Toxic Love Egg

Perfectly round and teeming with utter tranquility, this forest green and blue oval seem to be a beacon of serenity at first glance. The second look brings out details not evident at first. Dripping like ichor from a wound shiny ebony rivers trace downwards to break at the serenity of this egg. The bottom stands free of contamination while the top is layered with the shiny ooze. Though still in reality the blackness seems to drip slowly down the green and blue, suffocating the tranquility with mindless hunger for expansion.

Hatching Message

Toxic Love Egg quivers and shakes as its occupant gets ready to break free. There's scratching from the inside, claws against shell, then a THWUMP - followed by a CRACK and there he is! Or there part of him is, anyway… first one paw, then another, and then with a great splintering sound his egg breaks down around him, leaving Bend the Earth for You Blue Dragonet to tumble clumsily onto the Sands.

Bend the Earth for You Blue Dragonet

Strength resides within the earthiness that crafts this dragon's sturdy form. Resilience colours the stony sweep of his snub muzzle, tempered by steadfast mica's silicate blue along his slender headknobs, and down the ridges that crest the curve of his neck. Lazurquartz cools the vastness of his chest, dull sparkle sprinkling light along the powerful igneous breadth of his built-to-last frame. Paws draw light from volcanic heat, a bubbling surge of violet magma to rise and harden into the blackened pillars of his legs, with pyroclastic smoke bending the curve of his underbelly, along to the tip of his ashen tail. The billow of his broad wings is marble-veined and midnight dark; powerful limbs to stand the test of eternal time.

Public Impression Pose

Feet. Bend the Earth for You Blue Dragonet has four of them, which he can't seem to figure out just yet… and what are these? Wings? Oh wow. And they stretch. Hey look, mom, dad! I have wings! He looks up at his parents between floundering attempts to get to his feet, flopping over into the sand until he's covered in it. Coordination is hard! But each flop, each failed step, each awkward bumble takes him closer to the one he wants, until he stops a mere few strides away from Aveshin and creeeeeels at him. A little help, please?

Private Impression Message

Darkness. You're plunged into it, a deep, rich, loamy darkness, a warm, damp soil into which the seeds of boundless love have been sown. Are there people still around you? It's hard to tell, because they don't matter - and you can't see them anyway. « Here we are. » A rich voice, fertile with emotion - with glee. He's found you. « All alone on the Sands. » Are you really? It certainly feels that way, because all that matters is him. « Just you and me. A'sh and Tokath.. Together… always. »

Egg Inspiration

Theme Inspiration


You wanted Bolin, you got Bolin! :D

A'sh, you inspired me to watch two entire seasons of Legend of Korra, and I'm so glad I did - not only did I get to watch an awesome anime series, but it gave me a fantastic base to create Tokath for you. I've taken what I learnt from watching the show, and mish-mashed it up a bit to come up with your Tokath. He's Bolin, but with a little extra specialness just for you, making him a solid, earthy companion, who's loyal, compassionate (just like A'sh!), and the sort of buddy who's always going to be there to brighten your day… even if that means dunking you in the lake to get a laugh out of you.

I hope you love him as much as I've come to while creating him for you! But he's yours now, to do with as you wish. <3

Bolin: So, you see, we're together.
Korra: Well, not together together, more like friends.
Bolin: Right, friends. No, no, I didn't mean to imply.
Korra: Oh, you implied it.

Description Inspiration

Bolin is an earthbender, so I took inspiration from that when coming up with his desc. Tokath is a big blue, in all senses - he's at the top end of his colour size scale, and he's a big, blocky boy, too. Thick-hewn but not rough or ugly; he's cute. So cute, with his snub upturned muzzle and big round eyes!

He's got somewhat of a gleam to his hide even if he's blue, like the way an unpolished stone catches the light even when it's not trying to. Stones, particularly the marble of his wings, are eternally strong, and seemed the perfect material to craft a dragon version of Bolin with. He's a mix of dark mica grey and the deep blue-grey of lazurquartz, with those huge wings of his being a powerful dark canopy flecked through with lighter veins, as if they're carved from marble.


