Character development is one of the pleasures of long-term roleplay, and to achieve IC rank is one of the many possible tools available to help advance that development. Therefore, Igen staff encourages all players who wish to hold rank - and meet the activity requirement for maintaining it - to do so! This page is a general outline of some of the broad strokes for each IC rank, any attached OOC obligations, and the specifics for applying for that specific rank.

As a general rule, if you are interested in your character holding rank, @mail *igenstaff with your interest. If you are interested in an Insta-Rank for a newly created character, check out our Insta-Ranker Application.


All ranked characters are required to adhere to Igen’s Activity policy at all times. Characters who do not maintain their activity will be removed from their ranks.

Field Promotions

To allow for fluidity in RP, Igen allows spur-of-the-moment, unplanned IC promotions by rankers. However, all promotions must be OOCly approved by staff. Lack of activity or prior expressed interest by another player may lead to that field promotion being overturned OOCly. To avoid running into activity problems, the players of IC rankers should do a quick activity check of their own before performing a field promotion. All Weyr and Bazaar ranks except Senior Weyrwoman, Weyrleader, and Weyrlingmaster are eligible for a field promotion by their IC leadership. Check out our Knotcharts to see the line of authority for various ranks. See the test cases below for examples of how this may play out. In all cases, if there is doubt, shout out on [[Sand Staff]], page an online staffer, to pause the scene and @mail *igenstaff.

Test Cases

Example 1: In the middle of a scene between Senior Weyrwoman and weyrfolk, the Senior decides the weyrfolk would be a perfect Head(wo)man. This comes as a surprise to the weyrfolk, but they think it is awesome and want to play it.

In this case, hold the log, and mail *igenstaff to get the position confirmed after an activity check and to make sure that others who have expressed interest first have been given due consideration.

Example 2: After talking OOCly the Weyrleader decides that a wingrider would be perfect to fill in for an open Wingleader slot.

In this case, @mail *igenstaff before the scene takes place and is posted so that an activity check can be performed to make sure that others who have expressed interest first have been given due consideration.

In any case, should there be more than one applicant to a single position, staff will work with the IC ranker and interested players to make sure that the best interests of the weyr and the characters are taken into consideration.

When contacting staff about interest in a position it should always be the the player of the character being promoted player that @sends the mail to *igenstaff with a cc to themselves and if appropriate to the IC leadership as well.

Field Demotions

Igen acts on an ICA=ICC principle. If an IC ranker behaves in a manner that would warrant removal of rank on camera any IC ranker above them (in their line of authority) has the authority to remove said rank. All players are encouraged to pause a scene which would plausibly result in rank removal and talk with the player about the ICCs that are being considered. If the player continues to act in a manner that removal of rank is an appropriate ICC the IC ranker is authorized to remove the rank. Afterwards @mail *igenstaff to inform them of the change.

Test Case

A Wingsecond gets drunk and gets belligerent towards the Weyrleader. The Weyrleader feels their character would remove the rank of the Wingsecond as a consequence. At this point the Weyrleader's player should pause the scene and inform the Wingsecond character of the ICCs of continuing their actions. After the conservation the scene should proceed with both characters understanding that ICA=ICC.


Weyrwoman Policy

Per the Gamewide policy, players are limited to one goldrider per player. Offering a gold egg rests at the discretion of Igen Staff and will be discussed as necessary at the start of Search cycles.

Senior Weyrwoman
The Senior Weyrwoman is the top rank in all of the Weyr. It is her dragon that chooses ICly who the next Weyrleader will be. In all things she is the face of the Weyr and as such holds authority over most of the day-to-day interactions in the Weyr. She is involved in the politics inside and outside of the Weyr. Based on her whims the Senior Weyrwoman can make life very pleasant for the population…or very unpleasant.

When the position of Senior Weyrwoman becomes open, all Igen goldriders will meet and propose a candidate to Staff. The candidate must meet all activity requirements. In the event the active goldriders cannot come to a decision, Staff will vote and choose the new Senior Weyrwoman.

