Talya! What a fun challenge you set forth for us with your brown Turahaimajusuth.

Say it with us: “tur-uh-hai-MA-joo-sooth”. A long, lovely bit of dragon name, just like you asked for.

We had a hay day looking up ALL SORTS of words and references to make a name for your brown, and it was fun mashing things together and trying out different meanings. What ended up inspiring this elongated bit of dragon name and his title are the following:

Inspirational Points

The Finnish word turhamainen, meaning “vain”
The Japanese word majutsu-shi, meaning “sorcerer”
Calcifer is a fire demon and star
Lucifer is commonly referred to as “The Morning Star”

Your brown is a wonderful mix of Howl and Calcifer from Howl’s Moving Castle (both the animated and novel versions) with just the tiniest hint of Lucifer thrown in. So these two words, and the demonic references, seemed the perfect blend for this challenging and quirky brown.

We hope you enjoy him as much as we enjoyed writing him.

Clutching Pose

Ah, but Zymuraith checks Ravaith this time! Not with a nip, but with a rumbled nuzzle of her own to keep him from doing more to the bullseye pit she's made. Into that one, she carefully rolls the Ghost Light Egg, as though placing it to provide a bright anchor for all the rest. Then she moves the rest into the arc of the next circle, letting Ravaith know to continue there before filling in herself. - from A Clutch of Contrasts

The Devil’s Fruit Egg

Dark as the darkest berry is this large and robust egg! With the way that light and shadow play across hinted, bruised purple and deepest of midnight blue, give the shell the illusion of a bumpy, textured surface. Lustrous black overall, the egg is almost delicious and inviting to look at. Surely it wouldn't hurt just to harvest some of the bounty it offers?

Touching Response

Well, well, now. Is this heat truly from the Sands, or something else entirely as it slips along your skin? A luscious sweetness invades your tongue, a decadence indescribable, and such color clouds your vision, deep and rich, scarlet and purple and midnight blue… Forbidden things. Tempting things, drawing you deeper and deeper. What calls you, Talya? It wants to know - what is it you really, truly want more than anything else in this world? What if this could promise it to you? Would you question the cost? Consider that as you’re released, desire’s grip leaving you right back where you stand.

Egg Inspiration

A Canadian superstition belonging to the prairies (Alberta, specifically)! It's an old belief that harvesting blackberries after October 11th is bad luck, because it's believed that that fruit has been claimed by, or belongs to, the Devil. - Va’os

Hatching Message

The cracks across the Devil’s Fruit Egg finish spider-webbing across it’s dark surface. A pregnant pause surrounds the egg, as if it’s occupant merely stops to rest, to gather energy for the grand finale, because there is a grand finale. And then, as if propelled from some inner magical explosion, the dark berry shell explodes, sending shards in every direction. And rocketing forth from it’s innards tumbles Catch The Morning Star Brown Dragonet, who takes one look at the goop clinging to his hide and stands to shake it clumsily off! How dare this insolent goo cling to his magnificent hide?

Catch The Morning Star Brown Dragonet

Mahogany, klah, gingerbread, and umber swirl over this dragon's hide like marble made flesh, stretching, tumbling, crawling across a regal face and the ram's-horn curl and twist of his headknobs. Sand and eggshell whirl into the mix below his neck while earthen hues spill over to drown in midnight darkness upon craggy, starlight-spattered neckridges. Darkness prevails along the lengthy lash of his tail and upon the foreboding breadth of cloak-like wings shrouding gaunt ribs and the compact musculature of shoulders and haunches. Yet upon those black sails is found uncanny beauty, the dazzling rainbow iridescence of fire opal blazing bright and entrancing once unfurled. The sharpened perfection of polished obsidian talons completes a devilishly rakish form, vain mischief and mysticism brought to bear in this breathtaking brown.

Public Impression Pose

Catch the Morning Star Brown Dragonet is now quite sick and tired of having to hunt through all of these white robed things. He can see his shining star, his muse, his forever mate, but all of these imposters stand in his way! With a loud rumble, the energy around him turning sinister and bratty, he barges his way through the crowd, no longer caring who might be tread beneath his claws. So look out white knots because this brown will not stop his brooding path until he is front and center and touching noses with a young guard woman by the name of Talya.

