E’gus’ Sorceress of Storm-Tossed Seas Green Szokanith

So… you may have had to give up your ax, at least for the moment, but we couldn’t let you off the sands empty handed, E’gus! Szokanith doesn’t need seven dwarves. She’s found the only one she needs in you! And won’t let her tentacles off of you. We hope you love her as much as we loved writing her for you, but she’s all yours now and you can play her as you wish!
Doji and the rest of PartyCo!

Last Light of Durin's Day Egg

Ebbing sunset shrouds the upper dome of this egg in steadily darkening blue, a day-lit sky descending gradually into twilight where a single roundel of pale silver glows. Shadow claims the wide base upon which it sits, a massif of dark, stony umber rising from the darkness to break the horizon line between day and night. But stand by the grey splotch crowned by one dot of ruddy gold when curiosity knocks and peer along the streak of luminance that issues from it, following it around to find a tiny black dot that looks remarkably like…a keyhole.

Egg Inspiration

Durin's Day, which is mentioned on Thror's Map in JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit, is the Dwarven equivalent of New Year - "the first day of the last moon of Autumn on the threshold of Winter," as Thorin Oakenshield put it. While no mention is made of how the Dwarves celebrated their New Year (or even if it was celebrated at all), it was certainly a cause for celebration when Bilbo Baggins and the twelve Dwarves he accompanied to Erebor figured out the significance of the day to their quest - at the last possible moment!

Hatching Message

Last Light of Durin’s Day Egg pitches wildly about, as if the sands have suddenly become the stormiest of seas. One last swell rocks the shadowy ovid and down she crashes! Only ruins of the shell remain, shards sticking to the dragonet’s frame as she rises up from the wreckage. It doesn’t take long to get her landlegs under her and off she strides to find her match.

Sorceress of Storm-tossed Seas Green Hatchling

Size: 46 feet
From the tenebrous darkness of the deepest seas, she has risen and she will reclaim all that should be hers. Statuesque she is, with an innate and domineering charisma that radiates outward with every undulating step she takes. An abyssal brine washes over her hide, the ombre coloration ebbs and flows, from where it’s darkest on her flanks and gradually lightens to her seafoam neckridges and headknobs. Washed in with this draconic tide, twisted strands of kelp drift across her wings and neck, tangling and snaring everything within their reach.

Public Impression Pose

Whether it’s wind or something more mysterious directing Sorceress of Storm-Tossed Seas green, the little hatchling blows from one clump of candidates to the next. So far each one has been met with a dismissive snort. She’s a girl with standards and none of them will do. After it seems like she’s inspected practically everybody on the sands, finally she pulls herself up to her grandest posture and makes a bee-line straight for formerly Southern woodcrafter.

Private Impression Message

Darkness rushes in, submerging you and a bone-chilling cold washes away the heat of the sands. Along with the plunging temperatures, the pressure builds almost suffocating until a small light breaks through the darkness . « Fergus! » There’s a snort as the light shakes and tentacles coil around your chest, although the pressure is comforting, not overwhelming this time. « Bah! That will never do. E’gus you shall be. And I’m your Szokanith. Now that introductions are done, how about we go find this feast. I’m positively famished! »

Clutch Theme Inspiration/Dragonet Tie-In

With Wendryth as the sire, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to have a Lords and Ladies themed clutch. When you asked for a mean, possibly Disney inspired green, Ursula jumped to our minds and wouldn’t leave. Hopefully she’ll be as feisty and sassy as you could ever want!

Description Inspiration

Well, since Ursula is a sea witch, it only made sense to have an oceanic theme to this particular dragon. After finding some images of strands of seaweed forests, we were sold! Lovely blue-greens with a nice mix of dark and light to give some of the patterning you asked for.

seaweed forest with strands of kelp in murky water

And as for the witchy parts of Ursula, that also inspired us to go deeper into the ocean!

“There have been more people on the surface of the moon than to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.” - James Cameron

Who knows what is lurking in those dark and freezing reaches of the bottom of the ocean? We hope the mysteries and monsters of the deep seas gives you a lot to play with!

