Dear Herik, you wanted a surprise, hopefully Wendryth is a HUGE surprise! And we hope that he brings you joy and happiness and all of those good things! While it has been a little bit of a hit and miss with timezones, we have enjoyed having you as part of this cohort, so of course WE HAD TO KEEP YOU! Wendryth is yours for now and forever more, you may play him as you please… he might have words about that though <3

Naneska, Divale & The Critters of the CritterCo Table

Promethean Egg

Lumpy and unremarkable, ugly even, this gray-green-brown… mass… of egg is somehow compelling. Unseemly lumps cast shadows that suggest other forms, other possibilities. Upon closer inspection, the clammy-looking surface is studded with inclusions that flash fire and promise.

Egg Inspiration

Fun Fact:
This egg is based on a creature I wrote up for the game Age of Mythology

Hatching Message

From amidst the lumpy moss ridden gray of the Promethean Egg, a glimmer of something precious peeks. With increasing force the magic within struggles to break free. Destiny is CALLING and the occupant will answer. Possibility solidifies, even as the promise of action takes hold. There is a moment where everything stands still, silent, waiting until the time is right. With an almighty heave the shards of the clay of creation are shouldered away to leave Chivalry Rides Again bronze Dragonet dazed and confused in the stone-tumbled ruins of the egg that was.

Chivalry Rides Again bronze Dragonet

Behold and wonder, for he is the daybreak and the valour of a forgotten kingdom, illuminated in fable and weathered in fact. He is armored in the sunrise mist of a winter's morning, polished brass and aged bronze brightly gleaming with its own fiery light. He is the round tables might with his sword sharp mass of formidable ridges, he is their mercy in the gleam of his talons. His face is a faded legend, arrowheaded and refined, shrouded in a crusaders campaign charm. Mantled wings speak of time-washed majesty in the slight pinking of their voluminous folds. Each joint is a wonder of articulated artistry, a master armourers life work. His is the proud and yclept form of a knight’s prime. He is the glory of a once and future king, myth into mist, fact into fog, whispered on the winds of change.

Public Impression Pose

One can only chase windmills and monsters of the mind for so long before an exhaustion overtakes them. Chivalry Rides Again bronze Dragonet has reached this stage, alas! With one last charge he takes another run at the candidates, keeping that jousters distance as he judges their character and finds most of them lacking. How is he supposed to fight the good fight without a good man by his side? But…Hark! What is that glimmer over yonder? COULD IT BE? With a courtiers easy step he strides towards his grail, a grail with blue eyes and dark hair. Maybe it isn’t a grail, but allegiance is sworn in the timeless ritual of impression nonetheless.

Private Impression Message

The chaos of the sands fall away and all that is left is you and the quiet sound of water dripping against rough hewn stone. Comforting darkness wraps around your mind as chilled humidity gathers you up in its loving embrace. Soft light begins before you as the darkness reveals mists that break open to reveal a citadel of faded glory. « H’RIK. » It booms from within the building before you, a sound which wraps around your soul and claims you as forever his. « I AM WENDRYTH AND I SWEAR MY HONOR TO THEE AS MY LIEGE. » There's so much work to be done as the voice fades slightly into a chagrined mutter, « but can we please start with some food? »

Clutch Theme Inspiration/Dragonet Tie-In

You told us to SURPRISE YOU and so that's hopefully what you've gotten, a SURPRISE. Our original brainstorming started with this single line, " So…hatching theme - if we did something like 'Legends' then, I could totally see him on a Charlemagne/Lionheart/King Arthur (Golden warrior king) bronze which ties into the Legends theme."

That captured our interest and a quick google search absolutely solidified our plans. At first we were going to head after those famed historical knights, I mean, LOOK AT THEM.

An image of Charlemagne

But as we kept talking the mindvoice drew us in another direction. We started talking about how beautiful Avalon was reported to be, and we stumbled across two words - MIND MOAT.

