Jundi Impressed, becoming Jiu, rider of blue Tsulryth
Dragon : Tsulryth
Colour : Blue
Egg : Dawn at the Sea Egg
Dragonet : Lost in a Never-Ending Storm Blue Dragonet
Name: Kalyssa
Egg Desc: Khena
Dragonet Desc: Slippa
Messages: Khena; Auri tweak
Puppeteer: Lylia
Inspiration: Auri, Kalyssa, Khena, Slippa, Zai

N'zgul (Nazgul) and bronze Ringwraith [NPC]
Sii'kyn (Sikkyen) and brown Sidramuntalath
Olia (Oliana) and brown Roherith
Rana (Kirana) and brown Byndareth
M'lfoy (Malfoy) on brown Voldemorth [NPC]
Taesha and brown Ngeth [NPC]
Jiu (Jundi) and blue Tsulryth
Tevya and blue Kihaelth
Fyria and blue Urzketh
Zia (Azia) and blue Diulnyth
Wyn (Miralwyn) and blue Vorkoroth
S'am (Samwise) and blue Frodoth [NPC]
B'wulf (Beowulf) and blue Grendalth [NPC]
Sage and green Pixareth
Lhana and green Zhesteth
S'titch (Settich) and green Entymeth [NPC]
F'aust (Falust) and green Mephistoth [NPC]
B'stian (Bastian) and green Xayideth [NPC]
M'aul (Marul) and green Sith [NPC]
L'tast (Lestat) and green Akashath [NPC]

Welcome to High Reaches, Jundi! Tsulryth is as complex a dragon you can get, full of quirks and idiosyncrasies that you'll get to know all too well in the "forever" you spend with your lifemate. He's just as charismatic and fascinating as the Jareth you love, and just as chaotic. On behalf of the weyr, we'd just like to say we look forward to seeing "how you deal with this little slice" of dragon.
- HRW SearchCo 2002, Fellowship of the Llamas

Your Dragon
Cumulonimbus thunderclouds looming up above; fluffy white nimbus floating in a blue sky; raindrops falling in April showers or tumultuous downpour. Kamikaze winds, tornadoes, hurricanes…. Tsunamis, whirlpools, ebbing tides. These are the things your Tsulryth is crafted from, formed from the elements themselves. You wanted a dragon who represented the weather, the sea, and who acted like them both…. Well here he is. Tsulryth.

Chayath feels the pressure of the first contraction and hastily turns to dig a trench, barely able to rumble a greeting to Druseth. Hunkering down, her hide moves and undulates in liquid motion as the first egg is expunged from her quivering form. Turning, she allows Druseth to see before covering it over with sand.

Dawn at the Sea Egg
Pale, wispy tendrils swarm the surface of this elongated egg. A nearly straight line cuts its way around the bottom, separating the faded shades of the sphere: gray below and blue above. On closer inspection, a spark appears at one side, directly upon the line of separation. Reddish-orange in color and circular in shape, its hue spreads to its surroundings, losing its warmth and fading to yellow as it extends around the orb. Sand clings to the bottom, making it rough to the touch, while the crown of the shell is smooth and clear.

Heaving back and forth as if tossed by tempestuous swells, Dawn at the Sea Egg makes ready to come apart. With an audible thunderclap the shell shatters in a rain of a hundred tiny pieces, falling to the sand below to give kingly entrance to a turbulent bluish-gray dragonet.

Lost in a Never-Ending Storm Blue Dragonet
Thunderhead grey steels the silver-grey clouds of rounded belly, breaking into stratonimbus high above tempest's raging blues. Fog encircles the sea-tossed whirl of crystalline eyes, dispersing into thin veils of mist that streak down clouded neck to wrap around thunderclap 'ridges, calm after the tempest that scatters clouds of teal across an ominous hide. Drizzle percolates the stony cast of blue iron, marling snow's crisp flakes as they fall softly along broad back and down thunderbolt tail. Lightning coruscates deliriously across scrupulous wingsails, a white-bright labyrinth against a starless midnight sky of rain slashed tarmac and cumulonimbus omniscience. Every cloud has a silver lining, and the polished talons upon hailstone paws make him no exception.

Impression (Public)
Lost in a Never-Ending Storm Blue Dragonet has carefully searched the white clad entities ranged around him, tumbling from one to the other like a whirlwind without finding the right one. Something beckons, however, his instinct bearing him to one certain candidate, pausing before her longer than he has before any other. He will show Jundi her dreams.

