Let's be honest. Remembering to go back into logs someone else has posted to edit in your icon is a big old pain, and most people don't remember to do it. But having just one or two icons showing for a big group scene looks weird and unfinished!

Harper's Tale, there is a solution. Make yourself a default icon and load it on this page, and we'll be on the path to pretty logs and simplified posting.

How-Tos & Guidelines

How to Make a Default Icon
  1. First, you will need to make a 100 pixel x 100 pixel image of your character! If you do not have image manip software, never fear: there are several free online programs for cropping and resizing pictures. Tuli recommends Fotoflexer or Pixlr.
  2. Second, you will need to name that sucker! All default icons must conform to the same naming conventions. Otherwise, people will be forced to hunt down your esoteric file name, which is just annoying. NAME DEFAULT IMAGES LIKE THIS: name_default.jpg. If a character is a male dragonrider, use a hyphen (a - mark) in place of the apostrophe. I.E., tuli_default.jpg, br-er_default.jpg. Do not capitalize ANYTHING, do not put numbers!
  3. Third, save the image to your computer. Save the image as a .jpg file, not .png or .gif or whatever. This is for consistency!
  4. Fourth, upload the image to this page. You're going to go all the way down to the bottom, where it has 'Edit Tags History Files Print Site tools + Options' listed. Click on 'Files'. Go down to the very bottom, where it says 'Upload a file from your computer'. Select your file, then hit the 'Upload' button.
  5. Congrats! You now have a default icon loaded. One last step, which is voluntary, but appreciated for the sake of organization: putting the icon in the right area!
  6. Go in to edit this page. Scroll down to the appropriate section for your character. You're likely to find a big long list of image files, starting with a =.
  7. At the end of that list, plunk the following


Important Guidelines
  1. Pick an icon with a standard character expression (neutral faces usually work). You're still welcome to have a host of specialized icons that you go in manually to C&P into logs.
  2. Use the character's name as it appears on the MOO. Tuli is 'tuli', Teyaschianniarina is 'teyaschianniarina'. Same for dragon names. No nicknames!
  3. Seriously, follow the file name conventions. name_default.jpg! Use an underscore (_) between the name and the word 'default', no capitalization, no numbers. For male dragonriders, use a hyphen where the apostrophe is, i.e. 'br-er', 'w-rin', etc.
  4. If your character's name changes (i.e., they Impress), do not rename or delete your original file! That will screw up old logs. Instead, you'll move the original file into the Defunct section, and upload a new file with the character's new name.
  5. You can, however, delete and replace your original file if the character ages, you have a better picture for them, etc. etc. Just make sure the new file has the exact same name as the original and you're golden.

Igen Character Defaults

Southern Character Defaults

Igen Dragon Defaults

Southern Dragon Defaults

Past Characters

The Default Icon List (For easy grab and look)