The Bazaar is the center of trade at Igen Weyr, boasting a wide variety of shops, stalls and carts through its central square and meandering side streets. It has the reputation for being a place where anyone can find anything, for the right price, and while many of the businesses are entirely legitimate, who knows what shady dealings go on in those twisted alleys. Colorful as it may be, there is the pervading sense of 'buyer beware'.

What To Remember When Playing Bazaarfolk!

  • We are in a Pass. While the Bazaar used to rule the Igen roost (in fact, if not theory) … the pendulum is swinging rapidly back towards the Weyr now that Thread is falling. This means that open disrespect for riders, once tolerated, is starting to be a bad idea. Your character doesn't have to like it, but they're going to have to face it. With Pass tithes coming in, the Bazaar needs the Weyr more than the Weyr needs the Bazaar.
  • The Bazaar is shady, but not lawless. The Bazaar is patrolled by the Guards. Certainly, they are not, historically, very competent… and the area definitely has a little more tolerance for rough'n'tumble aspects… but open and flagrant lawbreaking is a good way to get arrested, maybe even exiled, possibly even executed if it's severe enough. While Igen allows a greater degree of shadiness than most Pern games, ALWAYS remember that ICA=ICC will apply to you.
  • Please bear in mind the limits of game canon in terms of what types of businesses exist in Igen. Stores selling Craft-type goods are typically affiliated with Crafts, although not exclusively - though without a Craft stamp, goods sell for less. Businesses requiring vast amounts of space are not plausible; the Bazaar area is only big enough to house about two thousand people, and space is at a premium. If you aren't certain your business idea would fly, please shoot a message to *igenstaff for clarification! Thanks!

General RP Hooks for Bazaarfolk

  • Vitus Steen has put out word to hire workers to build roads within and without the Bazaar. Raised slightly up off the ground, supported by mud and gravel, and topped with pavers, these roads are intended to last the trial of time - and Igen's frequent sandstorms. Purportedly a work of charity for the Bazaar's benefit, the project is being pushed by Steen with Tlatoani support. The hiring is indiscriminate - any with two working hands will quickly find marks in them should they wish to put a little of their time towards the endeavor. - Contact: Midra / Vitus

If you snag one of these, put your name after it. Repeats welcome!

PC Businesses

PC businesses are those owned and run by PCs. Whether or not their spaces are available for public scenes is at the discretion of the owner and designated below. If a room is open to the public, it means that anyone may play there whether or not the owner is online. If a space is not public, that room is private and should not be used without the owner's permission.

Dustbowl Cantina

Business: Bar
Owner: Topiltzin
Staff: Avedis, Atticus, Mecatl (NPC bartender)
Formerly PC Staff/Former Staff: Atzi, Chel, Nayemi, R'ku
Location: Central Bazaar
Public: Yes

The Dustbowl Cantina has been an Igen fixture for at least two centuries, if not longer. A large establishment, it is the de facto (if dusty) crown jewel of the Bazaar's various bars and eateries. The Dustbowl sells spirits, cold drinks, and food, but perhaps its biggest draw is the prospect of free entertainment. Sometimes that comes from musicians and other performers. Rather more often, it comes from fights.

Traditionally run by a much-respected elder of the Tlatoani trader clan, the bulk of its workers come from the same family. The Cantina is technically held by the clan as a whole, but working out who will actually run the place tends to be a complex and highly political process. Since its destruction and closure in the early 12th Pass, after the subsequent reopening and proprietor Jharlodar's retirement (presumably more related to age than the incident itself, though nobody's saying), relatively-young Topiltzin in his mid-thirties stepped up to the plate to fill the shoes left empty.

Supposedly, it closes — it never seems to — and there's just about always someone behind the bar.

