A long, long time in the future in a galaxy far, far away… a thousand voices called out in the darkness and told us that you needed Tuanhjaliteth as your perfect co-pilot and partner in crime! We had a blast writing him and hope you enjoy playing him, but play him as you wish! (although he might argue if you try and turn to the Dark Side completely!)

-Divale and Doji for PartyCo


Spring green fields softly envelope the surface of this egg, tranquil and still. From the verdant meadows spring rows upon rows of countless crimson flowers. The only thing to interrupt the bloody coverage of foliage is perfectly uniformed slabs of marble inscribed with details to remember all the fallen.


Not quite festive as some others, but Armistice Day cannot be forgotten. On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918, the Great War came to an end. Over eighteen million were killed and twenty three million were wounded. “In Flanders Fields” and “We Shall Keep the Faith” are two poems often read at official observances of the date and poppies are worn in remembrance.


A struggle is afoot, as Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red Egg continues to give a good fight! Eventually even its shell has to succumb to the battering from within and where the egg once was — suddenly there’s a bronze hatchling being unceremoniously released from his prison! Disorientated for sure, the bronze weaves and wobbles almost drunkenly to get to his feet, while red whirling eyes focus on the sea of white in the distance.


Dashing and bold, he carries it in spades and knows it! Proud and confident, his small stature is nothing, if even noted, compared to his patinaed hide. Wrought bronze, tarnished and blackened-dull, provides the base over which a molten storm surges. Whorled chaos reigns over his whipcord frame in liquid andalusite and the blinding hues of fiery whiskey, down to the dark obsidian curve of his talons. Sphalerite-shadows break through the tempest forged storms, further adorning limbs and tail with the subtle nuance of ornate markings in the play of light and shadow. Rugged features are dusted and burnished to a duller pyrrhotite hue, adding a sense of age despite his youthfulness as it sweeps back over headknobs and the curve of his neck. His large, broad wings are clouded as well, as bronze is tempered to weather-worn and battered brass along the edges.


Hero and Scoundrel Bronze Dragonet has regained control of his disorientated state. No longer does he weave or move with uncertainty… now he moves with a more staggered certainty towards a particular cluster of Candidates. Head held up, he’ll voice a gruff series of warbles and mutterings that sound almost like curses and oaths. Why is everyone in HIS way!? MOVE. Yet as he approaches his destined meeting, his movements slow and now he swaggers with renewed confidence and calmer demeanor. Ahh… here we are! Time to barter a deal he already knows he’ll be the winner and down the bronze settles himself in front of a dour looking, tall and dark haired young man. Yeah… Yeah! You’ll do.


It’s such a subtle, almost sneaky way that everything changes. An instant there and gone in a blink of an eye and unnoticed. How did such a maneuver get by your keen focus? Easy! For one, it helps that the Sands and the sands that start this little scenario are one and the same. Surely the walls were stone though and not stucco? Where was once the sound of the galleries and the chaos of the hatching itself are the upbeat notes of unfamiliar music and the flickering sense of movement of other patrons. Far stranger patrons! Wait. Are you in a catina!? That’s not the point here though! The point is that you’re waiting or rather… « I’m Tuanhjaliteth! » Straight to business is the bronze and there’s no denying that either, as he slides right up in front of you. This was an arranged meeting, wasn’t it? « And I’m all you’ll need, Ca’elian! » Smugness in that proclamation, there will barely be time to take a breath and absorb it all before he’s moving onto the next order of business. « … and this is when you show me were the grub is. » Hint hint, nudge nudge there, bud! Time to get a move on!


This proved to be a little challenging! How to make a Han Solo dragon, well… Han-like? We wanted to avoid the classic ‘desert’ influence or even using too much of the Millenium Falcon (that’s used elsewhere~). Then Doji happened to stumble across some new released photos of the surface of Jupiter and we were sold!


