F’kan’s dark as Merlin’s Robes Brown Quaverilth

You wanted a wise voice of conscience for F’kan, someone who would grow with him, but be that voice of reason when F’kan just has no sense. Well, here he is in all his glory, a mixture of that awkward, cute, Merlin from the BBC series and the wise old cook you see popping up throughout legend, history and movies like The Sword in the Stone and Excalibur. And maybe, juuuuust maybe, a little bit of Jiminy Cricket too .

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Egg

Egg Desc

This egg is the dark blue of midnight all over, with a healthy sprinkling of white marks that look like stars in the night sky. It seems to have a halo around it, as if it shines with the light of Timor and Belior themselves. Where light does not shine, shadows march like so many enchanted brooms to sweep a wash of ocean blue water over the cresting curve of the shell, a tide come to wipe out the unsuspecting. It brims with the magic of life and the universe…and everything, almighty and terrible in its power, as able to destroy as it is to create.

Egg Inspiration

While this dragon is based mainly on the Wizard Merlin and all of his various portrayals, there’s something about The Sorcerer’s Apprentice from Fantasia that calls to this dragon like a magnet to steel. It would make sense that his egg be as magical and mysterious as Merlin himself and so, thus came the birth for this egg’s inspiration!

Hatching Message

While all it’s clutchmates have made a rush of getting done with things, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Egg has been biding its time, replenishing it’s energy and waiting for the time to drop the spell. And it seems that the time has come! Abra-Kadabra-Alakazam! A fissure makes its way down the midnight blue, water crested surface of the egg with a loud CRACK!!! A moment of silence follows and KABOOM!!!!! The surface of the shell explodes with force and out tumbles an awkward, and gangly brown.

Dark as Merlin’s Robes Brown Quaverilth


Dragonet Desc

The whirling, living, landscape of a wizard's cape and staff comes to the world , embodied by the wild magic of old and the wisdom of an old man in youthful hide. Dark, aged brown sweeps and slides across a hide that appears drenched in moonlight itself, old bark lit by moon and starlight. Rich starfire marks whisper around the hardened muscled hide that wraps around thick bone while lichen lurks in the shadows, deepening the definition of a lithe, elongated frame that promises aerodynamic perfection, despite bulk. Smooth grace flows in extended limbs and large paws, particularly the whipcord length of a wand like tail. Natural pigmented areas of chocolate and navy blue melt with sienna highlights as they approach the tip of that lengthy tail. The wizened visage of an ancient magician is his, long nose drawn out and darkening to a polished tip of craggy black sapphire and Mahogany headknobs that twist and gnarl like ancient wood. A rich magical legacy has left its mark on his wingsails, galaxies and the secrets of time and nature hidden in the blue, purple and black voids of his sails, painted in the stars and worlds that hover there for eternity.

Public Impression Pose

Stumbling from his explosive entrance into this world, Dark as Merlin’s Robe’s Brown Dragonet wobbles his first few steps into this world. Shaking his oversized head he jaunts, quite purposefully over to the crowd of white knots waiting on the sands. Though lanky and a bit clumsy, he finally finds his way over to a sandy haired Istan lad in the crowd, coming nose to nose with him quite readily. Ferrokan!!!

Private Impression Message


Mist creeps into your mind like the tendrils of a vine searching for a place to land, creeping over water still as death and like mirrored glass. Magic looms here, you can feel it in your veins, in your mind, in your bones. A Presence lurks here to, both in mindscape and in the corners of your own mind. It is both young and wise, old and new, friendly and frightening, graceful, yet awkward….

«Ferrokan?? No…. that will never do. I shall call you F’kan. I am Quaverilth, and I do believe it is your job to make sure I am fed? Yes?»//

Description Inspiration

When someone thinks of Merlin, most people think of this guy:


Y’know, the tall, gangly wizard with a big blue cape, a staff and a beard that could rival Gandalf’s or Dumbledore’s in length. And in tribute to this age old legend, I have sculpted your Qualverilth to look like a wizard’s staff against a cloak and night sky.

Mindvoice and Mindscape

orders.gif yessir.gif verbal_bitchslap.gif

Your Quaverilth’s mindvoice will be ever youthful, kind of awkward, but at times, will have a ring of command and wisdom to it which will not be ignored. Particularly if F’kan is getting himself up to something he ought not! He will always be the voice of conscience and guidance to you F’kan, from his sterner tones that seem to boom as if magically enhanced, or his more reasonable tones where he tries to talk sense into you. But there are times when enough will be enough and the scathing tone of his voice will leave you feeling like you’ve been verbally bitch-slapped by your dear old grandpappy who everyone swears has never lost his temper in his life. His mindscape will always be that misty lake from the first, sometimes warm and full of sunlight, sometimes a warm summer’s eve, or when he’s angry, a bubbling and raging storm building in the skies as a thick fog covers the lake and creeps ominously towards the shore.

Dragon Scent

Scent will not often come into play with this dragon, more, he will embody the sense of magic building thick in the air, the kind that makes your hair stand on end, or the kind that gives you that life changing headrush. But when scent does come into play with your dragon’s mindscape, they will be sharp, and noticeable, and are warning signs to get your attention.