Private Impression Message

Marbled brown fills your vision, as it should, nose to nose with a dragonet as you are. What catches your attention is the mist surrounding you, the void of your mind being filled with rolling country hills and the humid feel of fog pervading the air, obscuring the terrain. At the center of it all is a fire, burning ever bright and warm, guiding you home. « Talya! I am your Turahaimajusuth, and we must get you into something more fitting to your form! That robe will never do! First, however, I am starving! Can we do something about that please? »

Description Inspiration


We pulled from many sources when coming up with the descriptors for Turahaimajusuth. The marbled effect came as a sudden idea, and the imagery of a dragon patterned thusly was too gorgeous to pass up for this vain and fashion forward brown. When pulling from the Lucifer theme, we went a little more traditional than the show. Some theologies describe Lucifer as having ram’s horns, so we figured this would interpret well into his headknobs. Starlight and fire opal are pulled from his connection to the Zodiac and the Morning Star, since fire is Leo’s element. All in all the imagery he creates is breathtaking and we hope you find him as beautiful and mystifying as we do.

Dragon Song

Considering the connection to stars your Tura has, and the upbeat feel, lyrics, and subject of the song, it just fit too perfectly. Think of it as his personal theme.

Counting Stars: One Republic

Theme Inspiration

To be honest, we were quite stumped at first on what or who to base your Tura on. It was actually during a discussion about something else that the idea for him came to fruition. With all that you asked for in a dragon - a challenge for Talya, perhaps not always in line with her, one that will see the best in her and push her towards that - he came together bit by bit. And, like Howl did with Sophie, he’ll push her to be her best self. He was literally brought together from scratch and such an absolute joy to write.

The other part of his theme, the side that ties him to the clutch theme, is his Zodiac sign. Explained further below, it seemed only to make sense that this proud, lordly dragon be a Leo.

Turahaimajusuth’s Zodiac Sign and Personality : Leo

Leo Symbol



Symbol: The Lion Element: Fire
Polarity: Positive Quality: Fixed
Ruling Planet: Sun Ruling House: Fifth
Spirit Color: Gold Lucky Gem: Carnelian
Flower: Sunflower & marigold
Top Love Matches: Libra
Key Traits: Proud, bold, ambitious

Leo Emblem


Motto: "If you know the way, go the way and show the way—you're a leader."

The zodiac Sign that most seems to fit your lovely Tura is Leo. Like Howl and Lucifer, he is proud, bold, ambitious, intelligent, warm, and courageous…and full of his element, fire. Rukbat is his ruler and his heart is as golden as the color of his spirit.

I see this life

Like a swinging vine

Swing my heart across the line

In my face is flashing signs

Seek it out and ye shall find

Old, but I'm not that old

Young, but I'm not that bold

And I don't think the world is sold

On just doing what we're told

From the get-go, Turahaimajusuth will be blessed with high self esteem, the Leo side of him knowing he is chock full of awesome, and he’ll take deep pride in that. That high self esteem leads to a decent work ethic, because he’ll apply himself fully to things he knows he can do, and do well. He’ll work hard from the start too, not afraid to take on the draconic version of rolling up your sleeves and joining the throng. When he’s done, if he’s succeeded in his task, he’ll want to show off his work or brag about it. Because look, he did a thing! And he’ll be no fan of false modesty either; credit is due where credit is due.

Intense and energetic, he’ll thrive on throwing himself and Talya into social situations where he might get to mingle and associate and rub elbows with both the common folk and those in the up and up. He likes to be in the thick of it all and thinks Talya should be too! This isn’t to say he won’t pay attention to comfort levels, because like all Leos, Tura will take care of himself and Talya first. And if that leaves out time for socialising, well, there will always be time for it another day, won’t there?

Howl: Sophie! You, you sabotaged me! Look! Look at what you've done to my hair! Look!

Old Sophie: What a pretty color.

Howl: It's hideous! You completely ruined my magic potions in the bathroom!

Old Sophie: I just organized things, Howl. Nothing's ruined.

While work (and showing off that work) is quite important to both Leos and your Tura, so are outward appearances. Here’s where some of our favorite parts of Howl come into play (and no doubt Lucifer carries some of these too):

Turahaimajusuth is very, very vain. Yeah, those old oversized jackets and stolen men’s shirts? Things of the past Talya, things of the past. Tura will only stand for looking his absolute best, and he’ll expect the same of you.