Name Inspiration

Oh the trouble you gave us, requesting a name with both hard and soft letters that did not start with the letter K. We went through so many different variations of words and languages for ‘ocean’ and ‘witch’ (because Ursula is a sea-witch!) and none of them worked out just quite right. That is, until we got to Hungarian with óceán and boszorkány. Once we saw that, we had her name, Szokanith. In Hungarian, Sz is pronounced as Ess, but in polish it’s pronounced as a Shh sound.

SearchCo has been pronouncing it as Shoh-kahn-ith, but you could go with So-kahn-ith or however else you might like!


"Blue, green, grey, white, or black; smooth, ruffled, or mountainous; that ocean is not silent." -HP Lovecraft “The White Ship”

The ocean is not silent and Szokanith definitely is not either! She might not have the bugling volume that her father or some of her brothers have, but her not-infrequent outbursts of temper will make it abundantly clear that she will be heard. She has all the fury of the worst gale a sailor could imagine, often rumbling along with the winds that whip through the telepathic link and waves that thrash anything in their path. But she’s not always the heart of the storm and the quietness and cold below might be even more terrifying. You may know what to expect with a storm, E’gus, but can you predict what lurks in the unexplored depths?

Storm tossed seas might be the most accessible of the layers of Szokanith’s voice, but dark and fathomless are the true depths of her mind. The freezing cold of the deepest seas might appear hostile to some, especially considering the dangers that might be lurking just out of sight, but with time, you’ll learn to navigate this new world and experience all the life and wonder she has to offer, even if it does come at the cost of a tempest or sea monster every now and again.

Those first few days, chaos and confusion can reign supreme in the barracks and Szokanith is just as susceptible to it as any other hatching, as much as she hates to admit it. Everything is so new… and unknown… and why oh why is she so hungry? The night is pitch black and the seas are high as a poor ship battles its way across these maritime hazards. Eventually the ocean will claim what is her’s and that vessel will fall beneath the waves.

battered ship about to capsize in a storm

Roll on, deep and dark blue ocean, roll. Ten thousand fleets sweep over thee in vain. Man marks the earth with ruin, but his control stops with the shore. -Lord Byron

As the broken vessel plummets deeper beneath the ocean surface and further into Szokanith’s mind, the temperatures drop and darkness only grows. The vast stretch between surface and sea floor is not a void. There’s life there, lurking in the shadows if you know where to look. Sometimes it will be a brush of tentacles, reaching out and questing for information. Other times a glint of the teeth of the predator waiting in the darkness. When she’s not in a temper, Szokanith can be patient, skirting a subject without giving too much of her own purpose away until she finds just the right moment to strike. When she wants something, a small light may appear in the darkness, tempting whoever nearer, but just out of sight the wicked jaws of the angler fish will be waiting.

sunken ship found on the bottom of the ocean floor

James Cameron on Challenger Deep Dive: “The impression to me was it's very lunar, very isolated. I felt as if, in the space of one day, I'd gone to another planet and come back."

As fathomless as the ocean might seem, it does indeed have an end. Broken ships will fall to rest and what could have just been a wrecked hulk will soon become teeming with life. When you come to this bottom of the ocean, you’ll know that Szokanith is truly happy. The darkness will light up with photo-luminescent algae and corals clinging to the fallen timbers. Strange and unusual creatures can be found here, like the biggest spiderclaws you have ever seen, and sometimes more mundane as well, like fish or oysters.

deep sea coral reef is photo-luminescent

Ya we in luck here
Down in the muck here
Under the sea!


From the first time Szokanith sets her tiny hatchling foot to sand, it will be clear this is a dragon with a presence. Unfortunately for her, it takes a while for her to fully grow into said presence. Walking is hard, and at first, Szokanith’s body appears much too large for her little legs and the top-heavy green will be prone to toppling over at the most inconvenient of times. Each spill will result in a tirade of abuse hurled at her feet, the floor, the sibling she tripped over, possibly even you for not warning her. Basically everything and anything except herself. After she yells herself out, she’ll pick herself back up, shake it off and go back to trying to walk wherever she needed to be like nothing ever happened.

