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: Hopeful Misery ∴ Comments 0

Cailluneth did a number on Jovianth. I'yn cleans things up a bit. (Had to pause close to the end, so there'll be a last few poses up soon!)

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: Misplaced Pots ∴ Comments 0

Zalara's got repairs to return, and I'yn is in need of a meal.

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: Rest and Speculation ∴ Comments 0

Former wingmates catch up a bit out at the Crater Lake.

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: Dog ∴ Comments 0

Teya drags N'ky along on a mission to find her missing Dog. They find him… and then SURPRISE.

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02 Dec 2014 07:00: More than Just a Mirage ∴ Comments 0

Teyaschianniarina and Trek welcome Mirage's newest wingrider, as Jaelynn joins the ranks of full riders to start her training as a dragonhealer.

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