Corks and Works

Business: Wine and spirits
Owner: Eollyn
Staff: Taselle (NPC), Karrigon (NPC)
Location: Bazaar Sidestreet
Public: Yes

Day or night, this shop is well lit on the inside, by day with Rukbat's beams, and by night by the grace of many glowbaskets that are very liberally used to maintain lighting. When a chance is gained to look about the shop, one easily sees why - there are shelves upon shelves of wine here. The perimeter of the wine shop is lined by shelves four high, and each shelf is carefully stacked just short of bursting with wine of various vintages, regions, sweet or bitterness, and even more importantly, price. But lo, wine is not the only thing to be found on the shelves here - one wall is dedicated to other liquors, from ale to brandy to vodka, and many in between. A carefully written sign nearby says, 'if you don't see what you're looking for, let us know!' There are also a couple of shelves on the wall of the main door, dedicated to things not of vintner make. Although they are bare at the moment, a portable chalkboard plaque says, 'Sienna's Cheeses'.

Even the wall behind the counter has wine bottles on it, but it's the counter itself that is more of note. Approximately four feet high, there are wine bottles underneath as well - empty ones this time, as if to display the wines that have passed through here in the past. Many of which are highly remarkable in either name or vintage. The top of the counter is typically kept clean and polished to shine. A heavy book for keeping track of sales is atop the counter, as well as a stylus for writing with, and an inkwell. One of the shelves behind the counter has been reserved for clean wine glasses, and there is a tub for dirty glasses beneath it; next to it are small clothe bags with the shop's name embroidered into them, for the customers who buy more than a single bottle of wine.

In the middle of the room is a circular wooden display with spaces for wine bottles to be inserted, while the card on the little shelf below tells the name of the vintage or wine of the sevenday. A table and chairs are sometimes brought out from the storeroom to the front room, when there are particular customers about, or when there is a particular event going on. The shop itself is manned at all times, even during the night, sometimes by the feared Eollyn herself, and sometimes some of her apprentices.

The Pit

Business: Gladiatorial Combat
Owner: Vitus
Staff: Beris, Sezris(NPC), Sephus
Fighters: Meiar(NPC), Quellek
Location: Bazaar Sidestreet
Public: Yes

Generations ago, the Steen family was actually the Steen Caravan. They were like any other Igen traders, a tight-knit conglomeration of family that roamed the landscape peddling their wares and otherwise making a living however they could. Perhaps they had a reputation for being all too willing to leap into a brawl (and often came out on top) but for the most part, they were unexceptional.

What did finally make them exceptional was the foresight of their then-leader, known in family annals only as Father Steen. When the seasonal cluster of traders' tents at Igen Weyr became a Turn-round thing, the patriarch opted to stake his clan to land rather than the road and met with the then-Weyrleaders in private conference. What came of that meeting was residency for his entire family and a large patch of soil in the Bazaar's heart. For sevendays, he put his sons to digging out a huge pit in the ground and building whitewashed adobe walls around the hole. When they were finished, Igen's first official and professional gladiatorial arena was christened as…The Pit. Of course it was.

The family remade itself as business owners instead of trail peddlers. Where before they'd sold goods, now they sold the sweat of brow and back. Those who sought training as professional combatants were offered contracts of service for periods ranging from one to five Turns. Some of these went on to become minor celebrities around the Weyr, winning fame as victors or scooping up employment with the guards as a result of their tutelage under the Steen men. Matches were held that earned the family a great deal of money and though it was rumored that some of the rivalries that led to grudge matches under the Pit's white roof were orchestrated by the family, people still flocked to the galleries to cheer on their favorites.

All the while, they were cementing their reputation as foundation members of Igen's burgeoning Bazaar community. They gave generously to those in need, led regular initiatives to improve the Bazaar, tithed regularly to the Weyr for the honor of taking up their little hole in the ground, and generally became well respected by their peers.

It is a legacy that continues to this day. While it might be true that they have their hands in some illegal dealings in and outside of the Weyr, no can argue that the Steens haven't become a fixture at Igen, as much a part of the landscape as the Star Stones. Theirs is a name that carries weight.

OOC Note: Basically, the family runs a business that is a cross between the gladiatorial training centers/arenas of Ancient Rome (mostly without the slavery) and the World Wrestling Federation. They've been there since the start and fully intend to be there for generations to come. If you're interesting in apping into the family or the business, just @mail *iws!