An image of Avalon, a rocky island rising out of a blue-green lake

The pictures were so beautiful that we went in a different direction altogether and he ended up being a bit different from those historical figures. Instead we took the archetype of a knight and mixed in some humorous elements. We're not ashamed to say at all that the flights section was finished first and was the launching pad for this dragon. The squirehood part of his personality was inspired by The Sword and the Stone, and we highly recommend you go rewatch poor Arthur as a boy for RP ideas beyond what we've put forth here.

Description Inspiration

A photo of the misty, golden landscape of Glastonbury Tor

This image was originally part of what we collected for his mind voice, but I admit to falling in love with the misty bright golden-ness of it. As soon as I saw it I KNEW it would be the primary inspiration for his description. It is so evocative, and beautiful, especially with that (what looks to be an early Norman) keep rising out of the mist. This was a way of creating your beautiful knight boy without going for the super obvious plate armor and shiny swords metaphors. It also ties in nicely with the mists of his mindvoice, and those connections to Camelot that are there.

An image of Richard Lionheart's sword, with intricate metal designs

I believe this is Richard I (aka Richard the Lionhearts) sword, and I also fell in love with the intricacy and beauty of the hilt and pommel. But what really captured my attention is that this is something that was clearly used it looks a bit worn, a bit shabby (Not surprising seeing as it is nearly 900 years old…) I really wanted to bring in imagery that encompassed both the beauty of this image, and the sense of age and use.

An image of Richard Lionheart's crest: a red background with three golden lions A photo of Richard Lionheart's seal, depicting a gold circle with an image of a knight on a small horse

Once again, Coeur de Lion’s artifacts provided the final finishing touches. These are his crest and seal respectively and they just scream ‘medieval’ there is a lush contrast in the colors of his 3 lion crest. And for some reason I always associate the red and gold with royalty. There is a touch of this in the faded colors of his wings. And OMG that seal is just gorgeous, the color, the HUGE knight on his tiny horse, there is a touch of this as well in him, that sense of proportions slightly skewed.

Name Inspiration

So we knew pretty early on that we were going to go with the Arthurian knight kind of theme, so we started by digging around the internet to find some famous nights. We tossed out Charlemagne, Cambriae, Gwarcheiwad, Chevalier Knight, Coeur de Leon, Night Bear Arth nos, and just so many others. For a while there we were seriously thinking of pulling a straight up name snag from Arthur himself, but we ended up veering away from it.

We wanted a Welsh sound in there, and so we went with the wyth, but it wasn't 100% right and anyway, wyth is way overused in our opinion. Since so many of the names had a Ch in it we toppled onto Chiwendwyth, but that was just a little too much. We cut the first three letters and then changed that second w into an r. It ended up just looking perfect, with a decidedly welsh cast to it still and it sounds very nice when you stick a SIR in front of it.

Sir Wendryth.

(I call him Wendy okay? Which kinda ties into his personality because J. M. Barrie made that name from the word ‘friend’, and that fits him beautifully as a nickname, cos he is a friend to you, to those poor suffering firelizards, to his clutchmates, that random stall holder…)



Drip. Drip. Drip.

The steady trickle of water down a rough stone face is the start of where your Wendryth's mind begins. It's steady and reliable this drip, though it persists in darkness at first. It's a mental moat which surrounds his innermost thoughts and bars you entry until you prove yourself worth to set forth and tackle the sorrow that lays beyond.

Then a flame of fire bursts forth, a single flame to beat back the darkness and show forth what is there. Stone walls covered in the grime of ages, and hiding the beauty which once shone forth.


When sunlight breaks forth against Wendryth's mind it's not much more of a happy state which they reveal. For this is Avalon the great that once was, but is no more. Age has buried her greatness into the dust, and now the moss and encroaching waters eat at her sides.

It's not a pleasant place to find oneself lingering, among the decay of greatness. But there is much to be found here, if only one is willing to look past the cobwebs and broken statues.

You'll find treasure lingering in spots, each giving a clue to the majesty that once was. Tapestries tell stories of past and present victories even as they are eaten by moths and worn by wind.

But this is the pleasant side of Avalon, the side which Wendryth has saved for you. Jealously he guards the secrets within. It takes more than a cunning mind to breach this inner barrier. To all others his mind is…. Mist.


