Moanna’s Stormborn Skull In the Desert Green Maeveth


“Girls like her were born in a storm. They have lightning in their souls, Thunder in their hearts, And chaos in their bones.”
-Nikita Gil

Moanna, you wanted a name that was easy to pronounce, more short than long, lyrical, melodic, pretty in text, and with a meaning that resonated with the dragon. Well…. You got it! We tossed around a lot of names but when Maeveth appeared it just leapt off the page and both of us instantly agreed it was perfect! Maeve is Irish for ‘intoxicating’, which your amazing green can be to those who love her - and she even has a cute nickname, Mae! According to Wikipedia, the name is generally associated with beauty and strength.


Also, ‘Maeve’ appears in Irish mythology in two forms. One, as the Warrior Queen of Connacht who led an epic battle against her adversaries. You can read the legend of “Táin Bó Cúailnge”. The other is as the powerful Queen of the Fairies. Since Moanna is quite fairy-like in body and spirit, especially with her Zingari-esque traits we thought it particularly fitting. The Fairy Queen in Maeveth is just what Moanna needs to nurture the budding leadership qualities that she has not yet discovered.

Of course, we want you to be as happy with your lifemate as possible so if Maeveth doesn’t strike you as just right here are a couple of the alternate names that we considered. If you like one of them better feel free to use it instead!

Orithiath = Orithia is Amazon for warrior. Cute nickname Ori.
Cashirath = Cahira is Irish for warrior. Added the ‘s’ for a nice nickname of Cas.

Still Before The Tempest Egg

The air is still and electric around this egg, noise is muffled as if waiting in the eye of some great storm. Purples, blues, grays and shades of black all war to swirl together like crashing thunderclouds. Unease is a feeling most abundant as a white hot streak spiders it's way across cloud darkened curves. Objects both seen and unseen are dragged through the threatening sky on unfeeling winds of terror. A storm rages without as life blossoms within.

Egg Inspiration

Tempestuous Storms _S’ayde


The wild power of a tempest is imposing and visually stunning but the moments before it actually breaks are filled with an electric sense of impending unease. It’s both mesmerizing and thrilling - as long as you aren’t standing in the midst of it!

Hatching Message

Still Before the Tempest Egg breaks it’s silence with the suddenness of a thunder crack! With one mighty shiver webs of lightning streak across it’s shell, opening chasms within the already darkened swirls of riotous color. The sense of impending terror that has lingered across it’s stormy visage comes to chaotic fulfillment as pieces large and small shatter and fall to scatter on the sands. Out of the turmoil rolls Stormborn Skull in the Desert Green Dragonet.

Wandering Pose:
Storm-born Skull in the Desert Green Dragonet is in control! It might seem questionable at first as her head-over-tail tumbling arrival appears rather uncontrolled but with feline precision, she lands solidly on her feet. Rising with a slow, fluid grace she turns her head to inspect her surroundings immediately. Fledgling hunter instincts already seeking input to process. Brilliant facets shine with playful fascination as they take in all the lights and sounds of the hatching spectacle. Such an audience! Taking a moment to groom she gives her wings a testing shake and nudges a few clinging pieces of shell off of them with her nose. A lady must always look presentable! Now, how about those candidates, hmm? There’s a sense of something hovering out there… something she can’t quite put her talon on yet. But she’ll find it, yes she will! In a flash of opalescent splendor she flares her wings to get their attention, glowlight reflecting off beautifully vivid colors with eye-catching clarity.

(Note for you, Moanna, that last part of Maeveth’s wandering pose was a particular nod to the scene in Bones when Angela went to the airport to pick up Brennan and flashed the man at the counter to get his attention! Hysterical! We thought you’d like that bit of boldness in your spunky girl! See it here. )

Dragonet Desc


Legends of old unfold as a warrior fairy queen arrives, draped in finery of richest emerald and bright kelly green. The elegance of her hide deepens with an undercoating of darker dappled spots throughout the predatory lines of her long graceful frame. Adding to this striking pattern are three long, ebony stripes that fall down her back from headknobs to tail, a true mark of royalty. The turn of her head speaks volumes, conveying a keen awareness in the sleek lines of her jaw and a sly sense of humor in the cute buttony curve of her nose, not to mention the ever-changing facets of gloriously expressive hues in great, oval eyes . The athletic stretch of her build is laced with plenty of lean muscle, compact but capable of surprising swiftness and strength given the more delicate framework of her bones. The crowning jewels of her regal attire, however, are her wings! With each tiny movement they shimmer and shift with the gorgeous translucence of an abalone shell. A glimmering mixture of cerulean blues, misty violets, and deep water greens darken along spar and bone but lighten and sparkle with the soft pinks and creams of a true opalescent wash across gossamer sails.

