Nylca's Incompetent Ratcatcher Green Laeth

Clutching Pose:
Tiareth, tired now, nay, /exhausted/, sinks still lower into the Sands. She breathes low and slow, her great empty sides heaving now from the many long hours laying eggs. She looks for her Nuff, finding the little Weyrwoman toddling up to lay a hand on her warm nose. They stand like that for sometime time, nothing in the world but each other, and then Tiareth pushes out the last two eggs.

Silhouette at Sunset Egg
Choppy indigo waves roll across the lower half of this egg to meet a paler, cloud-streaked sky above a sharp horizon. Upon this intersection, a blazing sphere of fiery orange projects colors across both halves; red and violet vie for dominance, smeared pastel-like over the top and illuminating clouds from within while cresting tempests break up the frothy bits of vibrant color. Darkly dramatic against this stage of light and shadow, a needle-fir silhouette pierces across water and sky alike, not far from the setting orb. The evergreen's black shape is limned first by a ring of purple and then by one of red, a haunting backlit illusion that overshadows the lonely, solitary beauty.

Hatching Message:
Silhouette at Sunset Egg settles down further into the sand, as though the sun is dipping further below the horizon. The idyllic peace is abruptly and violently shattered, though, as a particularly forceful rock forms a spiderweb of cracks over the shell. Within seconds, the egg is crumbling, myriad bits flying outwards as a small shape flings itself haphazardly onto the Sands.

Incompetent Ratcatcher Green Dragonet
Strange things come in small packages - and the greener, the stranger. Cheerily bright, the color traipses over this dragon's hide from inquisitive nosetip to haphazard end of a long, thin tail. Sylvan shadows brindle her compact body, streaking down from her ridges to fur surprisingly delicate legs and feet. Yet no tabby marks weigh down her fragile wings: simple green shines through with beguiling clarity. Beneath the verdant luster and deep olive, her plump belly is paler, a murmur of mint that stretches up her throat to whisker cheeks and chin. Comically large headknobs splay above a bluntly dished muzzle to frame perpetually wide eyes. Neither the brains nor the beauty of her heritage is evident, but she carries her own brand of charm that is not easily resisted.

Public Impression Pose:
Incompetent Ratcatcher Green Dragonet wheels spazztically around in a circle for a moment, eyes wide and taking in everything. Then, without warning, she cut off on a tangent from the circle and dartsas much as a newborn dragon in deep sand can dart, anywaytowards a clump of candidates. She skids to a wild-eyed stop in front of a messenger lass, then abruptly plops her tookus down in the Sand and gazes up, a rumbly purr noise coming from her throat. You? Nylca? You. Nylca.

Private Impression Message:
Whump. You don't so much hear the sound in your head as you /feel/ the collision with your mind, like a small but heavy object suddenly dropped from the sky and landed right on top of you. The impact drives away the sounds and sights around you, eclipsing the Sands entirely. In a flash, the pressure is gone, zipping away only to leave behind a flurry of motion and shapes, excited images you can vaguely link to the events now transpiring on the sands. « Isn't it exciting? » The voice that infringes abruptly on your thoughts is twitchy, coiled energy quivering with excitement. It stays quiet for a long moment, the tingly energy drinking in its surroundings delightedly before speaking again, abruptly. « Oh, wait. What was I doing again? Oh, yes. That's right. » A rumbling, purring noise adds backdrop to the voice. « Your name is Nylca. And mine is Laeth. And I'm hungry. »