In Short:

  • Senior position becomes open
  • Goldriders meet and propose a candidate to staff within 1 OOC week of opening
  • Staff confirms choice
  • If choice cannot be made by Igen goldriders, Staff votes between candidates

Junior Weyrwomen
A Junior Weyrwoman’s duty is to the Weyr, taking on the tasks that the Senior Weyrwoman delegates and that she is suited to personally. She assists in maintaining the Weyr Records, participates in Weyr politics (under guidance of the Senior Weyrwoman), flies as Wingsecond in the Queens’ Wing (Mirage), assists dragonhealers, interacts with the Headman/woman and performs other duties to facilitate the smooth running of Weyr life.

Impress a gold dragon during a PC cycle!

NPC and PC Clutches
Weyrwoman are expected to have an NPC clutch every 2-3 IC turns (roughly, 1-2 times an OOC year). These clutches provide Insta Weyrling slots, and may be the basis for TP arcs. These clutches may be ICly RPed, or they may happen off camera.

Igen goldriders will determine a rotation for PC clutches. To be eligible as a PC clutchmother, the goldrider in question must pass their activity threshold in the audit proceeding search. Every other year there will be two PC clutches an OOC year. PC clutchmothers will be expected to work hand in hand with SearchCo to create a welcoming environment for PC candidates.

Refer to the Igen Activity Policy for information regarding inactive goldriders.



The Weyrleader is the backbone of the Weyr. He makes the final call in almost all decisions regarding the fighting Wings and all riders. All rider promotions/demotions are under his purview. He treats with all Holds and other Weyrs and is involved in quite a bit of politics.

The process for selecting a new Weyrleader is similar to that of deciding a new Senior Weyrwoman. Staff will send out a game-wide call and all interested bronze and brownriders may apply. All candidates must meet the Activity requirements for the three months before the call or if newly created, must meet activity requirements for all months since character creation.

After a week of open call to the game, staff will close the call. All qualified candidates will be notified <and will be allowed to confer amongst themselve to decide who the next Weyrleader will be. If the candidates decide to leave the decision to area vote,> a vote-box will be set up in the Living Caverns. There, each Igenite will be eligible to vote for one candidate on one alt. This vote will run for 1 OOC week. At the end of the vote Staff will contact the Senior Weyrwoman and winning candidate, and schedule the IC flight.

Order of Events:

  • IC Weyrleader position becomes open
  • Staff puts out a gamewide call for interested parties who meet the basic requirements of a) male bronze/brownrider and b) active (3 scenes a month over three months) for one OOC week.
  • Call for interested parties ends.
  • Staff audits candidates for activity.
  • Candidates discuss among themselves to decide the next Weyrleader. If desired, they may leave the decision to the area.

If decided among the Candidates:

  • PC leadership flight is announced, held, and the results released.

If area vote is preferred:

  • All candidates are placed on an area wide vote box.
  • Candidates are invited to @send to *igenweyr a short (under 500 character) blurb about themselves.
  • One OOC week is given for area voting with each player (not character) casting a single vote.
  • OOC voting closes and votes are tallied.
  • Candidates are contacted with results, and winning candidate and Senior Weyrwoman schedule PC flight according to Senior Weyrwoman's rising schedule. (Aka, if the senior just rose, it may be 2-3 IC months before the next leadership flight.)
  • PC flight occurs, results released

The Weyrleader serves for about six OOC months, with some leeway built in to accommodate the Senior Gold and PC search cycles as they occur.


Weyrsecond is the number two man (or woman!) in the Weyr. They hold authority almost equal to that of the Weyrleader, and are under his direct supervision. They can promote/demote Wingleaders and Wingseconds. Often they are also the Wingsecond of the Weyrleader’s wing. When the Weyrleader is not present they treat with Holds and other Weyrs, and are often an envoy of the Weyrleader when his work keeps him at the Weyr.

It is preferred that the Weyrsecond be held by a dragon with stamina to last a full fall. However, a rider of any color dragon may serve as Weyrsecond. Interested parties should express their interest by @mailing *igenstaff. These names will be communicated to the current Weyrleader and generally will be considered on a first-come-first-serve basis. In the event that several applications for Weyrsecond are received at the same time, a discussion between the current Weyrleader and staff will determine which applicant will receive the rank.

In the event that the PC Weyrleader must be replaced for any reason the IC Weyrsecond is expected to take over as Interim Weyrleader until the next Leadership flight can be scheduled. Timing on this rests completely on the Senior Queen’s last flight. It may last upwards of two or three months. During that time the Weyrsecond will fulfill all duties that normally fall under the Weyrleader’s authority. Two positions are available for Weyrsecond. However, if the Weyrleader position needs to be filled by a Weyrsecond the character promoted first will be the heir apparent. This will maintain a clear line of authority.

