Your SearchCo for this cycle: Divale, Doji, Eala, Diem and R'ku!

Traditional Search

Search is search! If you’ve done it elsewhere, then you’ll find search a familiar and comfortable process. You apply OOCly, are searched on camera, interact with your fellow candidates and SearchCo, and stand at an on camera hatching where you may or may not impress a dragon written just for you!

Game Search Requirements

To qualify for search there are a few game wide requirements. ‘help search’ and ‘help dragons’ includes more information, though some is out of date.

  • The character must be between 15 and 25 turns old.
  • The character must be unwed.
  • The character must be physically healthy.
  • The character must be affiliated with an area (aka, approved by IgenStaff)
  • The character may /not/ be a Craftmaster or Holder.
  • The character and player must meet the requirements in 'help dragons'
    • Only female characters may ride gold dragons
    • Only male characters may ride bronze dragons
    • No character may ever Impress a white dragon

Players are also prohibited from insta-ing a dragon during the search period.

Candidacy Options

There are three different ways to get involved in OOC Search at Igen Weyr! Each has their own chances for character development and interest levels.

Traditional Candidate Application
A Traditional candidate is in for the long haul. Apply during OOC search, on camera search by SearchCo, requirement to fill out a candidate questionnaire, and a chance at impressing a dragon with a SearchCo written Inspiration. SearchCo votes on all traditional candidates.

Stand Only Candidate Application
This candidate has all the perks of being a traditional candidate, but without receiving a dragon at the end. All the character development of search without impression.

Insta-Candidate applications will open at the same time as Traditional and Stand Only applications. Unlike traditional candidates Instas are required to provide the details of their own dragon and will not receive a Co written dragon at the end of search. SearchCo votes on all insta-candidates to promote group unity. Individuals who are turned down from a traditional or stand only search will not be allowed to apply for an insta-candidate.

A few notes before the questions!

  • Before beginning this application read through all of the information regarding search on our Search at Igen Weyr page as it relates to candidacy, as well as the Infopak below under the collapsible section. SearchCo will assume you know this information.
    • We recommend you bookmark this page as a quick reference throughout search.
  • We are NOT accepting gold applications for this Search cycle.
  • Take your time with your app! We suggest copying the answers over onto another document and then copy+pasting them into the form to submit. Be as clear as possible. We ask quite a few questions about your dragon, and unless you change your mind completely in your candidate Q, we’ll use this information to write your dragon!
  • Don't be afraid to be honest with us. We want to know what you really feel, not be told whatever you think it is we want to hear. This application is our pipeline to you! We want to know who you are and what makes your character tick. The more information you give us, the more we’re able to work for your benefit. There’s a place for Politically Correct, but these applications are not it! SearchCo is held to strict confidentiality and what you write stays with us.
  • Are you from Igen? Awesome, forward ho! But if you’re joining us from Southern please drop a courtesy line to *sws letting them know about your intention to move.

Search and Candidacy Infopak