Of course, much of it was tweaked to fit more to a space-faring rogue like Han Solo! Since Tuanhjaliteth isn’t a gas giant either… even if some would say he’s full of it for his ego.

sphalerite mineral sample. Very dark amber and shiny

So I tossed in a few mineral elements (that’d be a nod to the Falcon) and a slight ‘aged’ look about the edges and threw it all together into a literal melting pot to create what is hopefully a clear image! We even threw in a little fun with some ‘tattoos’ in there algon his limbs. Another nod to Han himself, though we kept it subtle (we hope!) so that he wasn’t entirely breaking canon by being starkly, visibly tattooed.

andalusite gems. Sparkly oranges


Han Solo has plenty of distinct qualities that make him him. Knowing this, we wanted to come up with a name that reflects just how rugged and dashing and handsome and roguish and scruffy and sassy and — SEE? The list goes on an on! Thus began the virtual ping-pong game as we batted ideas back and forth until two words lit up our world like Millenium Falcon shifting into hyperdrive (okay, seriously we'll stop now).

The Swedish word “tatuering” translates into English as “tattoo” and we eventually morphed it into the start of his name: Tuan. The second half of his name is another Swedish word, “hjalte”, which translates into “hero”. Thus making him Tuanhjaliteth! Your very own tattooed hero.

Diem pronounces it as: Twan-HAWL-ih-teth
Divale pronounces it as: Tooahn-jahlee-tehth
Doji pronounces it Too-ahn-hawl-eh-teth


cantina scene

Some dragons have wild and outlandish mental landscapes, like Szokanith’s mysterious ocean depths or the heathered highlands of Briamiorth. Sure, Tuanhjaliteth will have his moments of fancy, but when it comes down to it, he’s a simple dragon who likes simple things. His thoughts will often reflect that, as will his vocabulary. His baseline thoughts would often not seem much out of place in the Dustbowl Cantina, if you ignore the fact that some of the patrons bustling about appear a bit…. Strange.

Bored and restless, a customer flags the barkeep down for yet another drink as his companion keeps droning on and on. « Faranth, Ed. Just get to the point already! »

Still, the dust and stucco of Igen’s surroundings are home to him and you and there will be plenty in his mind and voice. The rough, gritty, sometimes sandy exterior combined with the upbeat tempo of horns and drums, and plenty of drinks flowing freely for all. He’ll never be as blaringly loud as Keryth or their sire is, but Tuanhjaliteth does like a good swinging beat to narrate his life, especially if he’s about to broach a rather bold idea. He feels they add a touch of class and panache to everything.

Once the ideas or emotions start flowing, a flurry of noise that would belong more in a smith’s hall than a bar fill the air. Gears turn and the metallic ting of a wrench being used to fix or force a missing part into place. Eventually the contraption will work, even if it’s only in the knick of time and with much cursing in the figuring it all out process.

Alone time is important for you. Time to sort out your thoughts, decompress. As a rider, you’ll never truly be alone again, but Tuanhjaliteth can sense when you need to get away from it all, and frankly, sometimes he needs that as well. There’s nothing like floating through the void space, watching as the planets float by far enough away that they look like nothing more than a colorful child’s plaything. There’s obstacles in the way, some floating debris there, another vessel over there, but he can navigate it well. Never fear.

Is it really surprising that sadness is the hardest emotion for Tuanhjaliteth to process? That calming vacuum of outer space will make a reappearance, although it’s not as still as when its just for the two of you. The speed of your craft picks up as he hunts for something. The strings of his mental band return at a much more frantic pace as he turns to the distraction of dodging massive hunks of rocks and escaping any problems that might be following after him is something he can at least pretend to focus on to avoid those real troubles. Or when there’s an issue that comes up that’s too big to just ignore… some clever flying on his part might just maneuver on of those asteroids right into his enemies path. You might not be able to hear explosions in space, but he’ll take that satisfying cloud of debris as success.


why you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder!

To begin with, Tuanhjaliteth might be a little rough around the edges and we’re not just talking about his frequently gruff personality. When you spent sevendays upon sevendays curled up inside an egg, you don’t really have much room to stretch those growing limbs. In the very early days, he may need your help to balance more than once as he tries to get his bearings.

Those overly large wingsails of his which will come in so handy during flight also make it a bit more difficult for him to gauge where exactly his center of mass is when on the ground, especially since it moves depending on how he’s positioned. He will eventually grow into them though, and he’ll be a sight to see! He tries not to appear vain, but don’t let him fool you. He knows exactly which side is his best side and he’ll make sure whenever he’s asking for anything that he’s displayed so the light strikes off his molten hide to make it appear that he’s almost glowing.