If during a Leadership flight, the Weyrleader is replaced, the Weyrsecond ranks are vacated and the positions are open again to applicants per the normal process. So, if you have aspirations for your character to be W2 and the ranks are currently occupied, be ready to apply in the event of regime change. These applications will be taken on a first-come-first-served basis as soon as @mail announcing the new Weyrleader is sent out.


Each Wingleader is responsible for the riders in their individual Wing. This includes not only wing activities and drills, but also sweep schedules, ICCs for riders out of line, and anything else that may go into the running of the Wing.

Wingleaders are encouraged to RP with their wingmates and create RP around their Wings. In the event of PC weyrlings, Wingleaders are to arrange for the wingtappings of all weyrlings who will join their wing.

Any color dragon may hold the rank of Wingleader! In the event of an open position a call will be made to the area at large for interested parties, and the Wingleader will be determined by staff. If you are interested in Wingleadership, even if a position isn’t open, make sure to @mail *igenstaff so we know you would like to be considered!


The Wingsecond is the second in command of each wing. They hold authority over the riders of their wing, including IC consequences for behavior.

Like Wingleader, often Wingsecond is determined by IC. All interested parties are to contact their Wingleader and *igenstaff. Unless there is significant IC reasoning against the advancement, Wingsecond advancements will be honored. Like Weyrsecond, each wing may have two Wingseconds.


The Weyrlingmaster is in charge of everything relating to the newest of Pern's dragons: their education and training, health and safety and advancement into the Wings.

The Weyrlingmaster oversees the Weyrlinghood of PC weyrlings with little to no input from current Staff. This includes sending out weekly mails informing the Weyrlings of their progress and what to expect from the coming week. Weyrlingmasters are highly encouraged to provide RP hooks to help our newest riders to adjust to their new lives.

When the opening of WLM becomes open Staff will communicate with current PC AWLM regarding the position. Current AWLM will be given first chance at advancement. If no AWLM wishes the position it will be filled with an NPC until such time as a PC player expresses interest by sending a @mail to *igenstaff.

Assistant Weyrlingmaster

AWLM duties are similar to those of a WLM, except they are directly in rank below the WLM. The health and care of the next generation of Thread-fighters rests upon their shoulders.

In the event of no PC Weyrlingmaster, Assistant Weyrlingmasters are responsible for sending out send the weekly updates on lessons and events for the Weyrlings. AWLMs may also help with weekly updates and code-related issues with coordination with Staff and the Weyrlingmaster player.

Any active rider is eligible to apply for Assistant Weyrlingmaster. We only ask that our AWLMs have a positive attitude and a passion for baby dragons! @mail *igenstaff if interested in joining the Weyrling staff.

Special Activity Requirements
WLM and AWLM should refer to the Igen’s Activity Policy regarding activity requirements.

Weyrling Mentors

As staff observed the patterns over clutches for Assistant Weyrlingmaster players and characters, and the activity requirements therein, it became clear that there may be need for a new 'rank' so to speak in the Weyrlinghood structure. Assistant Weyrlingmaster is a very high-ranking position in Pern's hierarchy and one that is meant to be permanent (with some built-in exceptions for things like pregnant or grounded Wingleaders — as AWLM is equal to Wingleader in the rank structure, they are welcome to transfer over while they're unable to lead their wing!) — it would be OOC for the Weyrlingmaster to allow people to come and go from clutches as readily as players have been doing with their PCs, though the OOC reasons people do so make sense!

Thus, introducing the Weyrling Mentor: a role that has a little less authority and thus fewer requirements, and is allowed to be clutch-by-clutch so your character needn't stay in the role during those NPC clutches that a true AWLM wouldn't be allowed to go back to the fighting wings for. AWLM is now considered a permanent rank and not one that players will be allowed to pick up and drop around PC cycles — if you don't want to play AWLM all the time, consider a mentor role instead!

Weyrling mentors are replacing the little-used Mentor Wing concept of old: they are encouraged to teach specific theory and function lessons as selected by the Weyrlingmaster, have access to the Weyrling Barracks and are there to serve as additional emotional support and advice-givers to the Weyrlings. This is a role and a status, but not a rank ICly; riders are not considered to be at a higher rank than they were before becoming weyrling mentors and still perform their normal wingrider duties as well.

