Played-By Rules: Read Carefully!

This list is to claim a played-by ("PB"). A PB can be claimed if it does not exist on this page and there is a character object existing on-game that at least logs in on a semi-regular basis.

If a PB is taken on this list that you want to use, please first try to find them on the game (who name), and if you can't find them on game then the played by is free to use. Even characters who are nuked are often aliased to another character the player plays. If the player still exists, it's courtesy to ask or let them know if you want a played by of a character still in this list.

If your PB is not claimed on this page, then it can be taken by someone else. It is the responsibility of the player, NOT Staff to update this page with their chosen PB. If the Character's PB is not on this page, it is considered 'free' to use as this is our Source of Truth for all currently utilized Played-Bys. New players are not expected to know who might be using a played-by but has forgotten to update this page.

Any member of Guide Staff or Area Staff can help if you have questions!

If your character has a broken image, that is because you haven't uploaded a default icon. Once you've uploaded a default icon, simply update this page and change the placeholder to your character's default icon!

This list is auto-generated now. Use the button above to update the PB list.