Sii'kyn's Contemplating the Void Brown Sidramuntalath
Hatched at High Reaches Weyr, April 2002
Harper's Tale's 32nd PC Clutch
High Reaches Weyr's 8th PC Clutch
Shaela's gold Chayath and Lylia's brown Druseth
April 6, 2002

Clutchmates: Olia and brown Roherith, Rana and brown Byndareth, Fyria and blue Urzketh, Jiu and blue Tsulryth, Tevya and blue Kihaelth, Wyn and blue Vorkoroth, Zia and blue Diulnyth, Lhana and green Zhesteth and Sage and green Pixareth.

Fluorescent Glare Glinting Off Scalpel Egg
An abomination of an egg, this one is: sharp edges instead of smooth; jagged curves en lieu of ovoid arches. Nature never intended for such a travesty to be clutched, and yet here it is before you. Various levels of intense silver clothe it with a brilliant metallic sheen, enfolding all sides in a cold and cool refuge reminiscent of a healer's finely honed instrument. Even the medicinal tang is slightly detectable in the air surrounding this seeming weapon of mercy, though often used instead for violence. Settled upon a raised crest of sand, it almost appears as though it's being angrily wielded to the light, rather than calmly offered in acquiescence. Glinting near the apex of the egg is the only other splash of color apparent other than the silvery backdrop: a single bead of crimson that slowly bleeds its way along the serrated edge towards freedom.

Hatching Message:
Fluorescent Glare Glinting Off Scalpel Egg shifts slowly, incision-like crack working its way down the beaded line of crimson. Leathery surface opens and falls away from itself neatly, shattering only once it hits the scorching Sands. Revealed within is the beating, waiting life of Contemplating the Void Brown Dragonet, ready for operation.

Contemplating the Void Brown Dragonet
Rare medireview spirit, brooding seer, oh what grand and lonely warrior is stretched between the endless abyss of tail's boundless shadows and the bright starfire of a whiskered nose. Melting magma brown hulls this solar class dragon, dark armor beneath the supernova of carmine and gold that inflames his hallowed chest and slipstreams the sublime sway of spine's steppe Nothingness; restless and daring, hotter coals in scalding red tumble down muzzle's indignant sweep. But it is intuition that lifts his vast and starry sails, thrown into the air as if his wings yearned for something more than the confines of narrow arches and those wicked ash-dark spars. Andromeda swirls brighten his resolute talons and venture up lanky forelegs curled close to the volcanic pyre of his burning, broad-built frame. Self-poised, self-centered, this muse, this mercenary, his strange awareness awed by the sweet repentance of soulful eyes: infinite.

Impression Message:
Contemplating the Void Brown Dragonet sniffs critically. There's just something so /wrong/ about all these white-robed nancies. That one is too fat, he decides, moving on from a well-fed boy from the Hold. The next one he contemplates is too scrawny, a very poor looking underfed girl… The next is too ugly for his tastes.. too whiny, too blonde, too sharding weak… ah-ha. The brown halts entirely, his head tilted upward toward a local boy, approving warble in his throat. This one is /perfect/. This one… his Sikkyen.

Personal Impression Message:
You wouldn't think the Sands could get hotter, but suddenly, insistently, it seems to be affecting even your mind. Then the heat takes form in a flash of reds and dusty browns, and something deep speaks to you and you alone. « You're perfect. I'm Sidramuntalath. » Feelings flood through you and suddenly you're complete, having been unaware you weren't a moment previous. An earthy smell invades your thoughts then, and you know you're forever changed. « It's just you and me from here on and out, Sii'kyn. »

Sikkyen, Sii'kyn, we love you immensely. You rock our world, and so we want to keep you forever and ever… along with your brown boy Sidramuntalath! Though it may be trying at times being sociable Sii'kyn with less than sociable Sidramuntalath, we hope you enjoy every moment of it, and look forward to sharing at least some of them with you. Always remember that this ispiration is up for -your- interpretation. Dragons change as riders and players do over time, so please don't feel limited. Enjoy!
- HRW SearchCo 2002, Fellowship of the Llamas

Egg Inspiration

"Watching reruns of ER is never good to do when you're sick. Firstly, you start assuming that you have whatever the main patient is dying from, and then in your fever-induced dream state, you even start seeing things quite differently from how they were meant to be viewed. Like a scalpel, for instance. Isn't it amazing how an instrument of medical mercy can so easily be turned into a weapon of hatred? And yet, wielded /just/ right, with the light of several overhead fluorescents glinting off it, this sharp, metal object can be suddenly turned into an object of art. At least, to this fever-crazed person it did; others might not be so.. inspired. "
- Kh'ryn

