Igen Mailers

  • *Igen Weyr (aka #22815, Igen Weyr, igweyr, igwweyr, igen, iweyr, igenweyr, and iw) - Igen's general area mail list. If you don't know where else to @send something, it probably goes here!
  • *Igen Intros (aka #1971, Igen Intros, iwintros, igenintro, and igenintros) - This is a place where players can write up introductions for their characters who are new to the Igen area. How long have they been at the Weyr? Maybe include a brief background, if known, or what they're going to be doing around Igen.
  • *Igen Bazaar (aka #13475, Igen Bazaar, igwbazaar, igenbazaar, igenbiz, igwbiz, Igen Crafters, igwcrafters, igwcraft, and igencraft) - This began as a mailing list for helping to organize Igen's various Crafters, but it has since been expanded to include anyone involved with the Bazaar, Weyrcrafting, or Trading. Do you have a plot you'd like to develop for this area? Send it here! If you're looking to promote an upcoming or ongoing plot, however, it's likely best to @send it to *Igen instead.
  • *Igen Traders (aka #22425, igentraders, igentrade, igwtrader, igwtrade) - This is a mailer for all of Igen's trader caravans!
  • *Desert Schemers (aka #1536, Desert Schemers, and ds) - This is a mailer for being able to collaborate on plots! You have something you want played? @send *ds with your idea, and other interested people can chime in or you can connect with others wanting to play out an idea!
  • *Igen Underground (aka #17109, Igenunderground, iu, and igenu) - A public mailer for Igen's Underground Hold.

Game Mailers

  • *Admin-announcements, *admin, *aa, *adm (#3441) [Public] [Moderated] - Announcements on policy, etc., from the wiz staff.
  • *Announcements, *ann (#2050) [Public] - Announcements of upcoming IC events on the MOO.
  • *HT Gamewide Meeting, *meeting (#22008) [Public] - Conversations on "issues of the week" when necessary
  • *Theme Council, *tc, *theme, *council (#7915) [Public/Subscribed] - Public mailer for HT's canon/theme compliance council.
  • *Gossip, *rumors, *goss (#627) [Public] - An anonymous mailing list for gossip, rumors, any sort of dirt… But don't send stuff that might hurt people :)
  • *Discussion, *Discuss, *Disc, *Dis, *Diss, *Bitch, *Flame, *Spam, *Bizatch (#3193) [Public] - This mailer is to be used for discussing items taking place on the moo, this is for flaiming, complaining, etc. TO keep *gossip and *ann free for what they are to be used for!
  • *Family-requests, *fr, *family, *fam (#2108) [Public] - Requests for IC relatives, etc.
  • *Firelizard Issues, *fl-issues, *fl, *fli, *fi, *fir, *fire, *firel, *firelizards (#5160) [Public] - Discussion of things pertaining to firelizards.
  • *Jokes and Out-of-context Quotes, *jokes, *quotes (#4766) [Public] - A mailing folder for fun and/or spammy stuff. :)
  • *Wanted (#10422) [Public] - A mailing list for people seeking things.
  • *Misc (#11087) [Public] - Miscellaneous chatter, OOC drivel, etc.
  • *Other-Mu's, *om, *mu, *other, *othermu (#8317) [Public] - Announcements concerning other MOOs, MUSHes, MUDs etc.