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Policy History

- Blooded characters must be approved through Theme Council.
- All timing plots must be approved through Theme Council and Wizards.
- Changed the search age to 15-25.
- Theme Council is responsible for "game-wide fluff"/"game-wide flavor".
- Theme Council members must respond to issues in a timely manner.

(All of these policies can be found on HT's Policy page as well.)

Staffing Policies

  • No staff on HT — area staff — can decide internally the composition of the staff that follows it; IE, Old Staff cannot be the vehicle of picking New Staff.
  • The manner in which new staffs are picked must be performed in a manner transparent to all eligible applicants, in a way that allows all eligible applicants equal voice: applicant pool vote/consensus, area vote, etc, as per the wishes of the eligible applicants themselves.
  • Incumbent staff members going for consecutive terms are not granted any special privileges or powers in the applicant pool, once eligibility requirements have been determined.
  • Theme Council membership will be determined by volunteering. @mail Fyren for more information.
  • As of 4/4/14, the odd-number requirement to area staffs has been lifted: area staffs may now number up to a maximum of 5 members. Ties will default to "no", as there must be majority support for an issue to pass.

Contacting Theme Council

Have a question or issue with the wiki? @send *tc
Be aware, this mailer is open and readable by all. If your question is private speak to a Theme Council representative or your friendly local wizards to have your question treated as private or brought forth anonymously.

Want to keep up on issues? @subscribe *tc, and @subscribe *discussion

Blooded Character Approval

If you are submitting an application to an area for a Blooded Character, once the Area has looked over your application they will either forward it to Game Staff or ask you to submit your information to Game Staff for approval. Note: All familial ties to Blooded must be approved, even if you are a long-distant relation.

To ensure a quick response, make sure that these items pertinent to your character are sent to Game Staff (@send *tc):

Make sure you check against the NPC areas and the current Blooded PCs and NPCs to validate that what you're requesting makes sense!

  1. What Blooded affiliation you are requesting for. (aka, cousin of Lord Lemos!)
  2. Character's Name & Age
  3. Character's History
  4. Brief blurb on desired goals for the character (aka, what do you want to do?).


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