The Night Flight

Business: Upscale clothing
Owner: Gritta (NPC)
Staff: TBD
Location: TP Room
Public: Public

Gritta's family has owned the store as far back as anyone can remember the bazaar being open at Igen. The store seems to do extremely well, most of the business is with the elite of Pern, or rather the wives, daughters, and mistresses of the elite of Pern. And it's been there far back as there has been the bazaar at Igen. Before that they were traders, from Bitra. They still have family there, and they still hold some of those old connections. In fact the connections run so deep the shop is used as a money laundering service. The clothing is upscale and during the day only the richest of Pern come to examine their wares. But at night? In back? It is where those husbands come to play, money, gambling, loose women and booze. The guard captain can often be spotted rubbing elbows with a Lord Holder. Many a political deal has been dealt at the card table. It is where the real action is but few know, it may be black market at night but it is still upscale, upscale enough that once they are in they can’t rat them out.

There are those who know about the black market dealings, and money laundering, but they are usually connected, (read indebted to, a customer of, or otherwise in service, to The Flight and the its owners — If you would like that to be your character or use it for part of TP send a mail to *iws).

The Night Flight burned down completely during a fire on seventh day of the first month of the eleventh turn of the 12th pass (Log: Eggs 'n Embers).

Ravene's Bakery and Sundry

Business: Bakery
Owner: Ravene
Staff: Ravene, and various street urchins working for food and a place to sleep when it's cold.
Location: Sidestreet
Public: Public room

Ravene's Bakery and Sundry is owned, and run by Ravene an Oldtimer Baker Journeyman who when faced with the choice of being run out of the craft she loves or being forced South, found a perfect solution. One that allowed her to remain a baker, if not within her chosen craft. She opened a bakery, and sold small knick-knacks to go with. Ravene is a firm believer of no one goes hungry. If you don't have the marks for the goods, there is always a chore that needs doing to pay for the food, klah, or whatever. A habit that Ravene has is one of giving street urchins shelter, and in return many of them do chores, and why not? Ravene feeds them, and often their families if they have any.

OOC-Ravene is always available as an NPC.

The Tea Room

Business: Cafe-style tea and nibblies; whole-sale tea and accessories
Owner: Daria
Staff: Daria, Denuab
Location: Bazaar Sidestreet
Public: Public

The creatively named Tea Room offers a serene and comfortable establishment where people may sit (or recline) and sip refined beverages from teeny tiny teacups- pinkies in the air are optional but encouraged. They presently stock Fortian tea blends (similar to Earl Grey and English breakfast teas) but are slowly adding more exotic blends to the menu, as trade routes are established with Istan and Bollian concerns.

Grayden's Stall

Business: Second-hand junk, small bits-and-bobs, some imported herbs and spices, must be more than meets the eye?
Owner: Grayden
Staff: Grayden and, er, Grayden - sometimes whoever he can pay to stand around for a while
Location: Off to the side of the central bazaar
Public: Virtual location, so - yeah?

So. Grayden's stall doesn't seem to have a lot to interest the average customer, but he does have some pretty loyal repeat business, by the looks of things. People who put in special orders seem to find him reliable at getting specialty items on the cheap. Window-shoppers might sometimes find a good bargain, but it's not a very busy place even on the best of days. Indeed, the proprietor is often found dozing in the shade - ready to wake if someone tries to pull a five-finger discount, but not likely to give most customers the best of his attention.

OOC: Clearly, Grayden operates less than on the up-and-up. If you'd like to have heard he can procure things cheaply (and not necessarily legally), please ping. :)

Tunnelsnake Fighting Ring

Business: Bloodsport. Tunnelsnake on tunnelsnake… maybe a little something on something else from time to time, too. Cheap booze and a barter stall.
Owner: Tharrier Sersang
Staff: The Sersang family, Reilan, various NPCs
Location: Bazaar Sidestreet
Public: Public

If you're one of the lucky few - the lucky men - to make it past the security that's always posted on the door, then congratulations: you're into one of the biggest boys' clubs in the bazaar. The front of the Ring looks just like the entrance to any other residence in the area, and once you're in, you're faced with the conversion counter. Trading in your goods for betting tokens before entering is a must; there'll always be a Sersang or two - notably Theibbet or Thirsby - to value whatever barter goods are handed over in exchange for the little clay marks that serve as currency within. There's no takesy-backsies, either - use it or lose it. Those words are engraved into the back wall of the token counter.