This ungainly baby phase will be mercifully short. Within the first few sevens, her legs will start to catch up with the rest of her massive (for a green) frame and she’ll find her land legs. She won’t have the effortless prowl of her sister Briamiorth, but Szokanith has her own style that just seems to flow. When you move on to mounted ground drills, it might become clearer that her gait is much like a boat on the high seas. Her fore legs move first, then her back legs together. Unusual, but it works for her.

Another difference between your girl and her green sister, Szokanith absolutely loves water. You will have to fight to pull her out of the lake the first time the weyrlingmasters clear you to travel that far! While it took her a few sevens to get walking mastered, swimming is almost as natural as breathing for her. Her larger chest must allow for larger lungs as Szokanith seems to be able to hold her breath for an improbably long time. That combined with her dark blueish-green coloration makes it very difficult for her to be spotted in the midst of the lake, which is something she’ll use fully to her own advantage. Nobody is safe when Szokanith is in the water! Her favorite game seems to be trying to sneak up and startle whoever is the most unaware. She’ll only use her teeth a little bit for this. Nothing more than a love bite, right? It’s not like she’s tasting them…

Just because you impressed a green, doesn’t mean that you’re going to get out of making set after set of straps. Szokanith is a growing girl and just when you think she might have stopped for a while, it seems like she’s going to put on another foot overnight. The constant itching caused by all these growth spurts is almost as unbearable as the clumsiness she dealt with as a hatchling. She’ll beg demand frequent oiling. Lay it on until her hide is so dark it’s nearly a bluish-black!

It’s not just going to be your clearly biased eye that will find Szokanith grows into quite a beauty. The contrast between that deep seaweed green that dominates her hide and the lighter aquamarine that crowns her headknobs and neckridges is particularly striking. And as for her form, well… it’d be fair to say she has curves for days. Szokanith knows this and she will not hesitate to make use of her buxom build if she ever sees an opportunity for it. And if she doesn’t see one… she might just make one!

chibi Ursula says never underestimate the importance of body language


Oh, E’gus, you poor unfortunate soul! Yes, Szokanith is the best thing to happen to you and all those good things riders might say about their lifemates, but she can also be the most frustrating being you’ve ever encountered. Straight out of the shell she comes complete with her own opinions and plans that she will not hesitate to make known to you, but she’s also 100% believes in you and will always push you to strive to be the best rider and man you can be. That’s worth giving up the jungles of Southern to come live in a desert Weyr with her, right?

Those first few sevens will be utterly exhausting. Along with the expected, seemingly endless cycle of butchering, feeding, bathing and oiling, you will be dealing with frequent temper tampers from this growing dragon baby. Szokanith knows how her limbs should behave, but they just aren’t responding quickly enough. And what a dragon should do, but the weyrlingmasters say she can’t fly OR flame yet, despite those being her birthright. The seas of her mind will roil as she’s met with each chafing restriction or disappointment. She’ll lash out verbally as well to whoever might be around, cursing with a creativity that could make a sailor blush. It’s not going to be pleasant to weather these storms, but like all dragons, she only can remember the cause of her ire for so long and eventually it will pass.

Now don’t get the impression that Szokanith is all tempest and tongue-lashings. She does have her own fair share of redeeming qualities. And maybe a few negotiably redeeming ones. Whenever one of her clutchsiblings find themselves in need of some aid. Somehow, she’ll always be there at just the right time with just the right thing… oh, and what’s in it for her? Just a teensy favor that she’ll call upon later. No big deal, right?

« Oh, Keryth, babydoll, do you really think Szokanith would let you struggle all alone? Come here… I think I have just what you need on my couch. Such a trifle, really… »

Now whether she’ll remember to collect on all those debts owed to her is another story. She may request you keep a ledger for her, but some crafty excuses might be able to get you out of that one! But be careful, because Szokanith has a very strong sense of just what exactly is owed to her, and she’s going to demand it all. That prized herdbeast? It should totally be hers, because why should she be left eating scraps? That larger weyr with a ledge that gets the perfect amount of sun? It’s a tragedy that she can’t have it and has to resort to living in shadows. Even the scenery (or lack of) seems to offend her. Your memories of the lush forests of Lemos and Southern are something she’ll dig through every now and again, each time evoking a fit of envy on what should be hers, if she hadn’t decide to hatch in a sharding desert weyr!