When Quaverilth is angry or enraged, the sharp scent and crackle of electricity will be thick in the air of his mindscape as a brewing thundercloud forms above the lake of his scape.


When your brown begins to sense the proddiness of a female, his intent to chase will come on the scent of his scape. When he is interested, he will be awkward and cute outwardly, but the lake of his mind will warm under a bright sun, the scents of water and spring heavy on the air with white musk mingled in. When he is not, the slight smell of boggy lake water will burn at your nostrils.

Dragon Song

Give a little whistle

Well I did say that maybe he was just a little bit Jiminy Cricket, right? As I said before, Quaverilth will always endeavor to be a voice of reason, conscience and guidance for F’kan, and so, in a way, F’kan has his own shoulder cricket.

«Fkan! Think this through my lord rider! Are you sure you want to do this? THINK OF THE CHILDREN F’KAN!!!»

Sacred Space

stonehenge.jpg ruins.jpg

Places of ancient import and history will have a special place in Quaverilth’s heart. Those places imbued with ancient natural magic and that have stood and watched the world change for centuries. And places of wild, unhindered nature will also have a special spot, such as Southern’s Wild Jungles or Ista’s tropical climate, places brimming with life will always attract your brown. He’ll want to unlock the secrets of these places, like a wizard unlocks a spell. Be prepared for many history lessons F’kan! Quaverilth loves it!



swan.gif Quaverilth is destined to be a fine example of a brown dragon. While young, he will be all paws and legs, gangly and awkward and slightly clumsy. But as he grows, all that long leg will fill in with hard, thick muscle and he’ll bulk out, though not quite to the point of being burly, no, there will be a svelte-like appearance to his muscled visage and his wings will be the most grandiose thing about him, long and fine, colored like galaxies and draping him like a cloak or wizard’s robe when at rest.


His whip like tail will probably give him a bit of an issue when he’s younger, tripping him, and anyone else who happens to be in the way. Watch out for collisions! As he gets older however, that long, cord like tail will become one of the best tools your brown has, affording him a grace and balance usually reserved for his blue or green brethren.


The rest of him will grow to look like the knotted, patterned wood of an old walking staff, sturdy and able to withstand much abuse from the outside world. He’ll be able to hide in the woods for sure, his hide resembling the fluid, yet random patterns that wood takes on, he’ll even have a few spots that look like they've been spattered with lichen.



Here we come to the very best part of your wonderful draconic lifemate. His personality.

In many ways, Quaverilth will be quite the conundrum, his personality changing to the task at hand, yet always containing a hint of youthful naivety and ego. When young, Quaverilth will likely be loud, and curious and will want to try ALL THE THINGS. And he will ALWAYS be hungry.


But as he learns and grows, it will be he that becomes the less impulsive and spontaneous one, learning quickly that rash actions have harsh consequences. Though that hungry thing….never dies. He’s a Pernese Garbage Disposal ok???? But that’s ok, because Quav will also be more than willing to work it all off! Gotta keep in shape for the ladies, right?


As you learn and grow together, Quav will become more and more F’kan’s conscience and guide, while retaining his awkward and youthful nature, he will seem old and wise in his advice, always cautioning F’kan towards patience and critical thinking skills, even though Quav himself will show little enough patience when F’kan does something rash or stupid.


«I told you that was a bad idea F’kan, if you had just listened to me, you wouldn’t be in this mess. You’ve made your bed…now lie in it!»


It will even seem that at some point, the student surpasses the master and it will be Quaverilth who’s the ‘smarter’ one of the two, or at least the most logical. And if you ever whine about your self induced issues, well, Quaverilth, while loving you F’kan, will have zero sympathy and will tell it to you straight.




Thread is the mortal enemy of any and all dragon kind, with it comes a healthy want to destroy the silvery parasite. Quaverilth will be no different than any other, his instinctual need to destroy thread as strong and urgent as Merlin’s need to see Arthur on the throne of Camelot. He will be fiercely protective of you F’kan, his very drive to keep you safe(even if from yourself sometimes).

His bulk and muscle will give him strength and endurance, and he will fight quite literally until he can fight no more. It will be you, F’kan, that will have to be the responsible one here, pulling Quaverilth back when you feel him beginning to wan.



Flights will be a fun and exciting adventure for your Quaverilth. Like you, and unlike you, F’kan, he will be rather smooth and gilded with the ladies, his confidence rising more so when he senses a proddy female. Though his approaches will be on the cute and awkward side, Quav knows that being the attentive dragon who listens and is sweet will get him farther than being the one who’s all bluster and ego.

That being said, he will take it roughly when he loses a flight, particularly a gold one, and he will need to find a partner to slake the need after. If he doesn’t, or if he’s too long in finding one, this will leave you irritable and on edge, to the point where you might not just be in your right mind after a lost flight. Be careful what you get up to F’kan, it’s these situations that might just lead to trouble.


Written and Desc'ed by: Reveka Player