Clutching Pose

Endusith strains as the waves of contractions roll over here. Her mate, Rith, stands nearby, anxious and trying to sooth her. She roars her impatience as /finally/ an egg slithers down the passageway and into the sands, landing with a soft *thud*, sand sticking to its gooey outer surface.

Egg name

Hunting in the wild Savannah Egg

Hatching Message

Hunting in the wild Savannah egg rocks almost violently and hits it's side as it tips over in the sand. It hops a few feet, as if it's inhabitant is literally bouncing off the walls, and who knows, maybe they are? Thuds can be heard within the egg, and then finally, finally, a large crack rips down the center of the egg. Silence ensues for a few seconds, and then, the egg is no more! Pieces of it go flying as it erupts and explodes, leaving the hatchling within exposed.

Envy of the Jungle Green Dragonet

This green is the envy of the jungle and has a strange unearthly quality about her. Her hide's a kaleidoscope collection of different greens, most of them vibrant and eerie like some glowing patchwork doll. Oddly, the cornucopia hues have arranged themselves into intricate and delicate patches, though there are places where the colours blend together. Her front right leg is a deep mossy green, quite out of place and quite bizarre. It matches the equally dark patch of velvety-looking sylvan hide on her left cheek. She's not a particularly large green but she's perfectly proportioned and delicate - one positive aspect to make up for her bizarre colouring. She moves briskly and cheerfully, her narrow veridian wings with a delicately hued sunset design give her the appearance of a stuffed toy that has taken to the air.

Public Impression Pose

Envy of the Jungle Green Dragonet stumbles through the rag tag bunch of candidates left to her mercies. She stops to sniff a blonde haired boy, sneezing as if his scent disrupts her delicate senses. Nope, not him. She sniffs and snorts her way through, prancing along now, more grace in her gate. The last few candidates are thoroughly ignored as the green's whirling eyes lock with those of the small, lonely, dark haired boy at the end. She lock's eyes with Zabor!

Private Impression Message

You feel an alien presence slip into the recesses of your mind. The calming scent of lavender winds with the salty smell of the sea. Envy of the Jungle Green Dragonet locks eyes with you. «I am Ozriath Z'bor. And you are mine. I have waited long for you.»

Theme Inspiration

The Patchwork Girl of Oz by L. Frank Baum, is a children's novel, the 7th set in the Land of Oz. Characters include the Woozy, Ojo "the Unlucky", Unc Nunkie, Dr. Pipt, Scraps (the patchwork girl), and others. The book was first published on July 1, 1913, with illustrations by John R. Neill. In 1914, Baum adapted the book to film through his "Oz Film Manufacturing Company."

In the previous Oz book, The Emerald City of Oz, magic was used to isolate Oz from all outside worlds. Baum did this to end the Oz series, but was forced to restart the series with this book due to financial hardships.[1] In the prologue, he explains how he managed to get another story about Oz, even though it is isolated from all other worlds. He explains that a child suggested he make contact with Oz with wireless telegraphy.[2] Glinda, using her book that records everything that happens, is able to know that someone is using a telegraph to contact Oz, so she erects a telegraph tower and has the Shaggy Man, who knows how to make a telegraph reply, tell the story contained in this book to Baum.

The book was dedicated to Sumner Hamilton Britton, the young son of one of its publishers, Sumner Charles Britton of Reilly & Britton.

Name Inspiration

The Land of Oz is a fantasy region containing four lands under the rule of one monarch.

It was first introduced in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900) by L. Frank Baum, one of many fantasy countries that he created for his books. It achieved a greater popularity than any of his other lands attained, and after four years, he returned to it. The land was described and expanded upon in the Oz Books.[2] An attempt to cut off the production of the series with The Emerald City of Oz (1910), by ending the story with Oz being isolated from the rest of the world, did not succeed owing to readers' reactions and Baum's financial need to write successful books.[3]


Ozriath is perpetually BUBBLY, she is forever happy, except for when she's not!! Her voice has the cadence of a soothing mother on most days, but when she is scared or frightened for you, she'll sound like an angry giant.






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