Comic Look if anything wagering an inertial compensator in that last round of sabaac was a shared decision. RAWWWRGG! Okay, you fly her. I’ll fix it.

Tuanhjaliteth may be small for a bronze, but don’t think you luck out on missing some of the upkeep that goes along with the more massive dragons. Some days it will seem like he’ll never run out of hide for you to oil or scrub. That innate creakiness his sire seems to have? Tuan has it to, although it’s much more sporadic and not with every movement. He also seems prone to developing unexpected patchy spots, whether it’s from some cruel trick of fate or all the foolhardy shenanigans he pulls, you’ll spend a lot of time in the Dragonhealer’s yard making sure you have the right ointment to deal with whatever new hide complaint is cropping up this time. Or maybe it’s a stubbed talon. Sprained wing? At some point or other, you might feel like Tuanhjaliteth has worked his way on through every possible minor injury, but he’ll always have a way to surprise you. And he always keeps on keeping on.

And while we’re talking about surprises… Tuanhjaliteth has a need for speed. Don’t waste your breath trying to tell him that bronzes aren’t built for such quick maneuvers. Even if you do tell him, there’s a good chance he’ll ignore it and try some gravity defying, possibly neck-breaking stunt anyway.

« Whoooo-hoooooo!!! Thread never even saw that coming! »
Thread doesn’t have eyes. It can’t see. That was the dumbest…
« Shuddit, Ca’el! It worked, didn’t it? »

He’ll be even more prone to such antics when Keryth zips by him during a drill or Briamiorth executes one of those turns that’s practically on her tail tip. While blues and greens are known for their agility, that doesn’t stop Tuan from thinking he should be the quickest one around. You will spend hours upon hours drilling in maneuvers, mostly alone, as he tries to eek just a little bit more performance out of himself. All that practice will come in handy during Threadfall and also in flights. He’ll be able to pull off all sorts of shenanigans and dirty tricks that most wouldn’t think possible for a dragon of his size.

Comic. Falcon in space. I hate dirty tricks like that, particularly when I don’t pull them first!


I don't need a partner, and I don't want a friend. My name says it all, pal. Solo.
-Han to Chewbacca when Chewie first swears his life debt

It might be hard to imagine that strangeness you found in the egg touchings would include a creature that could also be so alike you. While other newly formed pairs are busy cooing over how each other are the most AWESOME ever, Tuanhjaliteth is really much more interested on when he can get the next helping of herdbeast. He doesn’t need or want to say just all the ooey-gooey stuff. You’re his rider, it should just go unsaid and you both won’t have to embarrass yourselves!

han eye roll gif

This desire to avoid emotions also extends to the gossiping around the barracks. He’ll try to avoid it whenever possible. That’s not to say that Tuanhjaliteth is the most studious of dragons. Half the time he’s convinced he’s already mastered what the weyrlingmasters might be going on about and he’ll be the very first one to convince you that you should totally skip the afternoon’s lesson and find something exciting. Maybe you’ll take a select companion to join you on your adventure, or not. It depends on the whims of the day. But before the excursion is over, even before you are facing the wrath of the weyrlingmasters for truancy, that nagging sense of duty will call him back to lessons. For eventually, there will be Thread to fight and he’s kind of a fan of making sure the two of you both don’t die.

«Come on, enough dawdling. Maybe I’ll actually get to chew some stone before long instead of you just sorting it!»

And while he’ll be frustrated as well if you do end up getting assigned some sort of monotonous chores as punishment for any infraction, or later on when you are having to follow some orders from a wingsecond that may actually have no idea what they’re doing, Tuanhjaliteth at least has enough sense in his head to know when to hold his tongue, and to encourage you to hold yours as well! Yell about it later, when nobody (important at least) is around to hear. Sometimes it’s best to just smile and nod. Or at least nod if a smile in unmanageable.

Han: Let him have it. It’s not wise to upset a Wookiee.
C-3PO: But sir. Nobody worries about upsetting a droid.
Han: That’s cause a droid don’t pull people’s arms out of their sockets when they lose. Wookiees are known to do that.
C-3PO: I see your point, sir. I suggest a new strategy, R2. Let the Wookiee win.

