Igen Weyr: Welcome to the Desert

The dawn of the 12th Pass found an Igen Weyr resurgent: its ranks were swollen with riders and dragons from the distant past, and it stood ready to meet the Red Star. But it was a Weyr divided, with political and social differences causing tension and trouble. Its critics sneered that the ancient Weyr was more a trading post and nest of ancient radicals than a proper protective citadel, but the Weyr has proven itself to be worthy of the challenge. Its triumphs, however, have not been without their own share of costs and strife.

Strange things keep happening in these troubled times. What is coming next to stir the desert dust? And will Igen survive? Or even… flourish?

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State of Mind


Tahi's thoughts of identity aren't really any clearer than they were ten turns ago.

Messy in-hospital writing, just poking disjointedly around a character's head.


Ha'ze, Miel | Kaisylaith, Ivaenth

Miel is still very much on the mend and pushed herself too far; thankfully Ha'ze is decent enough company…


Divale, Ko'an | Lukoith, Zodaiyath

After Threadfall and her duties as Parhelion's newest Wingsecond, Divale ventures to the 'Yard to get the official tally of injuries for the reports and comes across an all too familiar pair…

#fail and way backdated due to forgetfulness…

A Golden Visit

Amani, Xanthee

Amani and Xanthee play catch up as the goldling comes back to Igen for a visit.

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