The mist is all encompassing, and it hides deeply the broken citadel which lays in its core. This is where others will find themselves when they attempt to breach Wendryth's mind with their own. They'll be lost in the mists. Around them the coying scent of mildew will hang, free from any cheerful winds which would shoo away the dank moisture.

It's chilly here in the mists, a cold which seeps bone deep and harsh. There is no pity in the tones which Wendryth takes to others here. His words are firm and unmoving as the mists. There is nothing to hit upon here for the mist simply settles back into whatever vacuum was created.

Sightless they'll wander, only occasionally seeing the humps of land and tantalizing outlines of buildings. Sometimes the mist will teasingly part to show a sunrise or sunset before greedily gobbling up the view again as if stealing that which is most previous.


His laughter is not one of most comforting vein, but at least there is some comfort to be taken in it. For laughter brings a parting of the mists again to show jeweled seas beyond, and the occasional flicker of a dolphin's tale happily slapping along. Or perhaps it'll show a beautiful pasture with small flowers growing upon where horses feed.

The mist always closes in again, leaving behind those cheerful scenes. For Avalon is a place of mysteries, and Wendryth is not apt to give them up without a commitment from the other to keep those secrets close.

Something else to note dear one, Wendryth doesn't speak. He BOOMS. His words are as expressive as his mists are hidden. ALL CAPS ARE HIS NORM AND NOT THE EXCEPTION. It's not that he means to yell, it's just that he has all this power behind what he wants to say and how he wants to say it.

Dialect is another area where he'll be an interesting duck. Old English is his default, though no fault of his own. He was just born that way!



Dannnngggg man. Just walk yourself over to Wendryth and knock your fist against that hide. Gently, please, because that stuff is HARD. Hard enough that you're going to be working double time to keep it subtle enough so that he can fly.

And when he does fly, it's with a great deal of creaking. When he's younger it can be explained away as growing noise, with one part of his body growing just slightly faster than another part. When he's aged it's the sound which denotes his pride in having served so long. Between those points well, it's just Wendryth. Sometimes the creaks mean nothing, but watch out because sometimes they do.


Throughout his life his joints are his point of weakness, especially right under his head, where his wings fold, and on his knees. In these places it doesn't take much to cause pain, and a poorly placed thread wound could have him landed for weeks longer than a typical injury would. In trade off though, the rest of him takes a scoring like a CHAMP.

Once he grows into them, his wings fit particularly well against his body though, and they almost seem like they aren't even there when they're folded neatly backwards. This allows him to have a much more slim and put together appearance than many dragons, and allows him to be more precise with his movements.


And let's talk about movement now, alright? See, Wendryth has to carry the weight of his hide upon his back and he's just not very graceful about it. At best, he lumbers. GDI he lumbers PRECISELY at least. He knows where his next foot is going to fall before he takes it. He walks with parade ground precision. ♫



A square he starts out, all bumbling and without much polish. His words, his way of walking, everything about him is just slightly half baked. While he'll grow into an elegant knight full of redeemable qualities eh FIRST must get through this squirehood all in one piece.

Time is a concept which Wendryth struggles with at first. His first few sevens of being expected to do little beyond eat and bond absolutely spoil him into thinking that THIS is what being a rider is all about. When the requirements rachet up he'll be much put out to realize all of the work. When woken in the morning to start he'll have a tendency to fall back asleep until suddenly it is CRISIS time and the two of you must bumble out into the courtyard for training.

Mist moves sluggishly about a dark mound, « I'm moving, I'm zzzzz…. »

Hopefully you can impose some sense of order upon his poor bumbling youth otherwise the Weyrlingmasters are likely to impose it and your poor Wendryth is going to be hock deep in extra chores while YOU are set to scooping more dragon poop than really is your fair share.


He's eager to please despite this false start and once you get him moving Wendryth absolutely WANTS to do everything that he is told. He'll absolutely adore the physical training. No matter that he fails at things the first few times. Determination will carry the day and he'll work late into the night. Pride does constrain him a little bit and the moment the two of you are allowed to wander a bit further he'll drag you to a quiet spot where no one else can see his blunders. It's probably a good thing that dragons can't blush otherwise his feelings of shame in failure would be easily picked up upon.

