Terminally Dismembered Fuzzy Icon of Fate Egg

This is terrible, just terrible, this egg: oh, anxiously fuzzy it is — if an egg had hands, which it doesn't, it would wring them, but that would be silly, sillier still than the horrific sense of dismemberment and removal from the whole that the crimson top gives, with hints of white bone and grey ligament in the center. There is certain resemblance of bloodstains to the top of the textured white egg, like heartsblood caught in soft fur. But what is it? It's not a lucky spleen. No, it's not hands, that's already been discerned; no, not still a liver, or a lucky appendix. There are many things that this egg could be, but for some savage and unknown reason, this egg's spirit creature is the remnant of a three-legged rabbit, stolen away in atrocious gore to somehow, someway grant boundless luck to the next barbarian to lay claim next to this bloody appendage.

Hatching Message

It's late! It's late! For this very important date! Oh well, at least Terminally Dismembered Fuzzy Icon of Fate did remember that it needs to get this whole hatching business on with eventually. The shell practically vibrates as it constantly rocks until finally a tiny foot cracks through on spot and from another a wing tip! By the time the little green snout is peeking from the crimson top of the egg, the rest of the shell just disintegrates around her. Laughter Takes Flight Green Dragonet blinks as she's suddenly left standing in the whole, wide world, but then with a sudden creel, she's off and running. There's an appointment she has to make after all. Is it with you?

Laughter Takes Flight Green Dragonet

Subdued olive and moss weave together to form the perfect base camoflauge of this delightfully plump green. Each of her powerful and squat legs conclude with feet bearing wickedly sharp obsidian talons. But truly this dragon’s crowning glory are her oversized wings, as bright as the rest of her colors are muted. Her wingsails bear a striking resemblance to the bright plumage of teal and malachite of tropical avians. As wings meet back, the blueish hues give way to more yellow greens that trace up her spine until the olive and moss overtake her once more as the understated colors creep up her stubby neck. Plump as this dragon’s belly and haunches are, is it any surprise that she also has a fairly rotund head as well? Her headknobs and eyeridges slope low, barely disturbing the smooth profile until her snout dramatically narrows and ends with a slightly curved hook.

Public Impression Pose

With a hop, skip and a jump, Laughter Takes Flight Green Dragonet moves on from toying with those remains of a shell as she remembers there's a more pressing concern out there. She turns her curved head towards the closest cluster of candidates, given a bit of a hopeful chirp as she circles around them, but nope, none of those girls are quite right. The young green continues on in her nearly bouncing gait until suddenly, she throws those overly large wings out to help slow her down in her sudden stop, crooning happily as she stares up a blue eyed, former Trader.

Private Impression Message

At first it's a drip, followed by a drop, a persistent trickle of water gradually increasing into a full on babbling brook that cuts through the chaos on the Sands. The shards, your fellow candidates, and even those wandering dragonets are quickly drowned out by the water and the flurry of feathers that appears, followed by a chorus of avians crying in joy. « KELATI!!! I've found you! » The declaration is so jubilant the laughter may be contagious, but quickly broken off as the stream narrows and encounters some rough rapids of gnawing stomach pain. « But now that I've found you, do you think we can find something to eat? I'm Takatath by the way … » Of course the exuberant little green won't let a little thing like eating slow her down from filling you in on all the exciting things she has to share!

Egg Inspiration

Have you ever thought about how savagely barbaric a RABBIT'S FOOT is as a good luck charm? This egg is meant to be the reality of this one. Per the rabbit's point-of-view, of course.

Theme Inspiration

You wanted a Kea Green and so here she is! Mischievous, clever and very, very loud. Hopefully Takatath is all you dreamed of and more!

Description Inspiration


Kea are alpine parrots, living high up in the scrub land and beech forests of New Zealand’s South Island, so of course they had to make an appearance to help flesh out her desc. But pretty much, she's straight parrot!

Name Inspiration

Katakata is the Maori word for laughter. Considering Kea are native to New Zealand AND since they’ve been shown to have contagious laughter, Katakata just seemed to fit perfectly and the name Takatath just stuck!


Oh, Kelati. Hopefully you like white noise because you may have Impressed one of the few creatures on Pern that can out babble you. Takatath's a very vocal dragon with a constantly expanding physical vocabulary of chirps, trills, warbles, hums and rumbles to go along with her more telepathic communications.

Even when Takatath isn't actively talking, there will constantly be the sound of running water threading through her mind (and usually brushing up against yours as well), splashing up against each new object or topic to be discovered and washing over it as she takes it all in.


When Takatath is feeling playful, which honestly may be most of the time, her thoughts will take soar through sunny skies along with flocks of colorful avians. The joyous calls of the birds as they twist and turn in fantastic formations echo her own trills of laughter and invitations to play.


