Current Search Schedule

Opening dates begin at 12:01 am gametime. Closing dates end at 11:59 pm gametime.

SearchCo Recruitment Opens Jan 18 SearchCo Recruitment Closes Jan 25
Suggest/discuss themes and having a gold egg Jan 26 Vote on theme and gold egg Jan 31
Egg Descs Open Feb 7 Egg Descs Close Feb 13
Flight Zsaviranth: Off-cam Caught By Wendryth
Application Submission Opens (Traditional/Stand-Only/Insta) Feb 9 Application Submission Closes (Traditional) Feb 22
Discuss Applications/Interviews Feb 16- Feb 22 Vote on Applications Feb 16-Feb 22
Clutching Feb 16 IC Search Begins After Clutching
Questionnaires Open last week of Feb Questionnaires Due 1st Week March
Impression Vote/Inspiration Writing Begins 1st Week March Application Submission Closes (Stand Only/Insta) March 18th
Hatching TBD - Late March Party! After Hatching!