Mentors are able to do some lesson scenes — not anything relating to firsts (first flights — solo and manned — and first ::between::, for instance, are limited to Weyrlingmasters) — and provide weyrlingood-related RP to our 'lings! They are welcome to be on the *igenling mailer and the weyrling channel. Activity requirements are only during Weyrlinghood months; when there are no PC weyrlings, reqs revert to what they were before the cycle.

During PC Weyrling cycles, Weyrling mentos are expected to have an average of 3 scenes per month with or about weyrlings. Mentors that do not meet this requirement will not be eligible to become a mentor for the next Weyrling cycle.


The weyrstaff includes, but is not limited to: Headman/woman, Head Cook, Head Nanny, Weyrharper, Weyrhealer, Weyrherder, Weyrminer, Weyrsmith, Weyrtanner, Weyrvintner, Weyrweaver. Each controls their particular area of the Weyr under the direction of the Weyrwomen. Their duties are diverse and often involve interaction between Crafts and Weyr.

These positions carry a rank requirement because they hold the power to make very real change in the IC weyr. All positions will be held by NPCs until PC interest is registered. These positions are also open to newly made characters, and require the Insta-Ranker Application to be filled out in a @mail to *igenstaff.


The weyr needs every able-bodied dragon it can to fight Thread, but it also needs dragonhealers to keep those fighting dragons able-bodied. It’s a bit of a tricky balancing act that the wingleaders and Weyrleaders are constantly managing.

Along with normal drills and PT and sweeps and Threadfall every wingrider has to deal with, Dragonhealers (and trainees) will have some Threadfalls where they will be on the roster as Active Dragonhealers. Instead of taking their normal place in their wing, they will be on the ground to focus solely on their dragonhealing duties for that fall. The Active Dragonhealer roster will rotate on a regular basis worked out between the senior dragonhealers and the wingleaders.

In addition to Threadfall, dragonhealers will also work shifts in the Infirmary. Sometimes these will be in place of normal sweeps and other times they may be in addition to their sweeps. These shifts can include follow up care to injured dragons, check-ups, being ‘on call’ for any emergencies or training. Unless a dragonhealer is placed in Mirage, normal wing duties will always take precedence over dragonhealing except when the rider is on the Active Dragonhealer roster.

Dragonhealing is not easy, but it’s necessary and for some, a very rewarding profession.

The hierarchy of dragonhealers within the weyr forms a pyramid, as follows:

  • Lead Dragonhealer: This tenured dragonhealer oversees the entire dragonhealing operations of the weyr, and does not fly Fall, but is affiliated with Mirage. (This is a ranked position, unlike the following, and requires adherence to the current Ranked Activity policy.)
  • Senior Dragonhealers: These are advanced dragonhealers that ride with Mirage, roughly analogous to senior journeyman in the structure. They are devoted to dragonhealing as their primary goal and typically specialize in one of dragonhealer's specialties, swapping out 1:1 between falls worked or falls flown.
  • Dragonhealers: These are standard dragonhealers that have primary duty to a fighting wing but still serve shifts in the dragon infirmary as well as Threadfall triage on a scheduled basis: a minimum of a shift a week in the dragon infirmary in lieu of sweep duty, and 1 out of every 4 Threadfalls in ground triage, assisting the senior dragonhealers. Despite the workload, their primary allegiance remains to their assigned wing. If interested in progressing, dragonhealers specialize in one of the dragonhealing specialties and work one-to-one with a senior dragonhealer mentor for no less than 2 IC turns.
  • Dragonhealer Trainees: These are typically younger riders who have optioned to follow the path of dragonhealing, spending time learning their craft in both lecture, shadowing, and supervised independent work. They usually work one-to-one with a mentor for a period of no less than 2 IC turns, gradually graduating to 100% supervised work and then to full dragonhealer.

Memo: Goldriders
Goldriders all have training on assisting dragonhealers as the queens will be required to help dampen pain on the most serious injuries, but not all goldriders will be full dragonhealers. If a goldrider is interested in pursuing dragonhealing formally, they follow the same path as regular dragonriders, with the caveat of being able to spend all Falls in triage with the agreement of both senior weyrwoman and lead dragonhealer — except when sandsbound, when dragonhealing responsibilities are suspended.


