Weyrlinghood has been painful in past Pern gaming experiences. The first few weeks are amazing in playing with your baby dragon, but the concept of lessons and required (but not required) RP can drag down the experience. So in that vein, Igen (and HT) does Weyrlinghood differently!

The Role of the Weyrling

So you're a Weyrling now! What does that mean??

Welcome to Weyrlinghood here at Igen Weyr! We want to make sure you have an enriching time here at Igen as a Weyrling! Unlike in the past, the expectation of weyrlinghood here is character development, not lessons. If you don't get lessons, that's fine! We will be providing you with a playbook from which to pick scene ideas, vignette ideas, and to get an idea of the direction your character is going throughout weyrlinghood.

As said on the main Mosaic page, weyrlinghood runs in a condensed timeline that isn't too condensed; it was determined based on player preferences at the beginning of the reboot, and is a healthy middle ground. For each week since the hatching (with hatching day being day 1 of week/month 1) one month passes.

What to expect from Weyrlinghood

RP! This is the focus of Weyrlinghood! We want to see you engaged with your dragon, with your character, and getting out and having fun! That's the ultimate goal that we want to see. RP promotes RP which promotes more RP!

Your Weyrlingmaster Staff is there for you! However, if you would like to run with a TP or scene idea that could possibly land with your character in serious ICC situations or if your character is struggling with Weyrlinghood so much that progression is difficult, please @send *igenwlm, as the Weyrlingmaster Staff needs to approve major TPs that could lead into results that you, as a player, may not enjoy. For example, continual behavior or learning issues throughout weyrlinghood might result in your character not graduating on time.

IC Actions equal very real IC Consequences, so please make sure that you are informed if you have edgy Weyrlinghood ideas! We encourage RP of all sorts, but we also believe in realistic results! So bear that in mind!

Lessons be Gone! (What to expect)

The goal isn't to get as many lessons as possible. The goal is to explore how your character is adapting through Weyrlinghood. You can do this in various ways; through RP with the residents of the weyr, your mentor wing, other riders, the Weyrlingmaster Staff, etc.

Just because Igen is de-emphasizing lessons doesn't mean they won't be taught at all, but that the Weyrlingmaster Staff will be focused on Character Development instead. If you want a lesson, make sure to let them know! Some of the big milestones (First Flight, First Hunt, First Betweening, etc.) are really great to get on camera! So don't be shy!

Various Ideas on How to Enrich Your Weyrlinghood @ Igen:

  • Vignette! This is a great way to explore what's going on in any given "month" with your weyrling and baby dragon!
  • Scenes! Outside of the every day scene, pick a theme for any given "month". For example, in the first month, ask yourself how your weyrling is getting along with being paired with a dragon. How is this coming out in their everyday interactions? Are they struggling?
  • Interactions with other PCs! How is weyrlinghood affecting your character's friendships? Their on-hold relationships? Their ability to engage with the other members of the weyr?
  • Interactions with the WLM Staff! If your character is struggling, how do they engage with the various members of the WLM Staff? Do they talk about it? If your character is not having a problem, but s/he sees another having a problem, does she tell the WLM Staff about it?
  • Host a class for you and your fellow weyrlings! That's right. The purpose of the NPC AWLM is to allow weyrlings to puppet / play when they want to either do a self-hosted class/lesson or even if you want to vignette about something, but don't feel comfortable possibly power-playing a PC. The NPC AWLM is there for you!


That's right! At the end of Weyrlinghood, we will be polling all of the PC Weyrlings for that group (Insta/Impressed) to provide feedback on what we did well, what we can change, and what you (as a player) would like to see from Weyrlinghood. This can all be sent to *igenstaff.

The Role of the Weyrlingmaster Staff

The goal of the Weyrlingmaster and Assistant Weyrlingmaster ranks is not to teach lessons. That is one of the biggest reasons for idling as an WLM/AWLM — the constant need for lessons. To that respect, Igen is taking a different approach with Weyrlinghood. We would rather have the Weyrlingmaster staff focus on providing RP to the insta and PC weyrlings that promotes Character Development and positive, OOC experiences. Your ultimate job is to be the ones who interact and ICly guide young weyrlings through "rough" IC patches, through IC shenanigans (like getting into trouble), or just to be there for the new weyrlings to get their first taste of Igen's riderhood.

Weyrlingmaster Staff OOC Requirements:

  • All WLM/AWLMs must remain "active". During a PC cycle, all three of their "active" scenes need to be with or about the weyrlings in some form. Please be innovative — what makes weyrlinghood special is the interactions with baby dragons and new riders.
  • During an NPC cycle, only one of the three mandatory on-camera, in public scenes must be weyrlinghood oriented, and that is only if there are active, available Insta Weyrlings about. This will be loosely watched by Staff.
  • Be positive! Be Engaging! Come up with fun things for people to do. Weyrlinghood isn't always about the staff being proactive, but it helps. WLM & AWLM are one of those ranks that come with responsibilities. Moreso than almost any other rank.
  • There is no concept of "OOC Weyrlingmaster" — all of Weyrlinghood's OOC aspects will be handled by Staff. The roles and responsibilities of the Weyrlingmaster (IC) Staff is to RP and provide a fun, positive, engaging experience for our weyrlings.

Some of the Changes from HT 1.0 Include:

  • At Igen, we are allocating one Weyrlingmaster Position and two or three PC Assistant Weyrlingmaster Positions, and two NPC AWLMs to be used if weyrlings or mentor wings want to NPC AWLM interactions in their daily RP.
  • Why limit the amount of Assistants? We want to limit the focus of Weyrlinghood, but we also want to increase the engagement from the wings. In the past, there has been this notion of mentor wings, which we want to keep. So rather than have a bunch of Weyrlingmaster staff, we want to spread the weyrling engagement across the whole of the Igen Infrastructure to a) allow more folks to get involved and b) to spread the need for activity across a wider net of folks.

ICly, the primary responsibilities of the WLM and his/her Assistants will remain the same as in the past. The Weyrlingmaster forms the program that trains the weyrlings and the Assistants provide follow-up assistance in terms of helping solve problems, ICly teaching, mentoring, etc.

ICCs & Weyrlings*

The Weyrlingmaster and his/her Assistants may dole out the appropriate ICCs for Weyrling TPs. If this becomes an issue where the ICCs go into a direction that would lead to more severe punishments that could negatively impact the weyrling in question, please make sure to communicate this to the player. We want to promote a fun, positive atmosphere that has good communication, and often this particular point comes into contention when the weyrling feels as if they are being stifled. While Igen will ultimately always back your right to make logical ICCs in respond to ICAs, please keep playability a priority.

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