Mailers and Channels

There are a couple mailers and channels you should know about:

• The Weyrling channel is Mosaic
• The mailer is *igenling
• The AWLM mailer is *igenwlm

Controlling your Dragon

Code-wise, dragons work exactly like firelizards. To control them, @addfl #DBREF=<code>. Then, just like a firelizard, cd<code> will pose and move them.


The Dragon Telepathic Link is what we use to allow dragons to talk to other dragons, their riders, and the very occasional other person. A guide to using it can be found on the game under help dtu as well as here. Keep in mind that there’s a local, wing, and Weyr pro, so we don’t spam Igen silly.


Many riders have player-dragons they love and couldn’t live without one, and many riders prefer not to share their dragon with anyone. Take a little time to think about it, and if you decide you’d like to give it a shot it’s pretty easy to do.

• You can read *pdr for applications from people looking to be PDs, but more often people find PDs who are friends of theirs, or at least someone they know has the same playing style and online times.
• Once you’ve found someone, it’s easy to set up. Just @send *wiz with the name of the player who’ll be PDing, and they’ll take care of the rest.
• PDs can add the Weyrling channel [Mosaic] and the dragon’s name will show up in place of their own. To get them added to the Weyrling mailer, just @send *igenstaff with the name of the player.


There’s a whole ton of @messages to be set on your dragon, which you can see when you type @mess <dragon>. We don’t use them all, but several of them should be personalized to fit you and your dragon, and you can find more detailed information on which to set and how here.

The Barracks

The Weyrling Barracks are your home for the next 6 weeks, and we like to keep it an area where you can be relatively private. This means a couple things:

  • It’s locked to anyone but Weyrlings, AWLM staff, dragonhealers, your mentor wing and Weyr leadership. Generally, this will be limited to Weyrlings and WLM staff, especially in early weyrlinghood. The mentor wing and leadership come in for lessons and meetings, and dragonhealers often conduct their checkups in the training grounds. If a dragonet is sick or injured, though, dragonhealers will come into the barracks without invitation.
  • If you want to play with someone else, set it up in the Training Grounds, the Bowl, the lake, wherever else you’d like.
  • A lot of Weyrs have a period ranging from 3 days to a week of confinement to the barracks. It’s a nice time to chill out after the stress of the hatching and get away from all the well-wishers. We don’t require you to stay in, but if you’d like to get away from the rest of the game for a couple days, feel free! If you’d rather get out right away and play with some buddies from Candidacy, or whoever, go right ahead. Just remember that the Barracks is always a ‘safety zone’ of sorts, and we’ll leave the decision in your capable hands.

Absences and Missed Lessons

Don’t stress out if you’re not able to be around for part of Weyrlinghood. We won’t flunk you, and we’ll do our very best to catch you up on important things you missed. We'd much rather that you enjoy your weyrlinghood and use it as a time to develop your character than spend it stressing over lessons you didn't get. If you have a question, ICly or OOCly, just ask!

Dragon Ages

Because of weyrlinghood's condensed time being the new, post-reboot condensed time and not the timeline used by the original dragon code (which is also coded for 4:1), the age of your dragon object does not reflect your dragon's IC age. Counting weeks from the Hatching and using the wiki for reference is the best way to check what month you're in! Ask on [Mosaic] or a weyrlingmaster by page if you're not sure, since sometimes mails get intercepted by RL interference, but odds are there'll be a recent mail on *igenling to inform you.


Otherwise known as IC actions equals IC consequences. This doesn't mean that you can't ever break a weyrling rule. In fact, sometimes a bit of rule breaking can be fun. Just be aware that at all times, consequences will be enforced. The punishment chosen and the severity of the consequence may vary depending on the circumstance and the leader given the task of enforcing them. It may be a good idea to check with weyrlingstaff about possible consequences before you make a decision about breaking a rule! See the Rules and Restrictions section of each week's page for more information.