Tura is very fashion forward, so fashion faux pas? Better avoid them as they’ll lead to meltdowns of epic proportions. Remember when Howl accidentally dyed his hair orange?


Yeah….this happened:


We’d want to avoid that, right? Right. Perhaps ask Evka (Reveka) and Saetyroith their opinions; Tura needs a fashionista in his life! And he’ll be determined to turn you into one, though you don’t have to let him.

« Talya, do you see that dress that Evka is wearing? You must ask her where she got it, it would look fantastic on you! Why don’t you go shopping with her? »

He’s also his own worst critic. In his early days, meltdowns might occur frequently because Tura will set high expectations for himself. When he fails to meet them, he’ll overanalyze and sulk until he’s figured out why, or until he forgets why he was upset in the first place.

« Why is it that Shokravanth can ::between:: so much better than I can? What am I doing wrong Talya? What are we doing wrong? How do we fix it? Aww, it’s hopeless. I’m worthless. I’ll never learn. »

But when he does succeed, it will be brilliantly, and he will croon and dance and be absolutely exuberant about it.

« Did you see that, Talya? Mock Threadfall and I burned the most ‘Thread’! That’s a job well done! Can we do it again? I wonder if I could beat myself? »

He’s a natural leader, loves to hog the limelight, and will want to advance within his wing. He’ll push for this with you, too, Talya, always wanting you to be at your best! He can be wise at times, so listen to him carefully…but he can also be stubborn, and his “listening” skills aren’t always the best. Watch that competitive streak, too, because when he’s young he might be apt to play dirty tricks to win until he learns that poor sportsmanship is quite rude and frowned upon. He’ll endeavor to better himself then.


« I’m so hungry, I could eat ten herdbeasts. No. Fifteen. No. The whole herd

Get used to hearing this Talya, because guess what? You now have your very own Pernese garbage disposal on your hands! Tura loves to eat, anytime, any place. And while most would worry about their dragon contracting a bad case of thicktale, you shouldn’t have to worry much with Turahaimajusuth. He’ll nearly always be lean and fit, despite the astronomical amount of food he consumes. This being said, you still shouldn’t let him overeat. Getting sick from overeating is no picnic either.

Mindvoice and Scape

Howl: See that new color on the dial? There's a new portal. It's a present for you. Come see.


Turahaimajusuth is, first and foremost, a gentleman. So it would stand to reason that his voice be gentlemanly too. And it is. He’s got the fascinatingly rich tones of Christian Bale (Howl’s voice in the movie) to ease into your mind, unless you or he are in an altered state (read: you are drunk or he is in the midst of flight lust). Then he sounds a bit more like Billy Crystal (Calcifer, when he’s angry/young/fighting Thread) or Tom Ellis (Lucifer, when he’s dealing with flight lust). He’s got quite the range of tones and will use them all.


As for his mindscape, well, this is another thing entirely. Full of misty country hills and the electric feel of magic building in the air, you can almost imagine Howl’s castle trundling through it all. At its very center burns Tura himself, bright as the light of a star with flames hot as demonfire. It is this fire that will be home and hearth for the both of you - a place to commune, surrounded by that protective shroud of mist.


In the beginning, there is only Tura’s home fire and the mist surrounding. You will get lost or confused trying to navigate beyond that, tossed into a darkened void that you may need his help to escape.

But as your bond grows (and the both of you, too), his scape will expand as far as is physically (mentally?) possible. His mists will always be at the edges, swirling and hovering protectively, sometimes shifting to form pictures or clues. Sometimes it may congeal into doors to other worlds, other places in his scape (much like Howl’s interdimensional door).



While Tura may never be the largest of browns, he will be lengthy and lean, able to last a fall a bit longer than most. He’ll be a prime brown for Thread fighting, but his musculature isn’t half as fascinating as the rest of him!

His headknobs are sure to be a topic of conversation, but it is his wings he’ll want to show off. His cloak-like sails are too pretty not to share after all! Draping him like a cloak, they’re deceiving, until he decides to flare them out and dazzle everyone with their opalescent fire. Tura is a being of fluid movement, so when he moves the colors in those sails will shift and dance like a flesh-made set of aurora lights.