And then there are his magma paws, and the darkness of his legs; that's inspired by your love of Kawah Igen's blue lava - plus, is there any greater show of earthy force than a volcano? It was just so fitting!


Name Inspiration

According to Google translate, the word 'toka' means 'earth' in Albanian. According to Google search, 'toka' also means a fastener - like a buckle, or clasp - in Turkish. Tokath comes from both of these words, and could be pronounced as toh-kath, tok-ahth, or however you want. No matter how you say it, Tokath is A'sh's earthy link, his strong new ties to the Weyr and to a new life.


Who said earth had to be just brown? Tokath's mindvoice certainly proves otherwise! And he's talkative, too - he doesn't care what you're doing or whether you want to be interrupted or not, because he's going to barge on in there with his own thoughts and often misguided words… especially if you're getting snuggly with a special someone.

« Hey! Hey A'sh, you know you should try… no, no wait. Wait a second! I tried that with Eskath and… yeah, you probably don't want to… riiight. Ok. So I'm just gonna go now… »

His tendency to say the wrong thing at the wrong time, however well-meaning it may be, gives him a terrible case of eternal paw in mouth disease.

Lin Beifong: I can't believe Amon got you too.
Bolin: Hey. at least you unlocked your airbending!
Mako: Bro… not the time.
Bolin: Right, right, I'll just stand over here. Quietly. In silence.

There's a great complexity to the emotions he portrays with his mind, and each one comes with its own earthiness. He draws on his love of the ground and all things on it to add depth to his thoughts; warm loamy earth will be happiness and contentment, stone's rough grey displeasure, lush greenery represents lust. His palette goes beyond that, of course, to include anything and everything found in his natural world - from lava-glow's orange for anger, to the grittiness of sand, to the scent of rain-soaked soil.



While Tokath is not going to be the hugest blue on Pern, he is pretty big for his lineage - and he's made to look even bigger by his bulk. He's a thickset growing boy, with a heaviness about him that's brought on by his broad chest and thick limbs. As a hatchling he'll have a bit of baby pudge, particularly around his tummy, but that will melt away as his limbs lengthen and he becomes the honed fighter he was destined to be.

He will start life as an awkward youngster; he'll be a little unsteady on his feet and uncertain of his movements, and it will take him a good few sevendays to properly get over it and get coordinated! But even through his unsteady baby days it's clear he has the potential to grow up into a fine, strong dragon. Once he's figured out how to work all four feet and his wings too, of course. Expect even more coordination issues when he realises he's got to make six limbs all work at once.

Once he's grown out of his awkwardness though, Tokath will be surprisingly graceful, especially so given his hefty frame. His nimbleness will be demonstrated particularly during drills and Threadfall, where he'll be a true asset to his wing, capable of pulling off complicated formations without a hitch. But more on that later…

Itchy Spots

Oh, man. Where doesn't he itch? You'll have your work cut out for you as a weyrling A'sh, because Tokath will want to be oiled and scrubbed all the time… even if he doesn't really need it. He just likes the pampering, ok? And no-one's better at soothing his growing hide than you are… except maybe your firelizard. Pabu's pretty good at helping ease the smaller itchy spots.

You'll find over time though there are are a couple of places in particular where he'll need special attention. His paws, for one, because if there's mud about, he'll splash in it. If there's soft sand, he's got to feel it under his feet. Loamy earth? That's awesome on his toes. Tokath's feet will nearly always be dirty thanks to his obsession with earthy things, and you'll do well to keep a brush handy so you can scrub them off when they need it. Those violet-magma tootsies of his will need a good oiling every other day or so too - who knew mud could be so drying on dragonhide?

Tokath's nose, particularly the snub, slight upturn at the end of his muzzle, will itch frequently, too. He loves having it scratched, and won't hesitate to do so himself… often against the ground, against a rock, the wall of the Weyr - stony surfaces are just so good for satisfying itches. He'll often rub his whole side (or ease an itchy butt) against the Weyr wall, much like a bear might rub up against a tree - or a dog might rub herself against your favourite new sofa. Bad puppy! This may cause him a few bruises or scratches as a hatchling, but he'll get over it quick enough.