Carry on down a dark tunnel, and you'll suddenly find yourself in a courtyard between buildings, where the sun streams down and the crowd is likely thick and noisy. Fights take place mostly in the early evening leading on to late night and the wee hours, when the press of bodies and the flare of torches keep punters warm in the cool Igen nights.

The ring itself isn't huge, being roughly 4m in diameter, which means there's often jostling for standing space in the 10-deep tiers around it. It's lined with sand, occasionally fresh, often battle-stained, and there are two hatchways in the clay-built walls that surround it, through which the fight's opponents are forced.

On the edges of the ring, beyond the tiers, there's a hatch in a wall where punters can buy cheap alcohol. There's always nearly always a girl or three - the only ones in there - milling around selling booze from trays on neckstraps… and maybe selling a little something extra, if the price is right. Those who try to take advantage will likely find themselves tossed out by the ring's security.

OOC: The tunnelsnake fighting ring is a public area, though bear in mind that women are generally not allowed past the security at the door. That doesn't mean they can't dress up as guys to sneak in, though! ;) Please feel free to contact Theibbet or Thierry if you want anything ring-related; answers, RP, a job or something else!


Business: Home of Igen's runner racing. Gambling and other vices catered to on race days. Attached stud farm breeds distinctive Akzhan runners.
Owner: Yanskar Akzhan
Staff: Members of the Old Akzhan family; assorted others including jockeys, bartenders, and working women on race day
Location: Outside of the Weyr proper, towards the Western Road
Public: Public

The Racetrack has been a fixture of Igen Weyr for several centuries, though it's situated a little walk from the Weyr proper towards the steppe. The great sweep of the oval course is overseen at one end by a wooden structure of tiered seating. Races take place on a regular basis and the annual championship draws crowds from as far away as Keroon Sea Hold. The desert track is famous for providing a demanding and treacherous race, and seeing runners and riders risk their necks is all part of the appeal. This doesn't stop people bringing their children along, and race days are a curious split between a family day out for some and a chance for others to seriously misbehave. Gambling, drinking, and whoring are all encouraged in the few adobe buildings that cluster at one end of the track — and the guards are far enough away that it's usually privately hired Akzhan muscle that keeps the peace.

Behind the Racetrack are the training grounds, used to prepare both jockeys and the runners bred by the family. Akzhan stock is famous across the northern continent for its speed and stamina.

OOC: The Racetrack can be accessed on HT through the Old Azkhan House off the Bazaar Sidestreet. Nineveh's TP Room.

The Merry Marksman

Business: Conversion of barter goods or promises into Akzhan tokens, used for shopping and gambling throughout the Bazaar
Owner: Malach Akzhan
Staff: Members of the New Akzhan family; hired muscle
Location: Igen Bazaar
Public: Public

The Merry Marksman exists to ameliorate the problems with a bartering culture, whether that is by providing tokens for easy gambling or allowing trade to flow between those who don't want to barter with specific objects. Akzhan tokens are effectively a form of IOU that may be bought with barter goods or advanced on the basis of the stock value of a customer; they are then guaranteed by the Akzhan. Theoretically, they can then be exchanged at the Merry Marksman for goods of equal value, but in effect, the tokens now operate as a shadow currency in the bazaar and hold value in their own right.

The Merry Marksman itself is a large building on a key thoroughfare in the Bazaar. The front room contains several chairs for waiting patrons, while behind the large desk in one corner a staff member assesses deposits for their token value. Further rooms lead off from a long corridor, piled high with barter goods. Hired muscle is always present to protect the stock, and some of the men are better at discretion than others.

OOC: Malach is very rarely front-of-house at the Merry Marksman, but the assorted New Akzhan men who man the front desk are free to be NPC'd.