He has all the seeds of the dragon he'll grow up to become given enough time. Weyrlinghood will pass just as time as a squire will and the PRIDE he will feel when the two of you complete your training will be patable to even the most unobservant.

Wendryth lives his life to a very strict code. It's not something that happens over night, but develops over the turns as he decides the correct way to live his life through the examples - good and bad - of those who he interacts with.

To a Knight, courtesy involves more than merely following rules of etiquette. It is also an attitude, a way of presenting himself to the world. -The Tenets of Chivalry — The Knights Code

Wendryth surely doesn't get it from you, though perhaps you might help it is you shoo him the right way, but he believes in etiquette. Unlike many dragons who might fight against authority Wendryth believes it is his DUTY and HONOR to abide by the decisions of those who have come before him. He'll book no seditious thoughts and will become a keen mind in the pecking order of the weyr. The deference he gives to the golds is real and heartfelt. He would never dare settle down next to them and crowd upon their space. It's probably a good thing that there is no gold clutchsister in this batch of eggs because Wendryth would soon become her willing patsy.

A knight always tells the truth as he knows it. -The Tenets of Chivalry — The Knights Code

Do you have secrets Herik? Hopefully they're not super special to you because if someone should put the question to Wendryth about them he'll freely share everything he knows. See, Wendryth escrews lying as absolutely abhorent. He doesn't even like lies of omission and when you press upon him to make those lies be prepared for a dragon that is not happy with life in the slightest.

PROMISES, oh heaven help the two of you, Wendryth has a thing about promises also. Once he gives his word it is his absolute bond. Dragon memory being what it is there is a chance he might forget his promises but when he is reminded he will throw himself forth without a care of his own well being to make that promise happen without quarter.

"The Knight shows mercy to the repentant, and refuses to inflict undue suffering, even on the vilest evildoer." -The Tenets of Chivalry — The Knights Code

Wendryth is the HEART of a protector. He'll find common ground with others in his clutch on this kind. He doesn't LIKE to hurt the innocent, and this will extend as far as the food he eats. He knows that it is IMPORTANT that he eat and that meat is the way to go for his needs, but he'll pay homage to the food that he eats. Absolutely he'll refuse to eat any females of breeding age, or younger more tender meat. Also when he finds out what herders do to beasts they don't want to breed…

« THEY DID WHAT?! » Chilled mist lashes against harsh and choppy waters, the INDIGNITY OF THIS.

He'll shower forth this onto the less fortunate with all of the good heart which he can muster. Firelizards will soon realize that all they need to do is act pathetic and Wendryth will absolutely cater to their needs.

«Lo! H’rik… DO YOU NOT SEE THESE POOR STARVING CREATURES? I MUST PROVIDE THEM SUBSTANCE! To the pens!» *a full fair of firelizards to STUFFED to even fly away all groan as he takes off* GENEROSITY BABY!

The same can be said of his clutchmates. If one should fall ill or to an injury Wendryth is the most caring nurse they could ask for if a bit… overbearing about how MUCH he wants to care for them. Really, he doesn't have the patience for nursing but gdi he is going to TRY.

A True Knight shall always remain loyal to the Order of Knighthood.

A True Knight shall, at all times, remain loyal to his brothers.

-The Tenets of Chivalry — The Knights Code

Loyalty is BIG to Wendryth. Loyalty first to YOU as is proper, then loyalty to Weyr and wing. Some of his clutchmates have a tendency to wander but not Wendryth. His roots are firmly dug into Igen. If time should come and you are finding yourself in need of a transfer the change is going to be very hard for him. He'll go, because you are his first commander, but uprooting him is going to be very difficult of a transition.

He's also a military idealist and believes in the chain of command. He'll be the first (after those bumbling few months) to snap to attention the second ranking officer approaches. At full bellow he'll announce to anyone who is listening,

« LO! The Weyrleader approaches~»

Together the two of you will walk through the life and if you like it or not Wendryth is going to try to mold YOU into a better man through his own example. He'll not like it when you act without the best BEST of interests, and he's not backwards about speaking up about what he feels are your shortcomings. He loves you and absolutely wants you to be the very best that you can be.


