc! Did you know that over here they put /ice/ in their drinks?? They say it's to keep them cool! Humans here must have dragon stomachs. » "Er, Jydhaeth. We do that at Reaches." « You do? » "When it's summer, yeah." « /You/ have done this? » "Yes." « Oh. »

Another quirk of his? Scent. He has a rather good sense of smell- it's probably his strongest sense, come to think of it- and it will bother the shells out of him if something stinks. Especially if something about /him/ stinks. Because of that, he'll wheedle away at you until it becomes evident that he will only use the finest, lightly-scented, best-smelling oils in the market, if he has his choice. Oh, and did we mention that 'about him' includes you?

« It is simply not proper to walk around while sweaty. »

He'll work hard to not offend you, and he'll offer countless 'suggestions', but in the end— if you're stubborn or he's not subtle enough, it'll eventually end up a quick sentence sped by faster-than-usual, as he always speaks faster when on a subject where he fears he might offend someone that doesn't deserve offending.

« Yousmellreallybadandshouldtakeabath. »

What else is amusing? His habitual complaints over firestone breath. We all hope you have a green thumb, because you're going to have to grow a plot of mint- a rather, er, /large/ plot of mint- to satisfy his cravings to chew on the plant to get rid of that breath. Don't worry, the farmers have adapted a special sort for the coldness of High Reaches. He might accept other herbage instead, but mint will always be his prefered after-Threadfall snack, so to speak. He'll grind it between his teeth as well as he can, and then stop to enjoy the flavor and let all that minty-clean freshness sink in.

And when he makes subtle complaints about having mint stuck in his teeth, you can be quick to remind him that you do a lot of work to get that mint for him, and that if he wants it out of his teeth, he has to do it himself. Of course.. -that- might bring about the rarest of rare: Jydhaeth sulking.

Sulking is nothing a proper thing, it isn't Right, and it's non-productive, or so Jydhaeth would calmly state. He doesn't like it when he sulks, and only two known things can bring about this sulking: being rejected by this-turn's One and Only, or his constant One and Only. Obviously, the latter's you, and if he senses rejection, and is feeling particularly down at that moment, he'll sulk- and we can guarentee that this'll make you feel like the lowest of low, because Jydhaeth just doesn't sulk right.

He'll draw in on himself, hole himself up someplace where he thinks nobody can get to him, and broodily consider just what he did -wrong-. It isn't at all an arrogant or selfish sulk; it's a contemplative one. He'll seem to become Sidramuntalath for a candlemark, a few candlemarks- a day at the very most- and then he'll come out of it. On his own, he'll come out of it only semi-refreshed, but it will most likely be a rare thing for him to go that long without /someone/ pulling him out of it.

« You have dwelled long enough on depressing subject matter, young pup, » will come the gravelly voice of Darth- who might become a confidante, over time, to the young Jydhaeth, simply because Darth will be persistent on considering the bronze his 'apprentice', whatever that means. … Something about L'uc's name, and a muttering about parentage.

In blackest night, any light is welcome.

- Corran Horn (I, Jedi)

If Sulking!Jyd is the rarest of rare, Optimist!Jyd is the most common. Sure, he's cool, calm, collected, charismatic and the perfect confidante a person- or dragon- could have, but all that comes along with the fact that at heart, Jydhaeth's a dreamer. He's a dreamer, but he has carefully cultivated fronts to keep it from being excessively obvious.

« When the pass ends… » will often be his starting words to a subject on the future and lots of plotting; he likes thinking over the future, dreaming about the possibilities and pondering over exactly what he wants to do with his life. Of course, there's the obvious: fighting Thread. It's a responsibility, and he doesn't take responsibility lightly.

An officer who gave his life for his country deserves far more respect than I do.

- General Faversham (The Four Feathers)

No, instead, he takes responsibility with deep honor- and it will be so strong of an influence that one would have to be the most stubborn creature alive or the most lazy thing around to not treat it with the same respect that Jydhaeth gives it.

Because of that, Jydhaeth would make a great leadership dragon, in any position. Particularly assistant weyrlingmaster- or even weyrlingmaster, period- simply because of his patience. He knows instinctively how to mete out reprimands, how to reward someone with a quick-sent feeling of pride in another's achievements, and how to lead.