Public Impression Pose

Storm-born Skull in the Desert Green Dragonet is close, ever so close! Though it has eluded her thus far like a point of light she can’t quite catch she can almost pinpoint her goal now. Padding cautiously across the sand she circles a pair of girls - one blond and one brunette - even playfully bumping one from behind with her snout. What fun! Dashing nimbly away her movements are almost like a dance, but not quite. This whole balance thing is still rather new after being curled in a cramped egg for so long! But OH! A sudden flicker of recognition latches onto her mind and she whirls with a ripple of wing and excited thumping of tail. Can it be?? Has she finally found the perfect match for her warrior soul and hunter’s heart? Is it she?? The canvas for her inner artist and muse for the chorus to fill her days? YES!

Private Impression Message

The once dark, quiet recesses of your mind are suddenly assaulted with splotches of colorful paint. Splat! Splat! Splat! Red, yellow and blue ooze down the insides of your mind, coating everything and mixing into rivers of green, purple and orange. It’s an assault of color that’s like to be bright and nearly induce a headache. And with an exaggerated «SWEEETIE!!! There you are! Are you exhausted? I am, really it just took forever to get here and meet you Moanna, I’m Maeveth. Now, where do a couple of good looking girls find a meal around here?»

Clutch Theme Inspiration/Dragonet Tie-In


Nature! Your Maeveth fit this theme like a glove! Much of her is based on a cheetah, one of nature’s greatest hunters. From her sleek predator physique to her spotted and striped pattern we made sure she resembled both the regular cheetah and the king cheetah as you requested. Her hatching name was such a smooth transition as well that it was like she wrote herself! The perfect episode of Bones to showcase the character you most liked happened to be named after and based in the desert and mention a skull. Your girl was definitely meant to hatch with this Nature themed clutch!

Description Inspiration


Two things guided the description of your beautiful girl. First, you requested a cheetah and particularly the stripes of a king cheetah (which was new to us so very cool!), as well as the embodiment of the cheetah’s predatorial shape. Maeveth is build for speed and athletic agility! Second, she is a warrior hunter. The elegance of royalty defines her smooth, graceful movements. She may be a green dragon but she carries herself with the innate, self-assurance of a confidant warrior queen. Thus her name inspired us with it’s rich history of Irish legend and the strong, memorable females who embodied it.

Name Inspiration

“Skull in the Desert” is the name of a Bones episode based solely on Angela, and you see a lot of her personality in it.

Episode Synopsis:

When Angela finds a skull in the desert on her vacation, she asks Brennan for help identifying the skull as she fears that it may be her missing boyfriend. With the sheriff's sister still missing in the desert and with drugs involved and the rest of the remains from the skull still missing, Booth flies down from D.C. to help Brennan.

Explanation: When we were narrowing down the options for a dragonet name and Maeveth’s actual name, we decided that she would be based on two things: Angela from the TV show Bones (because she is the concept basis for Moanna and because her spirit exactly fits what you described you wanted in your lifemate) and the intimate and sometimes deadly beauty of the desert. Ok, it’s more like three things because she’s also named after a Warrior Faery Queen too.

Stormborn: Came from the fact that Maeveth came from a stormy egg.

Skull in the Desert: Came from the name of the Bones episode that features Angela.

Maeveth: From the Irish word Maeve meaning “Intoxicating” or “Warrior”, also Maeve The Warrior Faery Queen.



“You know what you people lack? Whimsy. It's a genuine handicap”
~ Angela Montenegro

This is another place where Angela’s spirit comes into this beautiful green dragonet. Not only does Michaela Conlin play Angela, but she is also the voice that we imagine hearing when Maeveth speaks. That sort of wise, playful, sultry voice that just intrigues the mind and soul.

