It was not long ago that Kurkar Hold, then known as the ‘Underground’, was brought to light. Since it’s ‘opening’, the would-be underground city has been caught in a flux: not quite Hold, not quite refuge of the Holdless and other shadier types. Figuring out the relationship between neighboring Holds and the Weyr itself has been… anything but easy. And figuring out how to govern themselves or who will do it since Baham’s reign has been even harder.

At first, there were some sporadic efforts to establish a clearly defined leadership and even rules were to be laid down for the current populace (old and new). Eventually, the constant stagnation and lack of clear instruction led to Kurkar beginning to drift back to what its denizens were used to doing before. The laissez-faire policy has been working (mostly)… but can it last?

Please read through the following topics and if you have any questions, please reach out to *iws or Doji/Divale.

Key Points

Character Creation is open for business! Use your own character concept or look through the Adoptable Characters and Wanted Concepts! Once approved by a guide, simply @send *iws as you would any other character request

  • Get to the area's hub: @go igen, s, sw, w, down
  • Join the channel! addcom iu=Igen Underground
  • Despite being a new hold, Kurkar has a long (and mostly secret) history. Most recently, it was being used as a hide out for a group of raiders until it was opened up by the Weyr in Turn 8 of the current pass.
  • There was initially an attempt to install a singular leader after Baham’s departure, but eventually things drifted to a more informal council arrangement with three leaders.
  • On a dare gone wrong, a child got lost down a long forgotten tunnel. She was found a few days later mostly alright, but with a worrying wound on her leg that was glowing blue.


OOC Date Title Summary
1/1/18 Where's Lassie When you need her? Search for a missing child in Kurkar finds more than was expected.
1/2/18 What's the Glow? Tell me what's Happening! Weyrhealer Jhothulos tries to address some growing rumors and maybe starts some more.
1/8/18 Come On, Let's Glow! As news spreads, so does more interest! Crafters and visitors of all sorts descend on Igen to learn about the new discovery … and certain knock-offs begin to circulate the markets and Bazaar.
1/15/18 And the Glow Goes On! Counterfeits spread, tensions rise, and goats glow as everyone seeks to investigate and/or profit off the newest discovery.
1/23/18 Just What Is It? After countless hours investigating, the crafters finally have the start of some answers. It does appear the genuine blue glow shows some potential in fighting infections. Very controlled human trials will be starting soon. Farmers are trying to replicate the blue glow, but no luck so far. In the bazaar, kids have actually started eating the counterfeits and yet more trips to the infirmary!