Human habitation on Pern stretches back well over 3000 turns, and numerous cataclysms and upheavals have occurred over that time period. It should be little surprise that much of Pernese history has been lost or muddled.

Igen was the fourth Weyr settled (after Fort, Benden and Reaches, before Ista and Telgar), during the 1st Interval. As it was founded during the winter, its Founding Day is celebrated in that season. Until the founding of Ista and Telgar, its range was one of the largest; now, it is comfortably proportional to the optimum number of dragons the Weyr can house.

Like every Weyr, Igen has seen its share of glory days and painful periods over its lengthy history.


10th Interval
  • Interval 29: The Great Comet strikes Pern. One of the places struck by the debris was Igen Weyr. The impact caved in large chunks of the original inner cavern warren, killed the then-Senior Weyrwoman, and created the crater that would become the modern Crater Lake.
11th Interval
  • Interval 186: Igen suffers a plague that further whittles down an already small dragon population. Over the next ten turns, due to mismanagement, ill-fortune, and sabotage, the Weyr's fortunes go into sharp decline.
  • Interval 197: The events of the RebootTP occur. After 10th Interval HRW's Senior Weyrwoman, Rhaeyn, accidentally mistimes it to 11th Interval Igen, she discovers that her own time was on the brink of a devastating comet impact. This ultimately culminates in hundreds of people from the 10th Interval coming forward to the 11th Interval to escape the destruction and assist the undermanned Weyr with the coming Pass.
  • Interval 198:
    • The Battle of the Queens occurs. Oldtimer Jivayath and Nowtimer Kohleth rise at the same time, leading to significant injuries to the aged Nowtimer. After Kohleth lays a small clutch, Vergora is confirmed as continuing Weyrwoman, with N'thu as her Weyrleader… but as the injured dragon's health declines, it becomes clear that this status is temporary.
    • After an abandoned Weyr is discovered on the jungles, a contingent of Igen riders breaks off to establish a new home: Southern Weyr.
    • Weyrlingmaster O'oc is murdered. Suspicion initially rests on Br'er, but eventually comes to rest on HRW's Weyrlingmaster. Igen's leadership learns to step very, very lightly with the other Northern Weyrs.
  • Interval 199:
    • Kohleth dies, just a few scant days before her joint clutch with Jivayath hatches.
    • PC Clutch 1 hatches
    • Corelle of Telgar is transferred to Igen, and gold Ofrovth rises, establishing Corelle and W'rin as Igen's new leadership. The Weyr's politics start to lean towards Nowtimer mores, to the dissatisfaction of many Oldtimers. Corelle allows guard raids in the Bazaar that turn many of the Nowtimers against her.
    • NPC Clutch 1 hatches. Meddling from multiple Oldtimer riders (including Corelle's juniors) results in several girls out on the Sands, in direct defiance of the Senior Weyrwoman's orders.
    • Tuli's Elicheritath rises and clutches.
    • Corelle is mysteriously poisoned. Though the poison was delivered by dragonless and insane Vergora, many in the Weyr believe the plot to have originated in the Bazaar.
    • NPC Clutch 2 hatches.
    • Jivayath rises, officially establishing Sadaiya as the new Igen Weyrwoman. W'rin stays on as Weyrleader.
    • Arroyo Wing is mysteriously handed over to Trek: an Oldtimer woman and a bluerider. As W'rin has previously clearly stated he won't allow blue/green wingleaders, this comes as something of a shock to the Weyr. Arroyo soon establishes itself as the 'progressive' wing, in contrast and competition with the 'traditional' wing Whirlwind.
    • An early Threadfall spoils a Keroon gather, giving Igen its first taste of Thread.
    • NPC Clutch 3 hatches.
12th Pass
