Clutched: Late February, 2014 / Hatched: March 28, 2014

Tuli's gold Elicheritath x El'ai's bronze Sekhaenkath

Egg Theme: The 1990s
Dragonet Theme: The 2000s

Hatching Log

PC Impressees:
C'sei (Alecsei) - Thief With A Heart Of Green Faenwyth - Semi-Charmed Egg
Tasna (Tasena) - Call The Cavalry (Not The Squints) Brown Tseylath - I Can Go Twice As High Egg
Majel - Acapella ACME Agent Blue Dyxath - Where In The World Is This Egg
Yukie - Celestial Conqueror Of Chaos Green Inayalinaeth - The Fifth Egg
Mayte - Hither The Hippotomonstrosesquipedaliophobic Gold Rhiscorath - You've Got Egg

Insta Impressees (Adopted):
Selaine - Beauty of the Emerald Forest Green Akitith - Above The Clouds Egg
A'sh (Aveshin) - Bend the Earth for You Blue Tokath - Toxic Love Egg
Kho'l (Kholn) - Blue Sholeth

Other NPC Impressees (Available Adoptions):
Many browns, blues and greens!

NPC Impressees (Unavailable):

Rider Gender Dragon Name Color Egg
N/A Male Monicath Green But Only With A CIGAR Egg
S'lim (Saelim) Male Shadyth Brown My Name Is… Egg

Other PC Candidates:
Delaney, Freesia, Prymelia, Sacitca and Thierry