He would not let his dreaming qualities get the best of him in a leadership arena, but that's not to say that he would completely repress them. No, Jydhaeth has far too much dreamer in him to -not- keep that area of his heart active.

But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.

- Professor Keating (Dead Poet's Society)

Most notably, he loves rhymes. Poetry, lyrics, matching words, puns- he loves it all, if it's done with the right finesse or creativity. He himself has a knack for the limerick; good stuff, witty and fast. Perhaps the odd romantic poem, but he simply loves that creativeness. He's one of a kind in a community of two: between himself and Seishuth, the eternal haiku master, they'll keep their clutchmates on their toes(or rolling in the aisles) with their lyrical inventions.

He'll also find a knack for philosophy; not the greatest sense in the world, and certainly not Kzaveth's nihilistic viewpoints or Morvorth's redefinition of the universe, but he'll find his own little niche. Optimism- lots of that- and a genuine appreciation for all life, great and small.

Speaking of small life, he enjoys greenery. Lots of it. In and around his weyr, he'll politely bargain until it's overflowing with the evergreen sorts of plants which survive in the hard cold of Reaches winter, and certain summery plants. Tiny trees, the eternal mint patches (which he'll prefer along the edges of his couch, so he can smell the faint hints of his favorite herbage when he drowses off), perhaps a few of the berry bushes, and that quirky white-green groundcover plant, he'll love it all. Even beyond that, if he had to choose one color, the answer would invariably sprout up, 'green'. The green of Keroon pastures, the green of Nabol forests, the green of Chrideth's hide- he'll like it all, from emeralds to milky greens to hunter green and all over again, he simply adores it.

Oh, and that preference will roll over into the area of flights, as well.

Han: And I suppose mating rituals are much simpler where you come from. When you love a woman, you probably just bite her on the neck and drag her to your tree. But we handle things differently where I come from. We make our women nice dinners, we compliment them, treat them like ladies.

Chewbacca laughs.

Han: … okay, so we shoot them and drag them into our spaceships.

-Han Solo/Chewie (The Courtship of Princess Leia)

Greens will be his favorite things to fly. He simply adores them; sure, with golds there's always the posibility for bringing in more prestige to him and yourself, but with greens there's just some indecypherable addictive nature to them that drives Jydhaeth wild. However, he won't fly every green out there- it's just not his nature. Instead, he'll carefully pick out the most favorite of his favorites, and see which one he catches first. Like a heron- which mate for a year, he'll stay true to that one green - or even possibly gold, even if she doesn't want to uphold /her/ end of the 'bargain', for any given period of time. Six months, eight, a turn; he'll be devoted to her, and her alone. He'll spout poetry at her, the finest of the very best; he'll save the best sunning spot on his ledge for her; he's a totally devoted creature when it comes to his 'loves'. But, then again, like a heron, when next 'season' comes around, all bets are off, and the cycle begins all over again.

Because he's so very lean- skinny, even- he has the agility that many of his bronzen companions lack, which makes him much more suitable for a green flight than some of his peers. Sure, he might be awkward on the ground, but as soon as you get him up into the air, he'll be unstopable. If he was a runner, he'd be an Igenbred: lean, with the ability to stop fast, manuever with relative ease, and endure a hard pace for a long time. This applies in every aspect of his flying, not just flights- in fact, it's more indicative of his nature in Threadfall than anything else.

He'll be all over the place, yet still in formation, arching his body about like a blind snake on heroine. That neck of his will pop out, extending to it's full length to flame something that would be beyond his 'normal' reach; that lengthy neck will enable him to stay in precise formation, but allow him to have a reach beyond that which his fellows have- well, except for perhaps Minoyath, his flamingo brother who is more like him in some aspects than any other.

He won't attack thread blindly, like some; he has more of a tactical nature- like Vorkoroth or Sidramuntalath, both of whom are extremely deliberate about the minor sub-tactics along with the major ones. His Colonial British Officer nature will blend precisely with the heron aspect of him then, offering him the best of both worlds as he goes up against Pern's ancient enemy.

It's only stupid if we die doing it. Otherwise it's heroism.

- Rogue Squadrom

Yes, tactics are important, and he'll stand by them- but he's also up for heroic rescues. If it involves the danger of bodily harm to you or him to save someone else.. Jydhaeth's probably up to it. It's a rueful fact, but he doesn't do it for the glory; he does it simply because he's driven to it, his mostly-hidden protective nature aroused to the point of boiling his blood during Thread.

