Adding a Log has never been easier! If you are new to wikidot or not proficient with wiki code, the form should hopefully make it super easy to update!

Most information is contained in the form itself! Some key points to know:

  • All fields that support wiki code now, support wiki code in the new format, especially, the log content section! You can still format your logs to your heart's content!
  • If your room does not have images, use the following syntax:
[[f>image /icon_defaults/spacer.png]]
  • If you don't want character icons, use the following syntax:
[[image /icon_defaults/spacer.png]]
  • The difference between Where and Room Name: Where can be multiple rooms. Room Name is the formatted title of the room you started the scene in, but if the scene occurs in two places, aka The Galleries and the Sands, then you would put "Galleries, Sands, Weyr" in the Where and just "Galleries" in the first Room Name. It's a little bit of duplication, but this allows more flexibility in what a player might want to put in the Where slot.

To add the character log tables to your character page, please visit this page for further instructions:

How to: Add Logs To Your Page