Impression (Personal)
Fast and furious another mind enters yours, rummages around in search of the right bit of information. Its search is thorough, leaving no stone unturned as it makes its way through every bit of your consciousness. Suddenly, like a lightning bolt, this mind sends tingles all through your body, top to toe, electrifying to life each small hair on your body. « Fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave, Jundi! I am Tsulryth! Oh, come on, it's only forever! »

Egg Inspiration
Think about an early morning at the beach. Getting there before dawn to watch the sun rise over the water. The sand is damp, the air as well as a thick mist hangs over the water. Then the sun comes over the horizon, at first pale and practically non-existent, difficult to see through the fog, then after a time, as it burns away the haze, its color changes, becoming warmer and friendlier as the reds, oranges and yellows are reflected by clouds and water.

Tsulryth. Such a delicate name for such a tempestuous dragon. We pronounced it 'Sul-ruth', 'Sul-rith' and 'Tsul-rith', but he's yours so you can say it however you want. You could say it harshly, like crashing waves upon a shore, or roll it like the gentle rumble of thunder. Definitely a stormy name for a stormy dragon.

In the process of writing this insp, we also came up with the nickname Tsully, which is adorable and real fun to say.

You asked for a name with meaning and you got it! Weather and the elements have fascinated civilizations since time immemorial. Similarly, Jareth's a pretty impressive and regal Goblin King. We wanted something that reflected that same awe and power so we went searching of gods for the type of weather dragon we pictured Tsulryth to be. The 'Tsu' in his name comes directly from Taki-Tsu-Hiko, the Japanese god of Rain. 'Lry' we tweaked from the Welsh Sea-God Llyr. Combining them gave us a strong powerful name connected to the weather, and the sea (which Jundi gave up to come be with us. Yay!) The thing that strikes me most about his name is that when I said it aloud the first time it sounds like rain on the sea, right when the shower starts.

" What's said is said…"
- Jareth

Though the timber of his voice changes with each pendulum-swing of his mood, Tsulryth always has a tint of silver running like smooth streaks of lightning through his voice. When happy, his words resemble the patter of soft spring rain, light and spritely, bouncing, a bit like a rather mischievous goblin. His voice has the power to soothe and cleanse your mind with clarity that only a proper shower can bring. When he's in a fit, however, his voice will rumble ominously and strike jaggedly when he speaks, battering his poor victim's head with the whipping winds of a verbal onslaught. Just as often, however, he'll speak in a whisper like big fluffy white clouds: wispy, airy, sweet.

" …the air is sweet! and fragrant!"
- Sir Didymus

Most prominent scents that you will come to recognize as your life-mates touch on your mind is the salty brine of the open sea. That sharp tang that hits your nostrils when you hit the beach, a truly authentic aroma, that despite efforts cannot be manufactured. Also in his sunnier moods you will find that the salty ocean tang is diluted by the sweetness of a clean rain. Still a distinctive scent, but far gentler and one that you will come to appreciate. When he's grouchy, Oh dear if only you could block your mental nostrils, for his lingering negative scent resembles that oh-so-delightful parfum: wet canine.

Tsulryth likes to fill your head with vivid and dramatic colors, be it the sudden slash of lightning across a black and white checker-board, or boiling blues and purples captured within crystalline textures. His imagery will always be layered, colors and pictures one atop the other: always multi-leveled and labyrinthine.

Imagine yourself lost in one of the worst storms ever; towering thunderheads, ominously low wisps of cloud, mist, rain, lightning, thunder, starless sky hidden by the clouds above. That's what the hide of your dragon looks like… like a piece of a storm cut out and sewn together to fit him perfectly. He's perhaps more grey than blue, because of his cloudy hide, though marled blue-grey. There's a few stray wisps of teal that emerge through the clouds, appearing as a storm-tossed sea may appear. He's not brightly colored, and if you ever have to fly Thread on a stormy night, he'll be almost camouflaged against the clouds. In fact, the brightest things about him are his silver talons and lightning-streaked wings.

Size-wise, he's one of the bigger blues. He'll tower above the smaller greens like a tall cumulonimbus thundercloud towers up high into the sky, he may even be the same size as some of the smaller browns. But this dominating appearance will make him seem bigger than he is - perhaps this is an advantage? He's thickset, but smooth-cut, not fat or chubby, but big-boned. His wings are midnight-dark, lit up with veins of forked lightning that cut across, faintly outlined in electric purple. They're not too big for him, nor too small, in fact, they fit him perfectly. Just like the rest of him, he's got this well-cut,'well-made' neatness to him.

When it comes to growing, your darling Tsulryth grows very slowly, like a storm building up. He'll grow all over, though, when it does happen, but he'll catch up
with the rest and overtake some of them when the time comes. In fact, when he does start to grow, it'll be almost like he'll never stop, and you, Jundi dear, will be worn out with all that oiling he's going to need. Perhaps you'll need to enlist the help of the Weyrbrats and firelizards?