« Look out, Hiakith! » will be his only warning, a brief mind-to-mind overflow of exactly /when/ to go ::between:: directly appropriated to the green as he dives, neck snapping out to flame the mindless, roiling ball of deathly destruction.

Oh, and when it comes to his clutchmates, Jydhaeth will be torn- especially while growing up. He considers them all his clutchmates, even those birthed by Cadgwith- but even those birthed by Cadgwith will be, well, different than him. He sort of.. sticks out, some times, like a sore thumb; sure, they all love him, but sometimes, the way his mind works is simply foreign to the rest of them. As they all mature, his ideas will become less and less radical to the rest of them, and he'll become more tightly ingrained with the rest; he'll go native, so to speak, though he won't precisely -change-. Perhaps they'll simply get used to him, and his mint-chewing, tactics-thinking, optimistic advice-offering cool moral-driven half-veiled charming ways; most likely, considering.

In classes, he'll tend to be quiet, observing and absorbing information with that rapidfire mind of his, the occaisonal question taking some by surprise- again, simply because the way he thinks can be quite different from the ways others think. In high-stress situations, he'll keep his cool, much like his clutchsib Chrideth; but he'll have the ever-present layer of thrumming tension just below the surface, ready to move, ready to act, simply ready.

"I'm a veal kind of guy. You're too old to eat. But not to kill." :: breaks the man's neck :: "I feel better."

- Spike (Buffy)

Over the feeding pens, he'll be a sight- a pale-bellied bronzen shadow, patient from his high altitude circling. He'll find one herdbeast of his fancy - preferably a young one, something not too aged— two turns old at the very oldest, eyeball it until he grasps how quick of reflexes it might have— and then, WHAM, he'll be dropping out of the sky at a high-speed dive to backwing right on the poor beast. Luckily, because of that, he's a remarkably clean killer; an instantly broken neck at the very least, and sometimes the force of his dive might crush the skull itself.

Blooding, before a gold flight, will be /quite/ tedious for Jydhaeth; he won't have the time, usually, to make his kills the way he likes to make them, unless the gold's awfully picky. So, he'll blood one, /maybe/ two before a flight; he simply won't need the blood for a green one.

What else is there to Jydhaeth? Lots of things. For instance, he's quick to make friends, and he'll be instinctively protective of those friends— but he'll make /close/ friends along with way, perhaps not with the most obvious choices of friends, either, and he'll become half-possessively protective of them. If he were to ever fly a gold, and have a clutch, he'd be fiercely proud of his offspring and never forgetful of who they are; and if one of them has a problem, he'll be there, always questing for an easier route for them to go.

Oh, and -you-. See, you play Gabriel to his Benjamin; he's both fiercely proud of you and fiercely protective. He simply loves you with the love only a lifemate can provide; deep, pure, no-refund, 100% guarenteed Pure Love.

I suppose I'm going because you are going. There is no one I'd sooner trust my life with. You're all that matters.

- Jack Durrance (The Four Feathers)

Ahh, L'uc. We made him to be the way he is, but if you don't like parts about him, or don't like him at all, that won't hurt our feelings! He's yours to play with, your own Jydhaeth; take whatever amounts out of this inspiration as you want to. Most of all— have fun!


Name: Sii'kyn, Ciera, Pyrene
Egg Desc: Yuri; Vaeli tweak
Dragonet Desc: Ciera; Nuff, Sii'kyn tweak
Messages: Sii'kyn
Puppeteer: Sii'kyn
Inspiration: Ciera, Pyrene, Sii'kyn


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Mermaid of the W.Indies Blue Morvorth and Zarelyn
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Lost Gem of IndianShore Brown Neshath and Kal (Kaltia)
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Sun 'n Sangria Summer Brown Seishuth and K'bai (Kibai)
Flaming Pink Flamingo Brnze Minoyath and M'nty (Monty)
Migratory Visitor Heron Brnze Jydhaeth and L'uc (Lucan)

Harper's Tale's 36th PC Clutch
High Reaches Weyr's 10th PC Clutch
Vaeli's gold Nissionath and B'ane's bronze Aboleoth
Pyrene's gold Cadgwith and Sii'kyn's brown Sidramuntalath
Sunday 3rd August 2003