Mahogany brown eyes stare out, portals to the outside world set in a lean face with pale, androgynous features. His hair is a ruffle-worthy mop of brunette hair that often decides it has a mind of it's own and sticks out at odd angles at all times. He's a perfect example of lean musculature, being a man-child in the midst of coming into his own tall, gangly body that seems to just keep growing. There's little baby fat to this one, though it seems to work for him, making him look slightly older than he is.

Evgeny is clad in a skintight pair of black trousers, a black poet's shirt tucked in neatly and held there by a belt. He wears an oversized jacket, and a sturdy pair of boots. There's a leather thong around his neck that ends in a deep red stone, carved and sanded to look like a perfect ring and engraved with something, but one would have to be quite close to read it.

Common Knowledge:

  • Is a spirited teen
  • Was Born to the Armida caravan
  • Father died when he was young
  • Mother is an Armida Weaver
  • He is adept in fire dancing, swallowing and most acrobatic performance
  • He's currently taking acting lessons from one of the more seasoned performers
  • He's having a mildly itchy time trying to adjust to being in one place for so long, though he's happy the Armida seem to have joined forces with the mother clan
  • Can he sing? Maybe…

Not So Common Knowledge

  • Was brought into Spylinghood at the age of thirteen
  • He's taking his acting and disguise lessons from Milosh(TBD)
  • He's quite adept at pick-pocketing and can slither into shadow better than most
  • He's young, he makes mistakes, though try and get him to actually admit it…
  • When he's on the job though, he's all business.


  • Evgeny is a charmer (or so he thinks)
  • He's a little vain
  • He's a Pernese Nerd, loves to learn, has a great recall ability
  • Depite being charming in his own ways, he's a bit of a loner. He'll socialise, but more often than not does his own thing