A Knight attacks an enemy without hesitation, continuing to fight until the enemy withdraws or is defeated. Whenever possible, a Knight chooses the most formidable enemy as his primary opponent. Powerful monsters, a giant, a dragon, or the leader of an army are the enemies of choice to the knight. -The Tenets of Chivalry — The Knights Code

What enemy is more formidable than THREAD? It is the SCOURGE of the land and obviously Wendryth's rightful enemy. From a young dragon he'll long to throw himself into the skies and at times might need to be physically (or mentally) restrained to keep his youthful exuberance to be IN THE FRAY from exceeding his physical capabilities.

Nothing but the best for Wendryth. OBVIOUSLY he needs to be at the front of things and in the absolute highest wing. It would be an affront to his honor to put him in a place where he couldn't meet the ancient enemy head on. It's a good thing he's a strong strapping bronze and thus a high powered wing will be more than willing to take him for his strength alone. He doesn't really care about what side job a wing has, he is ALL about Thread.


Wendryth doesn't bother with little things like DODGING thread. He'll concede that sometimes it's necessary to between but for the most part he'll charge right in. His flame is like a knight's broadsword and is used as that kind of instrument. There is very little middle ground here for him. If it cannot be beaten by blunt force, what is the POINT?

Nevertheless, even within a Fall Wendryth is very obedient to the chain of command. While he might quietly mutter about being called into a retreat he will DO IT. He doesn't second guess the orders he is given nor find ways to try to get around them.


Wendryth likes the ladies. He likes them very much kthanks. Except, he wants this all done properly. It's just… not… right… to just sweep after them like a hoard of barbarians. He cannot stand the suitors that line themselves up behind a lady and seek to throw themselves upon her. What can a true gentleman do then, but to UPHOLD HER HONOR? Needless to say he kinda loses his focus.

It's hard to win a flight when challenging all the suitors to come at him though, and so, alas, your Wendryth isn't going to be doing a lot of winning. Instead he'll be spending a lot of time chasing off other suitors with exaggerated shouts of




Well, you get the picture.

He won't completely ignore the ladies though; he's got a SPECIAL treat for them. POETRY. Terrible, horrible, completely inappropriate poetry that lauds all of the battles he's gone through in an attempt to woo her to his side. Sometimes they'll even be EXTRA SPECIAL and include a complete rundown of all the blood he has spilt to protect the homeland and her own fair skin. (Doubtless this will not go over well to the greens who also fight.)

Aren't you just the luckiest one that gets to write it all down and somehow find a way to deliver it to the rider without it being super awkward? Since he tends to pick fights DURING a flight it behoves him to make sure that he woos the lady BEFORE the flight. Sometimes he might also send over some extra special gifts.

Who doesn't love a bloody goat head on their ledge after all?

We're also going to leave this here as a note about his particular virulence if he SHOULD ever focus enough in a flight to actually catch the girl.


He's SO PROUD of his offspring that he brings into the world. Before they are even CLUTCHED he is so very sure they're going to be the very bestest children that EVER walked the whole planet. He'll LINGER over them in super overprotective mode until even the gold mother is ready to chase him off in irritation.

And if he should EVER EVER EVER sire a gold? She is gonna be DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL as a baby. She is his PRIDE AND JOY.

Lighting cracks through darkened mists, the clouds above full of righteous anger and indignation. « YOU DARE LOOK AT MY DAUGHTER WRONG AND I WILL END YOU. »


Name: Naneska
Egg Desc: T’ral
Dragonet Desc: Naneska
Messages: Naneska, Divale
Puppeteer: Naneska
Inspiration: Naneska, Divale


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Rizalyn and Evening Star of the Restless Woods green Navikoth
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Zavyr and Memories of Forevermore blue Nynnth

Harper’s Tale’s 77th PC Clutch
Igen Weyr’s 7th PC Clutch
gold Rajakhelath x bronze Tlazotezath & gold Niatskivhiath x brown Lukoith
30 June 2017