But he’ll tend to approach the line of insubordination quite frequently. Tuan does have a finely tuned sense of when might be too far, but that’s because he’ll find out the hard way more than a few times, either from something he’s said or from watching you. Off the cuff sarcastic remarks seem to be his specialty. He’ll at least dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s when it come to addressing someone with proper titles, but respect for rank isn’t something inherent to him. For his clutchsibs and wingmates, they’ll get to bear the full brunt of his slightly cynical outlook and if someone does something exceptionally foolish or something Tuanhjaliteth particularly disagrees with, he won’t hesitate to let them know.

Han: I'm not part of this! I'm not a part of your rebellion, I'm not a freedom fighter, and I don't work for you, Your Highness!
Leia: If you worked for me, I'd have fired you already.
Han: If I worked for you, lady, I'd have quit.

Tuanhjaliteth is not a materialistic dragon in the sense that he’ll rarely be on a quest for anything new, but he is very attached to his own few belongings. And unfortunately for you, the things he actually cares about are those practical items that have to be replaced every so often. It’ll be a fight to get him to admit that his favorite scrub brush has seen its last days and oh the arguments you’ll have as he keeps outgrowing straps during weyrlinghood! He is a very, very, very stubborn dragon in this and many other things.

« These itch, Ca’elian! Let me wear the old straps! They’re not that frayed. I got them all broken in just how I like them. »

Always remember, you can’t strangle your dragon. No matter how much you might wish to in the heat of the moment, that is one thing that’s off limits. There will be certainly be times you both have very different opinions, as Tuanhjaliteth can be just as stubborn as you are. Somedays it might even seem like he’s picking a topic just to be a bit ornery. But more often than you might want to admit, he’ll be right about whatever the topic is. He won’t gloat about it. Too much.

Han Solo: Fast ship? You've never heard of the Millennium Falcon?
Ben Kenobi: No. Should I have?
Han Solo: It's the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. I've outrun Imperial starships, not the local bulk-cruisers, mind you. I'm talking about the big Corellian ships now. She's fast enough for you, old man.

Another similarity between you and Tuanhjaliteth will be a sense of pride. Sure, he’s not the sort to go around fishing for compliments (or throwing himself out there for bellyscritches #sorrynotsorry Briamiorth), but if someone is bold enough to actually insult him to his face, well… he’s bound to take offense! His own physical prowess and form and anything relating to you he will step up to defend those if given the chance and it may be your turn to try to calm him down from whatever fighting words may have been thrown.

While you and Tuanhjaliteth might not agree with all the other dragons around, you might not even like most of them half the time, he’ll still find himself answering a call for help when someone is truly in distress. He just can’t help it. He might grumble and bitch about having to do it, but he’ll be there to lend his bulk or talons or whatever is needed to dig Keryth or whoever out of whatever mess they got themselves into this time.

Leia: Han fancied himself a scoundrel. But he wasn't. He loved freedom—for himself, certainly, but for everybody else in the galaxy, too. And time after time, he was willing to fight for that freedom. He didn't want to know the odds in that fight—because he’d already made up his mind that he'd prevail. And time after time, somehow, he did.


never tell me the odds

Any rider that isn’t lying out their rear will tell you that it’s only a matter of time before Thread will get you and your dragon. And not just a little lacing here or there, but the sort that leaves marks and can take months to recover. Most will also bear the scars to lead some weight to their words, but still Tuanhjaliteth refuses to believe this fact. Not him. And definitely not you. Whether it’s just blind faith or a confidence in his abilities, he’ll refuse to see any reason, even as you both slowly manage to accumulate your own collection of battlescars.

another han eyeroll gif

Tuanhjaliteth trusts in Tuanhjaliteth and by extension you. While other dragons might have some pre-Threadfall traditions they insist on keeping to, he is definitely not one of them. Let Keryth be the early avian that gets the first worm of gossip. You both will be there and ready when the wings get called to formation and that’s truly what matters, right? He doesn’t need the extra practice time the day of as he was practically born ready to fly thread. And then he’s practically covered a parsec with all his drilling.