Angela definitely encompasses these traits and more. She’s a force to be reckoned with despite her lovable and whimsical attitude. And Maeve’s scape is no different.

While you are a creature of dance and music Moanna, Maeveth is a creature of all the arts, but especially the kind that involves paint. Don’t get us wrong here, Maeveth will be perfectly supportive of your dancing, and she will love the artistry put into it, convincing you to work harder for your art. That being said, however, Maeveth is obsessed with recreating the beauty around her, even in her mindscape.

When she is young Maeveth’s scape will be a kaleidoscope of color and chaotic arrangement. Honestly, it’ll feel like looking at a Pollock or Dali painting, ever morphing, ever shifting and never quite right in looks.


You sit contemplating your luck at impressing and without warning your mind is blasted with blotches of red, orange and yellow paint, all oozing down the walls of her mind like water running down a hill. The colors indicate an urgency that MUST NOT be ignored.

«Sweety, really, while you’re sitting here contemplating your toes, I’m quite literally starving over here. Would you mind being a dear and fetching me some food? Please?»

And this is the way it will be through most of weyrlinghood until the two of you get to know each other better and Maeveth has gotten over the urge to catch your attentions in such a splotchy way.


As she grows older, those splotches of paint will turn into elaborate landscapes, beautiful still lifes, and so very much more. This beautiful free spirit of a green will always have a shifting mindscape, like art, ever changing in style and delivery as her viewpoint changes with age and maturity.

For example, when Maevath is angry she may exhibit a darker scape, perhaps reminiscent of Van Gogh. Her voice will echo and inspire fear when she is angry, it will howl on the winds of Van Gogh’s starry night and rage from the gaping mouth of his ever famous “Scream”.

When she is happy or ecstatic, you’ll see things ranging from Georgia O’keefe (happy) to some downright Lisa Frank(ecstatic) style scapes using vibrant washes of color and light, floral patterns, and images. Being Zingari you like colors right? Well, get ready for plenty of them!


And when Maeveth sees you dance Moanna, her scape will become a world of moving pictures and light and music, all bright in their animation, or dark depending on the mood of the dance. You’ll have your very own Fantasia playing in your head! This desert Fairy Queen has a fond appreciation for all the arts, even ones that don’t involve paint. Her unique artistry will truly keep you entertained and inspired for a lifetime.


If you haven’t noticed already, your girl is one lean, mean, warrior/hunter machine! Physically she embodies the sleek predator lines of a cheetah with trim, tone musculature and delicate bones that give her impressive speed and agility in flight. She will be a beauty to behold when executing finite, dare-devil maneuvers in the skies, leaving pursuers in the wind or ripping through waves of thread like a professional surfer! Her movements are calculated and precise, even if she doesn’t quite have the grace yet to always pull them off when she’s young. It will come though, with less effort than others may have to apply to reach the same level because for her that intricate agility is an instinctual skill.

Have you seen pictures of a cheetah poised on a hill overlooking the surrounding landscape? Or seen a cat in restful repose suddenly lift it’s head and stare outward with utter stillness? That keen poise is a strong asset Maeveth possesses. She has an uncanny ability to be completely aware of her surroundings yet seem aloof at the same time, apart from whatever is going on around you. This will be especially helpful at times when she needs to see the big picture - such as when fighting thread.

Maeveth also possesses another feline aspect that you might find endearing but will also test your patience as well. She likes to be clean. Don’t ever plan on a quick bath or oiling because she’ll always find spots that you missed or that need extra attention. And even then she’ll probably spend hours on her own grooming herself. Like most felines, Maevath has her own timetable and, other than when it comes to fighting thread, will do things at her own pace. Scritches and scratches will be excellent tools for you to use for bribery and coercion!

And while we’re on the subject of feline attributes, brace yourself for plenty of physical affection! Maeveth loves to cuddle, to nuzzle, to pounce and to playfully nudge. She’ll just as soon want to wrap you in those gorgeous abalone wings of hers as she will use her tail to trip you into falling into the lake!

As far as size, Maeveth benefits from having mixed genes so won’t be the smallest or daintiest green out there but neither will she be the largest. Her size is perfectly suited to the lean, athletic cast of her bones and musculature.