Description Inspiration

Well, you wanted molten. You wanted Andromeda. There you go! Knowing little about the series, we tried to meld the idea of a volcanic lava-liquid brown with various Andromeda phrasings till we got something that is of both the Earth and of space. Sidramuntalath is the new formed planet, all primordial melting and liquid fire (though we absolutely refuse to use the word 'molten' in his desc!). His hide just /smoulders/. Perhaps somewhat like Andromeda after a battle: blackened edges, laser fire, scalded bits and that strange lovely smooth warped metal look things get when they've been overheated. As the Andromeda is a 'Solar Class' starship, so is your dragon a Solar Class dragon. His wings reflect the vast void of space, while hide's highlights token the space sun/star light of the Andromeda galaxy/constellation. We wanted him to be a space adventurer. A warrior. A seeker of answers. A seer. He is a mixture of the beginnings, and the end, genesis and destruction. A bee-ooo-tiful brown with (if not the flutter of gold butterflies), the bright sun-star fire of the ages marking him Yours.

Name Inspiration

You wanted something long and rolling, and Sidramuntalath seemed to fit. The base word Si'dra'tu'l-Mu'nta'ha is Arabic, and is a great tree which begins in the sixth sky and continues into the seventh sky. It is so beautiful that none of God's creations can describe it. Gold butterflies fly around it.


//"Dependency is weakness, and weakness is death"

- Tyr Anasazi//

That is something Sidramuntalath would be likely to say, in his deep, spicy voice. Prone to mumble and growl, he has a warm feel to his voice, so that Ike should never be cold. When he's angry his words come out h.o.t, with a burning smell and a hint of sulfur to them. There's an undercurrent of that sharp metallic smell, and also a distinct masculine air. Think of Old Spice or aftershave, though Ike will never be able to place those smells with words. Ash, stone, and other earthy scents also pervade his words according to his mood. Cool, shadowed stone when he's calm, dusty ash when a matter has been decisively settled, and the sharp tang of sulphur and fire when he's angry He has the perfect voice for barking out orders, too, something to make those other dragons pay attention to him. Booming, even, except with you. With you, he is thoughtful, low and rumbly. Always, however, he brings with him the colors of volcanoes; sizzling oranges, white-hot, cool black, and many, many reds. Forever you will hear red in your mind, dripping along the edges of any other color he may use. Your dragon's mind voice has a lot to do with his personality, Sii'kyn, modeled after both a volcano and Tyr Anasazi, as per your request.


//"I say unto you: One must still have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star."

- Nietzche Prologue, 5//

Sidramuntalath is brighter than all but his glittery clutchmates, and even then his hide has a fire not found in the rest of the clutch. It is not that glossy sanguine red of some browns, or the carmine-stained armor of some of the bronze and gold. Sid's got a hide of molten earth and distant stellar shadows. He is the fire around the nebulae, that eerie ageless light of stars long dead, and stars yet to be born. In a way, he is the darkness of space eclipsed by the molten fires of his hide: a burning, smoking, black-edged brown that slides across him like liquid earth edged by magma. He is red, and brown, both color as intense as the other and both set off by the solar flares of gold and Andromeda's whiter brilliance along his limbs and edges.
And oh what lovely edges he has too! Sculpted, comes to mind. Contoured. Handsome in an almost too-well engineered sort of way (Think Tyr Anasazi dragonized). The Nietzscheans may have genetically engineered themselves to be the "ultimate survivors", but Sid's just born that way. (Okay, okay, so all Pern dragons are feats of genetic engineering), but Sidramuntalath's a pretty good cumulation of all attempts to make strong, agile, purposeful dragons who can and will protect the Pern. Sid's much stronger and faster than most of the smaller dragons, with better stamina and a sort of stubborn intensity to the way he carries his lanky lengths. It's not that he's Bigger than other browns, or longer, or more muscled. It's just that Sid's got everything in the right place. He's very tailored. Symmetrical. Balanced. Certainly as a youngster he might appear ungainly and too-long in wings and tail, but he'll soon grow into his larger pieces till everything is Just Right.