  • Turn 1:
    • PC Clutch 2 hatches.
    • Blight strikes crops throughout the Igen protectorate, and the harvest is bad. Prices rise throughout the Winter months.
    • Trek loses her Arroyo Wingleader's knot after lashing out at Weyrsecond Cha'el. N'cal replaces her.
    • Goldrider Linny comes to Igen as a temporary replacement when Tuli and Elicheritath are stuck in Southern due to the gold's injuries. Months later, Sadaiya officially offers Linny a knot, cementing her as an Igen junior weyrwoman.
  • Turn 2:
    • Weyrsecond Cha'el's brown Sikorth catches Southern Weyr's senior queen, Hannah's Dhiammarath. Cha'el leaves Igen to become Southern's Weyrleader.
    • Jivayath rises and is caught once more by Valiuth, continuing W'rin's reign as Weyrleader.
    • Zeyta becomes Arroyo's Wingleader, having transferred from Whirlwind at the request of N'cal.
    • NPC Clutch 4 hatches.
    • Cotholders throughout the Igen area are struggling to make their tithes due to the blight. Refugees begin to trickle into the Weyr.
    • The recent High Reaches transfer F'dan is made Weyrsecond.
    • PC Clutch 3 hatches.
  • Turn 3:
    • Weyrleader W'rin and his bronze Valiuth are killed by Thread. Weyrsecond F'dan becomes Acting Weyrleader.
    • Zeyta is removed as Wingleader of Arroyo due to pregnancy; her knot is given to her 'second K'vvan.
    • The new transfer G'deon is named Weyrsecond - though he is too old to fly Thread regularly with his bronze Nylanth. Bronze Shalnth's R'xim is made wingsecond of Whirlwind, ready to lead the Weyr during Threadfall if Igen loses another Weyrleader.
    • Igen and Southern Weyrs establish a trading partnership, exchanging Southern food and hunting rights for Igen textiles and fellis.
    • Jivayath rises to mate and is caught by bronze Kadanth, making F'dan Weyrleader proper.
    • NPC Clutch 5 hatches.
    • Brownrider Zeyta is reinstated as Arroyo's wingleader.
    • NPC Clutch 6 hatches.
  • Turn 4:
  • Turn 5:
    • PC Clutch 4 hatches.
    • Senior Weyrwoman Sadaiya's gold Jivayath is caught again by bronze Kadanth, maintaining F'dan as Weyrleader.
    • Bronze Shalnth's R'xim, now recovered after a long injury, is given the second Weyrsecond knot.
    • In the seventh month a surprise catastrophic Fall causes heavy damage to Igen's fighting wings.
    • NPC Clutch 8 hatches.
    • During a surprise heavy Fall during the eight month, F'dan and Kadanth are lost, leaving G'tan to serve as Weyrleader.
    • NPC clutch 9 hatches.
  • Turn 6:
    • Steens build a menagerie at Igen.
    • Sadaiya transfers to another Weyr.
    • Linny dies in Threadfall on the first day of the seventh month of the sixth turn of the 12th pass, at the age of 38.
    • Rhiscorath rises, Mayte becomes Sr. WW, N'tael becomes WL. Log
    • NPC clutch 10 hatches.
  • Turn 9:
  • Turn 10:
    • After unrest amongst the queens triggered by the transfer of Ione and her gold Niatskivhiath to Igen, Mayte transfers to Benden Weyr and Zsaviranth asserts herself as the dominant queen making Diem Senior Weyrwoman. Zsaviranth is caught by Rhakanth, F'in becomes Weyrleader. (Mayte later replaces Bailey as Senior of Benden after Bailey returns to Southern.)
    • Sirocco Wing is formed with R'ku at its helm; the original members of the wing include A'yo (straight out of Weyrlinghood), R'keon, S'rael and T'ral.
  • Turn 11:
    • Nasrin's Rajakhelath rises for her maiden flight, and is caught by N'tael's Tlazotezath, a clutchsiring veteran. Mere days later, Ione's Niatskivhiath rises as well, and is caught by Divale's Lukoith, also a proven sire. Rajakhelath and Niatskivhiath later clutch the same night, meaning a set of two clutches that may hatch near-simultaneously.
    • F'in promotes Vosji to Weyrlingmaster after T'rian steps down due to illness.