Maeveth may be a warrior queen in the skies, but on the ground she is a free spirited, independent, wo— dragon. She knows what she wants and from whom and she likes to enjoy the fun and wild side of life. She’s completely aware of her place in the world and utterly confident in it. She will challenge your boundaries and comfort zones Moanna, challenging you to take the leap into the unknown and loosen up. Whether it be for life or for love, your girl will always be looking to help Moanna take the most from life that she can.

«Sweetie you have this idea…that in order for love to be real it has to be permanent. Nothing is permanent. That's just a fact. We move in and out of loving other people, but that doesn't make the love any less real. Or any less worth pursuing.»

She will be reckless and bold, your Maeveth, always on the lookout for a new adventure, a new memory to paint on the canvas of your minds, she may forget some things, but you Moanna, will remember them forever. However, this is not to say that she is completely reckless, Moanna’s sense of discipline will temper this, so that it stays just this side of fun adventurism.

Moanna may not know it yet but others have seen glimpses of leadership qualities in her. Perhaps she gets them from learning what not to do from Annadine and Rhimell. Whatever the source, the qualities are there, ready to bloom, which they shall to through notice of Maeveth and the training Moanna will receive during weyrlinghood. Once Maeveth notices these qualities, she’ll try to help them bloom and will push Moanna to further her position in life because Mae just knows Moanna can do it.

«Honey, I know you can do this. You should put your name in the hat for w2, seriously, I know you’d make a better on than D’itz and Dorkath over there.»

By the time Maeveth is grown, she’ll be a strong minded thing with a definite opinion of her own. She just might be a little less breakneck adventurous than before, a little less known for suicidal flight displays and sometimes, sometimes, she might just have a more level head than you Moanna.

«Sweetie, this is one of those times when I’m right and everyone else is confused.»

Oh, and be on your toes. Maeveth loves children! They fascinate her, and she'll likely spend time watching the Zingari children at play, or the weyrbrats chase each other around. Heck, she might even join in on the play. The free spirits of children and their joyous abandon is something that calls to Maeveth’s fairy like soul. Children are quite fairly-like on their own you know. If she was allowed, Maeveth might ‘adopt’ and spirit away every child she were to come across.



Maeveth stares at the children scratching her chin. « I would like an army of tiny humans. Please make one for me. »

“… It doesn’t quite work like that Mae.” As Moanna tries not to choke.

« Sure it does, I’ve a list of people who would be happy to assist! »

Dragon Scent

Lavender, Lemon Balm, Mint
Where you would think that Maeveth would come with the smell of linseed oil and paint you couldn’t be more wrong. Maeveth’s scent is one that induces calm and relaxation, perhaps making you crave a cup of tea. The mingling scents of lavender, lemon balm and mint will always hover around Maeveth like a wandering aromatherapy brazier. It will get stronger when Maeveth wishes to calm you or sooth you in some way. When she is exhausted, she will exude lavender heavily, perhaps even making you sleepy.

Dragon Song

Try Everything - Shakira

We had a completely different song in mind when we first started Fairy Queen Maeveth here, and the more we wrote, the less the original song appealed to Mae’s personality. So, sifting through probably three hours worth of songs later, we still had nothing…and then, S’ayde’s kids decided it was an opportune moment to put on Zootopia while S’ayde was busy writing. This was a fantastic idea, it seems, for children are oft full of wonderful ideas.

S’ayde steps out from behind the veil and waves his arms furiously at the HT 4th wall audience. He clears his throat.

I’m gonna go ahead and break the team fourth wall here and give my kids a big big shout out because I never would have thought of this song otherwise. I was sitting there, writing in a completely different section of this inspiration and my six and three year old came screeeching through the living room like a couple of banshees. I asked them to pretty please let me write and why don’t you go pick a movie to put on.

Well, they both run over and sit on the floor in front of the couch, and I’m sitting at the table type, type, typing away, foot bouncing to a youtube playlist blaring in my ear through an earbud. My eldest grabs the t.v. remote and turns the t.v on before she grabs the playstation remote and navigates the PS3 to netflix. She immediately zooms to Zootopia and puts it on. It’s been a running favorite for weeks now.

