The SearchCo-written dragons of Igen Weyr by clutch, in reverse order.

PC Clutch 9: Rajakhelath x Brown Raktraeth

Ja'un and Wandering Pilgrim Bronze Loranduth
Ka'ge and Wraith of Eternal Battle Bronze Vazilskyeth
Zetali and Huggable, Loveable Brown Odskovith
Khali and Sprightly Sylvan Spirit Green Reiyaseith
Xanthee and Love Like You Do Green Liowyth

PC Clutch 8: Zsaviranth x Bronze Wendryth

Ca'elian and Hero and Scoundrel Bronze Tuanhjaliteth
E'gus and Sorceress of Storm-tossed Seas Green Szokanith
Ainslee and Herald of the Neverending Tale Blue Keryth
Sesa and Dreams No Mortal Ever Dared Dreamed Blue Edleveth
En'rys and Always Lands On Her Feet Green Briamiorth

PC Clutch 7: Rajakhelath x Bronze Tlazotezath, Niatskivhiath x Brown Lukoith

H'rik and Chivalry Rides Again Bronze Wendryth
Ji'or and Hanging by a Thread Bronze Eyzaroth
R'kyr and A Mirror Divides Them Bronze Dhazkyth
A'lira and Escaping the Trio Brown Kyprioth
Doji and Dappled Behemoth of the Dawn Brown Raktraeth
Lyda and Hunt Among The Stars Blue Jagastjarnath
Zavyr and Memories Are Forevermore Blue Nynnth
K'mine and Morning Star of the Evening Tides Green Vedziyath
Riza and Evening Star of the Restless Woods Green Navikoth

PC Clutch 6: Rhiscorath x Bronze Abraxath

Nasrin and In the Act of Creative Destruction Gold Rajakhelath
Mak'in and Paragon of Pure Perfection Bronze Zhestvennyth
S'rael and Stallion of the Telgar Steppe Bronze Wovocyth
Divale and Drinking a Pina Colada at Trader Vic’s Brown Lukoith
Brynn and Crawling Forest of Thorns Green Diavath
Chelsa and Behind The Wall Of Couture Green Kuramaeth
Moanna and Stormborn Skull In the Desert Green Maeveth

PC Clutch 5: Zsaviranth x Bronze Rhakanth

K'ra and A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Bronze Xyphth
Ko'an and Fathomless Antediluvian Creature of the Deep Bronze Zodaiyath
Naomi and Cosmic Fusion Dwarf Brown Aionedyth
R'em and Method Behind the Madness Green Sajkiath
Eala and Fossilized Ancient Marauder Green Oriahysciath

PC Clutch 4: Kaelidyth x Bronze Vhaenryxth

Mai and Music Oft Hath Such Charm Brown Vardiath
S'ayde and Stars, Hide Your Fires Green Kataskiath
K'daw and Winter's Lady of Action Green Sylavarith

PC Clutch 3: Rhiscorath x Bronze Shalnth

F'in and Lost in the Labyrinth Bronze Rhakanth
Sa'id and Scion of the Thirteenth Regiment Bronze Vojeth
Th'bek and Glory of the Ancient Hunt Brown Tavuqth
Jaelynn and Freedom on Padded Feet Brown Otsoath
Sawyer and I Am Brown Wyrraith

PC Clutch 2: Elicheritath x Bronze Sekhaenkath

Mayte and Hither The Hippotomonstrosesquipedaliophobic Gold Rhiscorath
Tasna and Call The Cavalry (Not The Squints) Brown Tseylath
Majel and Acapella ACME Agent Blue Dyxath
C'sei and Thief With A Heart Of Green Faenwyth
Yukie and Celestial Conqueror Of Chaos Green Inayalinaeth

PC Clutch 1: Jivayath x Bronze Valiuth, Kohleth x Bronze Itzquintlith

Vashae and Man Out Of Time Blue Jovianth
I'yn and Shadow of the Empire Green Vazirynath
Kyara and When in Rome Green Liareth
We'bey and A Queen’s Thirst For Blood Green Saytomarth