*cough* We had this running joke on 'Co about Ciera's kitten, and how we'd like to base a dragon on him. And then you asked for a dragon which more or less fit into his personality… Curious, childlike, playful. And hence did Laeth start to come into creation. Jake's not actually a kitten anymore, but he never really seemed to grow out of the kitten stage, and still frequently does things usually only attributed to dumb kittens. Laeth is much the same—she'll never fully grow out of the baby stage, really, and her curiosity will be constantly getting her into scrapes that will cause others to think she's dumb. She's sweet, really, and unbearably cute, but she'll never be renowned for her intelligence. On a larger scale, Laeth has elements of every cat (with a specific look at barn cats from medieval times)… except the intense predatory nature has been corrupted to a certain level of bumbling incompetence. If you ever want ideas for strange mishaps fir Laeth to get into, Ciera can probably supply a few from her own personal stock of stories. Since you said you like fantasy things, we worked in a smidgeon like Harry Potter's Dobby the house elf and hobbits from Lord of the Rings…

Upon the hearth, the fire is red Beneath the roof there is a bed; But not yet weary are our feet, Still round the corner we may meet A sudden tree or standing stone That none have seen but we alone Tree and flower and leaf and grass, Let them pass! Let them pass! Hill and water under sky, Pass them by! Pass them by!

Still round the corner there may wait A new road or a secret gate, And though we pass them by today, Tomorrow we may come this way And take the hidden paths that run Towards the Moon or to the Sun. Apple, thorn, and nut and sloe, Let them go! Let them go! Sand and stone and pool and dell, Fare you well! Fare you well!

Home is behind, the world ahead, And there are many paths to tread Through shadows to the edge of night, Until the stars are all alight. Then world behind and home ahead, We'll wander back to home and bed. Mist and twilight, cloud and shade, Away shall fade! Away shall fade! Fire and lamp, and meat and bread, And then to bed! And then to bed! -Hobbit traveling song, The Fellowship of the Ring Egg Inspiration: I went camping in the Porcupine Mountains this past summer, and the first photograph I took there is still my favorite. I was sitting on a cliff, and caught a pine tree silhouetted by the setting sun over Lake Superior. The result was a dramatic photograph that projects a sort of lonely calm, perfect for looking at when I'm stressed or upset. Sariani We chose this egg for you, because… well, you liked it! It also seems fitting that Laeth comes out of such an idyllic, peaceful egg, when she'll have such a knack for shattering peace and quiet wherever it's found. Rather symbolic, neh? It also ties in to the stress relief aspect of the egg. Kittens are wonderful for relieving stress. Not that Laeth will be a relaxing dragonin fact, some of her behaviour will probably make you /more/ stressed and upset—but somehow, they can always make you feel better.

Name Inspiration:
It was tempting to name her after the Latin word for "No!" in light of her troublemaking propensities, but the word is minime, and the Mini Me connotations didn't seem appropriate… Besides, Laeth is much prettier than Minimeth. Laeth comes from the Latin word laetus -a -um, which means happy or joyful. Whatever else your green might be, she's definitely cheerful. The correct Latin pronunciation is 'lithe' (something else which she is), but she's yours to pronounce as you like. We debated long and hard over the names, but kept coming back to Laeth. It was short and simple, Latin, and started with an L—all the things you asked for! In the end, it was just too perfect, and we settled on Laeth for your happy little green.

Mind Voice:
Laeth is all about /motion/. Her presence in your mind will be a constant flurry of it, sometimes dizzying and overwhelming. She speaks rapidly for the most part, and her voice has a childlike timber to it, frequently augmented by feline sounds—purrs, hisses, and the ever-popular plaintive yowl. She uses images frequently, but unlike most dragons, she doesn't have a favorite color or combination of colors. In fact, she doesn't usually pay much attention to color at all, often resulting in oddly colored images. Instead, she's mostly about movement and shape… so when she's in a sneaky mood, she'll give a slinky sort of long impression with her mind, slow and precise. When she's hyper, it'll be like a ball bouncing off the wall and into the floor and over the chair and so on. When she's trying to rein that energy in, it's a vibratory energy, tense and quivering with the effort of containing his excitement. And when she's angry , there's a puffed-out feel, a kind of stiff-legged threat, and her voice drops in pitch, becoming deeper and slower - like a growl rumbling in the throat of an animal.