I remember looking up and grinning, my head slowly shaking as I rolled my eyes. Here we go again, I thought. Though to be fair, it’s a pretty entertaining movie to watch, at least I’m not sick to death of that one yet. I go back to writing and a few minutes later I happen to catch the lyrics “I’ll try anything even if I fail..” while my youtube list was between songs. I hit pause, my ears on instant alert as I ripped the earbud out of my ear and turned myself toward Zootopia.

A smile crossed my lips as I looked at my kiddo sitting on the floor. “Thank you kiddo.” I said to my eldest child, who looked at me and smiled, cocking her cute little blonde head to the side.

“For what?” She asked.

“For solving a problem I had. You’re awesome!”

She just grinned at me and said “You’re welcome” before turning back to Zootopia and forgetting I existed. :P

I chuckled and thought, this this is the song for Maeveth. Because this is one of the many things you’ll discover that you and your Maeveth have in common Moanna, determination!!! You’ll be surprised the heights you can reach when you allow yourself the adventure of following your dreams!

And with that, we’ll just let you enjoy the song….


Sacred Space


I couldn’t take my eyes off him.
Like a desert wanderer afraid of mirages,
I gazed at my Oasis,
But he was real.

~Laura Whitcomb

Maeveth will find her sacred space in any desert oasis. There’s something romantic and remote and intimate about them that she finds utterly irresistible. You remember that oasis S’ayde once took you to? Yeah, well, once discovered this will become Mae’s favorite place on Pern to disappear too when she wants alone time, or a place for she and you to just be. She’ll find tropic islands to have the same draw, but your girl is storm-born from the desert and it pounds through her ichor and soul like the beat of a war drum.


«So the worst thing that happens is we wind up dead. What is there to worry about?»

Thread. The Ancient Enemy. It weaves it’s way across the skies of Pern with a voracious appetite for anything living. Although much of Maeveth is bright and cheerful she has a darker, fierce side as well, and no time brings it out more than when she’s fighting thread. That is when you will see the hunter and warrior in your beautiful green come truly to the fore. A primal instinct will kick in to seek vengeance on a foe as old as time itself, hurdling from her throat with a fearsome battle cry as she attacks. Her swift agility will aid you both well in this regard, as will her hunter’s instincts for knowing just when to turn and just how to aim her flame to sear whatever clump of thread at which you are aiming. She will make you proud, your Maeveth!

By the same token, however, it will take time to hone those innate skills to perfection. She has the drive already; it’s burns through the ichor in her veins as soon as thread is near. But she won’t have the training or precision yet. You will need to keep a tight hold on the mental bond you share during these times.

«You are so cute when you worry Mo, but come on! Sweetie, we can do that maneuver and flame those thread! You’ll see!»

Don’t let her run wild. She is fast and she knows it. She can perform complex maneuvers at a moment’s notice and, she knows it. Her confidence in her own abilities will exceed what she is actually capable of so you must be the keeper of both your souls by being mindful of what is safe to do at all times. Make her follow the lead of others even when she thinks she knows a better way to do something. She will be impatient to get going so make sure all the precautions are taken in preparing before a Threadfall.

She will grow out of this eventually, and into the fearless warrior queen you will come to know and love. The both of you, we’ve no doubt, will become an excellent thread fighting pair. One in soul and mind. Maeveth will become very serious about fighting thread, the silver ribbon of death. It will become a heated mission for her, an endless war you both must win to survive.

Outside of thread your Maeveth will be a top gun flyer. She’ll forever be searching for ways to perfect her aerial displays, sometimes with you on her back. Better strap yourself in there tight Moanna! She’ll constantly be talking you into hair-brained flying schemes, using your love of adventure and her own wiles to convince you.

«Sweetie, you really do need to live a little, come on, if you hate me for it after it’s ok! I promise I won’t kill both of us!»

“Ok Mae… you win, let’s go.”

«So what I'm hearing you say, is that you’ll do something completely reckless, and irresponsible with me? I'm so proud of you right now."


Flights. These happen more for greenriders than for Gold, some greens rise frequently throughout the turn, some less, but the fact is they happen.

For you Moanna, this is likely to be an interesting and eye opening experience into how your Maeveth feels about men, males and the whole birds and bees thing all together.

