Harper's Tale has rebooted! Due to some issues with switching from 4:1 time to 3:1, we don't have exact dates on some of these logs just prior to the game's change over. However some of the more notable ones have been collected below for your perusal and we suggest you just make use of the old classic 'handwave' for some things. Additionally there's a timeline of old history included.

Here are some highlights:

Old History

2013 - ??

  • Feb-March 2013: The game votes to do a massive overhaul, ICly and OOCly!
  • The nowtimers jump back to oldtime Ista!
  • Comets start falling on oldtime Pern!
  • Recruiting (and other) activities are ongoing in oldtime Pern.
  • The Big Comet looms; oldtimers travel with nowtimers over a period of small jumps to arrive in Newtime Igen!
  • Leadership chaos occurs when Sadaiya and Vergora's golds rise at the same time.
  • Nowtime crafthalls deny the ranks of most oldtime crafters come forward.
  • The overcrowding at Igen prompts goldriders and crafters to depart to New Southern.