There is one area that you will learn to pay particular attention to, and that is his eye ridges, his eyelids and just the general area around his eyes. For while he's off being all stormy and weather-y the slightest hint of a skritch about that area will calm him immensely. You will learn to take advantage of the calming influence of his eyes, particularly during his darker spells, because as every good weather-man knows the 'eye' of the 'storm' is always the calmest place to be.

Your blue boy represents all states of weather when it comes to his personality. Warm, sunny days and scudding white clouds make up his happy moods, whereas cold, icy wet and dreary days that keep you cooped in make up his bad moods. Lightning and thunder and rain for anxiety, howling winds for anger, blizzards for annoyance and rosy warm sunsets for lust.

"Your eyes can be so cruel… just as I can be so cruel…"
- Jareth

Moodswings. He gets them… almost as often as the weather changes. Well, more often, perhaps, because he never seems to stay in one mood for long. One moment he'll be all sunshine and sweetness, next he'll be a frozen blizzard, masking out the world. You're lucky, though, because he'll not stay angry for long, he's too happy-go-lucky for that. He likes to get distracted, and it's no hard task to do so. « Why did Sidramuntalath catch Pixareth instead of me? He looks like a trundlebug with wings, I'm so much better looking!….Oh, pretty flower! Don't you like flowers, Jundi dear? All colorful and pretty… like you. Though not like them pink ones Zizth and Yaji grow…nonono. Too much pink is bad… » And he'll go on, and on, and on… until someone takes away his Energizer batteries.

Speaking of flowers, Tsulryth will have a special affinity towards them. April Showers bring May Flowers, you know. Something else Tsulryth likes to do is to play in the rain, stand in the wind, fly around in thunderstorms and worry his poor rider.

Tsulryth's not a vain dragon, but he does like his wings. He likes to think of them as a cloak, or a mantle, and he's pretty proud of their dark coloring and jagged lightning flashes. Oh, and he also likes his silvery talons to be kept clean to show off their brightness. He's not the type to want to be bathed constantly, because a bit of dirt doesn't bother him.

Your blue-boy has a funny way of showing his affections, especially with you. Oh don't get us wrong, he adores you, there is nothing that he wouldn't do for you, just his interpretations of your desires is, shall we say a little warped. You are after all Sarah to his Jareth. You may well find a dead wherry on your ledge when he wishes you to know how much he cares. No flowers for you, Jundi-dear. He likes flowers, they are pretty just like his Jundi, for that reason if he does go off on a flower picking spree he will hoard them all for himself.

Oh and if you have children or a weyr-mate? Watch what you say to your Tsulryth, for you may very well find an innocent, if highly irritable remark about wishing them in Crom or Southern, acted upon with unnatural speed. He doesn't like to share. You are his (and only his) forever, regardless on anything you may have to say on the matter.

Tsulryth being what he is and who he is has another little quirk we need to make you aware of before we hand over the keys (for 3 easy payments of $19.95 + 1/3 soul) And that is cheese (yeah, we don't know why). Any kind of cheese, moldy cheese, smelly cheese, melted cheese. His obsession with cheese can cause some interesting 'adventures' during weyrlinghood, and indeed for many many turns. « Jundi, couldn't we just pop over to Keroon? They have cheese there that is as big as my head. » Indeed, you will know when he is saying sorry (or sucking up) to you when instead of a dead wherry on your ledge you find his favorite cheese in its place.

As you are aware he does have his darker moments. Moments when his usual mercurial mood-swings do not occur and despite your concerned and repeated scratching and petting of his eyes, his mood just doesn't lighten. During these times you may find that he has an overwhelming need to find some rain or a storm somewhere on Pern within which he can lose himself in the violence and the simply 'is'-ness of it. These are the times when you simply must leave the storm that is Tsulryth to blow himself out. Once he has been cleansed by this elemental bonding, his usual loverly twisted self will return.

He is his happiest (and quirkiest) when he is in the air with you. Flying for him is the greatest freedom, and the time when he feels closest to his nature. While he may not be dare-devil Fyria's Urzketh is, he revels in the sudden dips and thermals that he is able to discover. Indeed when you fly him for the first time you may find yourself a little green around the edges when your feet feel solid ground again. But in time, he will mellow slightly, and you will learn to weather his unusual delight in making your stomach rise to your throat. His flight has a rolling-ness to it (when he isn't doing his best to imitate a roller-coaster) which will make flying anywhere direct with him a pleasure.