Candidates and weyrlings aren’t allowed physical relationships and weyrlings are urged to not get into high emotion situations on top of being celibate. So we’re sure that right about now you’re feeling sort of like Angela during her six month celibacy kick. Well, when it comes to that first flight, it’s exactly how Maeveth is going to be a few sevens before she flies. She’ll be flirtatious, perhaps a bit obnoxiously so, and she’ll be nosing into your love life as well.

«Honey you need to do a little less thinking with your brain, and a little more thinking with your other fabulous parts.»

«Oooh I’d love to twine tails with that one, the rider isn’t half bad either»

«For Faranth’s sake Mo, you are a bellydancer, if he isn’t interested - something’s broken.»

When Maeveth is not sticking her nose into who you may or may not be interested in, she’ll be all over the males in the area. And so will you, at her insistence. Maeveth is fairy, and like most Fae, her sexual energy runs high. Clutchmates or no, she’ll have a keen appreciation for the muscular perfection of M’ak’s bronze Muzhestvennyth as well as the sleek athleticism of S’rae’s Wovocyth’s shiny hide! If you’re not careful Mo you’ll find yourself eyeballing their riders without even thinking about it!

«What you need is a bottle of tequila, and some fabulous eye candy. Take Muz for example. Have you SEEN those haunches??»

«What harm could a little tonsil hockey do? I wouldn’t mind a taste of that shiny Wov, myself!»

That first flight will be a doozy, after sevens of feeling like you have a constant insatiable need under your skin. Mae will all of a sudden glow like the northern lights. She’ll tease and toy with her chasers, drawing the flight out so she can indeed choose her favorite suitor. She’ll spend time with her suitors after as well, basking in the afterglow, perhaps demanding they steal her a bottle of wine and some cheese. And then she’ll separate from them with promises of fun should there ever be a next time.

Season 6 / Episode 1: - The Mastodon in the Room

Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: Booth fell in love in Afghanistan.
Angela Montenegro: Oh. Oh. Sweetie, I'm so sorry.
Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: Why? Are - are you in love with Booth?
Angela Montenegro: A little bit, but that's not what I mean.

She will ever be fond of males and their physiques, proddy or no, and it’s sure to lead you on some interesting adventures. But that’s not to say that she isn’t a believer in love! She’ll encourage you to find it, particularly after a flight, because she wants you to be happy. It’s Mae’s number one priority beyond thread! She’ll needle you to acknowledge your own feelings for others, or to simply jump off the cliff blind if there’s someone you like but are unsure of, whether you want it or no.

«Sweetie that is a coward’s decision, and I am not letting you make it.»

Maeveth:« I saw that. »
Moanna: “I didn’t do anything.”
Maeveth: « You were squeezing his ass in your mind Moe. »
Moanna: … “I was not.”
Maeveth: « Sweetie, you have enough pent-up sexual energy to power all the kitchen runs, for three turns. »

«Ooh, can we get one of those… Make that two for those chilly winter nights»

«Sweetie if you won’t let him catch us, I will.»

«Life is pain and heartache, you are a storyweaver Moe, you know this better than anyone. But without knowing what it is like to be stuck on the ground, how can you ever truly appreciate what it is like to soar?»


Name: Erissa and S’ayde
Egg Desc: S’ayde
Dragonet Desc: Erissa
Messages: Erissa and S’ayde
Puppeteer: Erissa
Inspiration: Erissa and S’ayde


Nasrin and In The Act of Creative Destruction Gold Rajakhelath
Ma'kin (Maklilian) and Paragon of Pure Perfection Bronze Muzhestvennyth
Brynn and Crawling Forest of Thorns Green Dragonet Diavath
Chelsa and Behind The Wall Of Couture Green Kuramaeth
Divale and Drinking a Pina Colada at Trader Vic’s Brown Lukoith
Moanna and Stormborn Skull In the Desert Green Maeveth
R'ku (Rakouzo) and Molten Spirit of Intellect Bronze Kabelkath
Zh'ain (Zhaine) and Deceiver of the Gods Bronze Josvikuth
S'rae (Esirael) and Stallion of the Telgar Steppe Bronze Wovocyth

Harper’s Tale’s 11th PC Clutch
Igen Weyr’s 6th PC Clutch
Gold Rhiscorath x Bronze Abraxath
DATE October 11th 2016