Along with that ruddy cimmerian black-red-gold-sunfired hide of his, hours spent practising his moves until he thinks he has gotten them perfect lend to the sculpted physique that many will admire, dragons and riders alike. And little old you. You're likely to be the first to point out Sid's physical perfection. Of course you're probably biased.


Like a volcano, Sidramuntalath stores his anger until it explodes out of him at whomever is unlucky enough to be his target, leaving the dragon in question likely feeling very chewed out and perhaps a bit frightened. To put it gently, he can be a little harsh on those (instead of people .. that way it includes dragons) who aren't as competent as him. « You. You don't know HOW to be a proper dragon! Look at this mess you've made with the oil. Do you think your rider /likes/ to clean up after you?» «How could you let your rider sneak off.. and going with them!?!» With this in mind, you may very well find that in later Turns he would make a very successful AWLM, or even WLM. Barring any untoward volcanic outbursts that may be likely to get a lesser ranking dragon in trouble, that is.

The soul is larger than the sky
Deeper than the ocean, or the abysmal dark
Of the unfathomed center.

— Enoch Vere de Vere, "Lamentations Sous-terre", CY 9734
- "Exit Strategies" - Episode #202

The true quarry of any great adventurer
Is the undiscovered territory of their own soul.

—Lady Aenea Makros, "The Metaphysics of Motion" CY 6416
- "In Heaven Now Are Three" - Episode #216

Despite his temper, he's extremely slow to get to the point of volcanic explosion, since he thinks it's silly to make a fuss about anything ( « Really, Issryuith, it's just a bug.*squish* » ) and is typically extremely cool and calculating. He's also somewhat aloof from others, at times. He's too caught up in contemplating existence to worry about frivolous things. He's a deep thinker, only he's not sure what the point of it all is, or what to do when he solves the deep questions of the universe. One thing is for certain though: if anyone dares to interrupt him during his 'thoughtful' periods, he will be far more than 'a little put out'. He's one thinking dragon who's, not that's best left alone. He is the captain of his own starship: adventuresome, deliberate, talented, more than occasionally ruthless, and interesting enough not to be the boring sort of perfect.

"Verily, I have often laughed at the weaklings who thought themselves good because they had no claws."

- Nietzche Pt. II, On those Who Are Sublime

A bit of an individualist is your Sidramuntalath. He understands why there are rules and regulations, but more often than not he'll choose to disregard them. Not that he would put himself or you in danger (And yes that's the order he thinks in). He is largely self-sufficient, and rules that are not of his own devising are of little or no value. And his rules are subject to change He thinks nothing of lying, manipulating, or just plain insulting others in order to get what he thinks you both deserve, without guilt or repentance. After all, if they were foolish enough to fall for those kind of tactics, then they deserve to be taken advantage of. It's not /his/ responsibility to make sure that everyone 'plays nice', but if they do it just provides him with unlimited opportunities to dig his claws into what he thinks is your share of the loot.

"In the end, you're always by yourself. You're all you've got. That's the point"

- Whistler, from Buffy

Anything Sidramuntalath does, he meant to do, even in those first awkward months as a weyrling learning how to make himself work the way he wants to. He'll likely spend a lot of time sitting in his couch before leaving, plotting the exact way to move to get to his food without someone getting in the way. « No. Don't bring it to me, I'm going to get up very soon. » He doesn't rely on you to make things easier for him, but will insist on making things easier for you in a very methodical way. « 'Snakes bother you, eh? Want me to kill them for you? » Sometimes this nature of him can be frightening, especially if there's an accident involving you. For instance, should Ike receive a Thread scoring, he'll immediately see to it that Ike is treated, and then the next time they Fly Thread, his vigour will be doubled or even tripled, but not in such a way to affect his accuracy.. that too, will go up, as every day in between he will have trained and trained and trained.

I trust fast poison
The stars to wink out
And you, my love—and you

— Lyric from "The Void," by Minstrel d'Becevex CY 9905
- "Be All My Sins Remembered" - Episode #214

If Sid is loyal to anyone, it's you, Ike, and fiercely so. He sees in you perfection: why else would he have picked you, Ike from all those many many candidates out there on the sands? In fact he expects other riders, even the weyrfolk, to live up to the perfection that is his rider. When you mess up, he explains it by assuming that you have the same purpose to your actions as he does. « Don't lie to me, you /meant/ to tip over that oil pot didn't you? Look at the little blighters run! » But when he actually does something wrong (and admits it!), he considers it the ultimate failure. He hasn't simply failed himself; he has let you down. He won't mope or wail, but he will beat himself up about it and do everything in his power to rectify the situation. Sometimes that will manifest itself in an obsessive behavior that can be almost frightening. He will throw himself with renewed vigour into his training, spending hours more practising and ensuring that he will not repeat that same mistake again. If the problem lies with a person, he's likely to use every persuasive method in his power (including threats) to fix the problem - something that could get in the way of your personal relationships or your 'professional' relationship with clutchmates, wingmates, or weyrlingmaster.