Ursula: Bah! In MY day, we had fantastical feasts when I lived in the palace. And now, look at me! Wasted away to practically nothing. Banished and exiled and practically starving, while he and his flimsy fishfolk celebrate.

Along with Szokanith having very firm ides on what should be hers, you’ll also never find a stronger advocate for you, E’gus. That’s why she picked you to be her rider! She’s knows you’re the absolute best and she WILL NOT stand for anybody saying anything otherwise. Slights against herself can usually be met with a minimal amount of bickering, but something against you and the full force of her fury will be known. This will be especially difficult in weyrlinghood and later on in the wings when your weyrlingmaster or wingleader is trying to correct you on something and Szokanith just wants to get her revenge for whatever supposed insults she overheard.

« I hope tunnelsnakes get in her shoes, E’gus! No! A vtols nest in her pillow… no, that’s still not enough… How about we find some wild canines… »
Vosji was just trying to do her job…
« That Doesn’t MATTER, E’gus! She’s wrong and she needs to PAY!!! »

Needless to say, that temper of hers is going to get Szokanith, and you by extension, into trouble. She will master the art of appearing contrite though. If there’s a way to weedle herself back into someone’s good graces, your girl will find it. Sweet talking and flattery can flow off her tongue just as quickly as the needle-sharp insults and it might be barely a breath between when she’s flinging those barbs and resorting to trying to honey her way out of punishment.

Szokanith knows that she is a gorgeous dragon and she’ll be quite vain about it as well. She must have the best oils and the best straps. Second-rate anything will not do for her. Does she look like common riff-raff, E’gus? If she’s going to charm her way out of trouble, she better be prepared to do so at any moment. Also, you should be prepared to do so at any moment. No matter how lovely the green might be, draconic attempts at doe-eyes just aren’t as effective on humans as they might be on other dragons. Szokanith will insist you do your part as well. Don’t worry, she’ll coach you on exactly what to say. And what to wear… and also, really E’gus, you must do something with your beard! She won’t insist that you get rid of it, oh no. You’d look funny without it. But some oils for keeping it nice and conditioned and perhaps some beads or braiding wouldn’t go amiss…

And your furnishings will also not escape her notice as well. You are her rider and so since Szokanith needs the finer things in life, you by extension will also need to have as many luxuries as your marks can purchase. Say goodbye to any hope about a minimalist lifestyle. Your lifemate will insist that you’ll never know when you could need a certain thing or two… And of course, you can’t just borrow one from the stores! Remember, only the very best.

« Honestly, E'gus. Anybody can have a pot. Just go down to the stores, there's dozens of them! I, err, we need a cataplana! »

Luckily the demand will come complete with an image of just exactly what this particularly bizarre cooking device is. It might take a few dozen trips to some remote seaholds before you’ll find exactly what she’s looking for. Once you find it, you’ll have her gratitude. And a break from the constant stream of complaining about not having it, which might even be better.


Szokanith does not take kindly to things getting in her way and that’s just exactly what Thread always seems to do! She’s a dragon with places to be and people to make and deals to make and well… there’s always a surprise threadfall or extra drills sprouting up to put a damper on her plans. At least she’ll have an outlet for that rage that she has inside so often. When she’s fighting, she’ll be incredibly thorough, not wanting to allow a single strand to escape her reach. Watch out and make sure she doesn’t cross into any other dragon’s airspace though!

Szokanith… let the lower wings get that one. It’s what they’re there for…
« No, E’gus! I have to take this into my own claws! »

With the anger fueling her and her larger than average build for a green, Szokanith will have the advantage on some of her sisters when it comes to stamina. She’ll never last a whole fall, course, but that won’t be for lack of trying on her part. An extra thirty minutes though will be standard. It will irk her greatly being ordered back to the Weyr to rest (and even worst to wait in reserve to take her turn). She’ll bring out all the most colorful phrases she has collected in these times and sometimes even craft a few new ones!