Where to start?! Tokath is as loyal as they come - to you, to his clutchmates, to the dragons and people he builds relationships with… while you may be the Number One in his life, don't be surprised if you find Tokath wuffling over some pretty girly or another - of the dragon or human kind. He's drawn to females of both species. For the ladies - the human ones, that is - he will happily wuffle warm breath over them as he tries to win them over for you. There will always be one or two girls who he'll have a special affection for, and he may even drop little gifts, like rocks, a tree branch (because what dragon can pick flowers?!), maybe even something pilfered from your weyr around them every so often. You know, on your behalf. If they're lucky, they may even get to hear his thoughts.

As for the girl dragons? He loves his greens! Golds are pretty too, but he knows he's got no chance with them so he sticks to the ladies he can woo… or that he can at least try to woo. Sadly, Tokath's skills in that department are not great. He's got an awful habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, and even if his heart's in the right place it can sometimes lead him - and you! - into a bit of trouble.

When he's got his words straight, though, Tokath has a tendency to play the joker, with a bright sense of humour and a healthy dose of cheekiness to go with it. He's honest. almost to the point of being too much so, which might get him into a little trouble with the more sensitive dragon minds out there… especially with the ladies. « Hey Cailluneth, your chunky butt's looking bigger than ever today! » Despite his frequent blunders, there may still be some ladies out there who can appreciate his sense of humour and his ability to spin a tale or two, because he is dramatic enough (melodramatic, even) to pull off a tall tale when he needs one. If it'll get him anywhere with the green of his dreams (whoever she happens to be on that particular day), he'll be more than happy to show off what's up his sleeve, all in the name of impressing her.

Korra: I've been immersed in bending my entire life and I never learned how to move like that. It's like there's a whole new style here. Think you could show me a few tricks?
Bolin: Ab-so-lutely.

That said, you won't ever find him spinning a yarn to get out of training - and you're going to have to have some pretty good excuses if you want to skip PT and drills. He may even try to do them without you. Whether they're at the crack of dawn, in the middle of lunch or in the blistering heat of the afternoon, Tokath will make you take part unless you're absolutely on death's door - in which case he'll be doing what he can to nurse you back to health, but Faranth forbid that should happen! Tokath lives for training, just as he lives for the fight against Thread. In that sense he's as much of a fighting blue as a Pass will see, and even if he's not the most tactical of dragons, but he makes up for it by being loyal to a fault and committed to playing his role within the wing: if his wingleader says jump, he'll be the first to ask how high.

Speaking of high, Tokath has an unusual obsession, for dragonkind at least, with its very opposite - the ground. Despite being a creature of the air by nature, he's very, very happy ambling about the ground in his awkward shuffle-gait, sticking his nose into the sand and splish-splashing through mud puddles. He likes pretty much everything about the dirt beneath his paws, though he's especially keen about rocks. Big, small, smooth, sharp, shiny, matte, precious or not, he has a fascination with them that may start to drive you mad. From his earliest forays outdoors as a weyrling to his adult life, he'll bring you back little rocky presents to leave them in your couch, on your ledge… anywhere. There will be rocks everywhere when you get your own place! And you'll not be allowed to throw them away, oh no - Tokath's rocks are precious and must be treated with respect. You may be allowed to make little cairns out of them if you ask nicely, if only so you can have them organised somewhat neatly.


That's not his only quirk, though, as you'll come to find… because Tokath has a thing for ferrets. He'll spot one someday, somewhere, and that'll be it: his obsession will begin. You'll have to get one. You'll have to draw the line at one… because he'll try to make you get more. If it was up to Tokath, you'd have a weyr full of them - but that would smell. Think you can handle it? This is where you'll have to really learn to put your foot down with him, because Tokath knows how to work that chubby-cute face of his to get what he wants. Your dragon can do the best puppy-eyed expressions out there, A'sh, so good luck on standing your ground and not giving in to the cuteness. So much cuteness. Cuteness that he will exploit, if he has to!