Flights, Love
I saw my baby
Trying as babe could try
What could I do?
My baby's fun had gone
and left my baby blue.
Nobody knew
what kind of magic spell to use…
*Thunder or Lightning*
Then baby said:
Dance, magic, dance.

During flights, Tsulryth is the type to do anything for the green - within limits, that is. The rider of storms does not simply belly-up his silver lining for mere females. They become, in effect, what Sarah was to Jareth: beautiful and daunting, something he wished earnestly to possess and to pamper. This is not to say that Tsulryth wants to make every glowing beauty his pet (there's far too many independent ones running about to make that strategy very fruitful) but he is happy to offer the world up for her - provided she become his.

"I ask for so little. Just let me rule you, and you can have everything!"
- Jareth

He has a tendency, too, to toy with greens he decides to chase. Sometimes he'll be at the head of the pack, nipping at her heels, and others he'll seem to be lagging behind only to pop up underneath her as she attempts to dive. « Piece of cake, huh? » It will not always leave him a winner, but it does spare his pride from defeat. He'll need that technique of saving his dignity, for while he is serious about courting (however unusual it may seem) the glowing beauties, when it comes to the hour when Greenth is blooding her kill and taking to the sky, he isnt usually too successful. A combination of his short and shifting attention span and his love of flying thermals will mean that the instant he is in the air he loses that all important focus on she-who-leads-the-chase. In the rain, however, he seems to have a supernatural advantage - diving between the droplets, seeing through the sheets of water, and catching every mercurial thermal that the storm sends up. If the lovely deigns to go up during a storm or even a spot of rain his lust is electrified. It is, after all, his element.

When he does catch, count on him to be a stormy lover to the green he's now ensnared. It can be a whirlwind for you, because his emotions run so strong - and you might not recognize the bedmates you wake up with, if you can remember anything from the moment Tsulryth takes to the skies to when the whirlpool of his emotions lets you go. When he doesn't catch… watch out. The storm he rages borders on a temper tantrum of draconic proportions, and he immediately seeks out water. He may demand that you take him to some remote lake to cleanse his mind, or that he needs to warm on a secluded Istan beach, but more often he's likely to drop into the lake bowl for his ritual soak.

Eventually, his mood will break, and he'll be typical Tsulryth again, but for those black moments when he's been spurned… well, it's almost like proddiness for blueriders.

Your dragon is aware of females and what he is supposed to do with them. But as he shows his affection for you, the affection he show the gentler *cough* members of the draconic race is a little askew. He is a dragon of big words and lofty promises. « Oh Zhesteth my dear, come sun by me, I promise it will make your hide glitter ever so much more than it is now. » You will be grateful when his attentions are caught by a proddy green, for it will be them and not you that receives the dead wherry missive. For Tsulryth will have that unfortunate tendency to become smitten with certain dragons. He might feel like being the creepy-stalker once in a while, showing up in people's bedrooms (err…), hanging about like an ominous gray raincloud. You'll have to rein him in when he does this until, like the phases of the seasons, like the rise and ebb of the tide, his infatuation fades away.

"The heart can think of no devotion
Greater than being shore to the ocean -
Holding the curve of one position,
Counting an endless repetition."
-"Devotion", Robert Frost

But of course, there is no devotion, there is no love as great as his for you. The two of you are like shore and sea - inseparable and endless. But things will never get repetitive with a dragon like Tsulryth - each day he'll show you something new, each day he'll open
an entirely kingdom to your eyes.

The line-storm clouds fly tattered and swift.
The road is forlorn all day,
Where a myriad snowy quartz stone lift,
And the hoof-prints vanish away.
The roadside flowers, too wet for the bee,
Expend their bloom in vain.
Come over the hills and far away with me,
And be my love in the rain.
The birds have less to say for themselves
In the wood-world's torn despair,
Than now in these numberless years the elves,
Although they are no less there:
All song of the woods is crushed like some
Wild, easily shattered rose.
Come, be my love in the wet woods, come,
Where the boughs rain when it blows.
There is the gale to urge behind
And bruit out singing down,
And the shallow waters aflutter with wind
From which to gather your gown.
What matter if we go clear to the west,
And come not through dry-shod?
For wilding brooch shall wet your breast
The rain-fresh goldenrod.
Oh, never this whelming east wind swells
But it seems like the sea's return
To the ancient lands where it left shells
Before the age of the fern;
And it seems like the time when after doubt
Our love came back amain.
Oh, come forth into the storm and rout
And be my love in the rain.
-"A Line-Storm Song", Robert Frost

Harper's Tale: 32nd PC Clutch
High Reaches Weyr