It shouldn’t be surprising that given Szokanith’s distaste for criticism and her very firm ideas of what she should do, that Szokanith is a dragon that has dreams of greatness. Sure, she can never be Weyrleader (although she thinks she would have been a GREAT queen…), but otherwise the sky could be the limit! Wingsecond, wingleader, weyrlingmaster or weyrsecond! The fancier the knot, the more Szokanith feels it would fit your shoulder, despite any protests you might have to the contrary. If you should ever achieve any rank, nobody will be happier than Szokanith! She’ll be cackling with glee until she realizes all the extra responsibilities that come with the additional power.

Ursula: Now I am the ruler of all the ocean! The waves obey my every whim!


There comes a time in ever dragon’s life that the siren’s call of those mating urges are just too much to resist. Szokanith won’t be the first of their clutch to rise, or the second, or probably not even the third. Frankly, she seems a little displeased by the whole prospect of dragons going ga-ga eyed over one another…

« Bah, those poor unfortunate souls… »

But before too long, she does begin to see the light. She can make them lust after her and that is much more your girl’s speed! The tempests will disappear temporarily and into the darkness of her seascape, a light appears. Proddy Szokanith knows exactly what the boys want, and she intends to give it to them until she gets everything that she wants. Her normally dark seascape comes alive with lights, although there is still the monsters lurking on the edges. They’ll bide their time. And her voice… her actual voice will raise an octave or two and the singing is almost non-stop, but she does have a voice that would make many a harper weep with jealousy.

Once she has enough suitors falling for her lures, Szokanith will still be her demanding self, but she’ll be doing her best to use her sweetest voice and all the body language she has at her disposal to make sure those boys do exactly what she wants.

« Oh, Edleveth, love, could you be a dear and fetch me an ovine? I’m feeling a might peckish. »
And at the same time…
« Tuanhjaliteth, why aren’t you a strapping fellow? And so enterprising… surely you’d know where to fetch an eel or two for a girl, right? »

It will probably be best if you keep her away from other greens as much as possible once she starts to glow. While she normally isn’t one to bite her tongue too much, she will hold no punches if she thinks she might be losing one of her suitors to another female. There isn’t a danger of physical fighting, but there will be verbal lashing aplenty. Both directly to the other greens and afterwards, you’ll hear the full rant.

« Ugh. Did you SEE Ivaenth, E’gus? Just who does she think she is? I guess I shouldn’t be too upset about Keryth showing her a tad bit of attention. He was probably just being polite. She is positively ancient… probably doesn’t have that many more flights left in her… » (never mind that Ivaenth isn’t that old)

Unfortunately for you, Szokanith will draw out the whole courtship process as long as she possibly can. She adores the attention on her and seeing just how effective her feminine wiles can be. Luckily, once she does start glowing, draconic hormones will do their thing and she can’t prolong it too long. She’ll take to the skies with all the force of a hurricane hitting land. The flight will be loud and speeds will be fast, although Szokanith will use all the endurance her larger build allows her. Eventually, she will crash into her mate. It’s a relief, but also, her normal tempest and monsters will return to lash out at the poor dragon that was unlucky enough to catch her. No cuddles here, she has to get back to business of plotting her next grand plan. Flights may feature in those often, so be prepared for her to rise frequently.


Name: Doji and Divale
Egg Desc: Malosim
Dragonet Desc: Doji
Messages: Doji
Puppeteer: Divale
Inspiration: Doji

Ainslee and Herald of the Neverending Tale Blue Keryth
Ca'elian and Hero and Scoundrel Bronze Tuanhjaliteth
E’rys and Always Lands on Her Feet Green Briamiorth
Sesa and Dreams No Mortal Ever Dared Dreamed Blue Edleveth

Harper’s Tale’s 79th PC Clutch
Igen Weyr’s 8th PC Clutch
Diem’s gold Zsaviranth x H’rik’s bronze Wendryth
March 24, 2018