Way too bright and even more way too early for a rest day morning, the sound of hundreds of wings and the never-ending chitter of their happy songs fill your head. « Kelati!!! Get up, get up, get up! We're gonna miss it all if we don't get to the beach now! You'll never believe what the dolphins have found today! »

But things are not all fun and games. As optimistic as Takatath can be, there will still be days when even this resilient little green will end up feeling down. Usually it'll be something very serious like the passing of a wingmate or an injury grounding you or herself, but some days are gloomier than others and on those days, a persistent mist will begin to creep in with the overcast skies, diluting her normal vibrant colors. And her normal playful avians? Not a feather to be seen as they sit back to roost until the storm passes. Even rarer still will be the thunderclap and flash of lightning that accompany the torrential downpours of her anger.




Is there anything more adorable than watching pudgy little dragons try to figure out the basics of locomotion? Once Takatath gets past those first few days where it seems like she does nothing but sleep and eat, she's going to want to be everywhere as quickly as her stubby little legs can take her. She's not going to let anything like height stop her getting whatever catches her eye. Chairs, dragon couches, boulders, clutchmates, fully grown dragons… any and all of these she'll try to climb to get closer to her destination. She's not the type of girl to let a few tumbles stop her either. If at first Takatath doesn't succeed, it just means she needs something taller to climb next!

Much like when young human children are suddenly too quiet, you may end up developing a sense of dread whenever Takatath's usual chirping tapers off. It usually happens whenever she's managed to get those wickedly sharp little claws of her's onto something shiny that definitely was not her's. While she may be more dexterous than most other dragons, most man-made goods don't deal with talon-manipulation all too well. Keep a watchful eye on her, or you may end up with a string of headwomen and journeymen hounding you down for payment on damaged property!

Eventually, Takatath will grow up like all dragons do, however some parts will grow quicker than others. Her magnificently colorful wings may seem to grow inches before your eyes during those first few months and while you'll be expanding straps as she's growing rounder and her torso is getting taller, her legs may seem to be lagging behind. Never fear, they do grow to be just as large as she'll ever need, however they're always going to be a bit stubby. Takatath won't let this slow her down. When on the ground, she'll develop a bit of a hopping gait that suits her just fine.

It'll take some practice, but eventually she'll also realize the same 'hopping' she had been using to walk can be tweaked a bit to get her airborne. Once she's in the air, flying will be as natural as breathing. As a smaller green, Takatath will revel in all the agility that her color is known for. Landing on the other hand… gravity is not Takatath's friend. There will be a lot of rough landings in your future, but luckily Takatath is nothing if not persistent. It might take ten times, or a hundred, but she's gonna stick that landing at some point!


Kookaburra sit in the old gum tree,
Merry, merry king of the bush is he!
Laugh, Kookaburra Laugh!
Kookaburra, gay your life must be!

Are you ready and rested, Kelati? Because from the moment that Takatath's claws first hit the sand, this little girl is going to be ready to go-go-go and she'll expect you to keep up with her, of course! That's why she chose you. Life's no fun without someone to share it with! And she'll want to share every observation that she has with you, and encourage you to come join her as she seeks out what's causing that shiny reflection onto the barracks ceiling or the sound of the loose thread shutter flapping in the wind. And it will definitely be easier for you to accompany her on these missions. Once her curiosity catches onto something, she's not a dragon to let it go. Those wickedly curved little talons of her's? Takatath will become perhaps worryingly adept at manipulating them and whatever objects she might need in order to get closer to the thing that she desires. Unfortunately, she doesn't have thumbs and even with the best filing, talons can be fairly sharp. Even impressive draconic handling of human objects will frequently result in complete and utter destruction.


As much as she might try to argue, especially when she's younger, everybody's got to rest some time. Being still is not a natural state for Takatath and even when she isn't moving, she'll have a tendency to perch on a ledge, her couch, a large rock, or whatever else is nearby. It's almost as if she'll be ready to fly into an action again at a moment's notice. Even motionless, there will still be a constant rustling of feathers in her thoughts as the green turns through whatever pressing metaphorical questions demand her attention today. Why are there tides? If some nights we see two moons and others just one, will we ever see three moons? Can you give a watchwher sunglasses so it can play in the day? Even though the range of her questions is seemingly endless, don't worry. Draconic memory is fleeting and so, the more common an unusual object might be, the more frequently she'll end up pondering all about it. Just when you think you could compile all the questions into a frequently asked questions manual, she'll toss in a curve ball.

