The distinction between "PC" and "NPC" caravans is a blurred line that hasn't quite been figured out and might, in fact, remain blurred; Igen staff policy on this hasn't been set yet.

At least for now, if not indefinitely, caravans will be listed in alphabetical order. Headers will also link to caravan pages if available.

Example Caravan

  • Colors:
  • PC Members:
  • Reputation:
  • Wares:


  • Colors: Red and gold
  • PC Members: Malach, Maryam, Nineveh, Iandicael (Estranged)
  • Reputation: The Akzhan haven't left the Bazaar in hundreds of turns, but they still consider themselves a trader clan. The Old Akzhan are well-blooded and above board in their dealings; the New Akzhan are extremely wealthy and not people you want to cross.
  • Wares: The Racetrack (Old Akzhan), the Merry Marksman (New Akzhan)


  • Colors: Orange and gold
  • Leader: Rhimell (adoptable)
  • PC Members: Moanna (former),
  • * NPC Members: Annadine (adoptable),
  • Reputation: A young clan, formed within the last sixty turns by a small group of traders, many have heard of the desert tribe, but they are rarely seen outside of the places where their desert routes intersect with other clans and holds. Never making camp in Igen's bazaar. They are best known for their dyes, inks, and pigments, but also for their entertainment, provided one can manage to see a performance.
  • Wares: Books, cloth, trinkets, dyes, inks, paints, brushes and all varieties of entertainment
  • POC: Moanna


  • Colors: Dark Brown and Forest Green
  • PC Members: Onari, F'in, Brynn, Naomi, Dymeran, Zarrah, Zh'ain, Cameron
  • Adoptable NPC Members: Forin (Wagonmaster), Kona, Kalfor, Dalynn (and feel free to come up with your own!)
  • Reputation: The most recent arrival to the caravan grounds, the Reika were once viewed through the veil of suspicion, given the circumstances of their arrival. However, wagonmaster Forin and his family have gained a reputation of fairness and good business, and the man himself is respected (warily, because he does have a bit of a temper). Some of this is also due to one of Forin and Kona's sons, F'in, Impressing to bronze Rhakanth, as well as former caravan guard Naomi Impressing to brown Aionedyth.
  • Wares: Practical, sturdy gear for the road and for the rider - leather (straps, saddles, bags, sheathes, etc.), cookware, tools, utensils, rope, yokes, reins, runnershoes (farrier services offered), knives (and the odd sword)


  • Colors: Gold and Blue
  • PC Members: Tezca
  • Reputation: Ruthless, ambitious, and profit-driven
  • Wares: The Rivern are focused on making money from a variety of services; debt consolidation, real-estate, venture capital, but their bread and butter is water transport up and down the Igen River to the Southern continent. With roots in the Bazaar (offering discounts on stall locations for merchants using their transport services), the Rivern are a loose confederation of ship captains who are in a primarily financial arrangement under the Rivern banner. It is a mercenary 'family' united by profit and mutual protection rather than blood.


  • Colors: Red and White.
  • Patriarch: Vitus
  • PC Members: Caireann, H'rik, Midra, Nasrin, R'em, Ramita
  • Reputation: They haven't considered themselves a caravan for quite some time, but all the same, the Steens are a familial fixture in the Bazaar. Wealthy and well-established, the Steen name draws fear and respect alike. The family is well-connected and values blood ties immensely, taking great care in arranging marriages that bring value to the Steen name.
  • Wares: The Pit, the Tea Shop, the Menagerie, general mercantile endeavors.
  • OOC Note: Always looking for new Steens! There are a number of openings for established and non-established chars alike listed on the Adoptions page. Contact Midra/Vitus for more information!


  • Colors: Black and Copper
  • PC Members: Kepi
  • Reputation: Secretative. Little on the shady side. They did not talk about who they traded with outside of Igen, though were known to have good wares and glows to sell upon their return.
  • Wares:Various crafting items to be traded/sold along with regular glows and the occassional true blue glow before the stand-off.


  • Colors: Bronze and deep purple
  • PC Members: Ixtli, Tezca, Topiltzin
  • PC Former Members (Dragonriders): N'thu, R'ku
  • Inactive PC Members: Jharlodar, Leilani, Sacitca, Meztli, Chel, Atzi
  • Reputation: The Tlatoani are powerful and influential for traders who never leave the Igen area, and you don't want to make them angry, but provided you play nice with them they'll be wonderful friends to you.
  • Wares: Antiquities, art, other decorative items, hats, gloves. That's the above-board bits, anyway. They also have control of the Dustbowl.
  • OOC Contact: Ixtli


  • Colors: Sky blue and blood red
  • PC Members: Siraji, Lykhaistia
  • Reputation: Oldtimer caravan brought forward by N'thu of the Tlatoani. Small, eclectic; extremely interested in forming business connections; relatively welcoming but a little strange, even for Oldtimers; mix of traders and craftsmen and musicians. Over the approximate decade since coming forward, have shed any lingering shady association from the Oldtime; known for an unconventional family vibe and propensity for picking up semi-talented strays.
  • Wares: Non-harper hall approved musicians for hire; leatherwork: small, personal, with a distinctive artistic angle, as well as a small but flourishing trade in Oldtimer-style riding straps and their gear; small-scale mobile Smithcrafting; in more recent turns, minor focus on selective runner breeding and re-acquiring a reputation for racing.
  • OOC: Looking to re-establish as an IC presence, and am in the process of re-working the NPC roster - contact either Siraji or Lykhaistia if you're interested in joining! Happy to take established PCs or work with players to adapt a concept to the caravan, or tweak an NPC into a playable idea!


  • Colors: Emerald Green and Silver
  • PC Members: Willa. Tallel, Lillia, Timotin Javid, Aztrexia, Igraine, En'rys(Former), evka, Milosh, Echo, S'ayde(Former), Moanna(former), Ollene,Ryott, Varli, Zisiene, Ziniel, Bonifas, Ilarios, Evgeny
  • Reputation: Now timer Romani style Caravan. Known for their extravagant performances, rich clothing and thievery and superstitions. The Zingari are the mischievous caravan in Igen. And if you want a party thrown, tell the Zingari.
  • Wares: Knives, Woodworking, clothing, cloth, wool, glass wares, trinkets, herbal medicines, jewelry, fortune telling, acting, dancing, music, entertainment for the most part.
  • Activity Requirements range between 1 and 3 Scenes a month. As long as I can see that there is consistent play, I won't be too picky if the requirement is missed once in awhile!!! I'm not all aggro about activity, Really I'm not!! Unfortunately, we've had a couple of people dump characters they don't know what to do with in our midst and then never use them. Due to this, 4 months of inactivity will result in Willimina asking Igen Staff to remove you from the Zingari Ranks. If there is a true RL situation that is preventing you from being active, that's perfectly fine, just please do @send Tallel or Willimina and let them know. We know RL gets in the way sometimes and that can't be helped.