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Which is a problem.
If you're powerless."

— Drago Museveni, "Manifesto" CY 8433
- "The Prince" - Episode #210

Ambition. You better get used to that word, because it drives Sidramuntalath like perfection. "Success is his principal focus, for himself first and his friends second. Beyond that, the rest of the galaxy can go to hell as far as he's concerned." Not for him are the empty titles that the Weyr may bestow upon him (That's the way he sees it, anyway). The power that he craves is one that he can earn himself, Be it the power that he can develop in his physique from endless hours of drills and practice, or the power he receives through the respect of other riders and their life-mates. Don't think that means that he takes compliments easily, though. « Well of course I did that formation perfectly. That's why we practice. How /else/ would I do it?» All too aware of his own duplicity, he suspects it in all others, with the exception of you. Any words of encouragement you give him he will savour and cherish. Because when you take away his drive for success, his ceaseless desire for perfection, and his unwavering ambition, it is just you and him. That's all he needs, and you will find that that is all you need as well.

Angelus: Now that's everything, huh? No weapons… No friends…No hope. Take all that away… and what's left?
Buffy: Me

- Becoming 2, Buffy


"Spiral, spin, ride the whirlwind.
Knowing when the drumming stops,
There'll be no second dance."

— Ulatempa Poetess, "Rhythms" CY 9825
- "Ouroboros" - Episode #212

Sidramuntalath is definitely not a flirt by any stretch of the imagination. When he does choose to fly, be it green or gold he does so with a fierce determination to be 'The One'. He considers flight of any kind to be a competition between him and whichever male he happens to be flying against.

He needs to prove that he is the best. You might get a comment from him at the end of a flight ( «That bit at end felt…nice» ), but his need is more to win than for gratification. Females, much to the chagrin of his clutch-siblings, he won't consider competition. In fact he doesn't actually think much about them at all, unless of course a flirty little green (or gold, or rider, or crafter, or weyrfolk… or any one, really) just happens to develop a crush on you or your elusive but super-spunky brown. That's when you will find yourself whisked away to some deserted beach that only the two of you know about for a sevenday or so, to discourage those in pursuit and have some 'you' time.. He's very non-committal. When he catches, that's it No tender sunning together on her ledge the morning after or long, loving looks in the bowl. He's a love 'er and leave 'er brown, no doubt about it. Even this is something he takes pride in. How many other browns can boast his number of successful conquests? And of course, he considers it his duty to pass down his 'superior' draconic DNA. Nothing would content him more to see wings of mini-Sidramuntalath's defending Pernese skies. When he chases a gold, his desire to win and to procreate are magnified. This is the one competition where he will try his darndest to succeed.


"The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy."

— DragoMuseveni C.Y. 8427
- "The Honey Offering" - Episode #119

"You can't outrun Death forever.
But you can make the Bastard work for it."

— MAJOR KORGO KORGAR, "Last of The Lancers" — AFC 32
- "Lava and Rockets" - Episode #213

Despite his burly self-sufficient self, flying Thread is the one moment that you will find he will co-operate with others. After all, those he may not like or respect still fight the same ancient enemy that he does. All those endless hours of practice will mean that he is a devil in the air when he actually gets to use his combat knowledge. He will fight with passion and will still put in the same effort at the end of the fall as he showed at the leading edge. This is what he was made to fight. If he is scored, and that will not happen very often, he tries his hardest to ensure that he is still fighting, filled with adrenaline and giving his all.. It will be you and not pain that forces him from the battle.


Egg: Fluorescent Glare Glinting Off Scalpel Egg
Egg Desc: Kh'ryn, G'deon tweak
Dragonet: Contemplating the Void Brown Dragonet
Name: Nuff
Description: Nuff, Auri
Inspiration: Nuff, Auri, Hiza, Kalyssa, Tatia