Oil Spill Egg

Oil slick on the surface of a stagnant pool – swirling ripples of iridescent pink, green, and blue hues pattern themselves across the breadth of this medium-sized egg. While a riot of colors whorl over its shell, its base is a flat, muddy brown with shadowy black portions and spots that almost look like bubbles. It is dark in comparison to its neighbors, and looks plain dirty.

Hatching Message

A truly repulsive sight is the Oil Slick Egg’s shell pulsing from whatever lies inside. Sides heave and fall, almost as if breathing, until finally cracks start to from at the top of the egg and begin to spread across the whole expanse. One last push of resistance comes from within the egg, and then it explodes in a flurry of dark shell pieces, revealing an ominous looking bronze where the egg once sat.

** Bronze

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Name: W'lin
Egg Desc: W'lin
Dragonet Desc: W'lin
Messages: W'lin
Puppeteer: W'lin
Inspiration: W'lin


Brown Bymith