Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com
Not So Red Fruit 19 Dec 2017 06:00

Th'res, Elonoora

Elonoora's on a mission for some fruit. Th'res may or may not help a bushel and a peck.

Hearth's Hearty Bookclub? 25 Dec 2017 06:00

Safi, Elonoora, Ibrahim

Two apprentices discuss some of Southern's finest literature and not so recent events while Ibrahim wanders through briefly.

Bug Hunt 30 Dec 2017 06:00

Talya, Elonoora

Bartender and baker both end up in the Herb Garden searching for some more exotic ingredients.

Oh Daughter Dearest...? 31 Dec 2017 07:00

Elonoora, Ha'ze

Since Ha'ze made such a… wonderful impression on Xanthee, he goes to ask Elonoora to go introduce herself to her newly found sister.



Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com