She also won't just keep all these questions and observations to herself! Takatath will nearly constantly be talking with other dragons as well. Green, blue, brown or bronze, it doesn't matter at all. She'll cuddle with all of them as long as they don't mind her chatting their mostly telepathic ears off. She's also a big fan of physical touch as well, burrowing into a couch with her clutchmates or wingmates is one of the quickest ways to get her to actually fall asleep. As much as she might talk, some might be surprised to find that Takatath is also a keen listener. She'll be one of the first to point out when someone else is feeling a little down and since grey skies must clear up, she'll also try and devise some sort of ingenious plan to cheer them up. These plans may or may not usually involve some form of mutton or something shiny left where it can't be missed. Hey, it'd make her feel better, so surely it'll work for everybody? If not… she's definitely game to experiment until something works or she forgets!


It will be a good thing for you that draconic memory can be so fleeting. Persistent and cheerful as she might usually be, failure will not sit well on Takatath. While many problems can be solved with enough elbow grease and some out of the box thinking, but eventually she WILL encounter problems that can't be solved, no matter how hard she tries. When she gets obsessed on these unsolvable problems, it'll be like running into a brick wall, repeatedly. Her vocalizations will get higher pitched as she becomes more frantic. Thankfully, she can still be distracted. It'll take a good deal of effort, but well, before long you'll be an expert at just what distractions will work and what won't.


It may be hard to tell when Takatath is acting proddy since this green is about as boisterous as they come already. In the beginning, the signs are subtle as she’ll constantly be inviting others to come frolic on the beach with her or to join in a game of aerial tag, but notice that those ‘invitations’ are only being extended to dragons of the male variety. Sorry, ladies!


Also, she'll take a strong interest on games of speed and agility. She wants to show off her stuff and see others strut as well! In the air, Takatath will be as graceful as ever, but the closer she gets to rising, the more ridiculous her attempt at ground swagger might become. And she'll also be encouraging you to show off as well. Shinier jewelry and brighter colors are to be expected (although to get brighter from her normal preference may be physically impossible), but clothes won't be the only thing Takatath wants to improve. There's adjustments to be made for the couch and Kelati, did you add the five pillows to your bed? What about some candles? You need candles. Why? They uh… smell good and stuff?

There will be no missing when Takatath is ready to take to the skies. Your vocal green will be absolutely sure of that as she crows out her announcement to the entire Weyr as she heads directly to the feeding grounds. Blooding will be quick and messy, but somehow she'll always end up massacring at least one sheep before leading the boys on a showy full speedy chase. Corkscrews and loop-de-loops will be common, but eventually her fancy flying will fail her and into one of the boys she will crash.

As needy and demanding and frequently awkward as Takatath can be when she gets all glowy, don't be too worried. She won't be one of those greens that rise once a season. There will be many turns where she'll only rise twice. It's nothing to see the dragonhealer's about. Your girl just has more interesting things she feels she has to do usually, although that biological itch can't be ignored forever.


"And though she be but little, she is fierce!"
-Midsummer Night's Dream


Takatath may have many strong suits, but waiting is not one of them. Hopefully this will be something your future wingleaders will take into consideration as she turns positively bloodthirsty if you should happen to be assigned to fly the second half of the 'Fall instead of the first.

The colorful avians of her mind take on more ominous plumage and their joyful cries turn into hunting screeches as she passes and her tail trashes. Poor unsuspecting mountain sheep. First one, then another, then dozens of sharp beaks dive at it, pulling away piece by piece. « Kelati. There's Thread » Takatath's mind enviously turns towards the skies above where wingmates are currently searing that ancient enemy. « I still don't see why we have to wait. It's there now! »

But she won't be foolhardy enough to try and fly Thread without you! Wait she will, if that's the order. Once in the air, it's clear that flying is what she was designed for and it's hard to imagine her performing those awkward hops of her land gait. With her (relatively) broad, colorful wings, Takatath will soar, but she's still tiny enough that sharp turns and sudden dives will be constant moves in her Threadfighting repertoire. Takatath will be extremely effective at chasing down wayward clumps of thread when she's in the air, but like many greens, her size doesn't allow for the endurance to fight for more than a couple hours at most.

Getting Takatath to retreat while there is still Thread in the air is almost as much as a battle as convincing her why you'd have to wait in reserves if that's your assigned wing position on a given day! But even this stubbornest of greens will eventually concede to the fatigue in her wings, but even when her body is exhausted, her mind will still be racing. No matter the distance, if Southern is fighting a 'Fall, Takatath will be giving you a complete play by play of what activity is happening. She'll also be puzzling through the weather conditions, the wind formations and whatever knowledge the two of you have studied about wing formations. Be prepared for the streams of suggested What ifs… that will come from her, but who better to figure out new Thread tactics than a dragon?

Southern Weyr's 8th PC Clutch
Gold Zymuraith and brown Ravaith
July 6th, 2018


Name: D’wane and Kelati
Egg Desc: Treivyshe
Dragonet Desc: D’wane
Messages: D'wane
Puppeteer: Z'bor
Inspiration: D'wane

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