This goes for the starlight along his neck ridges too, which will shift and dance on his skin, or seem to at least.

His marbled hide will be something he expects to be cleaned and oiled to perfection at all times, (so shiny he looks like a marble countertop). He’s a vain one, as we’ve mentioned before, and if his unique patterning is to be truly appreciated, he will need for it to be displayed properly!

Dragon Scent

We hope that you like perfumes and oils Talya, because Turahaimajusuth does and he’ll near always have a scent to go along with just about any mood.

When Happy:
White Musk

These two scents will dominate his happier moods, floral and masculine mixed together to create a pleasant aroma.

When Aroused:
White Musk
Sharp cedar and burning pine

Scents become a bit more pungent, sharper, when Tura chases - things you would smell in aftershaves and Old Spice.

When Upset or Anxious or Mourning:

Tura’s aromas follow the whims of his moods and when upset, or mourning or having an epic meltdown, his scents will change to things sharp and unpleasant. Here’s to hoping you have strong olfactory senses that don’t mind being assaulted, Talya!

Sacred Space


Like Howl, this dragon’s favorite place to be is in the bath. Hot, steaming, natural springs are places that your Tura is going to just love. Are there hot springs in Southern Talya? You might want to find out. While he prefers the hot, tranquil peace of a natural spring, any body of water large enough to submerge himself in will do. He will spend hours like this if you let him.

These are also his favorite place to think and work through his issues, so indulging him may need to be a thing sometimes.



Flights will likely be one of Tura’s favorite things. He loves the ladies and considers himself quite suave and smooth. And he really is, though not all ladies prefer that. He’ll sling gilded compliments and flatteries, woo and croon to the best of his abilities. And when a lady accepts his glowing attentions, he’ll be over the moons about it. His favorite chase is going to be greens, so prepare to chase often…or learn to hold him back when you aren’t in the mood for his shenanigans.


As stated above, Tura loves to chase, but he won’t always be successful and it may be best to pull him back if you see him drowning. It’ll be far easier to pull him out of a sulk because you pulled him away rather than one induced because he lost a flight. Those are bound to be even more epic in proportion than his meltdowns over why he’s not on the up and up about the latest fashions. It’ll be a pain pulling him out of these funks, but thankfully dragons forget things and they won’t last forever.

Should he ever sire a clutch, there’ll be no living with him. It’ll be a point of pride that swells his vanity and ego to fantastical heights. No matter the color, he’ll take pride in his children, but he’ll be particularly fond of any that share his color.

« You see those weyrlings? Yes, they’re my blood. Aren’t they a lovely group? »

Woe to any who might slander any of his children, for how could his children be anything less than absolute perfection?



Thread. The immortal enemy. Every dragon hates it and wishes to eradicate it from Pern. Your Turahaimajusuth is no different. He will rise to meet it with focus and determination, his very heart and soul set on flaming the silver menace from the skies.


While in weyrlinghood, training for drills and mock Threadfall, Tura will be determined to learn all he can. He’ll push Talya, too, to be her best and forge ahead to the next step. One can never be too ready for Thread after all. Leader that he is, he’ll constantly be encouraging those around them to be at their best too. He’s a nose to the grindstone kind of brown when it comes to work. And his main goal, always, is to keep you safe Talya. You are his most important job.


Loss of a brother or sister in arms will effect Turahaimajusuth deeply. He will take it as a failure in his duty, a dereliction of attention at the cost of a life. He will withdraw, his misty hills becoming a dark void, his inner fire dying down to melancholy blue embers. It will seem like he is depressed to the point of death, the first couple of times. Soon enough, however, he will rouse or forget, life blown back into him by sheer determination to do better. He must always do better.

All in all, he is built for this fight, and he’ll take his lumps when they come. Hopefully that won’t be too often.


Southern Weyr’s 8th PC Clutch
Gold Zymuraith & brown Ravaith
July 6th, 2018


Name: Amani and Z’bor
Egg Desc: Va’os
Dragonet Desc: Z’bor and Amani
Messages: Z’bor
Puppeteer: Z’bor
Inspiration: Z’bor, Amani, Th’res, Alyna


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