The Rules

  • Do you remember that long ago memory of Impression? Or maybe it was of your character's first kiss in the rain and that moment you really felt your best warm fuzzies for HT…
  • Pick this memory and somehow vig your character recapturing that memory in their IC lives!
  • Tag your scenes with: 2015_ht_memory

The Logs

There have been 5 scenes for this challenge.

Title OOC Date Cast Summary

Happier Days
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17 Aug 2015 04:00


2015 Game Vig Challenge Those were happier days.

Latrine Privacy
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16 Aug 2015 06:00

Jedi, K'vvan

K'vvan has a single request to make of Jedi, and does it in just about the most awkward place he could find. (With a nod towards the 2015 Game Vig Challenge with W'rin love.)

Missed Chances
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15 Aug 2015 06:00

N'tael, Tlazotezath

N'tael spends a moment reflecting on Weyrlinghood, but Tlazotezath only looks forward.

Sleepless Remembering (Vig)
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15 Aug 2015 05:00

Vashae, Jovianth

Vashae reflects upon everything that has changed, and upon some of the happiest moments of her life.

A Memory and a Choice {Vignette}
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15 Aug 2015 06:00

Kyara, Liareth

Written for the 2015 Game Vig Challenge. Kyara and Liareth steal a rare quiet moment. Reflection on the past kindles the beginning of a major potential change for the future.