** Wasteland Wanderer Brown Dragonet**

Long and lean, this brown is clothed in darkest bistre from nose to slender tailtip. Sweetly curved muzzle gives way to sleek headknobs, all softness. One eye bright, the other dark, scales scarred with umber that blend back into that same bistre over sharply angular neck ridges. Down the length of his long neck, two pale, pale stripes of mahogany stand out. The same shade of matt bistre washes over lean legs and down the length of the overly long tail. Nothing bright, nothing flashy, this brown is of the dark earth, secret, silent.

Name & Description Inspiration

Originally starting with Snake Plissken, and ending up with the Rinkhals Cobra.


His mindvoice is deep and raspy, the howl of the wind among partially destroyed buildings always echoing in the background. He is a dragon of few words, even to those he likes, and those words are carefully chosen. Most of the time, he simply projects emotions and feelings as his response. He shares his riders disdain for blues, and will rarely speak or interact with one directly, preferring to use another dragon as a go-between.

Even when he’s not projecting, he’s always there in the background, a lurking, battered presence.


Khallth is built more like a snake than a dragon. He is large for a brown, at least lengthwise. He doesn’t have the bulk of his fellow browns which makes him slightly more agile in the air, but conversely, he doesn’t have the usual staying power.

He prefers to spend most of his time on the ground, taking to the air as little as possible. Flying is a chore, rather than a pleasure.


Khallth is a loner, keeping himself to himself most of the time. This doesn’t mean that he will chase away any dragon that wants to talk to him, indeed, he likes being sociable, with the right dragon.


After the incident that cost him his eye, Khallth does not like flights. He very very rarely rises in chase of a green, and only less rarely takes part in a queenflight. When he does fly though, he stays away from the main pack. He doesn’t show off for the female, instead concentrating on getting to her in as straight a line as possible.

If another male dragon checks him though, or gets in the way, Khallth gets vicious quickly.