Description Inspiration/Physicalities:
Jake-the-kitten is a brown tabby. So Ciera basically took a picture of him, imagined it with wings, and went from there. She has the obligatory tabby stripes, but these are tabby, not tiger. They're less defined than that, merely two different shades of green, one dark and one light, taking turns across her flanks. Her face is more kittenish, with little pale whisker marks around her muzzle, and those outsized headknobs that she never will quite grow into. The fact is, Laeth isn't big. She isn't the smallest dragon, but she's close to it, and she's built light to boot. She's got a propensity to be a little, ah, round in the middle and short lengthwise, but her legs are lanky and she really has quite a delicate frame. Somehow, she manages to be athletic in spite of her odd proportions. Most of this probably has to do with how supple her spine is. It's not so much that she's got the muscles to make her jump high as it is that she's able to twist her body around and /make/ it squirm higher in the air than her strength really dictates. We hope you're not inclined to motion sickness, because this makes her takeoffs rather erratic and spills over some into her flight. Her wings are thin. The bones are thin. The membranes are thin. They're long and narrow rather than short and broad. This gives her squat for stamina, but her bursts of speed will be nearly as impressive as her flexibility, making her a wonderful asset to a wing and especially adept at cleaning up the thread other dragons might miss.

Laeth isn't the brightest, the poor dear. There will be whispers throughout the Weyr that maybe she's a sign that Tiareth's getting a bit too far on in Turns for clutching, and other whispers that her egg was jostled around a bit too much. Whatever it is, though, it hasn't affected her energy one bit. Laeth is like nothing so much as a child. She'll roust you out of bed before you're ready each morning and be a pill to get to sleep at night. She loves games, especially ones that end with her being dirty, tired, bruised, or any of the above. She fancies himself a wonderful hunter and especially loves to stalk things. When she's little, it'll be things like your feet, brats, or Weyr felines. When she's older, she'll move on to herdbeasts and other dragons. This will cause you many headaches.

« Feaaaar! » *whump* *snort, hwuf, grnk?* " Nylca! Your /dragon/ just pounced Cadgwith /again/!"

She'll also have an amazing penchant for getting herself into odd predicaments. Many of these will inevitably involve her tail. You see, especially when she's younger, she'll have a hard time remembering that her tail is a part of her. As a direct result, she'll forget to keep it where it should be. This may end up in all sorts of scenarios, everything from knocking over breakables as it lashes excitedly to scraping it raw when it gets caught between two rocks and she keeps walking…

" If it is attached to me, then why does it run away when I chase it?" - Jake the Kitten (attributed)

An interesting side note… She has this thingalmost a fetishfor socks. She'll collect them, of every color and size possible, and she's fascinated by them. You see, she doesn't understand socks because they're just so odd looking when they're not on feet. She can never remember what they are, and you will frequently enter the weyr to find that she's caught a sock that you'd carelessly left on the floor and is busy poking and prodding and stretching it with her claws trying to figure out what it is. Try making sock puppets for her sometime and watch her freak out—you'll have to remind her they're not real.

" Master has given Dobby a sock!" - Dobby the house elf, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

She's also very, very fond of food. She'll try to weasel it out of anyone she can see, preferring as many meals she can get in a day. And when she's feeling particularly perverse, she'll yowl and carry on and try to convince people to give her food because you've been neglecting her and she's on her last legs… Nip this in the bud, if you know what's good for you. No good can come of it.

" But what about breakfast?" " We already had it." " We've had one, yes. But what about /second/ breakfast?" -Pippin and Aragorn, Fellowship of the Rings (movie version)

She's highly competitive. One has to be, when one is a source of amusement more than anything else. Laeth is fairly athletic, really, and she's always determined to be in the front, especially during ground drills. She'll edge forward if she's not up front, disgruntled at others being ahead of her. It's even worse if it's /really/ a race. The problem with all this is that she isn't just competitive, she's absent-minded. So once you do get ahead of the others, she'll be so busy preening and puffing herself out that she'll forget to look where she's going.

