Searuth is based in part on imagery that is prevalent in traditional vampire legends, but his personality is based more on what’s known of the life and temperament of the historical figure of Vlad Tepes (the “Impaler” as he's more famously known)…with a *little* bit of his fictional counterpart as he’s portrayed in the movie Dracula Untold thrown in. This means he is clever, pragmatic, dedicated, passionate, and ruthless when it comes to the battle against Thread. His mindscape is the night, complete and unwavering, a realm that encompasses every other sense more than sight. It can be unnerving, obscuring his true intentions and meanings, but it also emphasizes the more romantic side of night - how much life can exist within it as well. - D’har

Midday’s Blaze Egg

This egg is bright, the sort of bright that induces spots in the vision if beheld too long. Yet it is also blue around the edges, the color as achingly pure and hot as a midsummer sky. Better to look there then straight into the midst of the near-blinding glare that defines the middle. Here and there however, slightly iridescent patches of cloudy white scud across the azure field, providing pretentious moments of relief from the all-around brightness.

Hatching Pose

Anything would crack under such light and heat as Midday’s Blaze Egg seems to be giving off. The incandescent shell yields at last, cracks crawling upward from the base, higher and higher until they meet at the top. Fragments shower down to be shaken free by a most startling sight - a dragonet so dark as to seem black. Surely it isn’t possible from a such a bright shell! Yet there he is…and once he fans his shadowy wings, what glints there reveals his true nature: a blue, beyond any doubt.

Midnight’s Mythos Blue Dragonet

Lost in shadow is this sinuous, broad-winged blue, lean muscle limned in the subtle silvering of moonlight to accent definition in darkness. Obsidian tips and talons, however, grant the necessary contrast to distinguish between midnight and black. A spray of luminous lazurite and electrum starlight spangles wide wingsails, neckridges, and headknobs, while a long and handsome face is brought very subtly into view, clouds parting before the moon to bathe adumbral hide in twilight-shrouded azure.

Public Impression Pose

Midnight’s Mythos Blue Dragonet is a seeming paradox, stumbling upon uncooperative wings from time to time as though this newfound power of movement slips from his grasp, yet full of predatory stealth when he’s well in control of it. One more round of tripping and he rights himself with a huff, quite finished with all this searching business. The tall, dark Bollian boy…yes. A kindred spirit there; he will do nicely. The blue bounds forward with a decisive growl and rears up, wings flared, to plant his paws upon the boy’s chest.

Private Impression Message

Egg Inspiration


Given how dark Searuth is, inspired by the blue-black of nightfall, I wanted him to come from and egg that was completely opposite, the difference between it and it’s occupant as jarring as the contrast between night and day. If Searuth is midnight, his egg is - or was - a summer’s high noon.

Theme Inspiration

Description Inspiration

Name Inspiration

Considering that Vlad Tepes was a ruler in Wallachia, a region in Southern Romania, it seemed only fitting to turn to the Romanian language for inspiration for Searuth’s name. The word seară means “evening” with the connotation of dusk or twilight. The a with a breve above is closer to a schwa or short u sound in English, hence the use of u rather than a second a. The result is nod to both the country from which the roots of the most famous vampire legend springs, and the near-black coloring of Searuth’s hide.