Rosie's Daughters

Business: Prostitution, cards, dice.
Owner: Rosie
Staff: Fasai (Trainer & Specialist), Layla (New Trainee)
Location: Off the Sidestreet
Public: Yes

Rosie's Daughters has existed in the Bazaar since there was a Bazaar, though it was only forty Turns ago that Rosie herself took over the operation and changed the name. Since then she has established herself as the place to go when looking to indulge in the fleshtrade, or to enjoy a game of cards or dice with a pretty young thing on your knee. Because of the nature of her business, Rosie is even more upright and law-abiding than her peers. Her girls (and the occasional boy) are expected to pay back the cost of their acquisition, training and upkeep after they debut and promising young people (particularly males, whose presence in the brothel is unacceptable by her rules and certain moral restrictions) are often shipped off to affiliated brothels throughout the Igen coverage area, and sometimes beyond.

OOC: If you are interested in playing a character associated with Rosie's, please contact Layla to discuss options. We're just getting the business started and need to figure out what direction we'd like to see it go in!

Wild Wind Stables

Business: Tack Shop, Runner Riding tours, Desert tours, Stud negotiations; A way for the family to generate the necessary assets to allow them to do
Owner: Sheisar
Staff: Family-Owned: Sidonie, Mahdri (Sidonie's Mother), Sheisar (Sidonie's Father), Timorell (Sidonie's sister), Ryval (Sidonie's brother), Yemen (Sidonie's brother), Nobumin (Sidonie's cousin)
Location: Igen Bazaar
Public: Public
Brand: Compass Rose with the northward arrow wavy to represent the wind.

Interested in runner purchasing? Check out Sidonie's Details to see if there are any for sale!

Wild Wind Stables is meant to allow the Olivenhain family to build the assets needed to continue to race runners in such vaunted circuits as Ruatha and Keroon. The types of services and goods that the tack shop offers: high-quality runner accessories like saddles, jockey wear, etc. They also offer runnerback riding into the desert for those who visit Igen Weyr; the family is well known for knowing all the little pathways and secret hiding places of the desert.

In addition to selling such goods and services, this shop is where any bargaining occurs when coming up with Stud fees and the like of some of the prized Studs in their stock. Their focus is primarily Thoroughbreds, and generally only Champagne (and Sport - when the Champagne gene doesn't breed true) racers.

Sometimes, a hint of rumor of backdoor shady deals have been associated with them, but it's impossible to prove and no one knows exactly what.

OOC: Feel free to visit/purchase/etc! At this time, no NPCs will be PC'd as this is mostly a background hook for Sidonie.

Log Image Code: [[f>image /character:sidonie/tack_shop.jpg class="img-thumbnail"]]

NPC Businesses

NPC businesses are ideas that we might like to see, or have had mentioned as existing, but that are not currently on camera or run by any PC. Anyone interested in taking over an NPC business, or starting a new one, should contact Igen's staff.

Bars and Taverns

Business: The Wher
Owner: Estok
Staff: Hired muscle and girls.
Location: Deep Bazaar
Public: Yes
Blurb: The Wher is where you go if you're looking for somewhere a little more dive than a traditional dive. Located not too far from the midden, it's a place that deals in cheap booze, card games and girls. Although there are worse places to be found when really looking, most of the scum of Igen filter through this place periodically.

Pottery Shop


Glow Cultivator


Betting Office


Other Areas of Note

Last Call

The "riders only" bar located on a high ledge above the central bowl, Last Call is technically open to anyone who can get there — meaning you'll see the occasional crafter or other non-riding associate who was given a lift, but is generally a space open to any dragonrider. It's an eclectically decorated place in a space that was meant to be a rider's weyr, stocked with beer on tap, darts and card games.

The Whirliebird Lounge

Also located in a weyr above the central bowl, the Whirliebird was started by then-Weyrleader W'rin and several of his wingriders in an abandoned weyr (rumor has it greenrider Sienna and bluerider Shea found a dead body in it while clearing it out for wing use). Much smaller than Last Call, the Whirliebird is a hanging-out space with drinks, snacks, a comfortable chair or two and even a small working wing office operating on an honor system: take one, leave one.