« Look, Nylca! Ha! Lylia put me in front. Shows all those others, doesn't it? Iztenith thought she could lead today, but /I/— » " Laeth, the wall! Watch where you're going!" *swerve* « Shells! Druseth says Fantorith gets to lead now. It's not fair. I was doing fine! Mostly. »

One would think, with her zippy speed, amazing jumping ability, competitive nature, and small turning radius, that Laeth would be next to impossible for males to catch during flights. And to some extent, this is true. Even with their larger wing-spans, it's hard for males to catch up to her and harder for them to out-turn her when she changes which direction 'front' is. And she is bound and determined to be out in front as she's flying. Remember that absent-minded bit, though? This is where you get nailed. See, Laeth has a tendency to space out. She gets in front, rejoices in the freedom of it all, and promptly has to struggle to remember that there are males who are actively chasing her. She'll be happily oblivious to advanced tactics such as utilizing thermals, and as long as he doesn't put his nose in front of her, she'll be just as oblivious to any male who comes close to her. The sum total of her flying strategy is to go in any direction where there isn't another dragon, because, that way, they're all behind her ergo /she/ is in the lead. This spaciness doesn't lend itself to monogamy. Even if your weyrmate's dragon is chasing, it'll be hard for her to concentrate on letting said male dragon win. She'll want to, for your sake, but it's just so /hard/ to remember that when there's sky all around and she's flying and having fun and out in front and… wait, what was the question, again? She'll never be a flirt when proddy—she's friendly all the time, so if anything she's likely to grow a bit taciturn when she starts to glow. If there's a particular male that's caught her eye, she might try to hide behind him when the other males start showing interest, but that's no guarantee she'll remember her affections in the heat of the moment. Unpredictability is a rule of thumb when she takes to the air, and it's best that you remember it as well as she does. She's sweet, though. She doesn't believe anyone would ever want to harm her, and is cheerfully too dense to realize when she's not welcome somewhere. Everyone is a potential friend, playmate, and/or source of food. You'll need to be her protector here, Nylca, keeping her from physical harm initially, and from emotional harm when she's too big for you to stop anything that can hurt her physically. You're the one who provides a sense of judgment in this relationship, and soothes her when she realizes that not everyone in the world is waiting to give her treats or listen to her wild recountings of various adventures. In return, she's always there for you. She'll love to curl up and provide a warm backrest while you read, or listen when you're feeling down. And most importantly, she'll have a knack for making you laugh when you need to - a terribly useful skill for a friend to have.


So, this is your Laeth as we see her, Nylca. We hope you like her! Remember, though, that she is entirely yours, and you can feel free to use all of this, only bits of it, or none of it as you like. Welcome again to HRW riderhood!

Name: Pyrene
Egg Desc:
Sariani; Fyria, Pyrene tweak
Dragonet Desc: Ciera; Pyrene tweak
Messages: Ciera; Donis tweak
Puppeteer: Ciera
Inspiration: Ciera, Pyrene, Siannen, Zai

Clutchmates: Zana (Zorana) and blue Braezyth, Nylca and green Laeth, C'ela (Enceladus) and bronze Ejotzeth, Sein (Seilyn) and green Aibhlusaith, Marina and green Chisth, Larna (Larnat) and brown Rashkecharath, Vaeli (Vaedelle) and gold Nissionath, G'ram (Graiham) and brown Fantorith, M'lir (Myliren) and bronze Oirfeath, D'ean (Goldean) and green Iztenith, and Tye (Laytai) and blue Valedath

Harper's Tale's 34th PC Clutch
High Reaches Weyr's 9th PC Clutch
Nuff's gold Tiareth and Zi'n's bronze Orbyth
December 6th, 2002