And we can't forget his goofball side, now, can we? Tokath is an adorable jokester, who takes the lighter things in life with a pinch of salt and a sprinkling of laughter. Because why sweat the small stuff, when there are bigger things - like Thread - that are bad enough? Whenever you've got time to yourselves, whenever you're free of drills and other obligations, Tokath will be there to encourage you to just relax. He loves swimming, and he'll drag you down to the lake, and to the sea when he's old enough to get there, for hours of splashing in the water… and then he'll insist you rub him down after, too. And oil him. And pamper him. Isn't he worth pampering? Of course he is. Oh, and A'sh, if you turn him down for his watery exploits? Don't put it past him to physically drag you down there. When Tokath wants playtime, he's going to insist that he gets it.


Despite his tendencies to be a little goofy on the ground and even goofier in flights, he's 100% business when it comes to the nasty task of fighting Thread. There's nothing funny to Tokath about drilling with his wing; you will be there bright and early - maybe even ahead of everyone else, so you can get in even more practice. He'll drive you to succeed in whatever exercises your wing puts you through - he might even earn you a spot on Whirlwind, if you can prove yourselves good enough to catch the Weyrleader's attention.


Tokath is entirely focused during Fall. He's an ideal middle flight dragon, nimble in the air and with an incredible flaming range that puts some of the bigger dragons to shame, though he certainly has the ability to fly higher if needed. He's happiest if he's in the thick of things, where he can do the most damage to his mortal enemy, where he can really show off his abilities.

It's very frustrating to him that he's unable to last a whole Fall - and you'll have to wrestle him down when you can feel him tiring, because he will want to keep going. Your wingleaders may recognise his abilities and put him up there twice a Fall if strategies allow, because all he needs is a break between waves before he's ready and raring to go again.


Bolin: Korra and I are perfect for each other. She's strong, I'm strong. She's fun, I'm fun. She's beautiful, I'm gorgeous!

Oh, A'sh. You're going to have your hands full when it comes to matters of draconic love! Tokath loves the ladies. He really does. Greens of every shade and size are just the best things on Pern… and why shouldn't they like him back, when he's such a gorgeous specimen?

Sadly for him, though, all of that awkwardness that comes with his goofball side comes through in his flights, too. Try as he might - and man, does he try - Tokath is just not the luckiest blue when it comes to capturing a dainty lady in his violet-dark clutches. That's not to say he'll never catch; given the frequency with which he rises to chase proddy greens, the odds have to fall in his favour sometimes! Hi catches are down to sheer luck and coincidence rather than any true skill or tactics.Tactics are kept for Threadfall.

Tokath likes to woo the ladies in his awkward way, pre-flight and, to some degree, during, too. When he catches, this will continue afterwards as well - he'll stick around for a day or two, preening and fawning over his new ladyfriend… he may actually be a little clingy in that sense, bringing her gifts and crawling home with his tail between his legs if his affectionate gestures are rejected. But if the lady apple of his eye returns it? Well, that makes him one very, very happy boy - and you'll get to know all about it!

Bolin: [trying to flirt with Eska] Hey, I'm Bolin. I'm a friend of Korra's. You're Eska, right? Wow, I'm just- I'm loving these robes. [Eska hisses] So you are from the north, right? Cool. That's like- you know, that's, like, my favourite direction.
Desna: I think he is trying to establish some kind of bond with you based on your geographic point of origin.
Eska: Perhaps it would be interesting to spend time with a person whose ways are so rough and uncultured. [To Bolin] You amuse me. I will make you mine.
Bolin: You mean like a boyfriend, or - or like a slave?
Eska: Yes. [grabs Bolin by the collar] Win me prizes.



Name: Thierry
Egg Desc:
Dragonet Desc: Thierry
Messages: Thierry
Inspiration: Thierry

Clutchmates: Mayte’s gold Rhiscorath, C'sei (Alecsei)'s green Faenwyth, Selaine's green Akitith, Tasna (Tasena)'s brown Tseylath, Yukie's green Inayalinaeth, Majel's blue Dyxoth

Harper's Tale's 67th PC Clutch
Igen Weyr's 2nd PC Clutch
Tuli's gold Elicheritath and El'ai's bronze Sekhaenkath
March 28, 2014