  • Internal Medicine (the "general practioners" of the dragonhealing world)
  • Trauma/Emergency Medicine (everyone deals with emergency medicine, but these folks specialize in the toughest injuries like wingsails or deep tissue)
  • Dermatology (hide issues)
  • Orthopedics (diagnosing muscle and bone issues)
  • Pediatrics (growing weyrlings can have their own unique challenges)
  • Physical Therapy (active rehabilitation experts)

Want to specialize in an area not currently listed above? @send *iws!

Dragonhealing is an additional task to a wingrider’s duties. More senior dragonhealers may fly with Mirage so they can devote more time to dragonhealing, but active wingriders will basically be working two full time jobs. Because of this, any dragonhealer that takes on another IC rank like weyrlingmaster, wingsecond or wingleader, will be setting their dragonhealing duties aside for their IC position. They may still occasionally assist in times of major crisis, but the primary focus will be their wing and the riders under them.

  • Dragonhealer Trainee: @send *iws with your interest
  • Dragonhealer: Due to the nature of a rider’s primary duties and their varied backgrounds, there can be wildly different time frames for riders to complete their Trainee period. Some riders will take turns and turns, and others will be much quicker. At a minimum the trainee period will last two turns (or 8 OOC months).

Promotion Path: @send *iws once you have completed two turns of training as a trainee!

  • Senior Dragonhealer: This requires a minimum of two turns of specialization in a particular dragonhealer track.

Promotion Path: @send *iws once you have completed two turns of specialization!

  • Lead Dragonhealer: Directly reporting to the Senior Weyrwoman, this is a tenured and ranked position at similar level to Weyrlingmaster or Weyrsecond that requires adherence to the Ranked Activity Policy. This position will not be filled by any rider with less than 5 turns of experience as a full dragonhealer.

Promotion Path: If not currently filled by a PC, interested senior dragonhealers with an IC tenure of 5 turns as a full dragonhealer are encouraged to @mail *igenstaff their interest.

*Note: Much like craft rank, Dragonhealers (outside of the Lead Dragonhealer) do not need to meet the Activity requirements to maintain their dragonhealer knot as it is tied to IC accomplishments.



As head of a special area of the Weyr, the Bazaarmaster holds a unique position. They are the mediator between the more established families of the Bazaar, newcomers, and guards as well as the Crafts. Their position is highly open to corruption and can influence huge changes in the Bazaar on a whim. With this in mind - and being on the fringe of canon - the BM is encouraged to think outside the box with regards to their activity to promote activity at large within the Bazaar.

The Bazaarmaster is expected to be active in and promote the Bazaar. Age is not a bar to the position of Bazaarmaster; however, staff reserves the right to deny a promotion to this position if the age is not believable. Staff and the Bazaarmaster will work together to set up a TP plot for their transition.


Each of Igen's Crafts has their own unique favor and their own place on the knot chart. IC duties are primarily character chosen as would fit with their particular Craft and current rank.

Because craft advancements are tied to IC accomplishments, removal of rank for activity reasons within the Crafts is inappropriate. To advance to the next rank, Crafter characters must meet the activity requirements in the quarter preceding their request for rank advancement, and be of an appropriate IC age for said advancement.

  • Jr. Apprentice: Any age 12 or greater
  • Sr. Apprentice: Any age 16 or greater
  • Jr. Journeyman: Any age 19 or greater
  • Journeyman: Any age 22 or greater
  • Sr. Journeyman: Any age 33 or greater
  • Master: Any age 45 or greater

When both age and activity requirements have been met, a @mail to *igenstaff will allow staff to do the promotion.


PC caravans are player-run initiatives. They set their own rules and theme according to how they wish to be run. Each carries their own flavor and duties within a caravan are subject to the caravan itself.

When beginning a new caravan, players are expected to submit an Insta-Ranker application. Afterwards the rank within the caravan is determined by the players. Only if a caravan leader goes inactive (more than three months without a login) and documented effort has been made to contact the player behind the caravan will staff step in and approve a new caravan lead from characters in the caravan. Characters who are seeking advancement because of an inactive caravan lead must @mail *igenstaff with documentation of their attempts to contact the caravan lead player and the last login of the PC caravan leader.