Parody of Little Golden book. Han shot first

Once the leading edge is sighted, Tuanhjaliteth will be itching to get in the air and be one of the first to turn those deadly clumps to ash. Conserving firestone? What’s that? He might even be excited enough that a few wisps escape before you’re even in air. He’s got moves and knows how to use them. Combine that with his stamina and one of the natural places for him to be is in the highest flights, especially since he seems convinced that he won’t possibly become a statistic. He’ll fly in the other wings if that’s where you’re assigned, but he’ll always be looking upward.

Han: Yeah, well, if he's such a great Jedi, how come I have to keep rescuing him?

With the nimbleness he has for a dragon of his size, Tuanhjaliteth will be especially good at catching other dragons with wing injuries should you decide to train for that. He won’t exactly be the most chipper of draconic-air-ambulances, but he’ll be there right in the knick of time to save the day. Expect some snide commentary to be added while you make your way to the dragonhealers’ yard as well.


Han: You like me because I'm a scoundrel. There aren't enough scoundrels in your life.
Leia: I happen to like nice men.
Han: I'm nice men.
Leia: No, you're not. You're…
and then kiss

Usually your Tuanhjaliteth tries to act like he doesn’t have a care in the world except for finding his next meal and fighting Thread if he has to. For a while it will seem like he might as well be indifferent to any of those glowing green or gold ladies that make appearances around the Weyr. Anyone who expected Wendryth’s son to show the same over the top exuberant courting and wooing procedures should look towards Edleveth or Keryth, definitely not Tuan. He’ll leave the poetry to his blue brothers as the thought honestly makes him gag up a little bit of leftover firestone residue.

Either I'm going to kill her or I'm beginning to like her.

But try as he might… he can’t stay above the influence of certain natural urges forever. It will always be the most infuriating ladies that he seems drawn to. There will probably be plenty of exchanges between that barbed tongue of Szokanith’s and your rascally bronze. The more he’s arguing with a female, the more you may need to be worried about an impending flights. It’s only the ones he’s really interested in that he feels will be worth the time for such exchanges. It’s like he gets a slightly perverse joy about speaking his mind, even if it will (or especially if it will) offend some people. But either his dashing good looks or his roguish charm is enough to redeem him somewhat since he still keeps a surprising number of ladies still willing to tolerate him.

I Love You. I Know.

When the mood does strike him, Tuanhjaliteth won’t be a bronze chasing after whichever green goes up. He’ll be very particular in when he does or doesn’t chase. Pay close attention and you’ll notice a pattern with a select one or two that he always seems drawn to. Even if they’re the ones that outrage him the most, but he’ll be there and it shouldn’t be a surprise. He might not believe in most of the courting ideas some of the other dragons get, but he’ll definitely do some chest puffing and try to size up any competitor that might be checking out ‘his’ girl.

In the air, he will pull out all the stops to try and catch. We already mentioned his love of dirty flying tricks before, but really, losing isn’t an option according to Tuanhjaliteth. He’s Tuan! If he does happen to be on the losing side of a flight, you are going to have a very grumpy dragon on your hands for a few days. At least you won’t have to deal with any morose poetry though.

« I don’t want to talk about it. »

If he should win, there won’t ever be too much cuddling. He’ll try to extricate himself as quickly as possible. But if a clutch should result, Tuanhjaliteth isn’t going to let the clutch dam do all the work. He won’t be the most reliable presence on the sands, but whenever she’s really needing a break to go hunting or a scrub at the lake, somehow he’ll manage to show up, right before she could even think to ask for him. It’s like magic.


Name: Diem
Egg Desc: Doji
Dragonet Desc: Divale
Messages: Divale
Puppeteer: Doji
Inspiration: Divale, Doji


Ainslee and Herald of the Neverending Tale Blue Keryth
E’gus (Fergus) and Sorceress of Storm-Tossed Seas Green Szokanith
E’rys (Daneerys) and Always Lands on Her Feet Green Briamiorth
Sesa (Edlsesa) and Dreams No Mortal Ever Dared Dreamed Blue Edleveth

Harper’s Tale’s 79th PC Clutch
Igen Weyr’s 8th PC Clutch
Diem’s gold Zsaviranth x H’rik’s bronze Wendryth
March 24, 2018