Edlsesa "Sesa"
Location Igen Weyr
Position Apprentice
Craft Harper
Birthplace Igen Weyr
Played By Lucy Hale
Player The Ghost of Erikkhan

Theme Song

Common Knowledge

  • Edlsesa prefers to be called "Sesa" by her friends or "Sesa/Cissy/Sissy" by her close family.
  • Sesa is the biological daughter of Sara(Deceased) and A'lory(Deceased)
  • She is foster daughter to Realilina and Erikkhan(Deceased)
  • She is half-sister to Daenerys but doesn't know him
  • She is Foster Sister to Kanriel
  • She has a love of art and music in equal appreciation
  • She is a Harper Apprentice
  • She loves the color Blue
  • She has an affinity with animals, though no interest in the BeastCraft


Edlsesa has hair to rival both her bio mom's and her foster mom's. It hangs in thick midnight locks that wave and curl at the ends, which brush her mid-waist. She has sharp, keen hazel eyes, full lips and a round, adorable nose. She is thin and has an hourglass figure already, though being so young her bust is still growing in. She is short in stature however, capping out at the moment at a short five-foot one and doesn't look like she'll be gaining much more height than that.

Gallery / Icons


Icon Name Relation Played By Blurb
alory.jpg A'lory(Deceased) Biological Father James Frain I vaguely remember him coming to visit when I was little. I don't remember much except that he was kind.
sara2.jpg Sara(Deceased) Biological Mother Marcia Gay Harden She died when I was born, so I don't remember her at all, but mother and father idolize her, so she must have been something special. They tell me I take after her looks and my father's coloring.
Erikk_4.jpg Erikkhan (Desceased) Father (Foster) Robert Downey Jr. I loved my Papa more than any girl could love their father. His passing was so sudden, so unexpected. I will miss him, for all of my days, and the ache will never go away.
realilina.jpg Realilina Mother (Foster) ?? I worry about Mama these days, with father's sudden passing, Kanriel locking himself up in Papa's studio and the world turned upside down, I worry. She won't even step inside our quarters because she has to go through Papa's Studio to do it. I won't lie, being in there is hard.
kanriel_default.jpg Kanriel Brother (Foster) Asa Butterfield My brother has gone crazy with the loss of our father. He won't let anyone touch Papa's things, won't let Mama have the studio cleaned out, and he sits in the studio, day in and day out, rocking in he corner, one of Papa's smocks in his arms.


Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com
A Meeting of Chance 12 Oct 2017 06:00

Aztrexia, Daenerys, Lillia(NPC), Zisiene, and Edlsesa(NPC) : NPC's puppeted by Willimina

Aztrexia eats lunch alone, Daenerys explores the Zingari encampment, and Edlsesa meets her half-brother



Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com
Welcoming New Blood 29 Oct 2017 06:00

Willimina, Daenerys

Willimina welcomes a new Caravan Hand to the fold